6th Grade Book Reports by jordanbetts

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									                          6th Grade Book Reports

DETAILS: You will be required to read and report on six books this year.
There will be two reports per trimester. Your book report will consist of
four parts; they are:
   1. “Hooked on Books” bookmark
   2. Book Talk worksheet
   3. Illustrated cover for Book Talk worksheet
   4. Book Talk presentation

STEPS IN THE PROCESS: (With pencil check each box as you complete
each task. Erase and re-use for all book reports.)
          Read all the directions so you know what is expected of you.
            Ask questions for clarification.
          Select a book and have it approved.
          Read the book. Complete your reading by the assigned date so
            you have time to finish remaining tasks.
          Complete the “Hooked on Books” bookmark.
          Complete the book talk worksheet. Remember this must be
          Complete an illustrated cover page for your book talk.
          Practice your presentation.
          Submit all materials on the due date after you have made your

     ~Prewrite – think about your topic and the ideas you want to include
     ~Rough draft – write your ideas down on paper and read it aloud from
     beginning to end
     ~Revise – make it better by adding, cutting, and elaborating
     ~Edit – make it correct by checking spelling, punctuation, and
     ~Publish – submit your final product


“Hooked on Books” Bookmark
~Write a brief summary about the book you’ve read. Think of this as a book
review. Your summary will either encourage others to read the book or not
~Use a 3x5 index card as your bookmark. See the example below.
~This may be typed and glued onto the bookmark, or you make write it neatly
in cursive and blue or black ink.
~Illustrate your bookmark according to the summary.

            About the Book               Your illustration should go here.

 Write your summary here.
 Remember to use complete                Title: title of the book you read
 sentences and your best cursive, or     Author: author of the book you read
                                         Genre: ex. mystery, fantasy, etc.
 type the information.                   Read by: your name here

      Front of the bookmark                   Back of the bookmark

Book Talk Worksheet
~This worksheet is always available on my web page. The worksheet must be
typed. You have several options for typing the book talk. We will go over
them in class.
~Remember to respond to all the writing prompts in complete sentences.
Make sure you are addressing all aspects of the prompts.
~Additional instructions are included on the worksheet.

Illustrated Book Talk Cover Sheet
~This should be hand drawn and neat.
~We are not all artists, but God has given us the ability to do our best. That
is what I expect of your illustrated covers.
~Include your name and section, neatly written in cursive with blue or black
ink, at the bottom right hand corner of your cover.
Book Talk Presentation
~Your presentation should be two to five minutes in length.
~You should not read from your worksheet, but “talk” to your audience. You
may use your worksheet during your presentation.
~Speak clearly.
~Stand up straight. Do not lean on the podium or sit on the stool.
~Make eye contact with your audience.


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