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									Radical Knowing
Understanding Consciousness through Relationship
Christian de Quincey
Christian de Quincey makes a provocative claim: We are not who we think we are.
Instead, we are what we feel. Giving disciplined attention to feelings reveals the most
fundamental fact of life and reality: We are our relationships. Most of us think we
are individuals first and foremost who then come together to form relationships.
De Quincey turns this "obvious fact" on its head and shows that relationship comes
first, and that our individual sense of self—our "private" consciousness—actually
arises from shared consciousness.
$18.95, paper, 352 pgs., 6 x 9, 3 b/w illustrations, ISBN 1-59477-079-4

Founding Fathers, Secret Societies
Freemasons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians, and the Decoding of the Great Seal
Robert Hieronimus, Ph.D.
Very few of us know of the founders’ connections to the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians,
and other esoteric orders. In Founding Fathers, Secret Societies Robert Hieronimus
investigates these important connections and how their influence can be traced through-
out our most significant national documents and symbols, especially the Great Seal.
Revised and Expanded Edition of America’s Secret Destiny.
$16.95, paper, 224 pgs., 6 x 9, 42 b/w illustrations, ISBN 1-59477-087-5

Fulcanelli and the Alchemical Revival
The Man Behind the Mystery of the Cathedrals
Geneviève Dubois
Sheds new light on the identity of the alchemist Fulcanelli. Provides new
understanding of the relationships between the most important figures of the
esoteric milieu of Paris in the first half of the 20th century. Includes a wealth
of rarely seen documents, photos, and letters.
$14.95, paper, 192 pgs., 6 x 9, 37 b&w illustrations, ISBN 1-59477-082-4

The Mystery Traditions
Secret Symbols and Sacred Art
James Wasserman
In The Mystery Traditions James Wasserman offers a full-color lexicon of occult
imagery drawn from the Kabbalah and tarot as well as the traditions of magic,
alchemy, and astrology, accompanied by commentary on each image’s
significance and the wisdom teachings from which it derives.
$19.95, paper, 160 pgs., 9 x 111/2, full-color throughout, ISBN 1-59477-088-3

The Reflexology Atlas
Bernard C. Kolster, M.D. and Astrid Waskowiak, M.D.
A fully illustrated and comprehensive reference guide to the many different kinds
of reflexology. Of all the ancient practices that have been revived by the growth of
alternative healing, reflexology is one of the most popular. It is easy to learn and can
be applied anywhere. This is the first reference guide to provide an overview of and
instructions for the many forms of reflexology.
$39.95, hardcover, 256 pgs., 10 x 13, full color throughout, ISBN 1-59477-066-2
Also available in paperback: $24.95, ISBN 1-59477-091-3

    800-246-8648                                                InnerTraditions.com
EARTH STAR                             CONTENTS                                        FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006

                                           ON THE COVER
                                  13 Thyroid Deficiency
                                           Preventing A Metabolic Meltdown
                                           by Raphael Kellman, M.D.

                                  22 The Heart and Its Reasons
                                           by David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D.

                                  30 The Power of Internal Martial Arts
                                           Profile of An Internal Master
                                           by B.K. Frantzis
                                  38 The Movie Mystic
                                           Stephen Simon’s Top Movie picks of 2005
                                           by Stephen Simon
                    Page 30
                                                                                                  Cover Art
                                           FEATURES                                          by Jean-Paul Avisse
                                       6   Vision Tips                                       For further information,
                                           by Rosemary Gaddum Gordon, D.B.O., M.A.
                                  16 Winter Skin Care Tips                                    Prestige Art Galleries,
                                           by Jane Aransky                                  3909 W. Howard, Skokie,
                                  18 Down To Earth Astrology                               IL 60076. (874) 679-2555,
                                           by Tim Gunns                                       www.prestigeart.com.
                                                                                           For a free color brochure,
                                  42 A Residence Awaiting Its New Owner                      please send a S.A.S.E.
                                  44 A Ghost in the House
                                           by Ross Miller
                                  49 You Can Change in A Moment of Time
                                           by Marilou and Jerry Seavey
                   Page 22
                                  50 Unknown White Male - A True Story
                                  74 A New Look At the Cause of Colds & Flu’s
                                           by Georgianna Donadio, D.C., M.Sc., Ph.D.

                                                                                               Jean-Paul Avisse
                                   5       Up Front                                        with his daughter, Marine

                                  36 Yoga Listings
                                  46       Calendar of Events
                                  51 Directory of Professional Services
                                  68 Book Reviews

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                                                                                         Earth Star Up Front

                                                                           cientists say they have unearthed a clue to
         OCD Traits Linked To                                              solving the mystery of obsessive-compulsive
                                                                           disorder—the trait characterized with humor
        Different Brain Regions                                            on the TV detective series “Monk.”
                                                                       Now, researchers have demonstrated that each of
                                                                  the three behaviors associated with OCD—hand-
                                                                  washing, checking and hoarding—activates a different
                                                                  brain region. The study was published in a recent
                                                                  issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry.
                                                                       David Mataix-Cols of the Institute of Psychiatry in
                                                                  London and his colleagues found that patients with
                                                                  hand-washing obsessions experienced activity in one
                                                                  brain region when presented with thoughts of dirty
                                                                  toilets and other germ-infested objects. The brains of
                                                                  patients characterized as hoarder experienced activity
                                                                  in a different brain region when presented with piles
                                                                  of papers.
                                                                       Checkers, who compulsively check on such things
                                                                  as whether appliances have been turned of, experi-
                                                                  enced activity in yet another brain region when shown
                                                                  pictures of kettles and irons. —Newsday

         Women Eat 335 More Calories
            A Day Than In 1971
                report from the Centers for Disease Control and

A               Prevention (CDC) says women are gaining weight
                because they’re eating more than they did thirty years
                ago, and the biggest culprit is simple carbohydrates such
                as bagels, cookies, chips, and sodas. According to the
CDC, women consumed 335 extra calories a day—the equivalent of a
large chocolate chip cookie—in the year 2000, for a total intake of 1,877
calories. That’s up from 1,542 calories a day in 1971. (Men ate 168 more
calories a day, about the amount in a 12-ounce soda.) Those extra calo-
ries are going straight to Americans’ waistlines. Obesity rates jumped
from 14.5 percent of US adults in 1971 to 30.9 percent in 2000, said
CDC epidemiologist Jacqueline Wright. The government recommends
most women get around 1,600 calories a day. —Food & Fitness Advisor

                                                      Got Milk? Then You May Get Acne

                                                             hocolate and pizza may not be the biggest threats to your com-
                                                             plexion. Milk—especially skim milk—may be, according to recent
                                                        Women who reported drinking more than three servings of any type
                                                   of milk each day were 22% more likely to report having had severe acne
                                                   than those who drank only one or fewer servings daily, the researchers
                                                   report in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Women
                                                   who drank two or more daily servings of skim milk were 44% more like-
                                                   ly to report having had severe acne. The results came from analysis of
                                                   survey responses from 47,335 women involved in an ongoing national
                                                   nurses health study. —Reuters

                                                                                           FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR   5
                  VI S I O N
                           By Rosemary Gaddum Gordon

                                                       D.B.O., M.A.

                                                                                              EARTH STAR
                                                                                              The Leading Magazine for Holistic Living in
                                                                                                     New England & Los Angeles

Take your eyes for a walk                                                                                   Cody Bideaux

                                                                                                        ASSOCIATE EDITOR
                      alks are refreshing.     Notice what you are seeing. When it’s

                                                                                                              Tim Gunns
                      We get outdoors,         cold and wintry outside, walk your eyes                    tgearthstar@aol.com

                      fresh air and exer-      all over the view from as big a window
                      cise. We walk the        as you can find. Encouraging the con-                  ADVERTISING OFFICES
                      dog. But are you         stant motion of your eyes helps them to                          BOSTON
walking your eyes?                             see well and prevents them from staring.                      617-498-0265
                                                                                                      email: EarthStarM@aol.com
Eyes need exercise and fresh air too.          Take a dip in the sun. Healthy bodies
The trouble is that many people walk           need some sunlight. For a special treat                       LOS ANGELES
                                                                                                             323- 254-6640
along looking at the ground, or look           take a Sun-dip. Sit or stand facing the                email: EarthStarM@aol.com
straight ahead at nothing in particular.       sun, close your eyes and slowly rotate
This is hard on the eyes because what          your head (as if you are saying No).                      EDITORIAL OFFICE
they love to do is move around and             Notice the sensations on your eyelids of                     617-498-0265
explore the world. Eye muscles need a          brightness and warmth alternating with                 email: EarthStarM@aol.com
variety of activities. They need to focus      the cooler, partial shade. Sunning for a
in the distance as well as at near. Even       minute or so can really revive your eyes.            ADVERTISING MANAGERS
                                                                                                             Janessa Howard
if you only have ten minutes between           You can even do this in the car through                         Tim Gunns
here and there, your eyes can feel won-        your open window as you wait for the
derfully revitalized when you use these        lights to change. Varying your exposure               DESIGN & PRODUCTION
                                               to sun and shade exercises your iris                        Earthstar Productions
simple techniques:                                                                                         Jay Scott Hackleman
                                               muscles and allows you to adjust to
Edge the horizon. Pretend you have an          these changes more quickly and easily.               CONTRIBUTING WRITERS
                                                                                                  Jane Aransky • Georgianna Donadio
invisible pencil at the end of your nose                                                       B.K. Frantzis • Rosemary Gaddum Gordon
and draw along the edge of the horizon         Notice the apparent motion. As you                    Tim Gunns • Raphael Kellman
                                               walk, be aware that the stationary                 Ross Miller • David Servan-Schrieber
by moving your head. This may be                                                                     Jerry Seavey • Marilou Seavey
across a valley, at the end of the street or   objects around you appear to move.                           Stephen Simon •
high above you along the roof tops. Be         The things nearer to you, like a parked                      SUBMISSIONS
curious about the shape of that edge.          car or a tree, seem to move past you              Manuscripts, artwork, and photographs
                                                                                               must be accompanied by a self-addressed,
                                               while the objects further away, like a           stamped envelope. Earth Star Magazine
                                               building or a hill, seem to move in the              cannot be responsible for loss or
                                                                                                    damage of unsolicited materials.
                                               same direction as you. Let yourself
                                               notice this out of the corners of your                 Earth Star Magazine is not
                                                                                                   responsible for advertising claims.
                                               eyes. It will remind your visual system
                                               to see the big picture and not to over-                         PRINTERS
                                               focus. If it feels unsettling at first, slow                   Eagle Printing
                                                                                                           Thames Printing Co.
                                               down and sense into your body. Notice
                                               the contact between your feet and the                        DISTRIBUTION
                                               ground. Then see if you can open to the                       FPD Distributors
                                               apparent motion again. People with              ADMINISTRATIVE & EDITORIAL OFFICES
                                               good vision see this way all the time.                    Earth Star Magazine
                                                                                                        1247 Lincoln Blvd, #580
                                                                                                        Santa Monica, CA 90401
                                               I hope you will now enjoy your walks in
                                               a whole new way. I know your eyes will             Earth Star Magazine, Copyright © 2006
                                               be happier, and they’ll see better too.             by Earth Star Magazine Incorporated,
                                                                                              All Rights Reserved. No articles may be used
                                                                                               without written permission of the publisher
                                               Holistic Vision Improvement
                                                                                               Volume XXVIII, No. 168 — February / March 2006
                                               Cambridge, MA: (617) 354-8360
                                               Eliot, ME: (207) 439-9821

                                                                                                 Earth Star Up Front
           KILLED BEETHOVEN                                                      A Classic Workout
                                                                                     small study recently reported in Heart and

                    y focusing the most powerful X-ray beam in the
                    Western Hemisphere on six of Ludwig van                          Lung is not likely to change medical history
                    Beethoven’s hairs and a few pieces of his skull, sci-            but maybe there’s something to learn here.
                    entists have gathered what they say is conclusive       Thirty-three men and women with heart disease or
                    evidence that the famous composer died of lead          diabetes worked out on a treadmill for ten minutes
                    poisoning.                                              while listening to the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, a won-
      The work, done at the Energy Department’s Argonne National            derfully melodic piece for string orchestra with moder-
Laboratory outside of Chicago, confirms earlier hints that lead may         ate tempo and lots of brio. The next week they took
have caused Beethoven’s decades of poor health, which culminat-             another turn on the machine without music. For all
ed in a long and painful death in 1827 at age fifty-six.                    participants, the exercise itself improved mood and
      “There’s no doubt in my mind ... he was a victim of lead poison-      decreased depression, as measured by objective test-
ing,” said Bill Walsh, an expert in forensic analysis and chief scien-      ing, which is not surprising. But the exercise done to
tist at Pfeiffer Treatment Center in Warrenville, Ill., who led the study   music also significantly improved mental function in a
with energy department researcher Ken Kemner.                               post-exercise test.
                                                                                 If you find regular exercise boring, adding music
                                                                            to your routine might not only liven things up, but pos-
                                                                            sibly make you think more clearly. Conduct your own
                                                                            experiment. If you’re not partial to Vivaldi, turn on
                                                                            whatever turns you on. The Beatles. Jazz. Rogers and
                                                                            Hart. Perhaps not Mozart’s Requiem, though—some-
                                                                            thing cheerful would be best.
                                                                            —U.C. Berkeley Wellness Letter

      Still a mystery, however, is the source of Beethoven’s lead
exposure, which evidence now suggests occurred over many years.
Among the possibilities are his liberal indulgence in wine con-
sumed from lead cups or perhaps a lifetime of medical treatments,
which in the 19th century were often laced with heavy metals.
      One metal that was clearly absent was mercury, Walsh said—a
detail that weakens the hypothesis floated by some that Beethoven
had syphilis, which in those days was commonly treated with mer-
      “We found zero evidence of that,” Walsh said this week, “so it
was nice to exonerate him of that scurrilous possibility.”
      The work was done at Argonne’s Advanced Photon Source, a
high-tech facility that sends subatomic particles sailing around a cir-
cular half-mile-long track at velocities up to 99.999% of the speed
of light.
      Beethoven in his early twenties developed serious health prob-
lems, which grew worse over time and reflected many of the symp-
toms of lead poisoning, including severe stomach problems.
      The composer was deaf by his late twenties, a problem of
questionable relevance because deafness has only rarely been
associated with lead poisoning.
      But with his many health problems, it is not hard to imagine that
medicine itself may have done him in, said William Meredith, direc-
tor of the Center for Beethoven Studies at San Jose State University.
—L.A. Times

                                                                                                 FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR      7
Earth Star Up Front
                                                                             Be Hair Now

                                                                 A         study
                                                                           p u b -
                                                                 lished in the
                                                                 British Journal of
                                                                 shows that daily
                                                                 usage of a topical
                                                                 0.1 percent mela-
                                                                 tonin      solution
                                                                 increases growth
                                                                 after six months.

                                                                    Winter Pick-Me-Ups
The Heart and Happiness                                                   here are about a jazillion comedy web
                        aughter may be good for your heart,
                                                                   T      sites on the Internet. Here are a few that

                        while depression can have effects                 reliably crack us up: Theonion.com. Often
                        beyond merely your mood, raising           wicked, usually hilarious fake news. Bluedonut.com.
                        your risk of heart disease. That’s the     Look for their list of the one hundred funniest jokes of all
                        takeaway from two studies presented        time. Modernhumor.com. Lots of entertaining humor
                        at a meeting of the American College       pieces. Still not laughing? Try playing a game of Twister.
                        of Cardiology, spotlighting the con-       We’ve heard it’s even funnier if you Crisco the mat first.
                        nections between psychological fac-
                        tors and heart health.
         In one study, researchers at the University of
                                                                      Organic Farming A Growth
    Maryland School of Medicine showed two movies—one                    Industry in Germany
    funny, one stress-inducing—to twenty healthy volunteers,
                                                                          esticide-free organic farming that pays attention to ani-
    while testing their blood flow. After the stressful film,
    blood flow was reduced in fourteen of the participants.
    When laughing at the comedy, however, nineteen partic-
    ipants experienced improved circulation—an average of
                                                                 P        mal welfare is gaining more followers within Germany’s
                                                                          farming community. 4.5% of Germany’s available agri-
                                                                 cultural land is now ecologically friendly. This eco-boom is cre-
    twenty-two percent, similar to the benefits of exercise.     ating around two thousand new jobs every year in Germany.
         Despite the small sample size, the findings were        Within the European Union, only Italy plays a bigger role in
    enough for lead researcher Michael Miller, MD, to ven-       organic farming. And the market continues to grow. Between
    ture, “We don’t recommend that you laugh and not exer-       January and March 2005 alone, organic farming turnover rose
    cise, but we do recommend that you try to laugh on a         by more than fifteen percent against the same period in 2004.
    regular basis.”
         On the other hand, a second study by Duke
    University researchers found that heart-failure patients
    with mild depression had a forty-four percent greater risk
    of dying than patients without depression. The study fol-
    lowed one thousand and five patients and factored out
    other differences such as age, marital status, cardiac
    function and root cause of heart failure. “We believe our
    study appears to identify a group of these patients who
    are at a higher risk for dying,” observed lead researcher
    Wei Jiang, MD. Depressed patients, Dr. Jiang noted, tend
    not to exercise or take medications properly, and are
    more likely to smoke and eat unhealthfully.

                   Feldenkrais Method® Training                                                  I have long been intrigued by this subtle form
                                                                                                 of retraining the nervous system, which I
                   Program – New York City                                                       recommend to patients whose movement has
                                                                                                 been restricted by injury, cerebral palsy, stroke,
                                                                                                 fibromyalgia, or chronic pain.
  Beginning Summer/Fall 2005 • Monthly Introductory Workshops                                                                    Andrew Weil, M.D.

        Convenient Weekend Format • Manhattan Location
                                                                                                 David Zemach-Bersin is a master of all aspects
                Program Director: David Zemach-Bersin                                            of the Feldenkrais Method and the outcome
              One of Moshe Feldenkrais’ Original Students                                        is astounding.         Gisela Moellmann, Ph.D.,
                                                                                                                                     Yale University
The Feldenkrais Method is an internationally recognized approach to human development,
learning and change. You will learn valuable tools for improving your health and well            The Feldenkrais Method Training Program has
being, and the knowledge and skills necessary to help others as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.      been a life changing experience. I have gained
                                                                                                 an understanding of the human body that no
• Learn innovative and effective ways to improve posture, flexibility, coordination, vitality,   other discipline gave me and I am more effec-
  and ease of movement, regardless of age or physical ability.                                   tive with my clients.      Marek Wyszynski, PT,
• Enjoy profound psychological and emotional growth, and relief from pain and stress.                            Feldenkrais NYC Physical Therapy
• Learn hundreds of effective techniques to help both adults and children with chronic
  pain, orthopedic and neurological problems. Feldenkrais Practitioners maintain
                                                                                                 For more information or to request a free
  independent practices and also work in physical therapy, psychotherapy, education,                  catalog of tapes and books call
  ergonomics,gerontology,massage therapy,theater,dance,music,and athletic performance.
                    www.feldenkraistrainingprograms.com                                               800-482-3357

                                                                                                      FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006          EARTH STAR          9
                                                 Learn Babaji’s Kriya Yoga
                                                                        with M. GOVINDAN SATCHIDANANDA, author of the book

                                                                   “BABAJI AND THE 18 SIDDHA KRIYA YOGA TRADITION”

                                                                                   in Rhode Island (April 7-9, 2006)
                         at The Providence Healing Arts, 297 Wickenden Street, Providence, Rhode Island

KRIYA YOGA is a scientific art of perfect God Truth Union and Self-Realization. It was revived by a great
Master of India, Babaji Nagaraj, as a synthesis of ancient teachings and is taught in a series of progressive
initiations. In this extraordinary weekend you will learn: 18 postures for greater health, the six phases of a
powerful breathing exercise and 7 techniques of meditation.

FRIDAY NIGHT April 7, introductory lecture from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
SATURDAY & SUNDAY, April 8-9, seminar from 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.

Visit our e-commerce www.babaji.ca for Publications on Kriya Yoga and the Yoga of the Siddhas.

Enroll in the Home study course: The Grace of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga.

For more information or to enroll in the weekend intensive course: Call Sherry at (401) 751-2050;
Email: provhearts@aol.com or call M. G. Satchidananda at 1-888-252-9642 or write: Kriya Yoga Publications,
196 Mountain Rd, P.O. Box 90, Eastman, Quebec, Canada J0E 1P0. Email: info@babaji - www.babaji.ca

             20        Y EA RS O F                 O U TS TA ND IN G H O LI S T I C H E AL TH CA RE F O R B O DY , MI ND , & S P I R I T
 JOYCE FOLEY, BS, RN, LIC. ESTH     617-562-0606                                     TERRY HUNT, ED.D, LIC. PSYCH.       617-787-3511                               CONSTANCE J PATH & ASSOC.
                                                                                                                                                                    THE NATURAL ONES ALTERNATIVE 617-787-5040
 20 years experience with Dr. Hauschka skin                                          Individual, couples, body-centered psychology                                  Leading New Hydrotherapy, Iridology, Lymph
                                                                                                                                                                    Offering Colon England Colon Hydrotherapy
 care. Combining Homeopathy, diet, and                                               with sub-specialties in addiction disorder,                                    practice. FDA-registered and disposable
                                                                                                                                                                    Therapy, Nutrtitional/Herbal Education. I-ACT certified
 nutrition, Joyce treats the whole person.                                           adolescents, and adult children of                                             equipment. I-ACT certified environment.
                                                                                                                                                                    staff. Warm, clean, supportive staff. Warm, clean,
                                                                                     dysfunctional families.                                                        www.healthycleansing.com.
                                                                                                                                                                    supportive environment.

 TOM LARSON, D.C                      617-783-2772                                   JEFF LEVIN, NMT, LMT                617-787-3142                               NEELY MERCURIO, LIC. AC.          617-254-8505
 Chiropractic Physician. Low-force, energy-                                          20 years experience – treatment and teaching.                                  Licensed Acupuncturist with a western medical
 based chiropractic CranioSacral therapy.                                            Neuromuscular, sports, and injury treatment,                                   background offering Chinese and Japanese
 Applied kinesiology, Reiki, spiritual emotion                                       incorporating reflexology, deep tissue, and hot                                Acupuncture; delivering supportive treatments
 orientation. No cracking.                                                           stone.                                                                         for your healing process.

C ADELINE NOLD, ODYWORKS             617-787-2277
                                       617-407-4565                                 REZAKKAH NORINS, LMT                                     617-254-4088            CATHERINE THIBAULT, LIC. AC.                         617-254-8505
Offering years Acupressure Massage and Sotai
Over 20 Shiatsuexperience as psychotherapist                                        18 years experience - relaxing, rejuvenating                                     Licensed Acupuncturist providing Chinese and
and seminar leader. Organizational behavior
Therapy for relaxation, pain relief and re-alignment.                               bodywork to relieve pain and stress. Injury                                      Japanese styles of acupuncture and Shiatsu
To learn more visit us and career transition
consultant; executiveat www.cougarspirit.com.                                       rehabilitation, “Facelift Massage”, massage for                                  massage. Gentle, compassionate, effective
counseling.                                                                         cancer patients. AMTA certified.                                                 treatments.

LANGDON ROBERTS, MA, LMT Ac. 617-513-5575
KAREN SHAW RN, MSN, CS, Lic.           617-783-2992                                 MONICA SIMPSON, NMT                617-783-5138                                 SHAWNA V CARBONI, MSW, LICSW 617-782-5020
Neurofeedback and classical biofeedback
 Extensive experience in treating individuals with                                  Skilled, caring massage therapy – alleviating                                   Individual, couples therapy anxiety,
                                                                                                                                                                    Individual, couples therapy forfor anxiety,
combined with specializingand active relaxation
 psychotherapy, bodywork in Individual and Group                                    tension, pain and dysfunction; restoring                                        depression, etc.; specializing in body-oriented
                                                                                                                                                                    depression, etc.; specializing in body-oriented,
 treatment for people with Eating Disorders.
training for stress management, pain relief,                                        balance and inner peace. 19yrs experience,                                      psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis. Licensed,
                                                                                                                                                                    expressive psychotherapy. Licensed,
 Additionally, provides Acupuncture and Massage
improved focus.                                                                     AMTA certified.                                                                 experienced clinician. www.therapyforlifechange.com.
                                                                                                                                                                    experienced clinician.
 therapy for musculoskeletal sports injuries.

                                                                                          Market Street Health
                                                                        Center for Complementary Medicine and Holistic Therapies
                                                                                                                Independent Practitioners

Ac u p u n c t u r e    Chi ro pr act ic     Colo n Hy dr ot he rap y    Co uns el in g    H o m e o p a th y   H y p n o th e r a p y   Mas sag e   Ne ur oma ss ag e     P sy ch ot he ra py   Sk i n C a r e   Ref lex ol og y   R ei ki
                       Market Street Health 214 Market Street Brighton, MA                                                                   617-787-3511                www.mark e t s t r e e t h e a l t h . c o m

10          EARTH STAR                     FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006
Earth Star Up Front

    London Hails First
       Hybrid Taxi

     f you hail a taxi in London
     you might be in for an unex-
     pectedly quiet ride—that is,
if you are lucky enough to get the
first new Diesel Electric Hybrid,
developed by Azure Dynamics in
Toronto and London Taxis

It is hoped the new taxi will cut
inner city pollution and have a
projected fuel savings of thirty-
five percent and emissions reduc-
tion of up to ninety percent.

The taxi automatically runs in
the most economic way, switch-
ing to electric mode a low
speeds. With the support of the
Energy Savings Trust and the
Department of Transport, LTI
hopes to have the new taxi in
production this year.

