BAGCAT Report Day 1 by teamtsccoach


									BRITISH AGE GROUP CHAMPIONSHIPS – Pond’s Forge, Sheffield

Day 1 heats was a great success for the team of athletes who
travelled to the British Age Group Championships from combined
Leinster & Connaught teams. First up for the event was Luke
Fitzgibbon (New Ross SC, Leinster), who delivered a lightning PB
with a 1:01.53 in his heat to qualify him in 4th place for the final.
Only a few minutes later Clodagh Flood (Tallaght SC, Leinster)
dominated her heat swim to smash her entry time and qualify in 6th
fastest spot for the final in 1:02.04. Both of these athletes will be in
very tight finals this afternoon and it’s all to play for. Next on the
block was Ronan Anderson (SligoUK com SC, Connaught), who took
his race out fast and stayed strong but finished slightly outside his entry time. He qualifies in 11th place and is reserve for
the final. The final event of the morning session saw both Anastasia (11Yrs) & Katrin Kychygina (13yrs) (Templeogue SC,
Leinster) in the 200BC. Both girls swam personal best times but finished in 19th (11Yrs) and 14th place 13yrs respectively.

Later in the morning Sarah Kelly (Comans SC, Connaught) delivered a superb PB in the 1500FC, only to be disqualified for
moving at the start. The tough young lady, showed great character by delivering the race, and winning her heat in style,
having been aware of a likely DQ from the starting signal. Her comment post-race, was to ensure that she delivers, what
she now knows she can on the 800FC and her other events later in the week.

Day 1 Heats –
100BC Luke Fitzgibbon               L        30.17 /1:01.53                       (PB & 4th Qual)   14Yrs
100FC Clodagh Flood                 L        29.91 /1:02.06                       (PB & 6th Qual)   12Yrs
                                                                                     th   st
200BS Ronan Anderson                C        1:21.3 /2:51.7                       (11 & 1 Res)      12Yrs
200BC Anastasia Kychygina           L        1:18.7 /2:43.37                      (PB & 19th)       11Yrs
        Katrin Kychygina            L        1:09.8 /2:26.29                      (PB & 14th)       13Yrs
1500FC Sarah Kelly                  C        18:19.57 Disq                        (DQ’d)            13Yrs
In the finals session tonight both finalists Luke Fitzgibbon and Clodagh Flood competed well and finished in 7 place in their
respective events. Both Flood and Fitzgibbon, adjusted race strategies from the morning heats and finished strongly behind
tough UK competition.

Day 1 Finals
100BC Luke Fitzgibbon               L        30.07    / 1:01.83                   7 Place           14Yrs
100FC Clodagh Flood                 L        30.07    / 1:02.05                   7 Place           12Yrs

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