Church of the Nativity Pledge Card by nle13756


									Church of the Nativity Pledge Card

I / we pledge to Church of the Nativity the
following amount to support parish life in the year 2007.
                       Per    Week      _______________
                              Month     _______________
                              Quarter   _______________
                              Annual    _______________
                              Total $    _______________


City: ________________________________________             State: ________

Zip: ___________________ Home Phone:___________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________________________

    We, the Church of the Nativity, have been called together by God

    to be and to make faithful followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

             Check Applicable Ovals below:

             I / we would like Offering Envelopes.

             Interested in pledging via Electronic Fund Transfer.
             (Automatic withdrawal from checking/savings account.)

             Unable to make pledge commitment at this time.
             I / we would like pledge envelopes to be provided.

             Interested in learning more about making a legacy gift to the parish
             and/or contribution to the LOV-E Fund.

   I / we understand that Church of the Nativity needs my commitment to be faithful in
   living out its mission and that I / we may raise or lower my commitment at any time
   by calling the church office. All information is held in the strictest of confidence.

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