                                     FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR   11

   a Metabolic

  By Raphael Kellman, MD

               atigue, weight gain, insulin           Role of the Thyroid                   absorption) of thyroid hormones can

F              resistance, depression, and
               dementia are all associated
               with the degenerative
               aspects of aging. Yet many
of these symptoms may actually be
caused by hypothyroidism, which is
often overlooked and misdiagnosed. A
                                                The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped
                                                organ in the neck, located above the col-
                                                larbone and below the Adam’s apple.
                                                This tiny gland is vital to regulation of
                                                the body’s metabolism. Made up of
                                                small sacs, the thyroid is filled with an
                                                                                            cause a global decline in the body’s
                                                                                            metabolic reactions and lead to a host of
                                                                                            symptoms, most commonly fatigue,
                                                                                            weight gain, low body temperature, dry
                                                                                            skin, and hair loss in the eyebrows. But
                                                                                            low thyroid function—that is, hypothy-
                                                                                            roidism—can also produce more far-
Simple thyroid stimulating hormone              iodine-rich protein called thyroglobulin,   ranging symptoms, potentially affecting
(TSH) blood test can reveal your thyroid        along with the two thyroid hormones, T4     all of the body’s organs and cells. That is
status and help you avoid misdiagnosis          (tetraiodothyronine, or thyroxine) and      why I make it a point to test a patient’s
of these symptoms                               T3 (triiodothyronine). T3, the more         thyroid levels whenever he or she pres-
    An estimated five percent of                active of the two thyroid hormones, is      ents with a common and often interre-
Americans suffer from hypothyroidism,           produced in much smaller amounts than       lated series of health problems.
a deficiency of the thyroid gland, and          T4, which accounts for about ninety-
many go undiagnosed. Patients and their         three percent of the hormone produced.        The Testing Controversy
doctors often disregard common symp-            Most of the T3 is created by conversion
toms, mistaking them for “normal” signs         from T4, which occurs in the liver and      Diagnosing hypothyroidism has sparked
of aging. In my integrative medical prac-       kidneys.                                    an ongoing debate in the medical com-
tice, I offer patients an alternative to suf-       The primary function of these two       munity over what hormone levels consti-
fering with symptoms that are eminently         hormones is to convert food into energy     tute a hormone deficiency. Generally,
treatable.                                      and to regulate the body’s other systems.   doctors use the TSH blood test to diag-
                                                A deficiency in the production (or          nose thyroid conditions. TSH is pro-

                                                                                               FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR    13
duced in the brain’s pituitary gland. A       cian. The test requires the intravenous        Additional tests to better determine the
pituitary that produces excess TSH indi-      injection of the hormone TRH with addi-        significance of such symptoms include a
cates that the thyroid is functioning         tional blood sampling before and after         liver panel, a complete blood count
below par and therefore requires more         the injection. The results of this test help   (CBC), a chemistry panel including a
stimulation than normal. The problem          to distinguish between outright hypothy-       cholesterol profile, the candida antibody
lies in defining the standard range for       roidism and “subclinical” or developing        test, and a fasting insulin level.
TSH levels. I have found that even at the     hypothyroidism. In some individuals                Because the thyroid governs meta-
edges of the so-called “normal” range,        (and depending on the physician’s inter-       bolic processes extending all the way
many patients suffer from untreated           pretation of the laboratory tests), out-       down to the cellular level, every organ
hypothyroidism, with significantly            right hypothyroidism may take as long          and system of the body can potentially
diminished health.                            as twenty years to develop. With the help      be affected by its dysfunction. For exam-
    The reference ranges published by         of measures such as the TRH stimulation        ple, hypothyroidism can affect the diges-
various laboratories are subject to           test, I am able to diagnose hypothy-           tive tract, leading to constipation. This
change as new information becomes             roidism when the onset of symptoms             occurs when a sluggish metabolism
available. In fact, the medical profession    (fatigue, weight gain, etc.) precedes          affects the cells lining the gut walls, in
always adjusts these ranges to reflect        abnormal laboratory values. Early inter-       turn slowing peristalsis, the contractions
new discoveries in clinical practice. For     vention thus may save patients from            that govern bowel movements. Slowed
example, while a total cholesterol level      years of needless suffering.                   metabolic activity in the brain can mani-
of 300 mg/dL was once considered nor-
mal, we now know that that number is                    Symptoms of
far too high, and levels around 200                    Hypothyroidism
mg/dL are now recommended.
    In 2002, the American Academy of          I generally prefer to observe patients
Clinical Endocrinology revised the nor-       closely and assess their entire range of
mal range for TSH levels downward to          symptoms to determine whether
the current values of 0.2-5.5 mµ/ml.          hypothyroidism is a contributor to their
From testing and treating patients who        condition, and then to use blood tests to
present with significant health problems,     confirm hypothyroidism. I first look for
I and many other doctors believe that         deficiency, low metabolism or tiredness,
this upper value is still too high. Studies   and weight gain, though there are many
have shown that values of more than 4.0       other indicators. According to the pio-
mµ/ml increase the prevalence of heart        neering physician Broda Barnes, author
disease after correcting for other known      of Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected
risk factors. Other research reveals that     Illness; there are at least forty-seven
people with TSH values of more than 2.0       symptoms of low thyroid function—
mµ/ml have a higher risk of developing        most of them overlooked by blood tests.        fest as lowered mood and depression, the
overt hypothyroid disease over the next       “The development and use of thyroid            result of a decreased production of
twenty years. Research also links             function blood tests,” Barnes wrote, “left     neurotransmitters. Nerve cells that are
hypothyroidism with high cholesterol.         many patients with clinical symptoms of        not firing well may produce decreased
When the level of TSH is over 1.9             hypothyroidism undiagnosed and                 cognitive function. In fact, many elderly
mµ/ml, with concomitant high levels of        untreated.” For this reason, Barnes esti-      people with hypothyroidism have been
cholesterol, doctors should look for thy-     mates that up to thirty-four percent of        misdiagnosed as suffering from demen-
roid deficiency before treating the           the adult population has some form of          tia.
patient with cholesterol-lowering drugs.      thyroid deficiency.                                 One of my patients, a seventy-eight-
These findings all show a notable differ-         In addition to fatigue, I have found       year old woman who was progressively
ence between the optimal TSH range            that symptoms may include depression,          declining at home, had lost overall func-
and the so-called “normal” range.             dementia, decreased cognitive function         tion, was tired and forgetful, and could
     Even when tests reveal “normal”          (“brain fog”), a weakening of the              not remember the names of those close
TSH levels, I sometimes suspect the           immune system, constipation, weight            to her. Routine tests for TSH showed her
presence of hypothyroidism, especially        gain and fluid retention, irregular men-       to be in the “normal” range, and her doc-
in older patients, as thyroid deficiencies    strual cycle, infection, discoloration of      tors had concluded that she was suffer-
often imitate age-related symptoms. In        the skin, hair loss, and drooping eyelids.     ing from “beginning dementia,” an all-
such cases, I perform a stimulation test      A sluggish thyroid can also be linked to       too-common mis-diagnosis in the elder-
using thyrotropin-releasing hormone           a fatty liver or high cholesterol, candida,    ly. Suspecting hypothyroidism, I tested
(TRH) to disclose low thyroid perform-        and low glucose and insulin levels. In         her and then started her on low doses of
ance even if a blood test is normal. The      extreme cases, untreated hypothy-              thyroid hormone, to which she immedi-
TRH stimulation test is conducted only        roidism can cause anemia, low body             ately responded. Her memory returned
under the direct supervision of a physi-      temperature, and heart failure.                and her overall function improved dra-

matically. “I feel like I was rescued from                                                                               A      proges-
the dead,” she told me. Although many                                                                                terone-estrogen
patients with subclinical hypothyroidism                                                                             imbalance can
show no symptomatic improvement                                                                                      similarly inter-
upon treatment according to the medical                                                                              fere with thyroid
literature, it is impossible to refute this                                                                          function as well
anecdotal observation. It is tragic that so                                                                          as result from
many elderly patients are considered                                                                                 diminished thy-
untreatable and dismissed as “over the                                                                               roid     function.
hill” when their symptoms, due to                                                                                    Estrogen      and
hypothyroidism, can be alleviated with                                                                               thyroid hormone
hormone treatment.                                                                                                   have      opposite
    Thyroid dysfunction can also con-                                                                                effects: estrogen
tribute to insulin resistance, especially                                                                            causes calories to
among overweight people, and in such                                                                                 be turned into fat,
cases is often a precursor to diabetes.                                                                              and thyroid hor-
Insulin, produced by the pancreas,            roidism, here again we have an example        mone causes fat calories to be turned
results in the storage of excessive calo-     of how processes behave reciprocally in       into energy. So when progesterone is
ries. But in insulin resistance, the cells    the body.                                     low and estrogen is dominant (even
become less responsive to the action of            Weight gain is an effect of hypothy-     when TSH blood levels are normal), if
insulin. The body therefore produces          roidism that can similarly become a           symptoms of hypothyroidism are pres-
more and more insulin as a result, trying     cause. In response to the metabolic           ent, high estrogen levels could be the
to maintain normal blood sugar levels, a      slowdown and corresponding weight             cause: Weight gain can also upset the
condition known as hyperinsulinemia.          gain, patients may lower their caloric        progesterone-estrogen balance. To coun-
High insulin levels also stimulate            intake, which in turn can lower produc-       teract this effect of estrogen, I generally
appetite: when glucose levels drop, the       tion of T3, initiating a vicious cycle in     recommend the use of topical proges-
insulin sends a signal to the brain to keep   which the basal metabolic rate slows and      terone creams. Higher levels of proges-
the food coming. Thus, you begin to eat       leads to even more weight gain. I use the     terone activate estrogen receptor sites in
when you least need to, with intractable      little-known Achilles Tendon Reflex           the body and cause the estrogen to be
weight gain being the result. A high          Recovery Test and the Barnes Basal            used before it can do harm. The proges-
insulin output over many years because        Temperature as measures of deficient          terone-estrogen balance can be deter-
of poor diet can cause the pancreas to        conversion of T4 to T3 to ascertain           mined by a monthly saliva test or by
“burn out” and insulin output to drop,        whether hypothyroidism is implicated in       progesterone and estrogen blood tests.
resulting in diabetes. A number of stud-      cases of obesity. In addition to those
ies suggest that hypothyroidism is asso-      previously mentioned, several other                Autoimmune Thyroid
ciated with diabetes mellitus.                blood tests also gauge T3 and T4 levels,                 Disease
    The connection between the thyroid        including the reverse T3, T3 uptake, T4,
and the hypothalamus-pituitary axis           and complete thyroid panel tests.             Low progesterone in women between
results in three different types of                                                         the ages of thirty and fifty may lead to
hypothyroidism. Primary hypothy-                  Thyroid and Hormonal                      autoimmune         hypothyroiditis,     or
roidism arises from a deficiency in the                Imbalances                           Hashimoto’s disease, as a consequence
thyroid itself, while secondary and terti-                                                  of immune stimulation by the dominant
ary hypothyroidism involve the pituitary      Thyroid function is intimately tied to        estrogen. In this condition, the body’s
and hypothalamus, respectively. In ter-       adrenal function, which reciprocally acts     immune system develops antibodies to
tiary hypothyroidism, the hypothalamus        to stimulate the pituitary, where TSH is      thyroid cell components, resulting in
shuts down protectively in response to        produced. If the adrenals are not work-       self-destruction of the thyroid gland;
stress, producing low levels of thyroid       ing well, the thyroid and pituitary often     specifically, antibodies to thyroid perox-
hormone. Often linked to chronic fatigue      will be affected. Adrenal imbalances can      idase and thyroglobulin are generated
syndrome and fibromyalgia, this condi-        be measured via cortisol levels. Stress       pathologically. Twenty-five percent of
tion can cause low body temperatures, a       tends to raise cortisol levels, increasing    such cases may also result from a genet-
tendency toward infections, and the           insulin and thereby leading, in some          ic predisposition. This attack by the
other metabolic consequences of low           cases, to insulin resistance and overpro-     immune system on the thyroid results in
thyroid. It has been suggested that prob-     duction of cortisol, as measured by the       damage to the cellular mitochondria, the
lems with the mitochondria, the cellular      saliva test, thus signaling trouble for the   energy producers in the cytoplasm, and
structures that furnish us with energy,       thyroid. Excess cortisol causes a             the progressive destruction of the thy-
may cause this suppression of the hypo-       decrease in thyroid expression by lead-       roid itself. Stress can also provoke this
thalamus. Since dysfunction of the mito-      ing to diminished conversion of T4 into       mitochondrial response, which in turn
chondria is also a result of hypothy-         T3, the active hormone.                       can result in other types of inflammation
                                                                                                                     Continued on page 63

                                                                                               FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006    EARTH STAR     15
                                                              Tips for Helping
                                                                 Your Skin
                                                              Survive Winter
      ane Aransky, a skin care specialist    skin, your hair and sinuses will thank       “dull” look one sees in winter. Once

J     for more than twenty-five years,
      has seen and heard it all when it
      comes to skin problems.

Once the temperatures dip below freez-
                                             you. There’s generally no good reason
                                             why you can’t bring a humidifier into
                                             your office, as well. As an inexpensive
                                             alternative, simply place a pan of water
                                             near radiators. It’s evaporation adds a
                                                                                          dead skin cells have vanished, moisturiz-
                                                                                          ers can penetrate more effectively.
                                                                                               Another way to accelerate this
                                                                                          process is by using an exfoliant contain-
                                                                                          ing small granules that act as “scrub-
ing, her clients at La Residencia Spa in     small but essential amount of moisture       bers.” Use a gentle one formulated for
Newton, Massachusetts complain of            into the air over the course of several      sensitive skin.
tight, dry, itchy, blotchy facial skin.      hours.                                            Apply a gel made from hyaluronic
Degrees vary, of course. In some cases,                                                   acid before you apply your moisturiz-
skin merely looks “dull” and telltale        4) Winter sun, reflected off snow and        er—it will help the skin to better absorb
signs of aging appear exaggerated; in        ice, can be just as damaging to facial       humectants.
other cases, skin can actually hurt.         skin as summer sun. Get into the habit            Look for moisturizers that contain
                                             of using an SPF #15 or higher sunscreen      Vitamins A and C. These natural anitox-
The following round-up simple skin care      OVER your moisturizer every day              idants provide triple skincare action by:
tips, adhered to during winter’s harshest    before you go outdoors. If you are a ski-    preventing and repairing damage to the
months (January through March), can          ier, you may want to consider buying a       skin from free radicals in the environ-
help prevent or alleviate most common        ski mask before a day on the slopes.         ment ... balancing skin’s natural toxicity
skin worries.                                Naturally, a slathering of moisiturizer      ,,, and gently stimulating collagen pro-
                                             underneath will help even more.              duction.
Naturally, a regular regime of profes-
sional facials, if you can afford it, also   5) Avoid using products that contain         Finally, Jane strongly suggests using a
helps tremendously to keep skin clean,       alcohol or clay, both of which tend to       facial mask formulated for dry skin
clear and hydrated, so seek out a spa that   draw moisture from the skin. If you are      twice a week in order to soften dry skin
employs a licensed aesthetician and ask      in the habit of using toners or masks, buy   and keep it hydrated. Simply follow the
what he or she recommends for you.           ones that do not indicate these ingredi-     directions on the package for best
                                             ents on the label, even if you need to       results.
1) Drink plenty of water ! Eight 8-          change brands for winter vs. summer
ounce glasses a day is optimal.              use.                                         Remember, you don’t need to spend a
Hydration begins on the inside and                                                        fortune on skin care products as long as
works its way out. This cannot be            For average skins showings signs of          they contain the right ingredients, and
stressed enough.                             cold-weather-related dryness, Jane rec-      are used religiously. It’s easy to get into
                                             ommends the following basic routine:         a healthy skin care regime, and you’ll be
2) Alcohol and caffeine can both zap                                                      encouraged to continue once you begin
hydration, so limit coffee consumption       Massage skin with a creamy, gentle           to see the beautiful results. It takes just
on                                           cleanser and rinse well using tepid          a few minutes a day to keep skin looking
cold days, and go easy on the hot toddies    (never hot) water. Blot dry with a soft      youthful and radiant—not only during
and cocktails.                               towel.                                       winter—but for life.
                                                   If your skin is oily, products con-
3) Buy a humidifier and use it while you     taining alphahydroxy acids will help the     La Residencia Spa is located at 336
sleep. Steam can undo the drying effects     skin rid itself of dead cells, which not     Elliot Street in Newton, MA. 617-244-
of most home heating systems. Your           only clog pores, but contribute to that      2280, www.laresidenciaspa.com.

                                                                      FEBRUARY - MARCH 2006

                                                                       mystery-making conjunction between Mercury
                                                                       and Neptune occurs on February 1st, when dreams
                                                                       and meditations could provide helpful and timely
                                                             insights. Creative imagery practices can also be fulfilling
                                                             now. However, from a purely practical stand point, it may not
                                                             be easy to separate reality from illusion so avoid signing
                                                             important papers or making important decisions till after the
                                                             3rd. A square (90°aspect) between Mercury and Jupiter,
                                                             which peaks around the same time, further admonishes us to
                                                             remain skeptical of proposals made now, as key elements,
                                                             facts or items of information may not be available, or are per-
                                                             haps being deliberately concealed. All is not as it seems.

                                                             After a rare, six-week retrograde phase, in which key rela-
                                                             tionships and personal finances came under greater scrutiny,
                                                             Venus, planet of love and luck, turns direct on February
                                                             3rd, at 16°02’Capricorn. Tangible progress is now possible in
                                                             affairs of the heart, partnerships and money matters, though in
                                                             this serious-minded earth sign, the inclinations of the goddess
                                                             of love are more towards business pursuits than romantic
            PERMANENT                                        expression.

                   COSMETICS                                 Wander through your personal field of dreams regarding
                                   For professionals         ambitions or life direction on and around the 5th, when the
                                                             sun, representing one’s creative life force, makes its annual
                                     Judith DesPres, M.ED.   conjunction with mystical Neptune in progressive Aquarius.
                                        Board certified      Connect with those who share your visions for the future, or
                                       617-492- 3056         who can provide the necessary resources to make a profes-
                                                             sional dream come true. Extra patience and caution may be
                                                             called for under this beguiling celestial influence, in conver-
                                                             sation or in traffic, as both communications and travel could
                                                             bring frustrations. Even so, intuitive insights may be there for
                                                             the asking, for those open and receptive.
     EYE SHADOW                                              The fiery Leo full moon on February12th, opposing the
     AREOLA RESTORATION                                      Aquarius sun, may highlight a pressing need for creative self-
     SCAR CAMOUFLAGE                                         expression, perhaps in ways that reflect one’s evolving values,
                                                             and that could also contribute substantially to one’s revenue
     disposable                                              stream. Oh, what joy that notion may evoke! With the luna-
     equipment                                               tion axis in square (90°) to a slowly separating Mars-Jupiter
                                                             opposition in the money signs of Taurus and Scorpio, respec-
     Porter Square
                                                             tively, forming a grand cross pattern in fixed signs, you may
                                                             be keen to break new ground where revenue production is
                                                             concerned. To this end, share your progressive new ideas with
     CLOSEUPS INC.                                           friends and colleagues, they could provide the emotional and
                                                             moral support you may also be in need of now.

                                                                                                    Down To Earth Astrology
After a protracted six-month stay in         “technologies,” and innovative televi-         between Jupiter and Neptune perfects
earthy Taurus the red planet, Mars,          sion programming. Revolutionize your           on the Ides of March (15th), as unrealis-
enters the airy environs of tropical         business or career strategies to incorpo-      tic or inflated expectations are possible,
Gemini on the 17th, vigorously stimu-        rate new and improved methodologies.           while escapism could be rife.
lating the intellect over the next two       Investigate new technology and comput-         Nonetheless, this planetary pairing can
months. The proper use and direction of      er software, particularly to increase          impart a powerful spiritual influence.
one’s creative energies during this tran-    work efficiency. Allow creative self-          Don’t be taken in by any false prophets
sit can offset the potential for restless-   expression free rein.                          or dogma!
ness, or excessive mental-chatter.
                                             Mercury stations retrograde on March           A moon wobble phase begins March
When the sun enters watery Pisces on         2nd in 27°Pisces, and will remain in           16th through April 1st, peaking as the
the 18th, psychic faculties quicken, so      reverse mode until March 25th. Many of         sun squares the moon’s nodes on March
tune-in to your dreams and meditations       the cosmically savvy may already know          24. Greater than normal potential exists
for guidance or inspiration. Balance         the drill, but in brief, plans, signings, or   for seismic activity, anomalous weather,
what you put “out there” in helping oth-     arrangements of any importance should          unusual events and eccentric, unconven-
ers with some quality quiet time spent       be implemented prior to this                   tional behavior during this period.
by yourself.                                 period...unless you like surprise end-
                                             ings! However, while Mercury is retro-         The sun square’s Pluto early on St.
The typically sanguine, dreamy energies      grade, you may safely make revisions or        Patrick’s Day (17th), a celestial signal
associated with the Pisces new moon          otherwise go over previously covered           that it’s time to change behavior patterns
(27th) are considerably more highly          territory for inconsistencies or errors.       that no longer work or serve one’s best
charged by the close conjunction of          Mercury retrograde in Pisces particular-       interests, as holding on to them will
Uranus, heightening our perceptions,         ly favors psychic detectives!                  only make life more difficult.
while inspiring creativity and innova-
tion. A tight square aspect between          When giant Jupiter stations retrograde         Hope Springs eternal at the vernal equi-
Mercury and Pluto allows for the             on March 4th (till July 5th) in 19° of         nox on March 20th as the sun enters
absorption of new truths and under-          Scorpio, its expansive energies are            Aries, the sign of hope, commencing
standing, and perhaps startling revela-      intensified for several days, all the more     Earth’s natural cycle through the zodiac,
tions, during the course of this lunar       so because it closely opposes the moon,        when Mother Nature bursts forth into
cycle. The quest for emotional, spiritual,   while square to Neptune—forming a              life, pulsating with the vibrant energy of
and cultural harmony could receive a         fixed sign t-square. Tensions may rise         Mars (the Aries ruler), causing the sap
higher priority now. This would also be      over financial concerns, or a difference       to rise, the juices to flow, and new
an appropriate juncture at which to          in values. Exercise more patience now          growth begins. As a rule. However, with
begin a dream diary.                         in your dealings with others. In order to      Mars in Gemini square Uranus in
                                             make progress, be more tolerant of oth-        Pisces, and Piscean co-rulers Jupiter and
February 28th is also Mardi Gras in hur-     ers’ beliefs and philosophies. Resist a        Neptune in square, as prominently fea-
ricane torn New Orleans. Will we wit-        “holier than thou” attitude.                   tured aspect patterns in the equinox
ness the resurrection of this once vibrant                                                  chart, the weather this spring may be
party town? The Big Easy is after all a      A volatile square between Mars and             wetter, windier and whackier than usual,
sun sign Scorpio, governed by Pluto,         Uranus occurs on March 11th suggest-           keeping nature on the hop.
ruler of death and rebirth, currently        ing a need to exercise caution now, as
posited conjunct the Galactic Heart          nervous irritability can quickly lead to       The dynamic Aries new moon on March
Center at 27°Sagittarius—the central         accidents, or explosive outbursts. Avoid       29th is also a total solar eclipse, indicat-
point in our Milky Way galaxy from           acting on impulse.                             ing the end of a chapter, while sowing
which a higher source of information                                                        seeds for new personal beginnings in the
and inspiration is said to emanate. With     A lunar eclipse occurs on the 14th as the      life area indicated by the location of the
action planet Mars, co-ruler of Scorpio,     full moon culminates in 25° of detail-         eclipse in your natal chart. The Vernal
in trine to Chiron, associated with heal-    oriented Virgo, opposite the Pisces sun.       Equinox theme of initiation and new
ing deep wounds, there are powerful          The lunation axis is closely t-squared by      beginnings continues throughout this
elements in place at this time that could    Pluto, ominously conjunct the Galactic         lunar cycle. Prepare to launch new per-
support innovative efforts to quickly        Heart Center at 27°Sagittarius, suggest-       sonal projects now.
rebuild the city’s infrastructure and        ing that, in order for us to progress on
revivify the community. Let the good         our path in life, there may be residue, or     Following is a general overview of how
times roll!                                  habits, from the past that we’d be well-       the transiting planetary trends for
                                             served by releasing now.                       Febuary/March 2006 apply to each
The annual conjunction of the sun and                                                       sun sign. If you know your rising sign
Uranus occurs early on March 1st, stim-      Keep a firm grip on reality when the           (Ascendant), read that, too, for addition-
ulating interest in science, spiritual       second in a series of three squares            al insights.

                                                                                               FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR     19
Down To Earth Astrology
             Aries          (March 20—April 19)                                  Cancer               (June 21—July22)

             While the activities of many Aries natives may be                    Efforts to rejuvenate your financial affairs receive
             focused on wealth-production as this forecast                        a high priority early in this forecast period, with
             period begins, your mind may be on your future                       the sun, Mercury, Neptune, and the major aster-
plans, and perhaps making a cherished dream a reality in the         oid, Chiron (healer of old wounds), congregating in your solar
months ahead. Set aside blocks of quality time for yourself in       eighth house of mutual assets, while serious Saturn occupies
the weeks ahead for some quiet contemplation, and tune in to         your solar second sector of personal income. As a result of
the inspiration and innovative ideas that could, quite suddenly,     pressing needs, and in light of new understandings, your val-
impinge upon your conscious awareness in moments of                  ues and priorities are changing, as you look to the future with
stillness. There can be pure genius here—it’s like you have a        hope, and a renewed sense of ambition. February’s Pisces new
direct line to the creative source, but it may take patience, a      moon (28th) in your solar ninth house could inspire some
quality that could be in short supply once your sign’s ruling        Crab-clan members to share their wisdom and knowledge by
planet, Mars, enters Gemini on the 17th. With the arrival of the     penning a novel, an exposé, or movie script, or lecturing on a
vernal equinox, and the sun’s entry into your sign on March          topic dear to your heart. Your inner life could become more
20th, you’ll be fired up and raring to go with a creative project.   active following Mars’ entry into Gemini and your solar
This is, after all, the most energizing time of year for Ram-        twelfth house on February 17th. Your dreams may be particu-
clan members, when your enthusiasm and drive can overcome            larly vivid and colorful over the next couple of months, and
the most stubborn opposition. What’s more, support for your          could provide insights into the source of some of your deepest
endeavors could come from unexpected sources.                        fears. There is much potential for healing now. March’s Aries
                                                                     new moon (29th) sows seeds for new beginnings in your solar
             Taurus              (April 19—May 20)                   tenth house of career, when a new professional opportunity
              Professional or educational interests may be           could offer the financial stability you seek.
              uppermost in your mind as this forecast period
begins, when your drive to succeed in a particular field of                     Leo       (July 22—August 22)

endeavor could be powerfully fuelled by the pressing need to                     Relationships are in the spotlight as this forecast
boost your income base. A partner, friend, or family member                      period gets underway, when the demands or needs
could be particularly helpful to you in your personal quest.         of significant others in your life could cut into your personal
When your sign’s ruling planet, Venus, resumes direct motion         time or work schedule. Being flexible does not come easily to
on February 3rd, after a rare six-week retrograde phase during       most fixed sign natives; however, your willingness to cooperate
which key relationships may have been put to the test, your          with partners or loved ones now will go a long way towards
prospects for love, luck, and a greater understanding of your        maintaining peace, harmony and stability in your life. Mars
place in the world, appear bright. Indeed, Venus will be riding      enters Gemini and your solar eleventh house on February 17th
high in your solar chart through March, well-aspected for much       for a two-month stay, powerfully stimulating your sense of
of the time, so put yourself about in professional and social cir-   ambition, and inspiring bold new plans for the future, which
cles as much as possible, be visible, and don’t be afraid to blow    you may view as a means of reinventing or rejuvenating
your own trumpet when the situation arises. Your passions are        yourself. Ensure that your financial house is in good order, as
aroused during March as Venus trines Mars, and for those             there could be sudden fluctuations in your revenue stream,
available, there’s the possibility of a new romance.                 especially during March. Avoid unwise speculation; play only
                                                                     the safe bets now. With Saturn in the early degrees of your sign,
             Gemini           (May 20—June 21)                       hovering close to your solar ascendant throughout this forecast
                                                                     period, Lion-clan members are admonished to be on your best
             Flights of fancy may inspire many versatile             behavior, and to conduct your affairs with the utmost propriety.
             Gemini natives to spread their wings and fly
towards new horizons, if only intellectually, early in this fore-                 Virgo          (August 22—September 22)
cast period, as your sign’s ruling planet, Mercury, links up
with the sun and Neptune in your solar ninth house of the                          Where does the time go? The lives of many Virgo
higher mind. Some Twins-clan members seeking more fulfill-                         natives may seem to be virtually consumed by
ment from their work may be contemplating a change of                work these days. However, what appears to be in question is
career path, and might actually make a sudden move around            whether your present vocational pursuits bring you the
mid-February, or at least make a decision. Be sure to let sig-       creative satisfaction you need or the financial rewards you feel
nificant others, friends, or family members in on your inten-        you deserve for your labors? When fiery Mars enters your
tions, as they could be supportive of your efforts to expand         solar tenth house of career on February 17th for a two-month
your interests. Fiery Mars enters your sign on February 17th         stay, new professional options could come your way, while
for a two-month stay, greatly increasing your drive and enthu-       your ambition, and drive to succeed in life, receive a huge
siasm for novelty in your life. Adequate physical outlets for        boost. A key relationship may have to adjust to any changes in
this additional surge of energy are essential to ameliorate          your work, or your schedule. However, during Mercury’s
excessive mental chatter. February’s Pisces new moon (28th)          retrograde phase (March 2–25), which occurs in your solar
in your solar tenth house of career sows seeds for new profes-       seventh house, you will have the opportunity to discuss the
sional beginnings for you to nurture and nourish in the weeks        pros and cons and reach an agreement. The dynamic Aries
ahead. This theme of personal improvement continues apace            new moon on March 29th encourages new beginnings and
throughout March, positively impacting your self-esteem.             regeneration. During this four-week cycle, set aside some
                                                                     quiet time in which to consider what you feel would be the
                                                                     ideal career path for you at this stage in your life.

