Transform your Power Trowel in a floor grinding and by nle13756


        Transform your Power Trowel
in a floor grinding and polishing machine!

                       PolishCopter          ®
is an incredible patented innovation!

It consists in Special Blades that can be applicable
on any Power Trowel in order to smooth or to
polish concrete floors to give a mirror effect.

Transform your Power Trowel in a floor grinding
and polishing machine It allows to polish
industrial surfaces with Superconcrete®
system giving it a Mirror effect.

Thanks to this invention it is also possible to use
the Power Trowel for finishing operation in case
the concrete got harder prematurely.

Ultimately PolishCopter® allows to use of the
Power Trowel in order to perform the concrete
floor restoration operation by now aged and/or

Using the diamond discs it is possible:
- Polishing Concrete floors with Superconcrete
system giving a mirror effect.
- Concrete coloring and polishing giving a mirror
- Restoration of old concrete floors.
- Removal of small unevennesses on concrete
- Floor preparation for resin applications.

 GRINDING DRY SYSTEM                         GRINDING WET SYSTEM                      POLISHING LIKE MIRROR

Favorable effects: Main advantage is the possibility to make treatments of smoothing/polishing without to mourn uses
it of most modern lapping machines and polishers. Thanks to PolishCopter® an elevated finish will be obtained more on
the surface of the paving. Moreover with a single machine, that is the single lisciatore, operations of paving restoration
can be carried out also in concrete by now aged and/or deteriotated. This concurs a remarkable saving in economic
terms for the customer who will not have more the necessity than to acquire and to transport various type of machinery
in order to carry out every operation. Savings also from the point of view of the efficiency management of relatively blot
some operatrici to the tempistiche of working, as in phase of working of a paving it will not be more necessary to attend,
to completed frattazzatura, the arrival in yard of the machine polisher or, viceversa, it will not be more necessary to
maintain made unusable in a yard a machine attended polisher in that it comes completed the smoothing.

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