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									                                Specialist School Update
                                                                                                        S u m m e r       2 0 0 8

                        Welcome to our latest                      The school is undergoing        those involved are kept up
                        publication which has been                 lots of changes and             to date.
 Cardinal Allen         produced in order to keep                  developments which will
 Catholic High          staff, pupils and parents up               undoubtedly improve the         If you have anything which
    School              to date with the latest                    quality of teaching and         you feel you would like to
                        developments regarding our                 learning experiences for all    add please don’t hesitate to
A Specialist Maths                                                                                 get in touch.
 and Computing          Maths and Computing                        at Cardinal Allen. We feel
    College             Specialist Status.                         that it is essential that all   a.doran@cardinalallen.lancs.sch.uk

                        Specialism Update
                                                                   people involved in leading      Maths and ICT as well as
                                                                   this work.          Stuart      Science. Pupils in Year 6
                                                                   oversees the work of Mrs        are studying for the
                                                                   AM Doran (Curriculum            INGOTS Bronze Award
                                                                   Leader ICT/Assistant            (International Grades in
                                                                   Director of Specialism),        Office Technology) and
                                                                   Mr A Harding (Specialist        Gifted and Talented pupils
                                                                   School Community Co-            are supported via other
                     The Specialist Schools Management Committee   ordinator) and Mr N             links.
                                                                   Clayton (Virtual Learning
                                                                   Environm ent          Co-       The development of a
                        Considering the fact that
                                                                   ordinator).   This team         better school web-site and
                        we only began work as a
                                                                   meet on a regular basis         in particular a functioning
                        Specialist School in
                                                                   and report progress to the      ‘MOODLE’ or ‘Virtual
                        September, there has been
                                                                   Senior Leadership Team          Learning Environment’ was
                        a significant impact made
                                                                   and Governors.                  a priority. The work has
                        by individuals at Cardinal
                                                                                                   been rewarded with very
                        Allen and the initiatives
                                                                   It is worth noting that the     complimentary noises
                        they have promoted.
                                                                   Community work            –     being made by the LEA
                        The appointment of Mr.                     specifically in relation to     ‘CLEO’ team not to
                        Stuart Henderson as                        working with partner            mention the impact on pupil
                        Assistant Headteacher and                  Primary Schools – has           independent learning.
                        Director of Specialism was                 progressed very well with
                                                                   teachers from Cardinal          Philip Mooney
                        a catalyst for other
                                                                   Allen delivering classes in     Headteacher
                        appointments of key

                        A-Level Mathematics Offered in Year 10
                                                                   of Mathematics at the VI        level course in Mathematics
                                                                   form college) escorted ex       starting after their June
                                                                   pupils Rachel Hearty,           modular examination.
                                                                   Hannah Cheetham, Tom
                                                                   Crabtree and Mathew
                                                                   Walker. The ex pupils
                                                                   delivered a lesson on
                                                                   Vectors and promoted “A”
   Sponsors:            On the 28 th February 2008                 level Mathematics. Pupils
                        we were visited by                         in the top two sets of year
  ColorMatrix           members of the sixth form                  10 will be offered an “A”
   ORACLE               college. Pat Roache (Head
 Science Scope
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                                  Our Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle)
                                          For those of you         assessments electronically!       Ma th s and        Com putin g
                                          who aren’t familiar      This will certainly not replace   College’.
                                          with the term Virtual    the more traditional teaching
                                          L e a r n i n g          methods but will simply           The theme of the VLE has
                                          Environment (VLE),       provide an add itional            recently been updated and is
                                          it is basically a        approach which so far, the        now more in line with the
                                          w e b s it e  w h ic h   students are certainly            schools corporate image.
                                          pupils can access        enjoying.                         Lancashire County Council
                                          outside of school. It                                      have been so impressed with
                                          is a secure area         Over the past year the staff      the pace and standard of
www.vle.cardinalallen.lancs.sch.uk which    only authorised        have been working very            development that they are
                                   users can access with a         ha rd and und er taken            currently rating us as one of
                                   username and password.          vigorous training to enable       the top schools in the county,
                                   This is a great opportunity     them to develop their own         and also use it as an example
                                   for school to develop and       subject area. As a result, our    of good practice to other
                                   modernise its teaching and      VLE is being increasingly         schools.
                                   learning styles as students     used throughout the school
                                                                   – something which is              Why not ask your child to log
                                   can complete homework,
                                                                   essential given our recent        on and give you a tour of our
                                   open teaching resources,
                                                                   designation of ‘A Specialist      VLE!
                                   revise and complete

                                  E-mentoring is a new             discussion forum.                 pupils may have.
                                  initiative led by Mr. Harding
                                  (Special ist        School       Pupils have been assigned         It is a safe and secure
                                  Community Co-ordinator).         to their former primary           learning environment which is
                                  It allows our Key Stage 3        schools to assist with            moderated regularly by staff.
                                  pupils to communicate with       homework tasks, SATs
                                  primary          students        revision and any transition
                                  electronically using a           worries that the primary
   James Delaney—one of
           our e-mentors

                                  Lancashire Mathematics Challenge 2008
                                  After an initial school-         support the event.
                                  based        round       of      Com m itm ent,
                                  mathematical problem             en thu sia sm ,
                                  solving for year 7 pupils, a     uniform and team
                                  team of 4 pupils were            work       came
                                  chosen and carefully             together on the
                                  coached by Ms Tsang with         night.
                                  support by Mr Holding .
                                                                   Their delight at
                                  Chantelle Brooks, Hannah         c om in g   th ir d
                                  Parkinson, James Delaney         (second      year
                                  and Connor Mcgladdery            running), in a hard fought        a pleasure to spend the
                                  competed against other           competition was infectious.       evening with such positive
                                  District 2 and 4 Final           Trophies and certificates,        youngsters
                                  against 9 schools at             sponsored by Lancashire
                                  Lytham St Anne’s High            County Developments were          Ms Tsang.
                                  School recently. They were       awarded on the night.
                                  a credit to the school and
                                  their families who came to       Well done everybody, it was
                                                                                                       Page 3

Cardinal Allen looks forward to new ICT Facilities
                                                                      provide sta te- of-the-art
                                                                      facilities for the delivery of
                                                                      both ICT and Maths lessons
                                                                      and have the effect of
                                                                      changing the use of the Allen
                                                                      Building into a dedicated
                                                                      maths and ICT facility.