                                                                                                      Down To Earth Astrology
             Libra          (September 22—October 23)                  from time to time. When the going gets tough, you bury
                                                                       yourself in your work; you feel good when you’re being
             The creative efforts of many Libra natives may be
                                                                       industrious and productive, as many of your sign will be now,
             spurred on by a need to increase your earnings
                                                                       and throughout this forecast period. Of course, you’re
early in this forecast period. Mars and Jupiter have been
                                                                       perfectly capable of having fun and being non-productive, too.
occupying the money houses of your solar chart for close to
                                                                       No sweat. However, the chances are, most Mountain Goat-
six months now, generating tension, but also hope and
                                                                       clan members are going to be gainfully employed and making
optimism that your revenue stream will stabilize if you
                                                                       money, especially if Mars in Gemini (after February 17th) in
continue to put in the work, enabling you to plan and build for
                                                                       your solar sixth house has anything to do with it. Some
the future. When your sign’s ruling planet, Venus, turns direct
                                                                       Capricorn natives will consider changing their surroundings,
on February 3rd, after a rare six-week retrograde phase—
                                                                       probably because it fits in with their future plans. The wise
during which key relationships may have been put to the test,
                                                                       will not burn any bridges.
particularly where finances are concerned—your prospects for
love, luck, and harmony improve significantly. If you’ve been
considering a change of employment, the Pisces new Moon in
                                                                                  Aquarius                 (January 19—February 18)

your solar sixth house on February 28th sows seeds for new                         The vibrancy with which this forecast period
beginnings in the workplace for you to nurture and nourish in                      begins could inspire acts of great generosity from
the weeks ahead. In order to gain the necessary support to             some Aquarius natives. There’s a keen edge to your
attain an ambition, some enterprising Scales-clan members              humanitarian nature these days, courtesy of Chiron’s influence
may enter into a formal partnership or alliance in the spring.         on your solar ascendant. This would be a good time to make
                                                                       peace and mend fences. Jupiter in your solar tenth house of
           Scorpio             (October 23—November 21)                career has big things in store for you as the year progresses.
                                                                       You could further your cause by cultivating relationships with
            There’s planetary activity in each of the four cardi-
                                                                       influential groups and individuals that share your professional
            nal houses in your solar chart as this forecast period
                                                                       objectives. Seek innovative ways to generate more income
begins, a sure sign that life’s anything but dull these days. With
                                                                       during March; a wise and well-placed friend could be of help.
your sign’s co-ruling planets, Pluto and Mars, occupying your
                                                                       Implement or disseminate any bright new ideas in the weeks
second and seventh solar houses respectively, money and rela-
                                                                       following the dynamic Aries new moon on March 29th. Your
tionships will, no doubt, be highly charged life areas with
                                                                       pioneering spirit is coming to the fore, so you may have to
which many Scorpio natives will have to contend during
                                                                       make more of an effort to cooperate with colleagues or
February. But the focus of activity just now appears to be in the
home, where some creative changes may be taking place. Some
amongst your clan may be undergoing what might be termed an                         Pisces           (February 18—March 20)
emotional epiphany, which could help you to clarify your pro-
fessional or career priorities. Certainly, with Saturn currently                    With your sign’s ruling planet, Neptune, in your
retrograde in your solar tenth house, this would be an appro-                       solar twelfth house and in mutual reception with
priate juncture at which to reconsider the professional path           Uranus, your solar twelfth house ruler, currently in your sign,
you’re on. Your creative powers and ability to manifest are in         you could feel like a fish out of water from time to time during
overdrive throughout this forecast period; visualization tech-         this forecast period. However, your ability to adapt,
niques can be particularly effective now.                              chameleon-like, to different or changing environments is an
                                                                       innate Piscean forté, one that could serve you well in the
             Sagittarius                   (November 21—December 21)
                                                                       coming weeks. February’s new moon (28th) conjunct Uranus
                                                                       in your sign and solar first house increases your drive, energy
              While your sign’s ruling planet, Jupiter, remains        level, and initiative, and offers potential for a radical new
              in your solar twelfth house (through Nov 23),            personal beginning in the weeks ahead. Your intuition could be
your dreams and hopes for the future may seem like they’re on          frighteningly sharp now; use it to guide your decisions.
hold, even though progress is being made in other areas of             March’s Aries new moon (29th) in your solar second house
your life. You may be in two minds about the direction you             sharpens your money-making instincts. Indeed, you could
want your life to take. There’s a part of you that would dearly        manifest a new and steady source of income through a
love to make a fresh start, and yet, what you already have and         professional contact or affiliation in the coming weeks.
know offers safety and security. After Mars enters Gemini and
your solar seventh house for a two-month stay on February               Tim Gunns is an astrological consultant, conference
                                                                        coordinator and producer, new age market and speaker
17th, there’s potential for conflict with a partner over a              consultant to the entertainment industry, and formerly
domestic issue. When confronted with a choice, take the high            program director of the national Whole Life Expos.
road. It’s tried, it’s true, and it’s good karma! The fiery Aries                     Tim prepares personalized no-nonsense inter-
new moon on March 29th is more your speed, you feel more                              pretations of Natal Horoscopes ($40), Future
like you’re in your element now. Creative ideas flow more                             Forecast Transit Reports ($75 for 1 full year),
freely. Indeed, your greatest challenge may be simply to                              and Relationship Compatibility Reports ($45).
harness them.                                                                         Shipping is free. Private consultations with Tim
                                                                                      by phone may also be scheduled, which must
           Capricorn                  (December 21—January 19)
                                                                                      be pre-paid and scheduled in advance. Send:
                                                                        Name (as you'd like it to appear on the chart), Date of Birth,
          With serious Saturn, your sign’s ruling planet,               Time (as close as possible), Place of Birth (city/country, etc.)
          retrograde in your solar eighth house, and Pluto              for each person, and your return address, phone# and pay-
edging ever nearer to your solar ascendant, deep thoughts               ment to: Tim Gunns, 1247 Lincoln Blvd., #195, Santa Monica,
about your own mortality and vulnerabilities occur to you               CA 90401. To schedule an appointment Call: (310) 281-7882.

                                                                                                 FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR     21
                                                                                     “Goodbye,” said the fox.
                                                                                      “Here is my secret. It’s
                                                                                          quite simple:
                                                                                    one sees clearly only with
                                                                                            the heart.”
                                                                                        —Antoine De Saint-Exupery,
                                                                                             The Little Prince
                                                                                         Translated by Richard Howard

                          and Its Reasons
                                 By David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D.

                     he conductor Herbert von Karajan once said that he lived only for music.
                      He probably did not know how true that would turn out to be: He died the same year that he retired after
                      thirty years directing the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. But what is even more surprising is that two
                      Austrian psychologists could have predicted it. Twelve years earlier, they had examined how the mae-
                      stro’s heart reacted as he pursued various activities. The greatest variations in von Karajan’s heart rate
                      were recorded while he was conducting a particularly emotional passage from Beethoven’s Lenora
                      Overture No.3. In fact he had only to hear this particular passage again in order to experience practically
the same acceleration in his heartbeat.
    In that composition, other passages are far more physically demanding. Yet they provoked only a slight increase in von
Karajan’s heart rate. As for his other activities, von Karajan seemed to take them less to heart, so to speak. Whether he was
landing his private plane or simulating an emergency re-takeoff, his heart hardly seemed to notice. Karajan’s heart was given

over entirely to music. And when the         been described, several studies have         it releases when it needs to function at
maestro gave up music, his heart gave        already shown beneficial effects. Good       maximum capacity. The heart makes and
out.                                         for the body as well as the emotions of      controls the release of another hormone,
     Who has not heard the story of an       those who have mastered it, this             ANF (atrial natriuretic factor), which
elderly neighbor who died a few months       method’s effects even include a partial      regulates blood pressure. It secretes its
after his wife? Or a great aunt whose        reversal of physiological aging. To          own reserves of oxytocin, often called
death followed soon after the loss of her    understand how it works, we first need       the love peptide. (This hormone is
son? It was commonly said that they had      to briefly examine how the heart-brain       released into the blood, for example,
“died of a broken heart.” Medical sci-       system functions.                            when a mother breastfeeds her child,
ence used to treat such descriptions with                                                 during courtship, and with orgasms.) All
disdain, attributing these incidents to          The Heart of Emotions                    these hormones act directly on the brain.
simple coincidence. Only recently, over                                                   Finally, the heart may affect the whole
the last twenty years, have several teams    We experience emotions in our body, not      organism through the variations of its
of cardiologists and psychiatrists taken a   in our head. Already in 1890, William        electromagnetic field, which can be
close look at such “anecdotes.” They         James, a Harvard professor and the           detected several feet away from the
have discovered that stress is possibly an   father of American psychology, wrote         body, but whose significance we do not
even greater risk factor for heart disease   that an emotion was first of all a physi-    yet understand.
than smoking. They have also found that      cal state and only accessorily a percep-         Clearly, the references to the heart in
an episode of depression coming within       tion in the
six months of a myocardial infarction is     brain. He based
a more accurate predictor of death than      his conclusions
most measurements of heart function.         on the ordinary
     When the emotional brain is out of      experience of
order, the heart suffers and wears out.      emotions.
But the most astonishing discovery of all    Don’t we speak
is that this relationship works both ways.   of fear as “hav-
The proper functioning of the heart turns    ing your heart
out to influence the brain as well. Some     in your throat?”
cardiologists and neurologists go so far     or of gaiety as
as to refer to a “heart-brain system” that   feeling “light-
cannot be dissociated.                       hearted?” or of
     If there were a medication capable of   bad temper as
harmonizing this intimate interplay          “bile?” It would
between the heart and brain, it would        be a mistake to
have beneficial effects on the whole         consider these
body. This miracle drug might slow           expressions as mere figures of speech.       the words we use to describe our emo-
down aging, reduce stress and fatigue,       They are fairly exact representations of     tions are more than mere metaphors. The
overcome anxiety, and shield us from         what we experience when we find our-         heart perceives and feels. It partly sets its
depression. At night, it would help us to    selves in different emotional states.        own course of action. And when it
sleep better, and in the daytime, to func-       In fact, only recently was it discov-    expresses itself, it influences the physi-
tion more effectively, enhancing our         ered that the digestive system and the       ology of our whole body, including the
capacities for concentration and per-        heart have their own network of tens of      brain.
formance. Above all, by adjusting the        thousands of neurons that act like “small        To Marie, these considerations were
balance between the brain and the rest of    brains” in the body. Like individual         far from theoretical. At fifty, she had
the body, the drug would help us foster      regions in the brain itself (so-called       been suffering for several years from
the sense of “flow” that is synonymous       “nuclei”), these local brains have their     sudden anxiety attacks, which could
with well-being. This one medication         own perceptions. Though their process-       catch her by surprise anywhere and any-
could be an antihypertensive, an anxi-       ing capacities are limited, these groups     time. First, her heart would start to beat
olytic (anti-anxiety drug) and an anti-      of neurons are also capable of adapting      too fast, much too fast. One day at a
depressant all in one. If such a medica-     their behavior according to these percep-    party, her heart started to race. To keep
tion existed, not a single doctor would      tions, and even of changing their            from falling, she had to hang on to the
fail to prescribe it.                        responses as a result of their expe-         arm of a man she didn’t even know. This
     Alas, this miracle drug does not yet    nence—that is, in a certain sense, of cre-   constant uncertainty about the way her
exist. Or does it? A simple and effective    ating their own memories.                    heart would react made her very uncom-
method available to all of us seems to           Besides possessing its own network       fortable. She began to restrict her activi-
create the very conditions essential for     of semiautonomous neurons, the heart is      ties. After the cocktail party incident,
harmony between the brain and heart.         also a small hormone factory. It pro-        she stopped going out unless she was
Although this method has only recently       duces its own supply of adrenalin, which     accompanied by her daughter or close

                                                                                             FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR      23
friends. She no longer drove alone to her     acetylcholine—that promotes states of        they have to be equally strong to coun-
country house for fear of her heart, in       relaxation and calm, and slows down the      terbalance each other, if the need arises.
her words, “giving out.”                      heart.                                           According to researcher Stephen
     Marie had no idea what set off these         In mammals, these two systems—           Porges, Ph.D., of the University of
attacks. It was as if her heart decided all   the accelerator and the brake—are con-       Maryland, the delicate balance between
of a sudden that it was terrified of some-    stantly in balance. That balance is what     the two branches of the autonomic nerv-
thing she was not aware of. Her thoughts      enables mammals to adapt very rapidly        ous system has enabled mammals to
then became confused and anxious and          to the vast potential for changes that       develop increasingly complex social
she started to feel shaky on her legs.        may occur in their environment. When a       relations in the course of evolution. The
     Her cardiologist diagnosed a “mitral     rabbit is safely chewing on the grass in     most complex among them seems to be
valve prolapse,” a mild affliction, which,    front of its hole, it can stop at any        love relationships, especially the partic-
she was told, should give her nothing to      moment, raise its head, prick up its ears    ularly delicate phase of courtship. When
worry about. He prescribed beta-blocker       scan the horizon like radar, and sniff the   a man or woman in whom we are inter-
medication to prevent her heart from          air to detect a predator’s presence. Once    ested looks at us and our heart beats
racing, but this led to fatigue and gave      the danger signal has vanished, it quick-    wildly or we start to blush, it is because
her nightmares. She made the decision         ly goes back to its meal.                    our sympathetic system has stepped on
to stop taking her medicine, without              Only mammals have such a flexible        the accelerator, perhaps a little too
telling her doctor.                           physiology. To negotiate the unforeseen      much. If we take a deep breath to re-
     When she came to see me, I had just      twists and turns of existence, we need       cover our poise and carry on the conver-
read an article in the American journal       both a brake and an accelerator. They        sation, we have just pressed on the
of Psychiatry showing how patients with       need to be in perfect working order, and     parasympathetic brake a bit. Without
such symptoms often responded well to                                                                            Continued on Page 27
treatment with antidepressants, as if the
uncontrolled acceleration originated in
the brain rather than with the abnormal
valve. Unfortunately, my treatment was
scarcely more effective than my cardiol-
ogist colleague’s. Besides, Marie was
very unhappy about the extra pounds she
put on because of her new medication.
Marie’s heart calmed down only when
she learned to tame it directly. I would
almost say, “when she learned to listen
and speak to it.”
     The relationship between the emo-
tional brain and the “small brain” in the
heart is one of the keys to emotional
mastery. By learning—literally—how to
control our heart, we learn how to gain
mastery of our emotional brain, and vice
versa. The strongest relationship
between the heart and the emotional
brain is a diffuse two-way communica-
tion network known as the “autonomic
peripheral nervous system.” This is part
of the nervous system that—beyond our
conscious control—regulates the func-
tioning of our organs.
     The autonomic nervous system is
made up of two branches, beginning at
the emotional brain and spreading
throughout the body. The “sympathetic”
branch releases adrenalin and noradren-
alin, regulating reactions of “fight or
flight.” The autonomic nervous system’s
activity speeds up the heart rate. The
other branch, called “parasympathetic,”
releases a different neurotransmitter—


                FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR   25
these constant adjustments, courtship          I discovered my
would be chaotic. Such is often the case       own        “heart-
with adolescents, who have trouble mas-        brain system” on
tering the balance of their autonomic          the display of a
nervous system.                                laptop computer.
     But the heart does more than simply       The tip of my
react to the influence of the central nerv-    finger        was
ous system: It also sends out nerve fibers     slipped into a
back to the base of the skull where they       ring connected
modulate brain activity. Besides releas-       to the machine.
ing hormones, regulating blood pres-           The computer
sure, and influencing the body’s mag-          simply meas-
netic field, the “small brain” in the heart    ured the interval
can thus act on the emotional brain via        between each
these direct nerve connections. And            heartbeat detect-
when the heart loses its balance, the          ed on the pad of
emotional brain is immediately affected.       my index finger. When the interval was a       explained. Yet I did not feel anything.
That may be precisely what Marie was           little shorter—my heart having beaten a        She then asked me to focus my attention
experiencing.                                  little faster—a blue line on the screen        on my heart and to bring to mind a pleas-
     We can witness this interplay             went up a notch. When the interval was         ant or happy memory. I was surprised by
between the emotional brain and the            longer—my heart having slowed down a           her request. I knew that she was coach-
heart in the constant variability of the       little—the line turned back down.              ing me to calm down. But generally,
normal heart rate. Because the two                  On the screen, I saw the blue line        reaching a state of inner calm using the
branches of the autonomic nervous sys-         zigzagging up and down for no apparent         techniques of meditation or relaxation
tem are always in equilibrium, they are        reason. With each heartbeat, my heart          requires that you empty your mind, not
continually in the process of speeding up      seemed to be making adjustments. But           think about pleasant memories. But I did
and slowing down the heart. That change        there was no structure in the peaks and        what she asked, and in a few seconds the
is why the interval between two succes-        dips as my heart accelerated and slowed        line on the screen changed radically: The
sive heartbeats is never identical. This       down. The curve looked like a series of        sharp turns, the mountains and valleys,
heart rate variability is perfectly healthy;   crests in a distant mountain range. Even       had changed into a series of gentle
in fact, it’s a sign of the proper function-   if my heart was beating an average of 62       wavelets, and then stronger waves that
ing of the brake and the accelerator, and      beats a minute, it could climb to seventy      were regular, smooth, and shapely. My
thus of our overall physiological system.      and drop back down to fifty-five from          heart seemed to alternate between a gen-
It has nothing in common with the              one moment to the next, for no dis-            tle accelerating and slowing down. Its
“arrhythmias” (abnormal heart rhythms)         cernable reason.                               rate ebbed and flowed with the calm
that some patients suffer from. To the              The technician reassured me. This         rhythm of waves lapping the shore. Like
contrary, the sudden, violent accelera-        zigzag was, she said, the normal pattern       an athlete who tenses and relaxes his
tions lasting several minutes known as         of heart rate variability. She then asked      muscles before making an effort, my
“tachycardia,” or those which come with        me to start counting aloud: “Subtract 9        heart seemed to be confidently showing
anxiety attacks, are symptoms of an            from 1,356, then continue subtracting 9        that it could do both and as often as it
abnormal situation where the heart is no       from each new figure you get….” While          wanted to. The window at the bottom of
longer responding to modulation from           this task was not too hard to do, being        the screen indicated that my physiology
the parasympathetic brake.                     put to the test in front of a small group of   had gone from one hundred percent
     On the opposite extreme, when the         observers who were there, like me, to          “chaos” to eighty percent “coherence.”
heart beats like a metronome without the       satisfy their curiosity about the machine      And all I had had to do to produce this
slightest variability, the situation is par-   was      not      particularly     pleasant.   result was to recall a pleasant memory
ticularly serious. Obstetricians were the      Immediately, to my great surprise, the         while concentrating on my heart!
first to recognize it: During childbirth,      curve became even more jagged and the              Over the past ten years, software like
they learned to keep a very close eye on       average number of heartbeats jumped to         the program I have just described has
any fetus with an excessively regular          seventy-two. Ten beats more a minute,          become capable of demonstrating two
heart rate because it suggests a potential-    simply because I was handling a few fig-       characteristic modes of variation in car-
ly fatal problem. We now know that this        ures! What an energy guzzler, the brain!       diac rhythm—chaos and coherence.
is true of adults as well. The heart begins    Or perhaps it was the stress of having to      Usually variations are weak and “chaot-
to beat with such great regularity only        do arithmetic in public?                       ic.” The heart steps on the accelerator
when we approach death.                             The curve had become even more            and puts on the brake erratically; the pat-
                                               irregular as my heartbeat accelerated, so      tern of beats is jumbled, disorderly. On
    Chaos and Coherence                        the cause was likely to be anxiety rather      the other hand, when heart rate variabil-
                                               than mere mental effort, the technician        ity is strong and healthy, the phases of

                                                                                                 FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR    27
accelerating and slowing down alternate         perfectly comfortable in his field. The        palpitations that forced him to leave the
rapidly and regularly. This produces the        only problem is that for months he has         building to calm down.
image of a harmonious wave, which is            suffered from “palpitations.” They cause           In the afternoon, Charles had a meet-
appropriately described as “coherence”          him considerable worry and have led            ing. The recording showed another
of heart rate variability.                      him to see several cardiologists, who          episode of chaos lasting more than thirty
     Between birth, when it is greatest,        have not succeeded in helping him. He          minutes. When I questioned him,
and the time of approaching death, when         has now reached the point where he has         Charles was first incapable of remem-
it is slightest, the variability of our heart   made up his mind to stop practicing            bering what could have brought it on.
rate declines about three percent a year.       sports. He is afraid he might set off an       Upon reflection, though, he recalled that
Our physiology loses its flexibility little     attack that would lead him once more to        the marketing director had commented,
by little and finds it harder and harder to     the emergency room. He also keeps an           without looking at him, that the look and
adapt to the variations in our physical         eye on himself when he makes love to           feel of the catalogs currently being pro-
and emotional surroundings. This loss of        his wife for fear of straining his heart. In   duced didn’t fit the new image the store
variability is a sign of aging. When vari-      his opinion, his working conditions are        was trying to promote. But when he was
ability declines, it is partly because we       “perfectly normal” and “not ex-                back in his office, the chaos abated and
are not maintaining our physiological           ceptionally stressful.” He nevertheless        gave way to a relative coherence. At that
brake, the healthy “tone” of our para-          explains, in the course of our sessions,       moment, Charles was busy reviewing a
sympathetic system. Like an unused              that he’s thinking of resigning from his       production plan he had great faith in. In
muscle, this system atrophies progres-          prestigious position. The reality is that      a traffic jam on his way home that
sively over the years. Meanwhile, we            the president of the corporation is often      evening, his irritation brought on anoth-
never stop using our accelerator—the            contemptuous and cynical. Although             er episode of chaos. Once he arrived
sympathetic system. Thus, after decades         Charles has functioned well in this com-       home, he embraced his wife and chil-
of this mode of operation, our physiolo-        petitive—often aggressive—setting, he          dren, and that was followed by a ten-
gy has become like a car that can sud-          has remained a sensitive person who is         minute phase of coherence. Why only
denly pick up speed or coast downhill in        wounded by the harsh, disagreeable             ten minutes? Because after that, Charles
neutral but has become virtually inca-          comments of his president. Moreover, as        turned on the television to watch the
pable of adjusting to road turns. The           often happens, the president’s cynicism        news.
decline in heart rate variability correlates    rubs off on all the other members of the           Different research has shown that
with an entire set of health problems           team: Charles’s colleagues in marketing,       negative emotions, such as anger, anxi-
related to stress and aging: high blood         advertising, and finance maintain chilly       ety, sadness, and even ordinary worries,
pressure, heart failure, complications          relations with each other and are often        reduce cardiac variability the most and
from diabetes, myocardial infarctions,          abrasive in their remarks.                     sow chaos in our physiology. In contrast,
arrhythmias, sudden death, and even                 Charles agreed to record the variabil-     positive emotions, like joy, gratitude,
cancer. And studies published in such           ity of his heart rate over a twenty-four-      and, especially, love, appear to promote
prestigious and authoritative journals as       hour period. In order to analyze the           the greatest coherence. Within a few sec-
The Lancet and Circulation (the journal         results, he had to write down his differ-      onds, these emotions induce a wave of
published by the American Heart                 ent activities throughout the day.             coherence immediately visible in the
Association)        confirm       this.   In    Interpreting the outcome was not very          recording of cardiac frequency. For
Circulation, James Nolan, M.D., and his         difficult. At eleven in the morning, calm,     Charles, as for the rest of us, the chaotic
colleagues concluded a study of 433             concentrated, and efficient, he was            passages in our daily physiology pro-
patients with moderate heart failure with       choosing photographs for a catalogue,          duce a real loss of vital energy. In a
the following statement: “A reduction in        seated at his desk. His heart rhythm           study involving several thousand execu-
SDNN (heart rate variability) identifies        demonstrated healthy coherence. Then,          tives from large European corporations,
patients at high risk of death and is a bet-    at noon, his heart rhythm shifted into a       more than seventy percent of them
ter predictor of death due to progressive       chaos mode, in addition to speeding up         described themselves as “tired,” either
heart failure than other conventional           by about twelve beats a minute. At that        “most of the time” or “all the time.” And
clinical measurements.”                         moment, he was heading toward his              fifty percent of them frankly said they
     When variability has ceased, when          president’s office. One minute later, his      were “exhausted.” How can competent
the heart no longer responds to our emo-        heart was beating even faster and the          and enthusiastic men and women, whose
tions and, above all, when it can no            chaos was total. That state was to prevail     work is an essential part of their identity,
longer “slow down” appropriately, death         for two hours: He had just been told that      get to this point? It may be precisely the
is near.                                        the development strategy he had taken a        accumulation of chaotic passages they
                                                number of weeks to prepare was “worth-         hardly notice. These daily aggressions to
     A Day in Charles’s Life                    less.” If he was not capable of organizing     their emotional balance, when sustained
                                                it more clearly, perhaps he should hand        over the long term, drain their energy,
At forty, Charles is the manager of an          the project over to someone else to take       which may lead to dreaming of a differ-
important department store. He has              care of. After leaving the president’s         ent job or, in our personal realm, of
climbed the corporate ladder and he is          office, Charles had a typical episode of       another family, another life.
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                                                               FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR   29
                                Profile of an
                                        Internal Master
                                Wang Shu Jin—Incredible Chi
     B.K. Frantzis
                                                                                            By B.K. Frantzis

                                                            amphitheater shell in the park in Taichung at five-thirty
                                                            in the morning. There were many people in the park at
                                                            that hour, doing all sorts of things, including Shaolin
                                                            gung fu, karate, tai chi, and badminton. Some individu-
                                                            als hung from branches of trees, stretching themselves,
                                                            some just strolled, others were playing saxophones. I
                                                            was absorbed in this surreal scene, pondering the meet-
                                                            ing of ancient China with the twentieth century, when a
                                                            massive man in white pajamas came waddling down the
                                                            street carrying two bird cages. It was Wang Shu Jin, a
                                                            rotund senior citizen supporting 250 to 300 pounds on
                                                            his 5-foot, 8-inch frame.
                                                                 I was nineteen then, a recognized young karate
                                                            champion, and had brought with me a traditional gift of
                                                            respect for Wang: a substantial amount of high-quality
                                                            ginseng. At our initial meeting, Wang did not hesitate to
                                                            express his low regard for karate, telling me in no uncer-
                                                            tain terms that, “karate is only fit for fighting old women
                                                            and children.” As karate had been a large part of my life
                                                            and my passion at the time, this off-hand remark insult-
                                                            ed me to the core. I was forced to swallow my indig-
                                                            nation, though. In our ensuing sparring, Wang defeated
                                                            me thoroughly on every occasion, tapping me lightly at
                                                            will all over my body to demonstrate his easy circum-
                                                            vention of my defenses. Despite my best efforts and
                                                            despite Wang’s enormous girth, his ba gua chang enabled
                                                            him to effortlessly evade all my blows and end up behind
                                                            me at will.
                                                                  To graphically show me there was much to learn, he
                                                            allowed me, after several days of study with him, to
                                                            strike him with full power anywhere on his body. I put all
                                                            the force at my command into these strikes, but they
       n the summer of 1968, I traveled to Taiwan from      might as well have been the blows of a three-year-old. I

       Japan in search of the internal arts ba gua master
       Wang Shu Jin, who was widely considered to be
       one of the best empty-hand fighters in Asia. I
       tracked down Wang’s class, which met at the

                                                            kicked him in the knees and groin without effect, hit him
                                                            in the neck and elbowed his ribs. Like many ba gua mas-
                                                            ters, he had the ability to absorb blows without injury.
                                                            When I kicked him in the shin, my foot hurt long after-
           He could also place his fingers lightly on your chest, and if he
  decided to project a little chi, he could throw you effortlessly against
a wall or put you in such pain that you thought you were going to die,
     even though his hand did not move more than a fraction of an inch.

ward. When I drove my fist into his         minute, I collapsed several times,         year-old mind sufficiently to cause a
belly it felt as if the blow had broken     and each time Wang’s assistant             significant shift in my Western way
my wrist. Wang would often tap me           immediately drenched me with a             of thinking about the reality of the
on the head during sparring just to         bucket of cold water and ordered me        body and how it works. Wang, it
demonstrate how easy it would have          to resume the posture. After two           turned out, was also experienced in
been for him to demolish me. One            hours of this trial, a smiling Wang        Taoist meditation, and was an active
time, in fact, he tapped me lightly on      agreed to accept me as his student.        and knowledgeable master of Taoist
the head, dropping me to the ground         What was Wang testing? Was it my           sexual energy practices. He taught
instantly. I sat there in utter surprise,   commitment, ability to endure hard-        these subjects to only a select few.
feeling as if I had just been jolted by     ship, sincerity, or craziness (that is,          His students were formidable
a high-voltage electrical current.          passion for the martial arts)? Perhaps     fighters themselves. The level of
      After a while, I could tell he        it was all of these.                       skill of his students revealed perhaps
was getting bored with my low level               Wang’s fighting skills were          more about the effectiveness of the
of skill and my inability to hurt him.      astounding. Notwithstanding his age        internal arts than Wang’s abilities.
Sometimes, he would grab me with            and his weight, Wang was unbeliev-         They illustrated that Wang was not
his arms and bounce me three or four        ably agile, lightning fast, in excellent   superhuman, but had a superior com-
times back and forth off his stomach        health, and had incredible physical        bination of talent, dedication, and
like a yo-yo, my feet flying in the air.    power. In the West, we assume that,        ability to provide quality instruction.
Then Wang would snap me back. I             if people are fat, they cannot be fit,     When I started studying with Wang,
later heard that, as a young man in         must be clumsy and slow, and must          several of his students, from fifteen
challenge matches on the Mainland,          be uncomfortable with their image.         to seventy years of age, beat the
Wang had actually broken oppo-              Wang certainly showed this stereo-         stuffing out me. I could not believe
nents’ spines in this manner. Years         type to be inaccurate. He was per-         it! Men and women both were able
later, I learned from another teacher       fectly at ease with himself. Wang          to hit me with no pulling of my
that the only defense against this          commonly took on full-contact, no-         punches. For a proud nineteen-year-
technique was to turn sideways so           holds-barred challenges from the           old karate champion to be given a
your hip bone and not your stomach          best fighters in Japan and Southeast       hard time in a fight with an old
made contact with his formidable            Asia, and always won. When into his        woman was a bitter pill to swallow.
belly. Otherwise, you were finished.        eighties, he could beat the toughest       Some of the older people had been
      Following my enlightening, if         young men. On cold practice days,          with Wang for just a few years. They
disconcerting, initial exposure to          his students would stand around him        trounced me so much that first day I
Wang’s abilities, I wanted nothing          to warm their hands, as if he were a       felt like quitting. I remember dis-
more than to study his ba gua, which        stove—a testament to his amazing           tinctly thinking, what are they going
he himself had learned from Chang           level of chi development. It was           to do next, bring out a small child to
Chao-Tung, who was known as a               from Wang that I first learned how to      beat me up?
student of Tung Hai Chuan, the man          use chi to create a high level of                Many of Wang’s students start-
credited with making ba gua chang           health and vitality He also showed         ed late in life. In fact, one of Wang’s
public in the late nineteenth century.      me how to use chi to generate power        specialties was taking on people in
Wang decided to test my sincerity           for fighting.                              their fifties and sixties who had all
before he accepted me as a student.               Wang was a deep believer in          sorts of physical problems and mak-
He gruffly ordered me to assume the         chi. At our first meeting, he said to      ing them healthy and strong. At that
ba gua chang posture called Wild            me, “I can eat more than you, I can        time in Taiwan, elderly people had
Goose Leaves the Flock and main-            have more sex than you, and I can          little to fear from random violence
tain it until further notice. This static   fight better than you, but you call        since the police were particularly
posture calls for one leg to be raised      yourself healthy Well, young man,          rough on anyone who victimized
to waist height as the torso is coiled      there is a lot more to being healthy       them. Accordingly, Wang’s elderly
to one side, and both arms are              than being young, and it all comes         students did not initially come to
extended. As instructed, I assumed          down to how much chi you have.”            him      to     learn      self-defense.
the posture. Holding it minute after        His words affected my nineteen-            Nonetheless, even though these

older students started studying with
Wang purely for health reasons,             An Evening with
they still became good fighters
because that training was part of           Malidoma Somé
Wang’s programs.                         Honoring The Healing Wisdom of Africa
      In Taiwan, I talked with some
of Wang’s students who were in                Thursday, March 30, 2006
their fifties and had only recently                 7:00pm • $12
begun to study ba gua with no pre-
vious martial arts experience. They       115 Greenough Street, Brookline MA
came to Wang because they had
started to become impotent or were       For Tickets call             617-730-2700
suffering from chronic diseases.         or on-line at www.brooklineadulted.org
After practicing ba gua, their impo-
tence was reversed and their health,
reflexes, and clarity of mind
improved markedly. Their chronic
illnesses either vanished completely
or lessened.
      Wang’s students constantly                      Pure Home Center
tried to find their own chi, thereby
opening up the energy channels of                             NON-TOXIC PRODUCTS
their bodies. They would try to           * AFM Paints & Sealers                             * Organic Cork Floors
replicate the feeling of the chi of a     * AFM Stains & Finishes                            * Natures Wool Carpet & Pads
blow Wang delivered to them in a          * AFM Cleaners & Solutions                         * Air & Water Purifiers
watered-down but still shocking                             Rt 16/ Village Plaza at Holliston
manner. Wang was expert at pro-
jecting chi. He could issue enor-         508-429-5255                             www.purehomecenter.com
mous power that you could feel and
be hurt by even when his hand
began moving from only slightly
away from your body. He could                        E n h a n c e Y o u r Li f e wi t h

                                                Feng Shui
also place his fingers lightly on
your chest, and if he decided to
project a little chi, he could throw
you effortlessly against a wall or
put you in such pain that you              An ato ly Tsirel son , M.S. C.E .
thought you were going to die, even          F e a t u r e d in Bo s t o n He r a l d , Im p r o p e r
though his hand did not move more            B o s t o n i a n , Ne w En g l a n d Ca b l e Ne w s
than a fraction of an inch. This abil-
ity to bring all of one’s power to a         www.FengShuiArt.net
single point instantaneously is one             617-566-5995
of the techniques that the art of ba
gua develops. When this methodol-
ogy is explained, it sounds very
clinical, but when the theory is
applied to your body things can be
tremendously exhilarating or fright-
ening. Absorbing such chi power
can feel like a pleasant gust of wind
or a thunderbolt.
      When I first started doing Rou              Metaphysics & Mysticism Classes
Shou (the ba gua two-person equiv-           Classes will be held every Wednesday of about the Rosicrucian Order AMORC.
                                          Discuss the teachings, meet Rosicrucian students and learnthe month 7:30 to 9:00 pm
                                                      fifth Wednesday) second Saturday and fourth Sunday to 9:00 pm
                                          (except theClasses are open;to all and are held every Thursday from 7:30 pm 2:00 to 4:00 pm,
alent of Push Hands in tai chi) with            at the Johannes Kelpius Lodge AMORC, 13 (Lodge Closed for August)
                                               and every second Saturday of the month, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Clevemont Avenue,
Wang in 1968, he would touch me                                   Allston, MA 02134. All are welcome.
                                              at the Johannes Kelpius Lodge AMORC, 13 Clevemont Avenue, Allston, MA 02134.
and I would go flying. Ten years                                       For further information call
later, the last time I saw Wang in                                         617-782-4333
Taichung, I was again given the            or visit: www.rosicrucian.org/local/ab/johanneskelpius.html

                                                                                             FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006      EARTH STAR         33
                                                                        privilege of doing Rou Shou with
                KINDNESS CURES                                          him. From the methodologies I had
                                                                        learned from Wang himself and
               In the gentle ambiance of my office develop              from what I had learned in the inter-
                                                                        vening years from other masters, I
             psychological abilities to improve quality of life:        was now just barely able to evade
      •     Resolve inner conflicts - get out of your own way.          Wang’s power. Wang could not get
      •     Overcome anxiety and phobias.                               me as he had done so easily before.
      •     Let go of addictions and co-dependence.                     This fact made me ecstatic. It was
      •     Heal emotionally from mental and physical injury.           like graduating to a higher level of
      •     Grieve effectively.                                         the art form. I was finally able to do
                                                                        those things I’d dreamed about for
      •     Discover the roots of depression and move beyond inertia.   ten long years, which was what
      •     Learn to deal with challenging people and situations.       fueled the Big Mistake. At one
      •     Create and co-create healthy, loving relationships.         point, I wanted to see if I could now
                                                                        match Wang’s power, bearing in
                       Phone:                                           mind his advanced age of eighty
                Linda Fleger-Berman, MSW,                               plus. My body language challenged
               Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker,             him. In response, he sent a burst of
                        Board Certified Diplomate,                      energy into my torso that lodged in
                      Certified in Clinical Hypnosis,                   the muscles between my shoulder
          Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (Level II),     blades. It took three months of
                   Certified in Reiki. 30 years of success.             intensive bodywork and acupunc-
                                                                        ture to clear it out and make the
     My phychodynamic therapy includes Techniques of Self-Hypnosis,
                                                                        pain go away This was not a pulled
      Psychodrama, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing,
                                                                        muscle but a ball of energy Wang
               Bioenergetics and Mindfulness Meditation
                                                                        had buried deep inside my body.
                                                                        Clearly, there were yet more
                                                                        advanced levels for me to learn. On
                                                                        one hand, that was an exciting
                                                                        prospect and, on the other, a good
                                                                        reminder never to get too swelled a
                                                                              Wang would mostly teach by
                                                                        showing a movement that students
                                                                        would watch and copy as best they
                                                                        could. He emphasized deep, relaxed
                                                                        breathing and a powerful belly. He
                                                                        would also physically position a
                                                                        student’s body to correct faults in
                                                                        body posture and internal align-
                                                                        ments. His chi and internal power
                         Practitioners Needed                           were so obvious and strong that one
                                                                        could get a tangible physical sense
                                                                        of the type of chi he was transmit-
                                                                        ting. As mentioned, he would
                                                                        demonstrate what the chi of the
                                                                        technique was like by physically
                                                                        hitting the student, using just
                                                                        enough force for the student to be in
                                                                        no doubt as to what had occurred.
                                                                        Alternatively he would use fa Jin to
                                                                        project the type of power into your
                                                                        body that he wanted you to feel, so
                                                                        that you could tell what his chi was
                                                                        like. This action of projecting chi
                                                                        into a student was typical of all the
                                                                        genuine fighting internal martial art

masters I personally met in China.
They believed that merely teaching
technique visually was insufficient.
It was their position that, if they
were genuinely going to teach
someone, they had to let the student
feel the subtle and gross realities of
what different types of internal
power were like. They believed this
necessary for the student to be
capable of re-creating the tech-
niques for self-defense. Wang’s stu-
dents would try to replicate his chi                                                                        , Ph.D.
with as much creativity as they
      Wang’s teaching was mostly
by example and relatively nonspe-
cific. His main concern was
whether or not you could manifest
power, or chi. This teaching method
gave few precise details about
exactly how one was to accomplish
this replication. Wang’s basic
advice was to practice. He would
recommend repetitively practicing
certain moves, such as the Single
Palm Change or the first movement
of hsing-i called “Splitting” for
hours and hours on end. “Practice,”
he would say “and skill will come
naturally.” I took him at his word.

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                                                                                                      FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006     EARTH STAR      37
The Movie Mystic                                                                                   By Stephen Simon

FAVORITE FILMS OF 2005                          decision for each of us.                    vintage 1920s motorcycle called an
                                                     That all being said, here are brief    “Indian”.
Welcome to the start of the 4th year of         capsules of my five favorites for the            His dream is to somehow raise
the Movie Mystic column!!!                      year. (Some of the comments below are       enough money to get himself and his
                                                excerpted from previous Movie Mystic        beloved “Indian” to the Bonneville Salt
             y criteria for inclusion in this

M            special yearly double column
             is that the films must fit into
the definition of Spiritual Cinema that
                                                columns on the particular films.)           Flats in Utah to try to set a land speed
                                                                                                               Hopkins is absolutely
                                                                                                           and lovably delightful in
we use for choosing films to distribute                                                                    the lead role, so much so
through the Spiritual Cinema Circle:                                                                       that I found myself grin-
films that ask who we are and why we                                                                       ning for almost the entire
are here—and films that help us feel                                                                       film. Beyond the sheer fun

better about human beings. It’s that last                his film is opening around most    of watching this extraordinary actor
phrase—feeling better about being                        of the USA in February and was     playing with glee a man pursuing his
human—that made 2005 one of the                          my personal favorite film of       lifelong dream, there is also a powerful,
toughest years ever for me to come up           2005. (It opened for one week in 2005       timely, and uplifting message in the
with five films. I can enthusiastically         to qualify for Academy consideration.)      film.
recommend the five films below but I’m              Talk about feeling good about                As the first wave of the Baby Boom
glad I didn’t have to list even one             being human!                                Generation begins to reach 60 in 2006,
more—I couldn’t have done it! When I                                                        many of us may think that our days of
look at most of the mainstream critics’                                                     pursuing the dreams of our life are
favorites, I just wince at the dark, cyni-                                                  behind us. That it may be time to put
cal view of human nature that most of                                                       those notions aside and just be practical
the films on those lists portray.                                                           about whom and where we are. Indian
     There were some films I really                                                         reminds us, however, that, unlike milk
respected in many ways in 2005 that I                                                       cartons, dreams do NOT have expiration
just couldn’t bring myself to include on                                                    dates. The film encourages us to be
the list. Personally, I was fascinated by                                                   aware that we can manifest our dreams,
Woody Allen’s Match Point and greatly                                                       our goals, and our heart’s desires at any
respected Brokeback Mountain; howev-                                                        time, no matter what the apparent obsta-
er, neither of those films made me feel                                                     cles might be and regardless of our
better about being human. In fact, their                                                    chronological age.
lingering effect was just the opposite. I                                                        I absolutely loved this film and I
also had great fun watching Peter                                                           hope you will find it soon in a theater
Jackson’s dazzling remake of King                                                           near you.
Kong but it reminded me more than ever               Anthony Hopkins stars in this true
about our cruelty to animals in the world       story about a wonderful character from
and . . . it was just SO sad!                   New Zealand named Burt Munro who,
     While I don’t quarrel with anyone’s        in the 1960s, became a local celebrity in
opinion about film, I also find it inap-        his small town by building and racing a

                                                                                                     he Upside Of Anger (now on
propriate to call any
                                                                                                     DVD) jumps into our hearts as a
film or performance
                                                                                                     powerful whirlwind of emotions
“Best”.             Our
                                                                                            and fascinating, provocative questions
responses to films
                                                                                            about family and the elusive emotion of
are so completely
                                                                                            anger with which most of us seem to
subjective that I try
                                                                                            flirt on a daily basis. (If you commute to
to steer clear of
                                                                                            work in a big city, that sentence might
calling           films
                                                                                            better read “hourly basis.”)
“good” or “bad.”
                                                                                                  The story revolves around a woman
We just know what
                                                                                            (Joan Allen) who awakens one morning
we like or don’t like
                                                                                            to find that her husband, with no warn-
and that obviously
                                                                                            ing, has simply gone, never to return.
is a totally personal
                                                                                            With four daughters to raise, she slips—

                                                         The Movie Mystic
                                                                                                          down uncharted paths.
                                                                                                          Admitting one’s failures
                                                                                                          to the world, and, most

                                                      his is one of the
                                                      most underrated
                                                      and under appre-
                                             ciated films of 2005.
                                             (Now on DVD)
                                                  Written and directed
                                             by the incredibly talented
                                             (Jerry Maguire) Cameron
                                             Crowe, Elizabethtown
actually, plunges—into a world of            centers on a young man
anger, bitterness, and the solace of daily   (Orlando Bloom) who
bottles of vodka. Her neighbor (Kevin        makes a colossal mistake
Costner) becomes fascinated with Allen       at his job that causes his
and her daughters and the film, totally      company to lose hun-
based in character and emotions, plays       dreds of millions of dol-
out in the relationships among all of        lars. Despondent, humili-
them.                                        ated, and then dumped by his girlfriend,      importantly, to oneself, is one of the
     Ultimately, the situation facing all    he even contemplates taking his own life               hallmarks of wisdom. Failure
the characters in the film turns out to be
                                                                                                    at a job or relationship does
a moment of grace, one of those times in
                                                                                                    not make us a failure; rather, it
life when, in retrospect, we realize that
                                                                                                    means that we are fulfilling
our lives have been redirected by a pow-
                                                                                                    our mission on the planet.
erful and seemingly invisible universal
                                                                                                    Trying. Learning. Evolving.
force. In her magnificent new book, The
                                                                                                            Elizabethtown was
Unmistakable Touch of Grace, Cheryl
                                                                                                    savaged by most mainstream
Richardson defines these moments:
                                                                                                    critics but I found it to be
     “Every event we experience and
                                                                                                    enchanting, entertaining, fun,
every person we meet has been put in
                                                                                                    loving, whimsical, and totally
our path for a reason. When we awaken
                                                                                                    charming. Add to all that a
to this fundamental truth, we begin to
                                                                                                    wonderful message about
understand that a benevolent force of
                                                                                                    courage and perseverance,
energy is available to guide and direct      until he is called by his mother and sis-     and you have one of my favorite films of
our lives. I call this energy the unmis-     ter and told that his father has died and     2005.
takable touch of grace.”                     that he has to go to a small town in
     The Upside Of Anger is a classic
film in Spiritual Cinema in that it
                                             Kentucky to make the funeral arrange-
                                             ments. On his way, he meets a very            MARCH of the
reminds us of how wonderful films can        quirky flight attendant (the enchanting
be when they trust the intelligence of
their audience.
                                             Kirsten Dunst) who....
                                                  Doesn’t sound like a romantic com-
                                             edy, does it? But it certainly is! The               ome of the strangest things hap-
                                             relationship that blooms (pun intended)              pened when I went to see March
                                             between the two young people is loving,              Of The Penguins. Was I dream-
                                             real, and very touching.                      ing, was it real, or had Rod Serling been
                                                  Even more importantly, the film          resurrected just for me that day to take
                                             contains a powerful and very uplifting        me back into The Twilight Zone?
                                             message for young people about failing             First of all, I noted that the theater
                                             in life. Just as The World’s Fastest          was packed for a Friday afternoon mati-
                                             Indian illustrates that dreams never have     nee—but that the audience DIDN’T
                                             to expire, Elizabethtown shows young          consist mostly of teenagers. In fact, they
                                             people that failure is a part of life, par-   were the smallest audience segment.
                                             ticularly for those who dare to venture       Amazingly enough, it was a very diverse

                                                                                              FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR    39
The Movie Mystic
                                            es, no special effects, and there was no      schools which actually requires the kids
                                            violence against men, women, or chil-         to at least participate in a ballroom danc-
                                            dren. Where there was an indication of        ing program. Those who excel become
                                            violence or sexuality, it was merely sug-     part of the school team that competes in
                                            gested in the most tasteful of ways and       an area-wide competition, leading to the
                                            left entirely to the imagination of every-    ultimate crowning of a championship
                                            one in the audience.                          team. The film follows several teams of
                                                 Imagine that.                            10 year olds as they begin their tentative
                                                 When the film was over, there was        “steps” in dances such as the swing and
group, comprised of families with kids,     generous applause from the audience           the rumba and, most importantly, it illus-
seniors with friends and family, and        and then we all quietly and politely filed    trates how the program itself elevates the
plenty of middle-aged folks like me (I’m    out with smiles on our faces and, for         awareness of the young people to team-
59 and, yes, I know I won’t live to be      many of us, tears of joy in our eyes.         work, etiquette, peer respect, and disci-
118 so, technically, I’m way past mid-           Imagine all that and you have            pline.
dle-aged, but 60 is indeed the new 40 so,   March Of The Penguins.                             The film is also a beautiful and
mentally and emotionally, I’m far less           When Penguins was finished, I left       inspiring portrait of the unsung, under-
than middle-aged—so there!). Literally,     feeling something special for the first       paid, and under-appreciated teachers
the range was from 5 or 6 years old all     time in a long time after leaving a film. I   who every day lead our children into
the way up to 80 or so.                     felt wonderful about being human, con-        their futures. The teachers in Mad Hot
     Imagine that.                          scious, and alive.                            Ballroom seem acutely aware of the pos-
     Next, except for the laughter and           Imagine THAT.                            itive potential of their young students
delightful sighs that naturally emanated                                                          and every frame of the film is a
from responses to the charm and whim-                                                             fitting tribute to those teachers
sy of the film, the theater was quiet for                                                         who care so deeply for and
the entire movie. No cell phones, no                                                              believe so completely in the
people talking to those in nearby seats,                                                          young people whose lives they
just respectful and rapt attention to the                                                         help mold every day.
screen.                                                                                              Mad Hot Ballroom inspires us
     Imagine that.                                                                        to see the beauty and potential of our

                                                    allroom and Penguins are the
                                                    most recent examples of the           humanity. As long as there are people
                                                    evolution of the entertainment        such as teachers who devote their lives
                                            potential of documentaries. Filmmakers        to encouraging and leading our chil-
                                            who before might have focused their           dren.....and as long as there are young
                                            prodigious story-telling talents on fea-      people who strive to be the best that they
                                            ture films are now telling compelling         can be.....we will continue to evolve into
                                            and inspiring stories in documentary          the exalted state of our humanity of
                                            form and we, the audience, are being          which we have always dreamed.
                                            treated to some new and wonderful
                                            visions of who we can be as a humanity
     Next, the film itself was an amaz-     when we operate at our very best.
ing, beautifully written and utterly com-        The story of Ballroom centers on a
pelling story that was gloriously narrat-   program for 5th Graders in New York
ed with style, wit, and panache by
the inestimable Morgan Freeman.
There were no movie stars, and I
had read no tabloid sensationalism                                                                       Stephen Simon
about the actors nor stories about
bloated budgets and egos, and, as                                                          (Stephen Simon produced such films as
far as I could tell anyway, none of                                                        Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come
the actors had undergone face lifts,                                                       and has just directed and produced the film ver-
                                                                                           sion of Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations
liposuction, or measurement                                                                with God. www.Cwgthemovie.com. He also co-
“enhancements”.                                                                            founded The Spiritual Cinema Circle
     Imagine that.                                                                         <http://www.spiritualcinemacircle.com/>
                                                                                           Stephen welcomes your comments by email:
     Next, there were no car crash-                                                        Stephen @spiritualcinemacircle.com)

         GREEN LIVING                                                           natural home and garden
Anna Sova Luxury Organic Linens and Paint                           Plyboo®
                                                                 Bamboo Plywood

         he EPA has cited “Indoor air is three times
                                                                     lyboo® bamboo plywood is

         more polluted than outdoor air, and according
         to the EPA, is considered to be one of the top 5            unique to the sheet goods
hazards to human health. Paint and finishes are among                industry both in its uncon-
the leading causes.” Toxic fabrics, carpeting and tex-      ventional construction and the fact
tiles are some other causes of indoor air pollution.        that it is made from grass. Smith &
      For those who wish to lead their lives without        Fong has been selling bamboo ply-
these toxins, now we have Anna Sova. Sumptuously            wood since 1996 and it has been
elegant wall finishes, sensuous silk bedding and            used in both commercial and resi-
draperies, hand finished bamboo hardware, vibrant           dential environments for fixturing,
hand printed cottons, Italian jacquard sheets, and the      cabinetry and furniture applica-
most luxurious cotton towels you will find anywhere.        tions. Plyboo can be cut and lami-
We are radically different because these luxuries are       nated using conventional equipment
organic, eco-safe, earth and body friendly. For more        and adhesives. For more informa-
information visit www.annasova.com.                         tion all toll free (866) 835-9859, or
                                                            visit www.plyboo.com.

                                                                                                    Organic Paper Lamps

                                                                                                   rtist Lam Quáng’s handmade hanging
                                                                                                   paper lamps are magnificently over-
                                                                                                   grown organic forms: drooping tulips
                                                                                           the size of melons, luminous trumpet vines
                                                                                           growing from the wall. His standing lamps
                                                                                           resemble creatures or giant plants. For the lamps
                                                                                           shown here, Quang uses strong, translucent
                                                                                           paper that he makes from cotton and abaca
                                                                                                          (plant fiber). He will custom
                                                                                                          make one for you, starting from
                                                                                                          $80. Call (503) 493-4367 or visit
                                                                                                          his website: hiihgallery.com.

                       Furnish Your Office
                         Using Natural

                                                                 altix offers a new and fresh approach to the commer-
                                                                 cial furniture marketplace. They offer a closed-loop
                                                                 solution that eliminates the requirement for the har-
                                                       vesting of trees and the need to throw things “away” in land-
                                                       fills at the end of useful life.
                                                             Baltix furniture usues sunflower seed hulls, wheat
                                                       strands, and recycled paper and plastic to make the boards for
                                                       its furniture. Visit www.baltix.com for more information.

                                                                                                     FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR     41
     Awaiting its New Owner
                                                 In 2004, Rhonda established                  One is invited to the front entrance

               ucked away in Newbury,
               Mass., a seaport town bor-   another Healing Center in Vermont,           of the home and greeted by massive old
               dering Newburyport and       where she now resides and continues to       granite steps; walk through the stone
               just a few miles from        heal those that follow the over 30,000       archway and old forged iron gates to
               Plum Island, is a healing    clients who have been transformed by         the cobble-stoned walkway that leads
sanctuary where thousands of people         Lenair’s sacred healing experience. It is    to the granite-framed entrance. This
from around the world have traveled to      here and through Ms.
be healed. Not unlike those who travel      Lenair’s healings that
to the ends of the globe to see healers     they meet their own
like John of God, people were attracted     consciousness and are
to see and be transformed by the heal-      renewed in the purity
ing hands and sacred words of Rhonda        of self(s). (self(s) is
Lenair.                                     the joining of all self
     Her European-style residence,          (all creation) through
replete with a special healing room that    one self.)
overlooks a statue-laden cobblestone             Many      articles
patio, still exudes the powerful energy     have been written
that has allowed so many people to          about Lenair’s mirac-
leave her presence, having their issues     ulous work; none of
resolved. The residence retains the         those articles fails to
power and energy that Rhonda has lov-       mention the beauty, peacefulness, tran-      stone covered property brings fond
ingly poured into reviving the home         quility, and sacred space that comple-       travel memories to most who visit
and property and making it a healing        ments and catalyzes one’s transforma-        there. Depending on the part of the
center of renown; the Sanctuary, as it is   tion. The property now awaits its next       multi-faceted property one views,
lovingly called, is now for sale.           incarnation through its special new          visions of England, Ireland, France,
                                                                    owner(s). The        Portugal or Italy emerge. The soaring
                                                                    Sanctuary has        stone walls on the side of the hidden
                                                                    had      national    property are draped in spring and sum-
                                                                    exposure on The      mer with wisteria and silver lace vines
                                                                    Discovery            and framed by a red bud and flowering
                                                                    Network       and    cherry trees. The various gardens in
                                                                    was mentioned        bloom are reminiscent of Monet’s gar-
                                                                    in many out-         den of Giverney. Lavender, Russian
                                                                    standing publi-      sage, thyme and heather infuse the gar-
                                                                    cations as an        dens with pungent fragrances; unusual
                                                                    integral part of     perennials of monkshood, larkspur and
                                                                    Lenair’s work        bluebells grace the surrounds.
                                                                    and       healing         Amidst the garden is the water
                                                                    practice;     it’s   fountain pool, with Hebe - the Goddess
                                                                    grace frames the     of Healing, Youth and Beauty; one can
                                                                    healings     that    wander over the Corinthian granite
                                                                    took place there.    patio with 12 foot stone fireplace wait-

ing to warm the hands during a cool         active harbor,
winter night or lend up its flames for      quaint Plum
outdoor cooking. The 18-foot stone          Island with its
garden sanctuary, it’s interior ceiling     beautiful
structure modeled after the Trinity         beaches and
Church in Boston, is the centerpiece of     the      Parker
one of the piazza areas. It has its own     R i v e r
special “auric presence” and reverberat-    National
ing sounds if one meditates and chants      Wildlife
within its stone walls; Gothic framed       Refuge, and
openings expose niche views of the dif-     the many bou-
ferent parts of the property.               tiques, shops
     This area, just one of many among      and excellent
the almost 2 acres lush with mature         restaurants,
plantings and majestic oak, chestnut,       make        this
hemlock, pine and flowering cherry          property       a                             tices such as psychotherapists. All
trees, is adjacent to the outdoor covered   desirable get-a-way from big city life.      would find the environment most
dining area just outside the large coun-    It’s a place to relax, rejuvenate and con-   adaptable and soothing for client and
try kitchen. There are additional           template and an environment that             doctor or practitioner alike; writers,
Corinthian granite patios in this area      encourages this state of mind.               artists, musicians, and other creative
with a variety of seating – double sided          The envisioned person, practice, or    expressive artists would also prosper
stone benches, curved benches and a         organization that lovingly would             and flourish here, or perhaps, just a lov-
variety of wrought iron seating. In fact,   acquire the residence next would ideal-      ing soul.
the outdoor seating on this property        ly pay special homage to the property –           The residence is approved for 5
comfortably accommodates over 50            the residence, the land and the spirit       bedrooms and its usage is versatile; it
guests. Clients often would be seen sit-    that resides within. As anyone would         could be divided into a main house and
ting in contemplation                                                                              a lower-level apartment
and peace around the                                                                               (which would make a very
property,      waiting                                                                             comfortable and accessible
their turn to be seen                                                                              in-law home), as it had been
by the renown healer                                                                               in past incarnations. There
and medical intuitive                                                                              are four bathrooms and two
whose work has been                                                                                kitchens. The lower level area
compared to that of                                                                                includes a beveled glass 4-
the          “Sleeping                                                                             season conservatory, bath-
Prophet”         Edgar                                                                             room with shower, kitchen,
Cayce.                                                                                             bedroom, spare room, dining
     Other outdoor                                                                                 room, stone fireplace in the
features of this                                                                                   living room with olive wood
breathtaking proper-                                                                               walls and various stone and
ty – elements that                                                                                 tile flooring. There are calm-
were carefully select-                                                                             ing and serene views from
ed for their quality                                                                               every window on this level.
and integration abili-
ty within the ambience of its perimeter     tell you who has spent anytime at the        The rest of the home and property must
– include a variety of iron and old         property, it is impossible not to be         be seen to be appreciated; for further
wrought iron fencing and gates, varie-      soothed and feel protected, be it in the     information about this unique property,
gated stone walls, walkways and hand-       residence or on the grounds.                 visit www.lenair.com/thesanctuary.
chiseled stone archways. Old goat urns,          The layout of the 3,900 square          There will be special showings in
a spectacular 5-foot iron urn and unique    foot, three level residence adapts to        advance of a ‘sealed bid auction’ of the
planters are found at almost every turn.    many different scenarios. It was, and is     property; please call Bill Barrows at
Set back from the road by 200 feet, the     now set up ideally for a small practice.     Coldwell Banker (800-516-0177) to
property is framed and made private         Ideal for a healer of any background –       arrange a showing, for further informa-
and safe by tall and proud pine vari-       massage therapist, acupuncturist,            tion and a brochure. Additionally, if
eties. The home becomes invisible from      reflexologist, polarity practitioner or      you’re looking for information about
passerby’s, yet is most accessible to and   any bodyworker or group of holistic          Rhonda’s healing practice, visit
from the major Route 95 highway.            practitioners - would find the space         www.lenair.com or call 888-412-8392
     Nearby Newburyport with its            most inviting, as would traditional prac-    and ask for Barry.

                                                                                           FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR    43
                                             A Ghost in
                                               the House
     by Ross Miller

              aily, it seems, we’re          year. I had just arrived at my office when    not only would we be healing and releas-

D             being bombarded by TV
              shows and stories about
              ghosts, haunted houses,
              mediums talking to the
dead, and other strange phenomenon.
Despite the fact that it’s become com-
mon TV fare, most people are still in
                                             I got a call from a woman who was des-
                                             perate to see me. Carrie told me that she
                                             had been having difficulty sleeping for
                                             several weeks. “Every night I wake up
                                             and hear heavy breathing in the room,”
                                             she said. “Could it be your husband?” I
                                             asked. “No, I’m a single mother, and my
                                                                                           ing the ghost from her house, but we’d
                                                                                           also be healing her as well.