                                                                      We are currently ordering all
                                                                      the     IC T     equipm ent
                                                                      necessary for this and, as
                                                                      soon as the building work is
                                                                      complete at the end of June,
                                                                      we will begin the work to set-
During the bid for specialist      ICT. This funding, together        up the classrooms in time to
status, the school was             with what we have managed          start the new school year in
required to raise some             to raise will fund the project.    September with a much-
£50,000 to support the bid.        We have drawn up plans for         improved facility .
This was achieved by our           this and the work has
own fundraising activities,        commenced to refurbish a
some sponsorship and               classroom so that the Music
donations from individuals for     De pa r tm en t c an th en
which we are very grateful.        relocate from the Allen
                                   building into this new facility.
Once our Specialist Status         Once this is complete then
had been confirmed we              the work will commence on
could then apply for a further     the conversion of the 2 music
£100,000 of capital funding        rooms in the Allen Building
which could only be used on        into     dedic ated      IC T
a building project to enhance      Classrooms.       These will
our provision of Maths and

World Maths Day
World Maths Day took               Year7 Chantelle Porsola
place on the 5 th March
2008. Pupils from around                   Shannon Doyle
the World came together to
                                   Year8 Stephanie Haworth
answer       Ma t h e m a t ic s
questions online. Globally                 Andrew Pearson
182 000 000 questions
were answered! Large               Year9 Nehal Cheema
numbers of students from
                                           Natasha Murray
Cardinal Allen took part
with the following students        Year10 James Hampton
a n swer in g th e m o st
questions and making the                   Billy Nelson
biggest improvements.
Thanks to Mr Shah for                      Emma Barnes
organising this event.
            Page    4
                                Podcasting is a new tool      Users can export their         promote their businesses.
                                which is being used           recordings as MP3 files
                                throughout Key Stage 3        which means that they          Many students are now
                                and 4. It enables the         can be saved to their          beginning to applying their
                                students to record digital    iPod or downloaded to          knowledge of Audacity and
                                sound files which can         their PC at home.              p odc a sting to o the r
                                then be uploaded to the                                      subjects. Some Year 11
                                internet.                     W ithin       the   ICT        pupils found it extremely
                                                              department students            useful in preparation for the
                                The use of Audacity           have made good use of          MFL oral examinations.
                                (software which is free       this facility. Year 11
                                for students to download      pupils recorded revision       Audacity is available on the
   Students are                 at home) has enabled          pod casts which have           school         network,
                                students to produce a         been uploaded to Moodle        alternatively it is free to
   now using
                                range of recordings,          for others to access.          download and can be found
   podcasting as                                                                             on our VLE homepage.
                                apply special effects and     Year 8 and 9 users have
   an alternative               insert music files.           developed         radio
   approach to                                                advertising campaigns to

                               ‘My First INGOT’
                                Week commencing 9th           Doran, Mr. Winrow and          pupils to experience other
                                June proved to be a busy      Mr. Clayton.                   subjects offered within the
                                time in school with                                          school. The Science and
      Year 5 pupils to          almost 240 year 5 pupils      The ICT skills which they      P.E departments kindly
                                from the local primary        demonstrated on the day        offered to provide sample
         complete an
                                schools coming to visit.      resulted in students being     lessons to the pupils.
        INGOT award                                           awarded with a ‘My First
        (International          The aim of the day was        INGOT’ award. This is a
      Grade in Office           to build links with primary   nationally recognized
         Technology)            schools, promote the          certificate which will be
                                school to year 5 pupils       further developed through
                                and allow the students to     Bronze, Silver and Gold
                                take part in a range of       and Cardinal Allen.
                                ICT workshops which
                                were taught by Mrs.           The   day also     allowed

                               Congratulations Year 10 pupils
          Joshua Clark          Congratulations to year       modular exam ination           White who achieved the
                                10 pupils on their recent     results. Pupils achieved a     highest marks in their year.
             and Sorcha
                                                              64% A* to C pass rate          Both students achieved an
         White                                                                               A* with marks of 96%.
                                                              which is an improvement
                                                              of 13% on the previous
                                                              academic year at the
                                                              same stage. Lets try and       Mr S Henderson
                                                              make it 70%+ in the June
                                                              m odul e.      Par tic ul ar
                                                              congratulations go to
                                                              Joshua Clark and Sorcha

Sponsors: ColorMatrix; ORACLE; Science Scope
With thanks to the following for their personal donations and support: Bay Court; Blackpool FC; Manchester United
FC Ltd; Manchester City FC; Stena Line (Irish Sea) Ltd; Motor Engineer; Browned Off Tanning Salon; PSG Search Group;
Bill Rogerson Safety Services Ltd; D&G Contractors; Mr Jim Kelly; Mike Sanderson Electrics; Elle Amara Beauty Salon;
Driftwood Florist; Mr. Joe Mansell; Mrs Phillipa Blundell; Butterflies; Mr. & Mrs McGarvey

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