                                                                                           I closed my eyes and began to tune into
                                                                                           Carrie’s situation psychically. Almost
                                                                                           immediately, I started to feel the various
                                                                                           spirit guides and angels that typically
denial about anything to do with the         two young children sleep down the hall.       advise me on such matters fluttering
spirit realm.                                That’s not all,” she said, “The TV and        around my head. Images and words
                                             the lights are constantly turning on and      began flooding my brain as they
But ghosts and haunted houses do exist!      off for no reason. I also get weird hang-     explained to me that a ghost named Lisa
In fact they’re more common than you         up calls from Canada, and I don’t know        was living in Carrie’s house. It was
might think. As a psychic medium, past-      anyone in Canada.”                            Lisa, they informed me, who was caus-
life regression therapist, and healer, I                                                   ing the loud breathing sounds at night as
regularly get phone calls or emails ask-      “Are there any other strange things          well as all the mischievous, weird hap-
ing me if I can get rid of ghosts; and I’m   going on in your house?” I asked her.         penings with the TV, the lights, and the
sure I’m not the only psychic medium                                                       phone. My spirit guides and angels went
out there receiving these types of           “Well, whenever my dog and cat come           on to tell me that Lisa had died in the
requests.                                    inside the house they become very tense       house 80 years earlier of consumption.
                                             and cautious, and the only time they’ll       Lisa was 37 years old at the time and
The good news is that the average run-       stay downstairs is to eat. As soon as         didn’t want to leave her beloved home.
of-the-mill ghost is generally harmless.     they’re done, they immediately run back
They don’t throw people out of third-        upstairs as if they’re afraid of something.   Unlike Lisa the ghost, when most of us
story windows or try to bludgeon them        Occasionally, I’ve also noticed one or        die, our soul, which looks like a little
with a meat cleaver while sleeping, as       two freezing cold spots inside the house,     ball of light, leaves our physical body
Hollywood would like us to believe.          and if I happen to walk through one of        and briefly enters the astral plane which
The other good news is that ghosts can       these areas, I get a really weird feeling     is a spiritual way station. While in the
be healed and removed from any loca-         all over my body.                             astral plane, a person’s soul might float
tion quite easily. Even better, because                                                    around its former earthly body for
there are no time or space limitations in    “Hmm,” I said, “It sounds like it could       awhile, or it might check in on certain
the spiritual realm, a knowledgeable         be a ghost.”                                  relatives in order to say good-bye, until
psychic healer can rid a home of a ghost                                                   it finally realizes that it’s dead. Usually,
by either visiting the location or through   Three days later Carrie arrived at my         at that point the soul feels itself being
long-distance healing from their office      office; her eyes looked sallow and tired      drawn up into the White Light—God’s
or by phone.                                 from not having slept. As Carrie sat          loving, healing energy.
                                             comfortably in a chair facing me, I
One particularly interesting haunting        briefly described what we’d be doing          A ghost, as it turns out, is nothing more
was brought to my attention earlier this     during the next hour. I explained that        than a soul who, for one reason or anoth-

                                                                    rent-life traumas,      needs to realize that time is very differ-
                                                                    as well as releas-      ent on the astral plane. One hundred
                                                                    ing her from her        years in earth time seems like only a few
                                                                    attachment to her       months on the astral plane. Since many
                                                                    earthly home, we        ghosts stay attached to a home or a
                                                                    asked her spirit        building for several hundred years, like
                                                                    guides and angels,      Lisa, they’re periodically forced to deal
                                                                    as well as her          with new families moving into “their”
                                                                    deceased     loved      home. Worse yet, they have to put up
                                                                    ones, to surround       with the newcomers’ annoying habits
                                                                    her with their love     and taste in décor. It’s no wonder that
                                                                    and guide her into      the inhabiting ghosts sometimes get
                                                                    the White Light.        upset and “haunt” us.

                                                                   Within seconds of        However, no matter whether these
                                                                   completing     the       ghosts are the harmless, quiet type or the
                                                                   healing, we both         mischievous, boisterous type, the impor-
                                                                   sensed that Lisa         tant thing to realize is that they can all be
                                                                   had successfully         healed and sent into the White Light
                                                                   gone into the            with the help of a little good old-fash-
                                                                   White Light. My          ioned loving, healing energy. But, then
                                                                   guides verified it       again, can’t we all?
                                                                   verbally,      and
                                                                   Carrie experienced                          *****
                                                                   a sense of glowing
                                                                   lightness when she       Ross Miller is a professional psychic, medi-
er, remains on the astral plane, instead of   pictured her home in her mind.                um, past-life regression therapist, and healer.
going into the White Light as it should.                                                    He has been advising and healing people
Based on my personal experience inter-        Additional verification came two days         worldwide for over 25 years. Ross offers
                                                                                            private sessions as well as workshops in psy-
acting with the spirit realm, the primary     later when Carrie called to tell me that
                                                                                            chic development, dream interpretation, spir-
reason ghosts remain on the astral plane      when she got home, her dog and cat both       itual healing, and angel communication. His
is because they don’t realize they’re         ate downstairs and then stayed down-          practice is in Newton, MA. For more infor-
dead.                                         stairs, which they had never done before.     mation or to schedule an appointment (either
                                              She also mentioned that the loud breath-      by telephone or in person) call Ross at 617-
This is exactly what happened with Lisa       ing had stopped and that she was finally      527-3583       or    visit    his     website:
the ghost, who was haunting Carrie’s          able to sleep through the night.              www.TheMysticWay.com.
home. She was so fixated on not want-
ing to leave that she obsessively ignored     The reason so many ghosts like Lisa
the positive pull of the White Light and      exist is because many of us don’t believe
stayed stuck in this astral or limbo state    in life after death. When the soul sepa-
while floating up and down the stair-         rates from the body, it seems to many of
wells, through the bedrooms and the           these souls that they’re still alive. After
main parlor of her beautiful Victorian        all, they can still see and hear the people
home.                                         around them! However, when they try to
                                              communicate with the living, and we
So what to do? After calling in all of        don’t respond, these same souls often
Carrie’s spirit guides and angels as well     become very confused, frustrated, and
as my own, I led Carrie through a quick       lonely. Since people aren’t taught that
meditation in which our angels and            they should go into the White Light
guides cleansed and healed Carrie’s           when they die in order to be cleansed
body, her aura (the spiritual light sur-      and healed, they will often mistakenly
rounding her body), and her chakras           focus their attention on their former
(energy centers), with golden light. We       earthly possessions, and their friends
then asked our spirit guides and angels       and relatives who are still alive. This,
to transmit celestial healing light           unfortunately, causes them to remain on
through our bodies and out our hands to       the astral plane.
Lisa the ghost. After healing Lisa’s soul
of all of its negativity from past and cur-   To understand this ghostly realm one

                                                                                                FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006    EARTH STAR      45

     events workshops
                                                                                                               Top Photo
     festivals classes                                                                        2/18: Carnaval Brasileiro comes to
                                                                                              Boston! 9:00pm, Sat., Feb. 18, at The
                                                                                              Castle at Park Plaza, Tickets $44, $49 at
                                                                                              the door. Ticketweb (800) 965-4827.

        FEBRUARY                              for a powerful weekend of Ba-Gua Chi Kung
                                              & Palm Changes. Call: (978) 371-1410 x3 or
                                                                                                 to develop your inner vision to see auras
                                                                                                 around people, animals and plants anytime
                                              visit www.bostonhealingtao.com.                    you wish. The process is surprisingly easy!
2/11: EOL Intuitive Enhancement (5) -
                                                                                                 $125 tuition includes practice tape, manual
Practice Discernment to Achieve Universal
                                              3/4: Experience your Past Lives with John          and your Kirlian photograph. Visa/MC. Call
Consciousness & Activate the Sacred Heart.
                                              Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray, Ph.D.,               (603) 899-3288 or visit: www.reiki.mv.com.
Fifth class in series; prerequisite: EOL
                                              Rindge, NH. The same popular seminar John
Workshops 1-4. Presented by EOL Founders
                                              gave for years at the Maine Healing Arts           3/11: Silent Meditation: Saturday, March
Sue and Aaron Singleton. 9.6 Contact Hours.
                                              Festival and Interface. Three regressions are      11, 9:30am to 1:30pm, Scandinavian Living
Details: Visit www.TheWayToBalance.com;
                                              provided. Your subcon-
(978( 834-0341.
                                              scious selects the dates
                                              and places and protects
2/18-2/19: Reiki I Certification with John
                                              you from bringing back
Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray, Ph.D.,
                                              any uncomfortable emo-
Rindge, NH. Awaken your healing skills
                                              tions. $75.Visa/MC. Call
studying with the longest-practicing Reiki
                                              (603) 899-3288 or visit:
Master in the West. Two days of learning,
hands-on practice and no cut corners certi-
fies you immediately to work on yourself,
                                              3/5: Learn to See Auras
others and pets. 16.0 CEUs Visa/MC. Call
                                              with Lourdes Gray,
(603) 899-3288, www.reiki.mv.com.
                                              Ph.D., CCHT, Rindge,
                                              NH. Auras contain infor-
            MARCH                             mation about physical,
                                              mental and emotional        2/10-2/11: Flamenco guitar virtuoso Juanito
3/3-3/5: Boston Healing Tao is hosting        states. We will show you    Pascual presents two evenings of music and dance at
Master Wei Lun Huang on March 3rd - 5th       what to look for, and how   the MFA on March 10th and 11th.

                                                                                                        Earth Star Calendar
Center, 206 Waltham St., W. Newton. Come         3/18-3/19: Reiki I Certification with John       Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook,
for a morning of silent meditation. Two med-     Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray, Ph.D.,             pin, certificate awarded. Visa/MC accepted.
itation sessions will be preceded by video       Rindge,NH. Awaken your healing skills            CEU's. Call 1-888-REIKI-4-U or (603) 654-
instructions and followed by a light vegetar-    studying with the longest-practicing Reiki       2787. Reiki II: 5/21.
ian lunch. No experience necessary. Free.        Master in the West. Two days of learning,
This is a Science of Spirituality program. For   hands-on practice and no cut corners certi-
more information (after February 12):            fies you immediately to work on yourself,
www.newengsos.org; newenginfo@sos.org;           others and pets. 16.0 CEUs Visa/MC. (603)
(781) 444-9013.                                  899-3288 www.reiki.mv.com.

3/11: Reiki Certification. Wilton, NH.           3/25: Psychic Development, Past Lives, &
Libby Barnett, MSW. 26 years experience.         Angel Workshop with Ross Miller, psychic
Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook,       medium, regression therapist, healer. In this
pin, certificate awarded. Visa/MC accepted.      unique, experiential workshop you’ll learn
CEU's. Call 1-888-REIKI-4-U or (603) 654-        how to identify your guardian angels and
2787. Reiki II: 3/12.                            spirit guides by name and receive guidance
                                                 from them; feel your aura and give aura heal-
3/11: EOL Intuitive Enhancement (6) –            ings; rediscover your past lives; give psychic
Heighten Discernment to Increase Intuitive       readings to others and more. Saturday,
Accuracy and Release Emotional Charges.          10:00am-5:00pm, Newton, MA. To register
Sixth class in series; prerequisite: EOL         for the workshop or to schedule a psychic or
Workshops 1-5. Presented by EOL Founders         past-life reading in person or over the phone
Sue and Aaron Singleton. Early-Pay dis-          with Ross Miller. (617) 527-3583 or visit
count before February 24; 9.6 Contact            www.TheMysticWay.com.
Hours. Details: (978) 834-0341. Visit
www.TheWayToBalance.com.                         3/25-3/26: EOL Emotional Release
                                                 Acupressure Workshop, Level I, Module
                                                 2. Laypersons as well as experienced practi-
                                                 tioners will learn highly-effective point
                                                 sequences to increase cellular resonance and
                                                 release emotions and emotional patterns.
                                                 Discover and practice head, neck, arm and           3/30:     An    Evening      with
                                                 shoulder releases, explore dialoguing with          Malidoma Somé Honoring The
                                                 the body to achieve Emotional Release, and          Healing Wisdom of Africa,
                                                 more! Presented by EOL Founders Sue and             Thursday, March 30, 2006,
                                                 Aaron Singleton. EarlyPay discount avail-           7:00pm, $12. 115 Greenough
                                                 able before March 10. Details: Visit                Street, Brookline MA. For Tickets
                                                 www.TheWayToBalance.com; 978 834-                   call (617) 730-2700, or on-line at
                                                 0341.                                               www.brooklineadulted.org/.

                                                                                                  Upcoming workshops at the Charles River
                                                         UPCOMING                                 School of Shiatsu: 2/17, Tuina: Infertility
                                                                                                  and Menopause with Bill Helm. 2/26,
                                                                                                  Psychosomatic Shen Disturbances with
                                                 4/22-4/23: Reiki I Certification with John       Kiiko Matsumoto. CEU’s available. Contact:
                                                 Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray, Ph.D.,             Charles River School of Shiatsu, (617) 868-
  3/24-3/26: martial arts master                 Rindge,NH. Awaken your healing skills            4585 or email:
  B.K. Frantzis will be teaching a               studying with the longest-practicing Reiki       info@CharlesRiverShiatsu.com.
  weekend seminar, The Art of                    Master in the West. Two days of learning,
  Breathing While Moving, March 24-              hands-on practice and no cut corners certi-
  26, at Brookline Tai Chi, 1615                 fies you immediately to work on yourself,
  Beacon Street, Brookline MA. For               others and pets. 16.0 CEUs Visa/MC. (603)                  ONGOING
  more information or to register call           899-3288 www.reiki.mv.com.
  (617) 277-2975 or visit their website:                                                          Inner Circle, a 9-month group process for
                                                 5/13: Reiki Certification, Wilton, NH.           personal development. Meets every other
                                                 Libby Barnett, MSW. 26 years experience.         Wednesday in Watertown. Contact The Inner
                                                 Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook,       Arts Institute at (617) 926-1301 or visit
3/18: Reiki Certification. Watertown, MA.        pin, certificate awarded. Visa/MC accepted.      www.innerartsinstitue.com.
Libby Barnett, MSW. 26 years experience..        CEU's. Call 1-888-REIKI-4-U or (603) 654-
Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook,       2787. Reiki II: 5/14.                            Shamanic Drumming Circle, founded
pin, certificate awarded. Visa/MC accepted.                                                       1993. Usually Second and Fourth Fridays of
CEU's. Call 1-888-REIKI-4-U or (603) 654-        5/20: Reiki Certification, Watertown, MA.        every month, 7:00pm. Quaker meeting-
2787. Reiki II: 3/19.                            Libby Barnett, MSW. 26 years experience.         house, Cambridge. Open to all, but please call

                                                                                                     FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006    EARTH STAR      47
Earth Star Calendar
                                                                   Vision Quests & Soul           Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
                                                                   Retreats in beautiful
                                                                   southern Vermont for               Degas to Picasso:
                                                                   people in transition, seek-         Modern Masters
                                                                   ing renewal, healing,             January 18 – July 23, 2006
                                                                   direction.        Through         Torf Gallery, Lower Rotunda,
                                                                   Council,             ritual,                Trustman
                                                                   Purification Lodge, and
                                                                   solos connect with soul,       This exhibition will survey the MFA’s
                                                                   others, nature, and spirit.    collection of European painting, sculp-
                                                                   (802)           896-6271;      ture, and graphic arts from 1900
                                                                   www@schoolofnatural-           through the 1960’s. Beginning with the
                                                                   wonder.org.                    late works of the Impressionists
                                                                                                  (Degas, Monet, Cézanne) and post-
                                                                  Drumming Circle with            Impressionists (Gauguin, Redon,
                                                                  Kristine Malpica (of            Rodin, Maillol) the exhibition will
 Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy is a highlight of the
                                                                                                  explore clusters of works by major fig-
 exhibition “David Hockney Portraits” on view in Imagine Studios) on third
                                                                  Friday of each month.           ures in 20th-century Europe. German
 the Gund Gallery from Feb 28–May 14, 2006.
                                                                  7:00pm-8:30pm. Center           and Austrian Expressionism will be
first for full details and directions. Terrence for Spiritual Development, 15 Kenoza Ave,         shown in paintings, prints, and sculp-
(978) 952-2704 or Emily (781) 641-3980.         Haverhill, MA. (978) 372-5173.                    ture by Kokoschka, Kirchner, Nolde,
                                                                                                  Beckmann,       Kollwitz,   and    their
Buddhist Meditation Group with Peg               Interested In Whole Health continuing            Norwegian mentor Munch. The School
Travers, Ordained Priest, Buddha Heart USA,      education or Career Training? Attend a           of Paris will be represented with great
Sunday evenings, Haverhill, MA, 5:00pm-          free introductory Whole Health education         paintings, graphics, and bronze sculp-
6:00pm. Learn and practice the ancient arts of   class at the New England School of Whole         ture by Matisse, as well as lesser-
meditation, chanting, QiGong, Buddhist Yoga      Health Education. NESWHE offers CEUs             known figures such as Berman,
& Reiki. Call the Center for Spiritual           and on-going continuing education certifi-       Despiau, and Zadkine. Surrealism will
Development, Haverhill MA, (978) 372-5173        cate programs for medical professionals as       be explored through the works of Miró,
or online @www.uuhaverhill.org/happenings.       well are our unique Whole Health focused         his friend Calder, and the Belgians
Workshops for Pain Management and                Career Trainings in Medical Assisting, and       Magritte and Delvaux. A major group of
Improved Wellness. Offerings for                 Life-Work Coaching. Classes are conducted        works by Picasso in virtually every
Bodyworkers, athletes, Personal Trainers,        on Saturdays, in Boston, at the New England      medium will be presented, ranging from
Coaches and general pain-sufferers. Check        Medical Center, Stearns Auditorium. For          early drawings and prints to paintings
website: web.maynard.ma.us/biz/bmassage,         audit availability and further information       and graphics from the last decade of his
or call Barry Bailey at (978) 897-0110 for       about Whole Health career trainings, visit us    career.
information and brochure of current offerings.   at www.wholehealtheducation.org, or call
                                                 toll free 1-888-354-HEAL (4325).
Support group for Caregivers and Family
Members who have loved ones dealing with a       Advanced Training And Supervision
Mental Illness. First Thursday of the month      Group, for those who have a basic under-
7:00pm-8:30pm. Center for Spiritual              standing of breath work or another body ori-
Development, Haverhill, MA. See website:         ented therapeutic approach. Meets every
www.uuhaverhill.org/ happenings.                 other Friday from 11:00am-1:00pm. in
                                                 Watertown. Contact The Inner Arts Institute
                                                           at (617) 926-1301 or visit

                                                            Ongoing Classes in Shamballa
                                                            Multidimensional Healing and
                                                            Healing Art offered at the Natick
                                                            Community Organic Farm, by
                                                            Joyce Cerutti. SMH may be
                                                            thought of as an expansion of the
                                                            energies we know as Reiki. No
                                                            prior attunements necessary.
                                                            Healing Art classes offered for
  Legendary art curator Henry Geldzahler,                 both individuals and families, com-
  seated    in   Henry    Geldzahler   and                bining energy healing and art heal-
  Christopher Scott (1969) by David                       ing for greater benefit. Call for
  Hockney, is featured in Who Gets to Call                dates, times, and further informa-
  It Art? On view in the Gund Gallery from                tion. Intuitive healing paintings
  Feb 28–May 14.                                          also available. (508) 380-8273.

              You Can
                 in a
              of Time

 by Marilou and Jerry Seavey

                     hen asked, “What          Programing stands for what is believed        changing behaviors and for achieving

W                    would you like to
                     have or to change in
                     your life right now?”
                     The personal trainer
wanted to give up coffee and sugar... the
massage therapist wanted to recognize
the love that was present in her life and
                                               to be the basic process used by all human
                                               beings to create, transfer, guide and
                                               modify any behavior. That is, behavior is
                                               programmed by a precise, specific
                                               sequencing of our inner pictures, sounds,
                                               feelings, smells and tastes — whether
                                               that behavior involves making a deci-
                                                                                             positive results in any area of your life.
                                                                                                  This is possible because most of our
                                                                                             experience, our emotions and positive
                                                                                             skills as well as limitations, are a direct
                                                                                             result of our mental processes—our
                                                                                             thinking. A good example of a limitation
                                                                                             based on thoughts is a person who says
put an end to her painful jealousy... the      sion, throwing a football, smiling at a       that they are afraid of flying. But what
nurse wanted take better care of herself       member of the opposite sex, feeling           they are saying is not actually true
and to lose weight... the student wanted       prosperous, relaxing, learning anything       because in the middle of a flight nobody
more effective ways to recall what she         or just thinking. NLP has been called a       ever says, “I hope this plane stops flying,
was studying... the healer wanted to           technology because it provides unique         right now.” Their fear is not that the
resolve inner-conflicts... the sales person    tools for helping people to achieve high-     plane is flying, their real fear is that the
wanted to be confident, motivated and          er levels of personal effectiveness and       plane may stop flying... before they get
get over his fear of rejection... the parent   self-mastery, not only in critical areas of   to the airport! And they mentally
wanted to be better able to have a posi-       self awareness and personal relations but     rehearse that worst-case scenario over
tive influence on his children... and the      in important competency areas such as         and over. Our fears come from the men-
psychologist wanted to feel her life was       achievement orientation, thinking styles      tal images that we continuously run in
more purposeful. Each wanted to have           and self-management.                          our mind and the meaning that we put on
useful and positive change in their life.           Today it is well accepted that suc-      our experience—even if that meaning is
     Change is the key word. For the past      cess, satisfaction and fulfillment in life,   often inaccurate.
25 years NLP has been teaching people          personally and professionally, can be self         For example in the situation of fly-
how to change—quickly and painlessly.          directed and self-influenced and the          ing; after the plane lifts off the runway
Since a lot of other organizations and         skills to achieve this can be learned. And,   there may be a noise, a little thump as the
disciplines make the same promise, how         when it comes to the field of personal        wheels fold up into the under-carriage of
is NLP any different? The difference is        and interpersonal skill development,          the airplane. If a person thinks, “What
in the effectiveness and elegance of the       NLP offers powerful yet simple and            was that sound? Something is wrong!”
techniques taught by NLP.                      practical step-by-step methods for            and they create horrible pictures in their
     The     name       Neuro-Linguistic-      expanding choice in what you can do, for      mind causing their body to activate the
                                                                                                                       Continued on page 66

                                                                                                 FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006    EARTH STAR      49
                          If All Your Memories Completely Disappeared
                                      … Who Would You Be?
                      New Documentary Feature Film Explores Identity By Telling
                               Provocative, True Story of Doug Bruce

                                                                                             “ If you encode [experiences],
                                                                                             and then remember them in a
                                                                                             specific way … then create
                                                                                             this personal history which is
                                                                                             a bazaar of myths, of truths, of
                                                                                             embellishments … a hodge-
                                                                                             podge of distortions. If that
                                                                                             makes up who we are, then
                                                                                             who are we, really? … Do you
                                                                                             know?” —Doug Bruce

              or thousands of years, seek-   sented at the moment by Eckhart Tolle,      for identity, one New Yorker had his feet

F             ers have pursued the admo-
              nition, “Know thyself,” as
              the ultimate path to Self-
              realization or enlighten-
ment. Thought originally to be inscribed
on the Sun god Apollo’s Oracle of
Delphi temple in ancient Greece, this
                                             whose The Power of Now has sold mil-
                                             lions of copies in many languages world-
                                             wide. Tolle is just the most broadly rec-
                                             ognized modern embodiment of the path
                                             advanced powerfully by Ramana
                                             Maharshi from the early 1900’s until his
                                             death in1950. Maharshi was considered
                                                                                         held firmly to the flames. Sometime
                                                                                         between 8pm on July 1st and 7am on
                                                                                         July 3rd, 2003, Doug Bruce lost himself.
                                                                                         That morning, riding alone on a New
                                                                                         York subway headed towards Coney
                                                                                         Island, he could not remember his name,
                                                                                         where he worked, who his friends were,
primal notion of self-inquiry—seeking        by many to be the greatest saint of the     how much money he had in his bank
the answer to the question, “Who am          20th Century.                               account. He was without his identity.
I?”—is always current, always contem-             Now, bringing the quest as current          Two MRIs, two CAT scans, 26
porary. Today’s most significant expres-     as the news on television ….                blood tests and an army of psychiatrists
sion of this age-old force is the constant                                               could not properly diagnose what turned
popularity of spiritual and personal         In a stunning, but unintended, modern-      out to be the rarest and most startling
development books, most notably repre-       day expression of this perennial search     form of memory loss: retrograde amne-
                                                                                                               Continued on page 67

directory      New England’s Premier
            Professional Resource Guide

                    Astrological Consulting ....................52

                    Bookstores & Awareness Centers ...52

                    Centers ...............................................53

                    Classes ...............................................53

                    Healing & Bodywork .........................54

                    Health Resorts ...................................57

                    Herbs ..................................................58

                    Holistic Health ...................................58

                    Human PotentiaL ...............................58

                    Medical Health Care Services ..........58

                    Metaphysics .......................................59

                    Professional Services .......................59

                    Psychics .............................................59

                    Psychology & Transformation .........60

                    Readings ............................................61

                    Schools & Institutes ..........................61

                    Yoga ....................................................62

                          Profiles of businesses,
                          centers and individuals
                          that offer holistic services
                          that nurture and support
                          the body, mind and soul.

                            FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006       EARTH STAR         51
                                                 ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTING
                    “Eric Linter is one of the best astrologers on the East Coast!”
                                                                                    excerpt from the best selling book, 1001 Ways to Be Romantic
                                    Eric’s readings give you the infor-          finances, family, health, and spiritual growth.   person, by telephone, or on audio cas-
                                mation you need to meet the chal-                    Eric has been an astrological counselor       sette. Eric also offers classes, lec-
                                lenges of today and tomorrow.                    to individuals, couples and businesses for        tures and readings at social gatherings
                                Experience first hand what thousands of          over twenty-five years. His specialties           and special events. For more information
                                satisfied clients have called “extraordinary,”   include relationship dynamics, timing career      or to schedule an appointment, please
            ERIC                better than my therapist,” and “a profound       moves and enhancing personal creativity.          call:
          LINTER                and enlightening experience.” His insight        He has appeared on WCVB TV’s Chronicle
                                                                                                                                              (617) 524-5275.
                                and guidance will help you choose the right      and been quoted in the Boston Globe and
     ASTROLOGER                 direction for your relationships, career and     Newton Tab. Consultations are available in        email EricLinter@aol.com

                  Astrology and Esoteric Psychology — Monique Pommier
                                                                                                                                   My background includes an MS and
                        Twelvefold science of the twelvefold soul,     sonal, relational and spiritual challenges, and       PhD in Esoteric Psychology and Philosophy.
                   Astrology illuminates the unique land-              offer insights and methods that elicit transfor-      Jungian psychology, Eastern and Western tra-
                   scape of a psyche – inner characters and            mative perspectives and facilitate self-actuali-      ditions have been key foundations in my
                   dynamics, gifts and directions – and charts         sation.                                               eighteen years of consulting and teaching.
                   the course of a life, timing new developments             By accessing the deeper order of your                 To inquire about services, classes, or
                   and uncovering their purposes.                      life you gain the freedom to appreciate its           publications, please call:
                        As an esoteric astrologer and counselor, I     complexities and the power to participate in
                   focus on the evolutionary meaning of per-           your evolution.                                                  (617) 524-7072

                                       BOOKSTORES & AWARENESS CENTERS

                                                      Yo-Be Inspiration Shop
                                Come find clothes,                           to inspire you to live your                     Located in the Trolley Square
                                books, music, incense,                       best life. Massage, yoga                        shopping center (around the
                                aura soma, crystals,                         and other healing treat-                        back inside the Bikram Yoga
                                unique gifts from local                      ments also available.                           Studio) at 855 Worcester Rd
                                artists and great com-                       Great Sale with some                            Framingham. Visit: Yo-Be.com
                                panies around the world                      items up to 50% off!                            or call 508-820-9642 for

                                Browse with a cup of tea or play with your kids in our children’s                                  NEW LOCATION!
                                nook, listen to music demos, have a Tarot, Astrology or Reiki
                                session, take a class to enrich your whole life, celebrate the                    1971 Massachusetts Avenue
                                Pagan Wheel of the Year holidays...
                                You may even rent our meeting space for your own event!
                                                                                                                    Cambridge, MA 02140
                                We are here, as we have been for over 25 years, to support you in                         www.unicornbooks.org
                                your quest for spirit, purpose, healing, community...                                 e-mail unicornbooks@juno.com
                                                BOOKS • GIFTS • CLASSES • COUNSELING
                                                   • AUTHOR AND PERFORMER EVENTS
                                                • SPIRITUAL AND MAGICAL EXPLORATION                                  MON-FRI 10-7 • SAT 10-6 • SUN 12-5
     (617) 876-4448                  • Crystals • Jewelry • Statuary • Altar & Magical Supplies                            • 2 minutes from Porter Square T

                  BOOKSTORES & AWARENESS CENTERS continued
                                                   reversible floor-length capes in velvet       Yin; Fabulous fountains & fantasy statu-
        Enchantments                               and satin; Dirks, knives & swords; Crystal    ary of all kinds; angels & fairies, puppets
        10 Boothbay House Hill                     balls and bowls; Scrying mirrors & wic-       & dolls, dragons, frogs, & gargoyles;
        Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538                  can supplies; Magic wands; Magic spells;      Meyda Tiffany lamps; Hundreds of
                                                   Harry Potter; Candles, candles & more         chimes; Cards & calendars; Crystals, jew-
        207-633-4992                               candles. Eastern incense & Native             elry, gems & minerals; Massage & essen-
        Largest New Age Store in New England!      American sage, cedar & juniper; Drums         tial oils; Henna; Body jewelry; Tapes &
        We’ve knocked through a wall and dou-      & rainsticks; Large variety of pipes &        CDs; Psychic readings. Don’t miss our
        bled our space! New coffee, tea and        Grateful Dead memorabilia; Extensive          second store “Enchantment Too” right
        dessert bar with eye-of-newt scones.       New Age/metaphysical book section;            across the street!!!
        enlarged clothing section featuring        300+ tarot decks; runes; Egyptian              Open daily . . . call for hours!
        Geetah & Sacred Threads; Celtic &          canopic jars & statuary; Eastern religious                Visit our website:
        Renaissance-style clothing, including      items & statuary–Buddha, Ganesh, Quan             www.enchantments.bz

                                                                           Kriya Yoga is a complete holistic health management system
Institute For Personal Development, Inc.
          A Kriya Yoga Ashram                                                   Classes, Courses, and Personal Training
652 Lafayette Rd. - Hampton, NH 03842-3348
                                                                                Private Residential Retreat & Personalized Programs
1-603-929-0303        contact@ipdtransform.com
IPD Web Site - http://www.ipdtransform.com                                      Weekends and longer plans available as low as $44 a night

Call toll free 1-888-545-8597 ask for:                                          Call for Prices on your personal program
Kenneth Toy (Swami Jayananda)                                                            Uniting Science with Religion

              The Center for Spiritual Development                                                    Programs are held at
                                                                                                the Church at Monument Square
              Building a better world by accepting one another and
                                                                                                       15 Kenoza Avenue
              encouraging spiritual growth...
                                                                                                      Haverhill, MA 01830
             We offer Meditation Groups, Yoga, Reiki, Support Groups, Women’s Spirituality,
             Book Discussions, Drumming Circles, Stephen Simon’s Spiritual Cinema,                      978-372-5173
             Parenting Classes, Holiday Support Workshops, and much, much more!                  website: www.uuhaverhill.org
             Visit us online at: www.uuhaverhill.org/happenings for a full list of programs
                                                                                                    a Welcoming Unitarian
             and see the Celendar in this issue for current & ongoing events.                      Universalist Organization

                     New Age Gift Shop                     Reiki Training, Readings,               118 Washington St. (Rt. 138)
                      Books & Music                            Aura Imaging                         North Easton, MA 02356
                     Crystals & Jewlery                     Holistic Healing Center
                     Incense & Candles                     Usui & Karuna Reki                         508-230-3680
                    Aromatherapy & Tools                  Hypnotherapy & EMDR                   Web http://members.aol.com/womenwis
                       Gift Certificates                   Channeling, Reflexology                       Hrs: M-F 10-8pm,
                         Learning Center                     Massage, Polarity                          Sat 10-5pm, Sun 12-5pm
                   Workshops, Yoga Classes,

             YOGAspirit® Studios is a 200/500        programs of the National Yoga                  Kim Valeri, RYT, Founder and
             hour Teacher Training Certification     Alliance (YA) for qualification as a       Director of YOGAspirit®, certifying and
             school dedicated to the training        Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).                 mentoring teachers since 1999.
             and support of yoga teachers and           Training centers are located in
             their students, providing National      Connecticut,        Massachusetts             YOGAspirit® Studios
             standards and recognition for           (Boston and N. Shore), Maine and           P.O. Box 2337, S. Hamilton, MA 01982
             yoga professionals. Both 200 and        New Hampshire. Retreat Format
             500 hour trainings are registered       trainings also offered.                           Tel: (978) 927-0099

                                                                                              FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006     EARTH STAR        53
                                                                            CLASSES continued

                                                          “Reiki speaks to our heart and deepens our connection to self and others.”
                                        Libby is a gifted, knowledgeable Reiki            Southern New Hampshire, New York                    “My commitment to teach the Usui System
                                        Master with 26 years experience. She is           Foundling, and New York Columbia                    of Reiki Healing in the authentic, tradi-
     ©                                  coauthor of Reiki Energy Medicine,                Presbyterian. Libby was featured in a Reiki         tional manner inspired me to visit Japan
                                        Bringing Healing Touch into Home,                 segment for the PBS nationally televised            to retrace the roots of Reiki. I am dedicat-
                                        Hospital, and Hospice - over 55,000 copies        series, Body and Soul. For the past seven           ed to teaching this sacred healing art to
                                        sold in seven languages.                          years, Libby has conducted Reiki classes at         promote health and conscious living on the
                                                                                          the University of Maryland School of                planet. I invite you to give yourself the gift
                                        Use Reiki to create more joy and ease in          Social Work and at Kripalu Center for               of Reiki. It is an easy, effective way to love,
                                        your life. Let Libby’s warm, heart-cen-           Yoga and Health. One of Libby’s current             heal, and empower yourself. I look forward
                                        tered approach help you to take your next         passions is teaching hospice staff and vol-         to meeting you and sharing Reiki.”
                                        step toward self-love and inner peace.            unteers. Fueled by Reiki energy, their heal-                 Watertown, MA Classes
                                        Reiki brings balance and harmony, sup-            ing touch is enhanced, affording greater
                                        porting you doing the work you were                                                                              March 18 or May 20
                                                                                          effectiveness in calming agitation, soothing
                                        born to do. Reiki facilitates transitions,        pain and providing comfort.                                    Wilton, NH Classes
                                        promotes creativity and wisdom, and                                                                       March 11 or May 13 or June 10
                                        accelerates spiritual growth, helping you         In class, a powerful slide presentation cap-
                                        manifest your magnificance.                       tures the essence of Reiki. You hear the            To register, call the Reiki Healing
                                                                                          Reiki story, receive attunements and prac-          Connection: 1-888-REIKI-4-U
Libby Barnett, MSW                      Libby has taught medical and nursing              tice giving and receiving Reiki. You leave          (1-888-734-5448) or (603) 654-2787.
         Reiki Master                   students at Harvard, Brown, Tufts, and            class with an illustrated notebook, certifi-        Visa/MC accepted. Social Work and
                                        Yale as well as staff at Massachusetts            cate, and pin, fully trained and certified to       Nursing CEU’s available. Reiki Master
                                        General, Beth Israel, Mt Auburn,                  do Reiki on yourself, family, friends, and          Training information avaliable on request.
 “Love is the healer and                Emerson,        Dartmouth-Hitchcock,              pets.
     Reiki is love.”
                                          Reiki Healing Connection • phone (603) 654-2787 • fax (603) 654-2771 • email reiki@reikienergy.com • www.reikienergy.com

                                                                HEALING & BODYWORK
                        Betty Solbjor has been practicing and                            Classes for all levels of Reiki, as well as         Treatments and classes are available at
                        teaching Reiki since 1996, and in 2002                           Karuna Reiki® are also offered.                     my office in Waltham or at your location
                        became a Karuna Reiki® Master and a Bach                                                                             (mileage charge may apply). Call or e-
                        Foundation Registered Practitioner. She has                      Treatments: $60/one-hour session                    mail to schedule an appointment or
                        extensive experience using Reiki on both                               (longer duration sessions available)          inquire about classes.
                        people and animals to gently treat many ill-
                        nesses and emotional problems. A Reiki                                                                                (781) 258-7712 Waltham, MA
                        session brings about a deep sense of relax-                      Classes (private or group):                           email: betty@reikiflowers.com
Betty L. Solbjor, BFRP ation and inner peace. This, combined with                        • Reiki I: $150                                        web: www.reikiflowers.com
    Usui Reiki Master   Ms. Solbjor’s use of Magnified Healing,                          • Reiki II: $150
                        crystal singing bowls, guided meditation and                                                                           Member, International Association of Reiki
   Karuna Reiki® Master Bach Flower Essences®, can help restore bal-
                                                                                         • Advanced Reiki/Reiki Master Intensive: $600        Professionals and Better Business Bureau®,
                        ance and harmony to body, mind and soul.                         • Karuna Reiki® Master: $750                                Serving Eastern Masschusetts

                                             Change your life in ways you have always dreamed!                                               family karmic patterns and enables you
                                                                                                                                             to bring in and hold more LIGHT in your
                                        Give yourself the gift of full empowerment and improved health                                       physical body. This activation is a huge
                                         Your DNA holds the master plan for               Further benefits include: gained energy,           acceleration step on your personal
                                         your life purpose and divine potential.          clarity and focus, a stronger immune               path. Also available: Energy Clearing,
22 STRAND DNA                            Through this sacred process your 22              system, the use of more of your brain.             karmic Matrix, Life coaching and More.
                                         strands of DNA are activated and                 Benefits your nerves, blood, skin, mus-            CLAIRE LUFT - HEART'S SINGING
 ACTIVATION                              strengthened, while unwanted debris              cles and respiratory system. This activa-
                                                                                                                                                   HEALING CENTER
                                         from the DNA structure is cleared.               tion helps you to discover new talents
                                         YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL                           and abilities, releases unconscious pat-            Woburn, MA 781-281-2888
                                         BECOMES YOUR REALITY!                            terns, facilitates clearing of genetic and           www.heartssinging.com

                             Core Integration - M.Feldenkrais                                                                              Trainer: Josef DellaGrotte, PhD., LMHC, LMT,
                                “Strengthening from the inside out - the way your body was meant to be”
                                                                                                                                               Feldenkrais trainer, practitioner,
                          New DVD (80 mins) Free with Enrollment                   •  The six primary core movement pathways:
                             or buy at $75, By Josef DellaGrotte,                      map and directions                                  Information/monthly seminars, weekly classes:
                                     therapist and trainer
                 TIO N

                                                                                   • Most valuable integrative aerobic exercise:           Somatic Training Institute, Stow, MA
                         Personal Body Mastery Training Program                        walking, plus principles of heart health:            1-978-461-0221 or 1-800-873-2398
                         Assessment, therapy, and improvement                      • Psychophysical exercises, breathing and relaxation.
                         through movement-exercise education.                      • (For practitioners) How to bodyread, assess,                           Location:

                         Improve everyday life activities for lifelong wellness.      apply precision hands-on, and design strategic
                                                                                      exercise programs.
                                                                                                                                            Bodymind Integration Center,
                         50-100 hours: individual sessions, seminars,
                         classes, dvd’s.                                           Personal Training Program:
                                                                                                                                                     Watertown, MA.

                         Personal or Practitioner Certification Training           6/10 months, $1050/$1550.                                 dellagrotte-somatic@comcast.net

                         Curriculum/Learning:                                      Teacher Training Certification: 200+ total hours,                  see demo video at:
   R                     •   The 15 principal exercises using Feldenkrais          $3500. Plus - Certificate of Competency
                              awareness through movement®.                         in MFeldenkrais principles available.

54       EARTH STAR      FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006
                                                      HEALING & BODYWORK continued
                                     America’s Most Experienced Reiki Teachers
                         John Harvey Gray has been a Reiki                         Basic Classes (1st Degree)
                                                                                                                                               Questions? Call or write for information
                                                                                                                                               about workshops or private Reiki ses-
                      Master instructor since 1976, actively                       (16.6 CEU credits available.)
                                                                                                                                               sions. Third Degree/Master Instructor
                      teaching and practicing Reiki longer                         • Feb 18-19                     Rindge, NH                  training available.
                      than any other living teacher in the                         • Mar 18-19                     Rindge, NH
                      West.                                                                                                                           Read our new book!
                                                                                   • Apr 22-23                     Rindge, NH
                         He took his entire Reiki training with                                                                                        Hand To Hand
                      Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to                          Advanced Classes (2nd Degree)                           Available now at reiki.mv.com, local bookstores
                                                                                                                                                         and Amazon.com
                      the West from Japan. John has conduct-                       • Feb 25-26                     Rindge, NH
                      ed over 850 Reiki workshops, teaching
                      more than 15,000 students, and was                           • Mar 25-26                     Rindge, NH                    THE JOHN HARVEY GRAY
                      named the 1994 Interface Presenter of                        • Apr 29-30                     Rindge, NH
                                                                                                                                                CENTER FOR REIKI HEALING
                                                                                                                                                 15 Dolly Lane, Rindge, NH 03461
                      the Year.                                                    Other Workshops
                         Lourdes Gray, Ph.D., his wife, is a                       • Feb 4-5                       Learn To Meditate         Register online! www.reiki.mv.com
                      Reiki Master instructor certified by John.                                                   with Hemi-Sync®
                                                                                                                   Rindge, NH
 John Harvey Gray She brings years of extensive experience
                      using Reiki to treat degenerative diseases                   • Mar 4                         Past Life Regressions
                                                                                                                                                   Visa/MC accepted for all courses.
                                                                                                                   Rindge, NH
& Lourdes Gray, Ph.D. such as arthritis, cancer, HIV/AIDS, as                      • Mar 5                         Learn To See Auras
                                                                                                                                                  Contact Hours available
                      well as emotional problems.                                                                  Rindge, NH

                                          KAPSOS DEEP MUSCLE                            now may do in any session, touching body,
                                                                                        mind, and spirit.
                                                                                                                                                 CONSTANCE MCGRATH
                                         THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE
                                       is body work that gives you, in a very real          For example, energy techniques at the                • Kapsos Deep Muscle Therapy
                                       way, a "new body." It has provided my            beginning of a session may identify the                        • Kripalu Bodywork/
                                       basic approach to a client's body since          inner child or other past aspect that your                  Polarity Energy Balancing
                                       1985. Working across and at angles to            psyche is presenting to you for healing at                    • Lymphatic Massage
                                       muscle fibers to release trauma in muscles       this time. The session that follows, both
                                                                                                                                                         • Facial Massage
NEW                                    and attachments, this deep technique has
                                       brought clients welcome and long lasting
                                                                                        physically and energetically, may then
                                                                                        address and release trauma from the spe-                           • Reiki I and II
                                       benefits. The Kapsos deep muscle tech-           cific “time” in your life.                                   • Certified by American
BODY                                   nique alone is dramatically effective.               Or, there are days during your transfor-
                                                                                        mative process when gentle nurturing feels
                                                                                                                                                  Massage Therapy Association
                                              New BodyMindSpirit                        essential. Slow lymphatic massage or deli-
                                           Always intuitively guided in this work at                                                            For information and appointment
                                                                                        cate facials, along with energy balancing,
                                       the physical level, studies with healers         can restore and ground you. It is also my                             call:
                                       such as Barbara Brennan and Dr. Robert           great joy to teach people simple physical
                                       Jaffe, and my own continuing inner open-         and energetic techniques they can use to
                                                                                                                                                      (617) 436-3777
                                       ing have profoundly expanded the work I          help themselves and others.                                          Sliding Scale

                                Stop Smoking in One Session & Lose Weight Naturally                                                          depression, addictive behavior and
                                                                                                                                             various other physical disorders in
                        George W. Mephis, Ph.D., world-                            technique stimulates the brain to pro-                    a unique and miraculous way.
                        renowned Russian healer and spiritual                      duce more pleasure hormones, naturally
                        teacher with 25 years of experience in help-               creating a positive state of conscious-                          George W. Mephis, Ph.D.
                        ing people stop smoking, lose weight                       ness and at the same time erasing the                         Market Street Health
                        and achieve freedom from addiction slavery.                negative memories related to addictive                             214 Market Street
                        He has been called The Miraclemaker                        behavior. Mr. Mephis helps people
                        for his phenomenal ability to cure incurable               quit smoking in one session, lose
                                                                                                                                                     Brighton, MA 02135
                        diseases. He is the founder of the Hypno-
George W. Mephis, Ph.D. Energetic Movement. This powerful
                                                                                   weight and control their appetite,                               1-888-464-3363
                                                                                   eliminate pain, stress, anxiety,                           www.hypnoenergetic.com
                               Services Offered:                               Massage during session                                      help move the lymphatic system, an inte-
                               • Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, effec-          • Iridology is the science and practice of                  gral part of our immune system. High-
                               tive method of removing waste from the          analyzing the Iris, pupil and sclera of the eye             Frequency and Manual Therapy available.
                               large intestine, without the use of drugs.      to determine inherited and accumulated                      • 10-Day Cleanse Program
                               By introducing filtered and temperature-        health patterns. Herbal consultation included.              • 30-Day Detox/Rejuvenation Program
                               regulated water into the colon, the waste       • Herbal/Nutritional Consultation in
                               is softened and loosened, resulting in          which an herbalist/pharmacist with over 10
                                                                                                                                           The Natural Path Alternative, Inc.
                               evacuation through natural peristalsis.         years of experience creates individualized                          214 Market Street
                                    • I-ACT Certified Practitioners            cleansing, fasting, and wellness programs                         Brighton, MA 02135
                                    • FDA Registered Instruments               using herbs specified for the client.                                  617-787-5040
 The Natural Path                   • Abdominal and Pressure Point             • Lymphatic Therapy is a therapy used to                          www.healthycleansing.com
 Alternative, Inc.                              Over 20 years of colon hydrotherapy experience                                                    colonics@earthlink.net

                                                 Mark Levin                            Mark Levin was able to create very powerful For an office appointment or to place
                                                Energy Healer                          healing processes for hundreds of satisfied a remote healing request please call
                                                                                       clients both within physical realm of his office
                                           Certified Hypnotherapist
                                                  Reiki Master
                                                                                       and remotely throughout entire world.              617-779-8765
                                        Specializes in: Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Polarity There are many clinically documented cases of                   In urgent cases, please call
                                       Therapy, white light healing, remote healing.  spontaneous healing performed by him.                                617-233-3986
                                      By combining traditional healing methods
                                      such as Reiki, hypnosis, polarity therapy with    121 B. Tremont Street, Suite #19                            Major credit cards accepted.
Devoted to Helping You Feel Better    his original white light healing therapy,                    Brighton, MA

                                                                                                                                    FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006         EARTH STAR             55
                                                     HEALING & BODYWORK continued
                                                 ENERGY HEALINGS & INTUITIVE READINGS
                                 Do you want to be an active participant in      • Physical & emotional well-being                 Cheryl Wright is a spiritual healer,
                             your well-being?                                    • Release of core cellular memories               advanced clairvoyant & energy
                                 Awakening Touch will activate the natural                                                         worker. Trained in body harmony,
                                                                                 Providing Insight & Healing Into:
                             movement and unfoldment of the body and                                                               unlimited body & breath, reiki, psy-
                                                                                 • Health and dis-ease
                             psyche towards its own health and fulfillment.                                                        chic healing, and Chinese energetic
                                                                                 • Relationships
                                 Intuitive Readings provide information,                                                           medicine.
                                                                                 • Overall quality of life
                             answers and tools that will enhance your life.      • Spiritual awareness                              Sessions in person or by phone.
                             Both are:                                           • All aspects of your life
                             • Healing • Empowering                                                                                           617-448-8749
                             • Interactive • Educational
                                                                                 • Transformational bodywork                          www.awakeningtouch.com
                             Guiding you towards:                                • Energy healings                                   cheryl@awakeningtouch.com
Cheryl Wright, BSE                                                                                                                   Offices in Watertown, MA & Providence, RI
                             • Enhanced self-awareness                           • Clairvoyant readings

                                   Holistic Vision Improvement
                                   How we see can be affected by                  can see comfortably and clearly again.
                                   our frame of mind, state of                    Your dependence on glasses or con-               ROSEMARY GADDUM GORDON,
                                   health, and environment. In                    tacts can be prevented, eliminated, or                  D.B.O., M.A.
                                   response to Life we may begin to overfo-       reduced. Rosemary draws on her twen-                     CAMBRIDGE, MA
                                   cus at one distance and lose clarity at        ty years experience and training in
                                   another, or exhaust our eyes so they can't     orthoptics, the Bates' Method, Gestalt
                                                                                                                                           (617) 354-8360
                                   focus comfortably anywhere, or even let        Psychotherapy, and Educational-                                     and
                                   one eye drift in and out. These adaptations    Kinesthetics to form a comprehensive                           ELIOT, ME
                                   may become chronic. We use muscles to          approach to vision improvement. She                   NEAR PORTSMOUTH, NH
                                   focus our eyes. You can learn techniques       offers individual and group sessions for
 Rosemary Gaddum Gordon,                                                                                                                   (207) 439-9821
           DBO, MA
                                   to relax and coordinate them so that you       adults and children.

                               Rolfing® produces lasting improvements in              Other Benefits:                                  My Background includes training in
                               posture, breathing, movement, and overall                Increases ability to sense emotions and        Rolfing with Ida Rolf, and in
                               relaxation. The Rolfer uses manual pressure              other energetic states.                        Craniosacral Therapy with John
                               to help you feel into and let go of rigidities in        Releases negative emotional memories.
                                                                                        Accelerates progress in psychotherapy          Upledger. I am a graduate of the
                               the connective tissue that wraps every mus-                                                             Gestalt Training Center of San Diego
                               cle and bone. As you let go the tissue                   or spiritual practice.
                                                                                        Restores flexibility and circulation to        and the Cambridge Family Institute
                               changes state, becoming more elastic and                 scar tissue and joints, both post-injury       and have a private practice in psy-
                               conductive of energy. This enhances free-                and post-surgical.                             chotherapy. I have worked in these
                               dom of movement, sensation, and circula-
                               tion. Rolfing is done in specific patterns                                                              modalities in the Boston area for the
                                                                                      Craniosacral Therapy gently increases
                               throughout the body to allow a more erect              the mobility of the bones in the head, spine     past thirty years.
                               posture, easier breathing, improved bal-               and pelvis. This is especially effective in
                               ance, and more graceful movement. These                                                                  For free literature or an appointment:
                                                                                      relieving cranial compression from head
                               changes lead to a more positive self-image
                               and increased confidence. Once elasticity
                                                                                      injuries. Patterns of distress and dysfunc-
                                                                                      tion going back as far as birth and child-
     Eric Jacobson, Ph.D.      has been restored it will remain unless the            hood can be treayed. Benefits include relief            10 Ramsdell Court,
                                        re-injured subjected to emotional
Rolfing * Craniosacral Therapy area is or very long-term tension, so the
                                                                                      from chronic pain and tension in then head,             Arlington, MA 02476
         Psychotherapy                                                                neck, or lower back, and the release of
                               benefits are relatively permanent.                     negative emotional memories.                      www.eric-jacobson.com

                                                 Bliss Transformation                                                      - First Session Free!
                                       Bliss Transformation is a means of         is a unique experience of reading and
                                       healing your whole life and being, of      healing work at the same time. Your
                                       “getting” from “here” to “there”.          free will is respected on every level, so          Phone sessions are available.
                                       ImaKariel offers both Healing and          you are present for and consciously                        Blessings!
                                       Life Purpose/Career Coaching to            surrender to your own wholeness.
                                       assist you on your path, your spiral of    Through Bliss Transformation you are                          ImaKariel
                                       self-mastery in the Light. We clear
                                       whatever is energetically blocking
                                                                                  empowered to heal yourself. Mention
                                                                                  this ad to receive your first reading and
                                       the flow in your life so that you can      healing session FREE, and half off your
 Bliss Transformation                  manifest your dreams! Each session         second session!

                                                  HEALING & BODYWORK continued
                                 Rolfing© is a deep bodywork method                    In addition to the physical results, Dennis Bailey, Marshfield (South Shore):
                                 developed by Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D., in the           clients often experience the release of old   (617) 472-2699
                                 1940's, which frees, releases and                 emotional traumas, an enhanced self Garret Whitney, Brighton, Concord,
                                 reshapes the body to bring it towards             image, increased spontaneity of expres-       (978) 371-2188
                                 greater balance and verticality.                  sion and increased agility to be assertive Eric Jacobson, Arlington:
                                     Through Rolfing©, body structure is           and nurturing in relationships.               (781) 643-6874
                Rolfing          restored and improved, stress is
                                 reduced, and movement becomes more
                                 fluid, efficient, and graceful. Freedom
                                                                                       For information about Rolfing contact Beate Gottschlich, Cambridge:
                                                                                   these certified practitioners:                (617) 661-9291
                                 and range of movement are enhanced,                     Boston Area Rolfer Group:                              Out of State:
                                 and breathing becomes fuller and easier.          Aline Newton, Cambridge:
                                     As out of balance parts of the body              (617) 661-6409                    Kevin Frank, Holderness, Concord, NH;
                                                                                                                          Norwich, VT: (603) 968-9585
                                 are brought into alignment, chronic               William Redpath, Bedford, Cambridge:
                                 aches and pains often disappear. Gravity             (781) 861-0184                    Bruce Dow, Concord, NH: (603) 225-3595
                                 becomes an ally, rather than an enemy; it         Laura Curry, Wakefield, Concord:     Mary Staggs, Mystic, CT: (860) 536-0750
                                 is no longer an effort to hold oneself up.           (781) 492-7653

                                        • Comprehensive Treatment Plans for
                                          Disease, Illness and Symptomology                We believe that nature is the very        Please see www.isisboston.com
                                        • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy                    essence of life on this planet. We try            for comprehensive
                                        • Gravity- Flow Colonic Hydrotherapy                                                             information about our
                                        • Whole Body Therapy Analysis                    to include all the options nature pro-
Boston’s Oldest Holistic Clinic         • Tissue Mineral Hair Analysis                 vides in addressing the healing needs of            treatment options
  provides Ancient Therapies            • Acupuncture & Oriental Healing               our patients, clients and friends. We can
for Modern Times in a relaxed,          • Internal Herbal Cleansing Programs                                                          ISIS Holistic Clinic
  personalized environment.             • Women’s Naturopathic Advice                   actually answer your questions over the
                                        • European Spa Foot Reflexology
                                                                                                                                     & Herbal Apothecary
                                                                                       phone, by e-mail or in person. We pro-
 We have treated more than              • In-House Clinical Herbal Lab                                                                  1652 Beacon Street
 3,000 people and more than                                                            vide evaluation and treatment in Boston,
                                        • Food-Based Treatment Options                                                                      Brookline
         500 diseases                   • Polarity Energetic Therapy & Somato-          London & Geneva by appointment. We
                                          Emotional Release
    We can help you...                                                                  encourage you to change your life and                 Open 7 days a week.
                                        • Highly individualized and personalized                  your body… today.
                                          approach to healing.

                                To serve God and humanity in the   actualization of your truth;          ness to emerge in 3D.
                                highest and best accord.         • balance chakras, increasing ground- • implant/extraction of crystals/stones,
                                For twelve years, I have practiced vibra-     edness, stress reduction, emotional                     awakening full potential as a light body.
                                tional healing, integrating established       integration, unconditional love, intu-                  Andrea teaches The Diamond Galaxy
                                modalities (reiki, polarity, aromatherapy,    ition, harmony, and universal connec-                Workshops, which assists with Light Body
                                crystals) with alternative energy             tion;                                                Integration and the clearing of old behav-
                                work–Molecular Cellular Restructuring       • release negative patterns, eliminating               ior patterns.
                                Therapy, Axialtonal Therapy, and the          fear, increasing joy, improving relation-
                                                                                                                                   For information or appointment, please
                                Diamond Galaxy assists with personal          ships, and advancing growth.
                                                                            • assistance with “Walk-In” Integration;               call: Andrea T. Slesinger
                                growth. I can help you:
                                                                            • Axiatonal Light Grid Therapy is using                THE HEALING CONNECTION
                                • unblock/mobilize energy, enhancing          energy to consciously make physical                      Phone: 781-438-2200
                                   health/well-being; facilitating develop-   changes in the body. What Axiatonal                       Fax: 978-774-7844
                                   ment/ maintenance of your center; and      work does is re-calibrate you as a                          Email: kelemeri@flash.net
                                   promoting realization, expression, and     clearer receptor for your conscious-                        www.jasarahessences.com

                                 This is an ancient & sacred modality                  and heal on all levels and open to            process on all levels: soul, spirit
                               recently reintroduced to humanity by                    your true self                                and physical
                               Spiritual Master & World Teacher Derek              •   Gain access to yor 5th dimensional          • Helps to create Unity Consciousness
                               O'Neill. As amazing as it sounds the                    lightbody                                     This healing system has enormous
                               Masters tell us the Rising Star actually            •   Activates as many strands of DNA              significence to the planet, with the
                               encompasses all healing modalities that                 that you are ready for                        potential to bring about Unity and
                               are present on the planet at this time,             •   Connect with yor highest consciousness        profound planetary shifts.
                               plus a lot more...                                  •   Begin to open your 4th eye — the
                                                                                       Masters Eye
                               Through this healing system you will:               •   Rejuvinate your body on all levels
                                                                                                                                          CLAIRE LUFT - HEART'S

                               • Remove misqualified or negative ener              •   Rejuvinate all cells of your body within        SINGING HEALING CENTER
The Rising Star                  gies from the chakras and the 7 body                  one week                                     Woburn, MA 781-281-2888
Healing System                   systems, allowing your being to clear             •   Begin and expand the ascension                www.heartssinging.com

                                   •   Healing Sessions                                      Modalities offered:                     Spirit Earth Healing
                                   •   Healing Clinics
                                   •   Workshops & Events                              • Angelic Healing • Reiki                      “Where You Come First”
                                   •   Wellness Packages                               • Kwan Yin Magnified Healing
                                                                                                                                     661 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 8
                               Physical illnesses, injuries or emotional               • Pranic Healing Methods                             Arlington, MA.
                           issues prevent us from leading full, whole lives.           • Energy Healing • Chakra Clearing
                           Wellness is achieved when mind, body and                    • Physical Relaxation                                    Call today at
                           spirit work as one.
                               Spirit Earth offers combined healing                    • Guided Visualization                              617-515-8826 or
  Reiki & Energy Healing   modalities to help you achieve wellness.                    • Energy Balancing • Distance Healing        www.spiritearthhealing.com

                                                                                                                         FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006          EARTH STAR         57
                                                                   HEALTH RESORTS
                                       Welcome to our unique, clothing                A crossroads for New England’s holis-               Driving directions: Exit 6A off the
                                   optional retreat. Experience the pleasures    tic and sauna culture, we’ve welcomed                Maine Turnpike onto 295 North, take exit 43,
                                                                                                                                      Richmond. Turn left at end of ramp, go left 1
                                   of authentic Finnish sauna, a wonderfully     individuals and couples from all lifestyles for      mile, turn left on Route 138, then take immedi-
                                   large outdoor hot tub, and a heated,          28 years. 7 rooms available in our 150 year          ate left on Dingley Road, we're the first house
                                   enclosed pool.                                old Captain’s house B&B. X-Country ski-              on the left.
                                       Reconnect and rejuvenate in our           ing, hiking, beaches, restaurants nearby.                Richmond Corner Sauna
                                   relaxed intimate space, open year round.      Smoke-free, no pets please.                                        81 Dingley Road
                                                                                                                                                 Richmond, ME 04357
   Richmond Sauna                  In winter have a playful roll in the snow         Spaces for workshops or outdoor social                      (207) 737-4752
  & Bed and Breakfast              after a hot sauna. In summer sunbathe au      gatherings.                                                     1-800-400-5751
                                   naturel or take a cool dip in the pool.                                                                www.RichmondSauna.com


                                                                    HOLISTIC HEALTH
                                                                                                                                In Home Test Kits
                                               Holistic Health Evaluation Questionnaire
                                                                                                                     (In the privacy of your our home, via mail)
                                                 (In the privacy of your our home, via mail)                     Check for proper levels of Male, Female, Mineral,
                                                   All Natural Weight Loss Programs                                Performance, Antioxidant, Stress and Sleep
                                                         Vitamins and Minerals,                                   hormones to better balance your body's needs.
                                                   Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils                                               KB Life Styles
                                                                                                                    PO Box 1857, Tewksbury, Ma 01876
                                                   High Antioxidant Wolf Berry Juice
Holistic Health Practitioners                                                                                                 Fax: (978) 640-8891
                                                        kblifestyles@comcast.net                                             www.kblifestyles.com
        Bill and Kathy

                                                                 HUMAN POTENTIAL

                                               Hypnosis is a state of heightened and     sophical counseling sessions are avail-
                                           focused consciousness in which the            able separately or may be combined.
                                           mind is made more receptive to positive,      Philosophical disciplines ranging from
                                           therapeutic suggestion. Weight loss,          Taoism to pragmatism are employed
                                           motivation, anxiety, and optimal perform-     towards the realization of greater clarity          Arthur Schwartz, Ph.D.
                                           ance are only some of the many applica-       and harmony of mind.                                      Hypnotherapist and
                                           tions of hypnotherapy.                             In addition to private sessions, group             Philosophical Counselor
• Hypnotherapy                                   As a certified hypnotherapist and a     hypnosis sessions and philosophy discus-             279 Massachusetts Avenue
• Philosophical Counseling                 philosophical counselor Arthur Schwartz       sion groups are offered each month.                     Arlington, MA 02474
• Group Hypnotherapy                       integrates philosophical techniques with           Visit www.IntegralHypnosis.com or                   617-824-4289
• Philosophy Discussion Groups             hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy and philo-         call for more information.                              Free Initial Consultation

                                                   MEDICAL HEALTH CARE SERVICES
                                      At M.A.S.H. we feel that complementaryMargo Roman D.V.M. is a 1978 graduate of
                                                                            Tuskegee Veterinary School. She interned at
Main St. Animal Services of Hopkinton medicine is state of the art health care for
                                                                            Angell Memorial and was on the teaching staff
                                      your pet. We offer homeopathy, acupunc-                                                      Main Street Animal
                                                                            at Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine. She
                                      ture, nutrition, chiropractic care, body
                                                                            studied homeopathy with Luc DeShepper of             Services of Hopkinton
                                      work, physical therapy, and Reiki as part
                                                                            the Renaissance Institute of Classical              www.mashvet.com
                                      of your pet’s whole health program. Our
                                                                            Homeopathy. Dr. Roman is a member of the
                                      caring staff is dedicated to guiding you
                                                                            American Veterinary Medical Association and        Homeopathic, Holistic &
                                      toward total health for your pet.     the American Holistic Veterinary Medical        Traditional Veterinary Medicine
                                         Now offerinig ozone therapy.       Association as well as International Veterinary
                                                                            Acupuncture Society and Massachusetts             Margo Roman, D.V.M.
                                        We are truly a whole health center, Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Roman has
                                        also offering surgery, diagnostics, completed Tufts Veterinary advanced Herbal (508) 435-4077 or (508) 435-MASH
              Est. 1983                 vaccination/titering, and x-Rays.   and Chiropractic courses.
                                                                                                                             72W. Main St. - Hopkinton, MA
                                                                                     Please call for a holistic consultation today!

58     EARTH STAR         FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006
                                                     MEDICAL HEALTH CARE SERVICES continued
                                                    Holistic Dental Practice grows to Biologic and Physiologic Dentistry
                                                        Your teeth and jaws are an extension    decay so it can be scraped out without               Dr. Yolin has been trained in the
                                                  of your brain and spinal cord. Any imbal-     drilling, causing less pain and discomfort.      specialty of Prosthetic Dentistry but does
                                                  ances caused by improper alignment of         Add this to Micro-dentistry and Air              not limit his practice. He utilizes hyp-
                                                  the jaw (commonly referred to as dental       Abrasion and it becomes true needle              notherapy for dental phobic, cosmetic
                                                  proprioception) can play a major role in      free, mercury free filling procedure.            dentistry, oral devices for snoring and
                                                  all disease and pain. Faulty dental pro-          Dr. Yolin has offered an alternative to      sleep apnea, 28 years experience in
                                                  prioception can cause improper neuro-         traditional periodontal surgery for more         treating head/neck facial pain syndrome,
                                                  logical feedback to the brain affecting       then 15 years and now adds a Soft                metal free crowns wherever possible,
   Herbert S. Yolin, D.D.S.                       most, if not all body functions. Temporary    Tissue Laser for enhancing the steril-           and extensive training in dental implan-
  “I am committed to helping people               relief is easy and inexpensive, and can       izing of the diseased gum pockets. He            tology.     His treatment philosophy is
   keep all their teeth all their lives.”         enhance your present treatment whether        is a certified member of the Academy of          based on the fact that at the end of every
                                                  it is Chiropractic, Acupuncture,              Laser Dentistry (exam based). Phase              tooth is a human being and although he
Dentistry for the 21st Century — Today!           Massage, Physical or Neural Therapy,
                                                                                                contrast microscopy, bacterial cultures          fixes teeth, he treats human beings. And
                                                  Pain Management, and TMD/TMJ.                                                                  that will never change.
                                                  There are over 230 positive studies from      and anti-microbial natural oils are used
Gum surgery is history, say goodbye to
the drill, the pain, the noise and the needle.    81 universities in 37 countries involving     in the never ending commitment to                     Call for a courtesy consultation
                                                  24 different dental procedures with an        avoiding unnecessary gum surgery.                      and share the excitement at:
                                                  astounding 94% success rate. This                 Mercury (Hg) in your saliva from              Northeast Dental Associates
Miracle Bite Tabs™ (MBT) &
Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT),                   included procedures as sensitive teeth,       chewing? Take the chewing test and                   Herbert S. Yolin, D.D.S.
are used to treat Dental Distress Syndrome        pain control, speed of healing, periodon-     have your saliva analyzed for Hg at a             1842 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02146
(DDS) as written about by Dr. Hans Selye          tal disease, and others.                      very reasonable cost. You may not need
MD, Dr. Fonder, a dentist, & others.                Carisolv™ a 5 yr. old gel from Sweden,      them removed. Defective amalgams are                    (617) 730-8989
                                                  approved by the FDA(2001) that softens        removed following IAOMT protocol.                  DrYolin.com      a mercury free office

                                                                 Experience The Healing Power of

                                                    Music, Prayer & Meditation
                                                                                                                                                  Christ Church Unity
  Christ Church Unity
                                                     Wednesdays 7:00 p.m.                                                                         Cnr. Colchester & Chapel Sts.
    is affiliated with Unity                                Sunday Service       11:00 AM                                                             Brookline, MA 02446
   School of Christianity ,                          Daily Word Discussion Sundays     10:00 AM                                                   (at the Longwood T on the Green Line
                                                                                                                                                                D Train)
    publisher of the Daily
                                                           Listen to Our Radio Program “Peace Be Still”
   Word and Silent Unity                                                                                                                              617-232-4548
                                                  Sundays 11:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m                        WBIX 1060 AM

                                                                       PROFESSIONAL SERVICES
                                                    Not Therapy. Not Coaching. Not Open-Ended Treatment.
                                                                                Solutions for the Real You from You
                                                             Multi-disciplinary, intuitive and transformative personal and business
                                                             problem-solving and counseling for individuals, families and businesses.
                                                 • Are you at an important decision-making crossroad?                                           Telephone and Office Consultations
                                                 • Do you need guidance with identifying and implementing meaningful                                      on a Sliding Scale
                                                   solutions for root changes?                                                                  Offices in Metropolitan Boston, MA
                                                 • Are you unclear about a personal, family or business relationship or goal?                              and Keene, NH
                                                 • Are you seeking insight and/or direction for a specific problem, circumstance                 Telephone: 617-512-8063
    Marc Weinreich                                 or emotion?                                                                                      Email: marc2@earthlink.net
   M.A., M. Phil., J.D.                           A Confidential and Safe Environment for Personal and Professional Growth                    http://home.earthlink.net/~marc2/home

                                                 ROSS M ILLER has been giving psychic          All of Ross’s readings are positive and con-     Ross is available for individual readings
                                                 and past-life readings for over 23 years      structive in nature. In addition to answer-      in person or over the phone.
                                                 both in New England and the West              ing all of your personal questions pertain-             For more information
                                                 Coast. During a reading, he communi-          ing to love, health, relationships, soul           or to schedule an appointment,
                                                 cates telepathically with his numerous        mates, business, career, relocation, dream                   please call:
                                                 angels and spirit guides who read and         interpretation, parents, children, and pets,
                                                 interpret the client’s aura (the spiritual    he covers topics as diverse as: your life’s                Ross Miller
                                                 light surrounding one’s physical body).       purpose, your undiscovered talents, as
                                                                                                                                                         1075 Washington St.
                                                 Ross also communicates with the               well as your past incarnations and how
                                                                                                                                                         Newton, MA 02465
                                                 client’s own angels and spirit guides         they relate to this life. Ross can also help
                                                 (most people have several of each).           you to identify and communicate with your             (617) 527-3583
                                                 These angels and spirit guides then           own guardian angels and spirit guides.
          Ross Miller                                                                                                                              Email: ross@TheMysticWay.com
                                                 convey the information that is most           Ross also offers workshops in psychic
    Psychic Counselor                            needed or desired by the client.              development and angel communication.               Website: www.TheMysticWay.com

                                                                                                                                       FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006         EARTH STAR            59
                                                                        PSYCHICS continued
                                      PSYCHIC READINGS AND INTUITIVE LIFE COACHING
                                 New Zealand Native, Shannar, has traveled               The Sacred Language of Light is a very special                    Readings
                            extensively throughout the world sharing her gifts      tool for resolving our patterns by connecting with the
                                                                                                                                                        Life Coaching
                            of the Sacred Language of Light. From a very            cellular memory and healing the agreements that we
                            early age Shannar was aware that the other              made in this and past lives. The Sacred Language of               Grief Counseling
                            realms were contacting and working with her,            Light comes through in the special pieces of sym-                    Workshops
                            this began her own spiritual journey into the other     bolic art form known as the pictographs. Each pic-                  Performances
                            worlds through Clairvoyance/Clairaudience and           tograph is a Star Gate Map into our cellular encod-               ProductsAvailable
                            Mediumship for Grief Therapy. Her psychic abil-         ings and contains Sacred Geometry, Symbols,
                            ity has touched the hearts of all her clients both in   Musical Harmonics, Ancient and Star Languages.               For further information:
                            the USA and Overseas and her varied live expe-          Shannar is able to speak the Sacred Language,                 1-888-394-9099
                            riences have greatly assisted those that have           hears the stories in poetry form and performs the
                            sought her Life Coaching methods.                       pictograph symbols with her hands.                        www.sacredlifestyles.com

                                           Astrologer and Clairvoyant – Serena Wright-Taylor
                                Serena gives readings that touch your                 heard her name on Coast to Coast AM.
                             soul. She blends the ancient wisdom of                       Serena has been gifted since childhood                    Serena gives readings by
                             Vedic astrology with her remarkable intu-                with the ability to see many dimensions of                 telephone all over the country.
                             ition to help you use perfect timing to bring            life. She has spent many years in spiritual
                             joy and fruition to all areas of your life.              practice and enjoys working on her own
                                                                                                                                                 Serena Wright-Taylor
                                She is highly sought after by celebrities,            healing and evolvement so that her service
                             business executives, speakers, and authors.              to others is of the highest quality.                            310-335-5617
                             She has made numerous appearances on                        “Serena’s work is extraordinary—a stunning
                                                                                      blend of mind, heart, and soul.” Says Judith            Website: www.vimana.org
                             TV and radio and you may have recently
                                                                                      Orloff, M.D., author and clairvoyant psychiatrist

                                                                      PSYCHOLOGY & TRANSFORMATION

                               Bioenergetic Analysis & Clinical Hypnosis                                                                     ways. What's most important is under-
                                                                                                                                             standing the therapeutic needs of each
                                 Just as pastel and watercolor are differ-                Clinical Hypnosis to most peo-                     individual and being able to offer
                              ent mediums for an artist to create art,                ple's surprise is not about going to                   options and guidance.
                              Bioenergetic Analysis and Clinical                      sleep or surrendering control. Instead,                   Shawna V. Carboni, LICSW, DCSW,
                              Hypnosis are different mediums for                      it's an experience of inner absorption                 is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social
                              doing psychotherapy. Bioenergetic                       and intentional concentration when one                 Worker with almost 20 years experience,
                              Analysis, one of the first body-oriented                uses the powers of imagination and                     a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist and
                              psychotherapies, is rooted in psychoana-                suggestion to facilitate positive change.              Certified Hypnotherapist.
                              lytic and developmental theory. It focuses                 Both Bioenergetic Analysis & Clinical
                              on how body structure, breathing pat-                   Hypnosis dip below daily thoughts and                    For more information, visit or call
                              terns, and bound-up energy express                      words to access insight and wisdom                      www.therapyforlifechange.com
Shawna V. Carboni             one's history and personality and may limit             just beneath ordinary awareness. This
                                                                                                                                                  in Boston    617-782-5020
      LICSW, DCSW             expression and aliveness in the present.                enriches the therapy process in creative

                           Therapy Should Take Hours Not Years                                                                          What is Regression Therapy? To go back
                                                                                                                                        in time (without the use of hypnosis) to the
                                   Read What Former Clients Say About Ross Miller                                                       origin or root cause of a problem and release
                                                                                                                                        or heal it. This might entail going back to
                           Migraines, a Thing of the Past...                        Anger, Grief & Guilt Transformed...                 past lives or earlier parts of your current life.
                           “I can’t believe you got rid of my migraines. At         “In the course of one (two-hour) session                    For the past 25 years Ross Miller has been
                           first I didn’t believe you when you said it was          with Ross, I was able to release and heal           offering the benefits of regression therapy world-
                           due to a past life when I was a soldier and got          the deep, dark feelings of anger, grief, guilt      wide, helping his clients quickly and easily release
                           shot in the head. No wonder the doctors could-           and shame that had their origins in sever-          their fears, anxiety attacks, depression, anger,
                           n’t help me.” —Donna M., Hartford, CT                    al of my past lives." —Brian D., Cranston, RI       physical pain, grief, abuse trauma, addictions,
                                                                                                                                        blocked potential, fibromyalgia, stress, chronic
                           Depression and Anxiety Attacks Gone...                   Fybromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Gone...              fatigue, eating disorders, health problems and
                           “Dear Ross, I’m going to name my first child             “By the end of the third healing session            phobias. Ross is available for individual or cou-
                           after you. You’ve succeeded where 8 years of             (0ver the phone), my fybromyalgia,                  ples regression therapy sessions, psychic and past
                           therapists and innumerable pain medications              chronic fatigue, and depression were                life readings and/or healing by telephone or in
                           have failed. My depression and anxiety attacks           completely gone. Thank you, Ross."                  person. (See Directory ad under "Psychics".)
                           are gone, gone, gone. Forever grateful.”                 —Denise F., Hull, MA
                                                                                                                                               For more information or to schedule an
                           —Roz S., Attleboro, MA                                                                                                     appointment, please call:
                                                                                    Agoraphobia Cured...
                     Free of Drugs & Alcohol...                                     “A long overdue thank you. My agorapho-                           Ross Miller
                     “Dear Ross, Thank you for helping my daugh-                    bia (fear of being in public places) is com-
                     ter get over the breakup of her boyfriend and                                                                       1075 Washington St., Newton, MA 02465
                                                                                    pletely gone. In addition, I’ve started exer-
  Ross Miller        off of drugs and alcohol. She’s a completely                   cising and eating better, and I’ve lost 30                    (617) 527-3583
Regression Therapist changed person.”                                               lbs.! I owe it all to you.”                               Email: ross@TheMysticWay.com
                     —Sharon K., Manchester, NH                                     —Elizabeth S., Worcester, MA
                                                                                                                                             Website: www.TheMysticWay.com

              Angelica offers a wide variety of both                 Astrological Charts     Books • Music (Metaphysical)                  By appointment only.
              Metaphysical and New Age gifts. Browse around,         Classes & Workshops     Incense • Oils • Aromatherapy
              enjoy the softness of the Angelic energy. Feel the     Parties & Weddings      Crystals • Jewelry • Candles
              magic that Angelica of the Angels brings to                                                                            With The Love of Angels
              you. We have a knowledgable staff to answer any          AURA PHOTOS: face & chakra body                              Rev. Barbara E. Szafranski
              and all questions and direct you in anyway they          A READER ON HAND AT ALL TIMES                                    & George Fraggos
              can to help guide you in life.                           BY APPOINTMENT: Rev. Barbara E.
                                                                          Szafranski & George Fraggos                                   Gifts of the Spirit
                  READINGS ARE OUR SPECIALTY                                                                                    7 Central Street, Salem, MA 01970
                                                                   Classes ongoing weekly. Meditation: Mon, Tue, &
                 Spiritual Counseling Mediumship                                                                                            978-745-9355
                                                                   Wed, 7:00 to 9:00P.M. Focus on psychic development.
                 Trance Channelling   Tarot Readings               Shambhalla’s Healing Ctr. offers Angelic Healing,
                 Psychic Readings     Telephone Readings           Reiki, and Energy Work.                                          Open Monday thru Sunday

                                                     SCHOOLS & INSTITUTES
                            Because Dovestar believes integration to be       interactions with others. This program offers               Some of our Certifications
                            an efficient way to facilitate growth, we offer   several ways of finding our personal knowl-                 Alchemia-Reiki, Colon Hydrotherapist,
DoveStar Institute          the Holistic Practitioner title. This allows a
                            personally designed study of many chosen
                                                                              edge and sharing who we are as unique indi-
                                                                              viduals. This can be applied by allowing for
                                                                                                                                     Holistic Clinic Management, Shamballa & Reiki
                                                                                                                                     Master Teacher, Alchemia Yoga Teacher, Kriya
                            modalities to qualify for a title recognized as   the reality that within each of us, there is at all
                            a viable profession. Certification requires       times the teacher and the student.                      Massage Practitioner, Kriya Yoga Bodywork
           School of        completion of one certification from each of                                                                 and Massage, Synergy Mental Health,
                                                                              Kriya Bodywork (Gravity) Our physical
            Holistic        the following groups representing four forces
                                                                              body is the vehicle that allows us to express
                                                                                                                                              Birthing and Parenting, Doula.
                            that regulate our life at the cellular level.
          Technology                                                          our spirit on the physical plane. Honoring and           New Hampshire: 50 Whitehall Rd.,
                            Alchemia Inner Cleanse (Centripetal)              caring for the body requires respecting its               Hooksett, NH (603) 669-5104
                            This program consists of many options to          needs on all levels. This program offers manyh
                            regain access to your personal power              ways of accomplishing that.                               Massachusetts: 128 Main St.,
  www.dovestar.edu          through the release of toxic beliefs stored in                                                               Carver, MA (508) 830-0068
                                                                              Alchemical Synergy (Electomagnetic) The
                            the energetic systems and affecting our
Personally designed         quality of life.
                                                                              intent of this program is to reclaim all frag-                       Licensed by:
                                                                              ments of consciousness in order to discover               NH Post-Secondary Education Comm.
 flexible programs          Alchemia Teacher (Centrifugal) To be              the whole person inside and release the cre-              & Common. of MA Dept. of Education
                            able to share who we are comes from our           ativity that is an expression of our passion.

                                        Tr a i n i n g a N ew G e n e r a t i o n o f Q i P r a c t i t i o n e rs
                            We offer Zen Shiatsu & Tuina train- ZEN SHIATSU & TUINA                 For a catalog & application contact:
                            ing programs that will enable you         Certification Programs
                            to become nationally certified and                                           Charles River
                                                                    • 700-hour 2 year programs
                            ultimately licensed to practice. The    • Part-time day & evening        School of Shiatsu
                            curriculum is integrated with the Qi    • Taught by AOBTA Certified
                            development aspect of internal
                                                                              Enroll now                 585 Massachusetts Avenue
                            martial arts. Train for a career. Our
                                                                                                    Central Square, Cambridge MA 02139
                            courses will prepare you well.        Open House Dec. 9, Jan. 20, 6-8pm
                             Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation                            Student Clinic $30                        Licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
                                                                                                                                                 Department of Education

         C    E N T E R                          O         F        L      I G H T ~                             B       O S T O N
                       A non-denominational, not for profit, mystical school                                                 CentersOfLight.org
                                                       •Healing                                                                     Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
                                           •The Divine Masculine & Feminine
                                                                                                                                         Daily meditation
                                                     • Community                                                                          Weekly classes
                                                      •Meditation                                                                       Monthly workshops
                                                     617-524-0470                                                                     Sunday service & more...

             As above...                 GURDJIEFF                                         So below...
                        Reading • Exercise • Prayer • Music
                                                                                                      “You are your instrument.”
                  ORDINARY KESDJAN MENTAL CAUSAL                                              Flexibility • Meridians • Personality • Harmony
                     Sensation Attention Will Being Doing                                            PHYSICAL VIBRATIONAL
                  Conscience Hope Reason Faith Trust Love                                          INTELLECTUAL EMOTIONAL
                  Group reading of All & Everything on Sunday and                            Private stretching and classes. Free class Sunday
                   weekday mornings in Davis Square, Somerville.                            noon in Davis Square. Limited space. Call or email.
                       (consult www.yogaguitar.com/A&E)                                    617-666-4839 info@usschoolofmusic.com

                                                                                                                          FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006            EARTH STAR          61
                                                       SCHOOLS & INSTITUTES continued
                                    The Muscular Therapy Institute Prepares You to Succeed
                                   A national reputation for excellence, integrity,   The full-time Career Services and                    Call Admissions at
                                   and commitment to the highest standards dis-       Placement Office offers extensive job list-          (617) 668-1000
                                   tinguish MTI’s professional training program.      ings and professional resources for all MTI          www.mtiweb.edu
                                   The proven curriculum, rich in science,            students and graduates.                              Licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
                                   communications, business, and practical            The comprehensive 900-hour program                   Accredited by COMTA Financial aid available for
                                                                                                                                           those who qualify.
                                   experience, provides a solid foundation in         is available in a variety of formats to accom-

                                   specialized massage techniques to address          modate the busy lives of working people.
                                   clients’ most common symptoms.                     Come to an Introductory Workshop to
                                   The dedicated faculty teach with the confi-        explore a career in massage for yourself.
                                   dence and passion that come from a well-                                                                 MUSCULAR THERAPY INSTITUTE

                                   developed expertise and love for their work.                                                             103 Morse St., Watertown, MA 02472

                                   The Massage Institute of New                       • 500 hour Massage Therapist Certification          Does working with your hands in a people-ori-
                                   England (MINE) has, as our main objec-             • 750 hour Clinical Massage Therapist               ented industry sound appealing? Call or write for
                                   tive, the education and training of the high-                                                          our free brochure and schedule of introductory
                                                                                        Certification                                     events.
                                   est quality professional Massage Therapists.
                                   Our program focuses on the Integration of          • Deep Tissue & Allied Health Certification         We offer advanced training for Massage and
                                   Body, Mind, and Spirit; accomplished by            • Licensed by the Commonwealth of Massa-            Clinical professionals. Visit our website at
                                   balancing the scientific study of anatomy and        chusetts, Department of Education                 www.MINE-MassageInstitute.com.
                                   physiology with holistic therapeutic mas-                                                              Or call for our Brochure and Newsletter.
                                   sage technique. Each student's process of              Classes commence 5 times a year                 Massage Institute of New England
                                   growth during the course of our program is
                                                                                                                                             22 McGrath Highway, Suite 11
Massage Institute of New England
                                   a mirror of the process of the change and                    Day & Evening classes
                                   evolution which they, as Massage                                                                             Somerville, MA 02143
                                   Therapists, will facilitate in their clients.              Full or Part-time schedules                             617-666-3700

                                       Educate and empower others with                       “The program was phenomenal, full of            You deserve the educational program
                                   integrative health information to enable             so much information and knowledge. The           that doctors, nurses and educators call
                                   them to live healthier & more fulfilled lives.       most significant thing for me was being able     “Brilliant!”…“Amazing,”“Crafted by genius,”
                                                                                        to truly understand how everything is con-
                                       If you are a health care professional, or                                                         … “an inspiration for all in healthcare.”
                                                                                        nected to everything else.”
                                   entry level candidate, who desires to serve                                                         • Offering Distance Learning
                                                                                         —Kathy Farrell, BA, Certified Yoga Instructor
                                   others by providing evidence-based health                                                           • In-Person Classes
                                   information, and a natural, spiritual outlook             “Coming to this program was like • Flexible & Convenient Payment Options
                                   on healing, our programs may be what                 ‘adding another layer to the onion’ to * Sallie Mae student loans
                                   you’ve been looking for! Programs include:           enhance all that I practice, and adding the        For a FREE introductory class, electronic
                                                                                        finishing touches to fine tune myself and the
                                                                                                                                       catalog or videos, contact The National
                                   • Whole Health Educator Certification
Are you looking                    • Whole Health Counseling
                                                                                        [patient] contacts I have daily. I am so look-
                                                                                        ing forward to the 2nd year!”
                                                                                                                                       Institute of Whole Health by phone at
                                                                                                                                       1-888-354-HEAL (4325), or visit online
  for work with                    • Certified Nutrition Educator                               —Lori Valle, RN, MT, Nurse Midwife
                                                                                                                                         at www.niwh.org.
                                   • Entry Level Whole Health Certification
   purpose and                     • CEUs for Health Care Professionals                 TAKE THE NEXT STEP TO A CAREER                      Since 1977, pioneers of Whole Health
                                                                                          IN INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CARE!
                                                                                                                                         Education, a unique integration of evidence-
      integrity?                      What students say about the                           * SPECIAL $500 DISCOUNT *                    based health science, with ancient spiritual
                                    Whole Health Education programs:                               through 5/1/06                        wisdom and a natural outlook on healing.


                                                              Bikram Yoga Framingham
                                         The most popular beginning                       flexibility, re-shape your body,                   ed yoga passes for almost 50%
                                         yoga series love by experienced                  de-stress, improve concentra-                      off. Great selection of clothes
                                         yogis as well. Bikram Yoga is                    tion, heal injuries and relieve                    and gifts! Located at 855
                                         a series of the most medicinal                   back or neck pain. Special                         Worcester Rd., Framingham.
                                         Hatha yoga postures done in a                    Introductory offer 7 days for $20                  Visit YogaFramingham.com or
                                         in a warm room to help you                       to new local (within 20 miles)                     call 508-820-9642 for
                                         lose weight, gain strength and                   students. Also annual unlimit-                     information.

                                                                       Bikram Yoga Quincy
                                        The most popular beginning                        flexibility, re-shape your body,                  unlimited yoga passes for
                                        yoga series love by experienced                   de-stress, improve concentra-                     almost 50% off. Great selection
                                        yogis as well. Bikram Yoga is a                   tion, heal injuries and relieve                   of clothes and gifts! Located at
                                        series of the most medicinal                      back or neck pain. Special                        1555 Hancock            Street,
                                        Hatha yoga postures done in a                     Introductory offer 7 days for                     Quincy. Visit YogaQuincy.com
                                        in a warm room to help you                        $20 to new local (within 20                       or call 617-328-9642 for
                                        lose weight, gain strength and                    miles) students. Also annual                      information.

Thyroid, Continued from page 15
and allergies. To improve mitochondrial       disaster. The cell mito-
function, we use N-acetylcysteine (a          chondria are also prone
precursor to glutathione), coenzyme           to free radical damage.
Q10, and alpha lipoic acid, an antioxi-       I recommend turning
dant for liver and nerve health that also     off cell phones and
works to regenerate coenzyme Q10.             unplugging       bedside
This treatment also improves cholesterol      electronic and electrical
and fat levels in the liver, and helps the    devices (including the
gall bladder.                                 telephone) at night,
                                              even though these
    Looking for the Cause                     devices produce rela-
                                              tively low levels of
In addition to treating both symptoms         radiation. Because elec-
and organic dysfunction, it is important      tromagnetic radiation
to identify and eliminate all other possi-    in food can also be
ble causative factors. These may              problematic, eating organic food when-       weeks after treatment, the woman
include: Iodine deficiencies. Iodine is an    ever possible is also recommended.           regained her energy and told me, “I have
important component of T4 and T3.                                                          my life back!” The weight also disap-
Although dietary iodine deficiencies are        Treating Hypothyroidism                    peared—she dropped ten pounds in
now almost nonexistent in the US, some                                                     eight weeks, her skin returned to normal,
people need to supplement their iodine        Conventional treatment calls for patients    and her mood lifted.
intake with kelp, seaweed, or iodine          to take an oral, synthetic form of T4.
tablets. Iodine is also found in dietary      Synthroid®, the most popular such med-            Vitamin Supplements
supplements such as Thyroid & L-              ication, is used by about eight million
Tyrosine Complex™ capsules, which             Americans. Especially in older people        Natural supplements for thyroid prob-
contain other trace minerals needed for       for whom the side effects can be more        lems include vitamins A, B complex,
optimal endocrine function—such as            problematic, it is important to advance      B12, C, and E; coenzyme Q10; and
iodine, magnesium, zinc, copper, and          the dosage slowly until TSH blood levels     especially the minerals magnesium,
manganese—as well as tyrosine, the pre-       return to normal. This medication usual-     manganese, selenium, and zinc.
cursor to thyroid hormone.                    ly must be taken for life.                   Deficiencies of any of these minerals
      Toxicity/heavy metals. Metal toxici-        I have discovered that many people       can prevent the conversion of T4 to T3
ty, determined by hair analysis, can be       respond better to Armour® Thyroid,           and should be corrected. Sufficient pro-
addressed with chelation, both intra-         which is desiccated porcine thyroid. A       tein, iodine and especially the amino
venous and oral. Selenium sup-                recent article in the New England            acid tyrosine are necessary to make T4
plementation can also help remove             Journal of Medicine claimed greater          in the thyroid gland.
heavy metals by working in conjunction        improvements in mood and brain func-
with glutathione peroxidase, a com-           tion with Armour® Thyroid than with                      Conclusion
pound found in asparagus, garlic, and         Synthroid®. I recommend starting treat-
mushrooms. A blood test can determine         ment with a dose of 60-120 mg of             The causes and effects of hypothy-
if selenium supplementation is needed;        Armour® desiccated thyroid, and then         roidism are interrelated. Healthy thyroid
if so, there are several options, includ-     retestmg in a month.                         function depends on the action of other
ing Semethylselenocysteine caps.                  One of my patients, a woman in her       glands, and many key processes in turn
      Candida. Candida is detected using      early forties, complained of fatigue         depend on healthy thyroid function.
stool testing for overgrowth of yeast and     along with dry scalp and hair loss. She      Using integrative medicine to treat these
yeast antibodies. Eliminating yeast,          had gained ten pounds and had irregular      interrelated functional areas can offer
sugar, and wheat from the diet helps to       periods of depression. Because her           patients tremendous benefits.
starve out candida. People suffering          blood test results were in the “normal”
from this disorder should eliminate even      range, she went from doctor to doctor,       Dr Raphael Kellman is director of the
honey and fruit sugars from their diet at     until one physician prescribed birth con-    Kellman Center for Progressive
first, and then slowly reintroduce them       trol pills and Prozac®. When she con-        Medicine in New York City. He can be
into the diet later. Twinlab Yeast Fighters   sulted me, I noticed that her TSH level      reached at (212) 532-0600 or by visiting
include biotin, fiber, acidophilus, and       was 3 mµ/ml; this score, though consid-      the center’s website (www.kellmancen-
herbs to support a healthy intestinal         ered to be within the normal range, may      ter.com). His latest book, Gut Reactions,
environment.                                  indicate low thyroid. I treated her empir-   is published by Random House.
      Environmental Radiation. Radiation      ically with Armour® Thyroid. I also test-
can cause free-radical damage to the          ed her adrenals and found that they were     Reprinted with permission from Life
thyroid, as has happened in Ukraine as a      hypofunctioning, and thus prescribed         Extension
result of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor       ashwagandha and Panax ginseng. Two

                                                                                              FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR   63
Instinct To Heal... Continued from page 28
    Happily, in contrast with our experi-
ences with chaos, we all experience pas-
sages of coherence as well. They do not
necessarily stand out as crowning
moments of existence, such as instants
of ecstasy or rapture, that leave a mark.
In a laboratory in California where car-
diac coherence is researched, Josh, the
twelve-year-old son of one of the en-
gineers, often stopped in to see his father
and his team. He always brought along
Mabel, his Labrador. One day, the engi-
neers had the idea of measuring Josh and
Mabel’s cardiac coherence. Away from
each other, Josh and Mabel were in a
perfectly ordinary half-chaotic, half-
coherent state. As soon as they were
together, they were both in a state of
coherence. If they were then separated,
the coherence vanished once again,
almost immediately. For Josh and
Mabel, merely being together generated        of those who earlier stated they suffered     and to prevent his physiology from get-
coherence. They must have felt it intu-       from insomnia still had trouble sleeping.     ting carried away. In fact, he was now
itively, because they were inseparable.       Only one in eight who had described           able to answer with more tact. He could
To them, being together was surely not        themselves as “tense” continued to do         also find the words to neutralize his col-
an extraordinary experience, but simply       so. Reducing the useless waste of energy      leagues’ aggression without being defen-
one that constantly nurtured their emo-       may really be all that is needed to restore   sive
tional being, something that did them         natural vitality.
good. Something that meant that Josh              In Charles’s case, a few computer-              Stress Management
never wondered if he should spend his         aided training sessions in coherence
life with a different dog, or Mabel with a    enabled him to control his palpitations.      In laboratory experiences, coherence
different master. Their relationship          There’s nothing magic or mysterious           enables the brain to work faster and
brought them an inner coherence; it           about his progress. Every day, he did a       more accurately. In everyday life, we
sounded a chord in their hearts.              few exercises by himself to practice          experience this as a state in which our
    The state of cardiac coherence influ-     experiencing the feelings in his chest        ideas flow naturally and effortlessly: We
ences other physiological rhythms. In         that go with coherence, and in between,       easily find the words to say what we
particular, the natural variability in        he remembered to evoke these same             want to say, and our movements are sure
blood pressure and in respiratory             feelings whenever he started noticing         and effective. It is also a state in which
rhythms rapidly synchronizes with car-        tension building up in the course of his      we adapt easily to unforeseen cir-
diac coherence. These three systems           day. By doing so, he considerably rein-       cumstances, whatever they may be. Our
operate in unison.                            forced the balance of his sympathetic         physiology is in balance open on the
    This phenomenon is comparable to          and parasympathetic systems. In other         world, capable of finding solutions as
the phase alignment of light waves in a       words, he strengthened and adjusted the       the need arises. Coherence, therefore, is
laser beam, which, for that very reason,      timing of his physiological brake.            not a state of relaxation in the conven-
is called “coherence.” This alignment              Like a well-trained athlete’s mus-       tional sense of the word: It does not
provides the laser with its energy and        cles, once this brake is “in shape,” it       require that we cut ourselves off from
power. A hundred-watt lightbulb dissi-        becomes increasingly easy to use. With a      the world, nor does it mean that our sur-
pates its energy in every direction and       finely tuned brake that can be counted        roundings have to be static or even calm.
loses its effectiveness, but when focused     on to work at all times, our physiology       On the contrary, in the state of coher-
into a beam and phase-aligned, this same      does not skid out of control, even when       ence, we have a better hold on the out-
amount of light can pierce a sheet of         outside circumstances are difficult. Two      side world. You could almost say that
metal. The coherence of cardiac variabil-     months after his first session, Charles       while in coherence, we grapple hand-to-
ity may save energy in the same manner.       was once again practicing sports and          hand with exterior circumstances, but it
This focusing of energy is probably why,      making love to his wife with the enthu-       is a harmonious, not hostile, engage-
six months after a training session in        siasm that their relationship deserved.       ment.
cardiac coherence, eighty percent of the      Facing his president, he had learned to           For example, a study of five-year-old
executives cited above no longer said         remain focused on the sensations in his       children whose parents had divorced
they were “exhausted.” Only one in six        chest in order to maintain his coherence      helped researchers in Seattle demon-

strate the impact of the children’s physi-                                                                     better immediately. We
ological balance on their future develop-                                                                      improve our relations
ment. Three years later, those whose car-                                                                      with others, our concen-
diac variability was greatest before the                                                                       tration, our performance,
divorce—and who thus had the greatest                                                                          and our bottom line.
capacity to achieve coherence—were by                                                                          Progressively, the ideal
far the least affected by the family                                                                           circumstances we are
breakup. These children were also the                                                                          constantly seeking begin
ones who had preserved the greatest                                                                            to come about on their
capacity for showing affection, for coop-                                                                      own, but this phenome-
eration with others, as well as for con-                                                                       non is almost a by-
centration in their schoolwork.                                                                                product, a secondary ben-
     Celeste explained to me how she                                                                           efit of coherence. Once
used the coherence of her cardiac                                                                              we have mastered our
rhythm very clearly. At the age of nine,                                                                       own inner being, what
she was terrified at the idea of changing                                                                      happens in the world out-
schools. A few weeks before the first day                                                                      side has less of a grip on
of school, she started to bite her nails,                                                                      us. And we actually have
refused to play with her little sister, and                                                                    a better grip on our world.
even got up several times during the                                                                               Software programs
night. When I asked what situations                                                                            that measure coherence in
made her most want to bite her nails, she       spirit. These symptoms are typical of          cardiac rhythm are used for research on
replied immediately, “When I think              what is generally referred to as               the heart-brain system, but they can also
about the new school.” Still, she learned       “burnout.” While this term is frequently       be used to demonstrate to anyone who
very quickly, as often happens with chil-       applied to work, it just as commonly           doubts that one’s heart would instantly
dren, to focus her mind in order to con-        results from feeling trapped in an emo-        react to one’s emotional state. However,
trol her heart rhythm (as the computer          tional relationship that saps all our ener-    it is perfectly possible to create coher-
software confirmed). Some time later,           gy. In such situations, the most common        ence within the self without a computer
she told me that she was fitting into the       reaction is usually to focus on external       and to immediately feel its benefits in
new school very well: “When I’m                 conditions. People say, “If only I could       everyday life. To do so, you simply learn
stressed, I just go into my heart and talk      change my situation, I would feel much         how to live with heart coherence.
to the little fairy inside. She tells me that   better about myself and my body would
everything is going to be fine and some-        function better.” In the meantime, we          Reprinted from: The Instinct to Heal: Curing
times she even tells me what I should say       grit our teeth. We look forward to the         Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Without
or what I ought to do.” I smiled as I lis-      coming weekend or vacation. We dream           Drugs and Without Talk Therapy by David
tened to her. Wouldn’t we all like to have      of better days “afterwards.” Everything        Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D. (c) 2003,
a little fairy always at our side?              will work out “after I have finally fin-       2004 by David Servan-Schreiber. Permission
                                                ished school ... after I get another job . .   granted by Rodale, Inc., Emmaus, PA 18098.
     Managing Stress with                       . after the children leave home . . . after    Available wherever books are sold or direct-
          the Heart                             I’ve left my husband . . . after I retire….”   ly from the publisher by calling (800) 848-
                                                Unfortunately, things rarely work out          4735 or visit their website at www.rodale-
The concept of cardiac coherence and            like that. Similar problems are likely to      store.com.
the fact that it is possible to learn to eas-   resurface in our new situation. The
ily control it runs completely counter to       dream of a Garden of Eden a little fur-
conventional wisdom regarding stress            ther down the road, at the next crossing,
management. We know that chronic                quickly becomes our main way of deal-
stress produces anxiety and depression.         ing with stress once again. Sadly, we
It also has a negative impact on the            often carry on like this till the day of our
body: insomnia, wrinkles, high blood            death.
pressure, palpitations, backache, skin              Research on the benefits of cardiac
and digestive problems, chronic infec-          coherence leads to a radically different
tions, infertility, sexual impotence, all       conclusion: The problem has to be
caused or worsened by stress.                   turned on its head. Instead of perpetual-
Ultimately, chronic stress affects social       ly trying to produce ideal external cir-
relations and professional performance          cumstances we must begin by control-
by promoting irritability, poor capacity        ling what is inside-our physiology. By
for listening to others, weaker con-            reducing physiological chaos and maxi-
centration, withdrawal, and loss of team        mizing coherence, we automatically feel

                                                                                                  FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR     65
NLP...Continued from page 49
fight-or-flight mechanism. There is no        of the way in which you use your             goal setting, and your personal and pro-
way to fight or flee so it ends up as fear    words?” He replied: “I certainly am,         fessional development. Like riding a
and stress. And that distress has an          and I want to emphasize the importance       bicycle, it cannot be learned from read-
effect on whether they will enjoy the         of that awareness in all of you. In any      ing books, listening to audio CD’s or
flight and look forward to the next one       work, you are going to use words to          viewing videos. It is best taught in a
or feel so anxious that they will try to      influence the psychological life of an       hands-on, experiential learning envi-
find ways to avoid a next flight alto-        individual today; you are going to use       ronment, using a blend of lecture, live
gether.                                       words to influence his/her organic life      demonstrations, and supervised exer-
     But sitting right beside them might      today; you are going to also influence       cises, in a highly supportive atmos-
be a person who thinks, “Well, this           his/her psychological and organic life       phere. NLP Practitioner training pro-
means the plane is on it’s way and            twenty years from now. So you had            vides the opportunity to learn the Art
we’re safe,” and then starts anticipating     better know what you are saying. You         and Science of mastering your mind,
being with the friends or family that are     had better be willing to reflect upon the    emotions and motivations to ultimately
waiting for them at their destination or      words you use, to wonder what their          create your destiny by tapping into your
maybe a business opportunity that is          meanings are, and to seek out and            unconscious resources and awakening
there. These thoughts will cause them                                                      your full potential.
to feel good and they relax.                                                                    All pathways to mastership and
     We are always influencing our self                                                    spiritual development express the need
and others. As in the above example                                                        to heal and release the past if it is hold-
much of our influence happens from                                                         ing us back. Using the most advanced
our unconscious intentions. You cannot                                                     mental and emotional clearing proce-
not have an influence. Imagine going to                                                    dures NLP Practitioners learn tech-
a party or meeting and then remaining                                                      niques for freeing one’s self from the
perfectly still, not saying or doing any-                                                  weight of the past and to begin to live a
thing. Even a lack of behavior has                                                         new and vibrant life.
tremendous influence on others. Most                                                            As one of the originators of NLP
everyone is quite familiar with “The                                                       stated, “We were born happy. We do not
Look”, that silent but deadly visual                                                       need a reason for happiness; it is our
message that we got from our parents,         understand their many associations.”         natural state! Conditioning has caused
teachers, partners or maybe you have               Our thoughts determine how we           us to believe that we need a reason to be
perfected the “Look” to influence             feel, what we say and the actions we         happy, that we need to do something or
someone. So the real question is—             take in life. Our thinking influences the    receive another’s approval to be happy.
when you communicate with your self,          results we get in our lives by:              NLP is not about therapy, it is not about
with customers/clients, family or liter-                                                   marketing, it is not about hypnosis.
ally anyone—are you getting your out-           • how specific and well-thought out        NLP is about freedom! Freedom from
come or are you impeding your out-              are our outcomes and goals                 all the conditioning and learned beliefs
come?                                           • how we are thinking comes across         that are governing our lives.”
     Everyone has their own, unique             in what we say to people, the tone              To be fully who you are capable of
map or model of the world. To create            and delivery of our words and how          becoming, your nervous system must
change for our self or to communicate           and what we say to people affects          be clear of not just who you are, but
effectively with others, it is essential to     them and what they think, say and do       also who you are not. By greater con-
find out how we, and others structure           and perhaps most importantly, our          tact of your conscious mind with your
our inner map of the world and how              beliefs (deep structure thought pat-       ‘infinite consciousness’ (unconscious
those reality maps represent our experi-        terns) influence what we think about       mind and Higher Self) you are trans-
ence and understanding of the outer             our life experience which in turn          formed. Planetary healing begins with
world. Since our subjective interpreta-         affects what we say to ourselves and       personal healing.
tion of experience will determine our           that affects our results as well as our
objective reactions, having a greater           health and well-being.                     Marilou and Jerry Seavey, founders of
understanding of how we make mean-                                                         MindBridge Trainings, are certified NLP
ing will have a direct impact on making       NLP is the science of studying success,      Master Practitioners and Trainers and have
our message clear and our lives               and then ‘re-programming’ the software       been teaching NLP in the Boston area and
                                              of your mind to produce immediate and        worldwide for more than 20 years. Authors
                                              positive change in all areas of your life.   of Universal Mind Power, a best-seller pro-
     One of the ways we convert our                                                        gram from the world’s leader in audio train-
experience into symbols and convey it         NLP offers you the most powerful and
                                                                                           ing programs, Nightingale-Conant, they
to our selves and others is through lan-      practical tools available for changing
                                                                                           have trained with some of the brightest
guage. The following question was             beliefs and for achieving rapid results      minds in the field of personal development
asked of Dr. Milton Erickson, the world       in behavioral changes, developing new        and NLP. www.mindbridgetrainings.com,
famous hypnotherapist: “Are you aware         skills, communications, relationships,       1-800 307-9026. Please see Ad on Page 12.

Unknown... Continued from page 50
sia. Was Bruce the victim of a robbery                                                   learning curve for me, about many
resulting in a slight head injury, or the                                                things, and so it must have subcon-
effects of a small cyst on his pituitary                                                 sciously affected me. However I think
gland? Or perhaps, was Bruce subcon-                                                     that my core would have been the
sciously reacting to the death of his                                                    same.” Bruce recently graduated from a
mother a few years before?                                                               photography program and is currently
                                                                                         working on a portfolio of portraits.
Who are we without our memories?                                                              Memory loss has often been used
All great questions posed by filmmaker                                                   as a narrative device in fiction films,
Rupert Murray in his spellbinding new                                                    from “Spellbound” to “Memento” to
documentary feature film, Unknown                                                        “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless
White Male, chronicling Bruce’s                                                          Mind.” However, in Unknown White
extraordinary journey. But the crux of                                                   Male director Rupert Murray seizes on
this engaging and profoundly unnerv-                                                     this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to
ing movie is not the why, but the what.                                                  closely examine the evaporation of
As the movie’s poster poses, Imagine if                                                  memory, the nature of memory itself
your entire memory was suddenly                                                          and, indeed, the nature of personal
wiped away. Who would you be?                                                            identity. It is a real-life psychological
Would you be relieved to be free from                                                    and biological mystery.
the consequences of past errors in judg-                                                      Unknown White Male was one of
ment? Would you be terrified? Would         behind this lucrative career. Living in a    the most acclaimed discoveries at the
you be excited by the possibility of cre-   loft in New York’s East Village, he was      2005 Sundance Film Festival, has gone
ating a whole new life for yourself?        fascinated by photography and had            on to intrigue crowds at the Los
How about … all of the above.               been studying the medium for two             Angeles, Chicago and Seattle Film
      Filmmaker Murray, who had been        years. It was a profound and portentous      Festivals, and is opening in major U.S.
a longtime friend of Bruce’s before the     career choice, since photography is, to      markets in mid-February, 2006, then
accident, empathetically walks us           some extent, the art of capturing the        rolling out across the country. It is
through Bruce’s quest, recreating the       past, of capturing memories. Bruce is        another offering in the emerging genre
scenes of his remarkable experience in      still struggling to discover who he is.      of films having to do with conscious-
2003. He assembles dozens of child-         Mary Warnock, the famous British             ness and spirituality, a genre that some
hood photos, decades of home videos,        philosopher who saw the film in the          have dubbed “spiritual cinema.” The
extensive interviews with family mem-       edit process, asked the key question         genre was given an enormous boost in
bers, friends, ex-girlfriends, psychia-     about Doug:                                  2004 by the great success of the indie
trists, neurologists, and philosophers—           “He was the same man as he was         hybrid-documentary hit, “What the
and the pervasive and touching partici-     before the catastrophe, but is he the        Bleep Do We Know?!”
pation of Bruce himself.                    same person?” “I have asked people
      We watch as Bruce constructs a        what I was like before the accident,”        Director Rupert Murray has been a doc-
new life by retaining what he admires       says Bruce, “but their memories of me        umentary filmmaker since he was a
about his former self while casting off     are so diverse that, if anything, it makes   child, constantly capturing his family
what—and whom—he dislikes. It is at         it more confusing. I don’t know myself.      and friends on film with a Super 8 cam-
once a nightmare and a dream come           Maybe in a few years when I have more        era. Some of this early footage was
true: a chance at rebirth.                  experience of life, and if my memory         folded into Unknown White Male.
      We see Bruce, now 35, play catch      doesn’t come back, I’ll be able look         Murray’s first job in film was making
up with popular culture and current         back and have a clearer idea.” There is      five-minute market research videos for
events, experience the serenity of a        a chance he may never gain a full            advertising agencies. Now he produces
“first” snowfall and the bombast of fire-   understanding of who he was. Memory          documentaries and series, mostly for
works. And we watch him reconstruct         loss forces us to challenge our under-       British television. “All of my home
relationships with family members he        standing of experience, of reason, of        movies, and the sort of handmade way I
does not recognize, and fall in love with   reality. It may take a profound, inti-       make films, all of these techniques I
a woman who knows only the post-            mate, creative event to help Bruce           have been learning came to fruition in
accident version of her lover. A high-      either fully realize his former self or      this film,” he says.
living, jet-setting Brit, Doug Bruce had    shape his new personality.
been a successful stockbroker and party           Bruce is quite reflective about not          Unknown White Male has pro-
boy living the good life in Manhattan.      only his journey but how this film has       foundly affected Bruce’s astonishing jour-
He and his friends enjoyed social and       affected that journey. “This film has        ney. As a seeker, it will probably affect
adventuresome forays to London, Paris,      altered who I am, especially as it repre-    yours, too. For more information, visit
South America, the Caribbean and else-      sents the majority of my remembered          http://www.unknownwhitemale.com.
where. In 1999, however, Bruce left         life,” he says. “I think it has been a

                                                                                           FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR    67
Winter Reading
                              Science, Soul and the                                        101 Ways to Have
                              Spirit of Nature                                          True Love in Your Life
                              Leading Thinkers on the                                           By Daphne Rose Kingma
                              Restoration of Man and Creation
                              Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld                     Whether you’re looking for love or looking
                              With Jessica van Tijn                           to rekindle love, “Love Doctor” Daphne
                             In Science, Soul and the Spirit of Nature,       Rose Kingma saves the day or at least gives
                             Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld, princess of the     you the knowledge required to find, keep,
                             Netherlands, interviews twelve respected         and foster what nearly every one of us
                             visionary thinkers, representing all conti-      desires—true love. In 101 Ways to Have True Love in Your Life Kingma,
                             nents, about their deep connection with
                             Earth and their views on the relationship        a psychotherapist with 25-years experience, leads us into the princi-
                             between humanity and the natural world.          ples of “Loving Yourself,” which provide the foundation for everything
                             Presented as a series of thought-provoking       to come. “Preparing for Love” and “Psychology and Understanding of
                             conversations, this book delves deeply into      Love” set the stage for the deeper “Communicating with the Person
                             the many conceptions we hold about               You Love” and ultimately, the powerful and intimate “Stoking the Fire.”
 nature, showing that while we have made great strides in the area of
 its preservation, we must now take the next step toward ensuring its         Instead of telling us where to go in search of love, she tells us what to
 survival. Each contributor adds insights into the urgent change in con-      do so love might more readily find us.
 sciousness that we must adopt in order to heal and restore the holis-
 tic relationship between humans and Earth that was emblematic of the                                                Conari Press. Hardcover, $12.95.
 first peoples. Together these voices remind us that separation from and
 destruction of nature is a destruction of ourselves.
                                                                                           The Four Spiritual Laws
 Bear & Company. Paper, $18.00.                                                                      of Prosperity
                                                                               A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance
                            Holland’s Grimoire of                                                     By Edwene Gaines
                            Magickal Correspondences
                            By Eileen Holland                                 Edwene Gaines knows what it’s like to live with
                                                                              fear and deprivation. A cynical person with barely
                          Author and Wiccan priestess Eileen Holland          a dollar to her name, a young daughter to feed,
                          spent many years collecting and cataloging          and no vision for her future, she embarked on a
                          magickal correspondences from traditions            soul-searching journey that enabled her to turn
                          and cultures around the world. Holland’s            her life around. Today she lives a life of affluence
                          Grimoire of Magickal Correspondences is the         that is also rich in happiness and purpose. An
                          ultimate resource for witches, magicians and        ordained Unity minister since 1979, Gaines made a commitment to
                          shamans, Druids, Wiccans and Santerians.            share the four spiritual laws—or guiding principles—that set her on the
                          More than five hundred topics are included,
                                                                              road to recovery and that continue to inspire her today. These four
                          arranged alphabetically by intent. Topics
                                                                              spiritual laws which shatter the myth that success results only from
                          range from Ability, Abundance and Abuse to
                                                                              hard work, exacting plans, and driving ambition, form the core of
Youth, Zeal and Zodiac. An excellent compendium and resource for all
                                                                              Gaines’s workshops and are outlined in this book.
things magickal.
                                                                                                                           Rodale. Hardcover, $18.95.
New Page Books/ Career Press. Paper, $18.99.

                          Hidden Language Codes                                            The Fasting Handbook
                          Discard a Weak Language of Doubt                                    Dining from an Empty Bowl
                          and Excuse; Acquire a Vocabulary of                                             By Jeremy Safron
                          Power and Sovereignty
                                                                              For anyone living in this modern world, it is
                          By R. Neville Johnston
                                                                              impossible to escape the toxins everywhere in
                             When R. Neville Johnston was shot three times    our air, water, and food, as well as the visual and
                             in 1977, he died. But he came back knowing       noise pollution that fill our minds with advertis-
                             some things he hadn’t known before. That the     ing, srress, and fear. Over time, these toxins
                             universe is made up of vibrations for one. And   build up and lead to a myriad of health prob-
                             that some of the most meaningful vibrations      lems. Fasting allows the body to heal itself. It is
                             are the words we use in everyday thought and     the practice of cleansing that allows people to press the reset button
                             speech. Obviously it behooves us to choose       on their bodies and life. In The Fasting Handbook, Jeremy Safron pres-
                             our words with care so we can create the life    ents a variety of fasts such as water, juice, soup, and raw foods, as well
we want. Hidden Language Codes is a book about thought. Where we              as healthy ways to cleanse certain parts of the body, from internal
go in life is directly related to our mastery and command of our thoughts     organs to eyes, ears, nose, skin, and blood. There are also fasts in
and our language. In evolving, we naturally change the way we think. A        which people can go for a period without speaking, working, interact-
method of accelerating this process is to change the very words we            ing with people or the media, and more. Safron also offers fasting
think with. This book is the key to learning words that will improve our      assistants such as herbal baths, yoga, music, sweats, and meditation.
lives and giving up the ones that hold us back.
                                                                              Celestial Arts. Paper, $11.95.
Weiser Books. Paper, $14.95.

                                                            Winter Reading
                              Afterlife Encounters                                            What the Bleep
                              Ordinary People, Extraordinary                                  Do We Know?!
                              Experiences                                                Discovering the Endless
                              By Dianne Arcangel                                          Possibilities for Altering
                              Foreword by Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D.                           Your Everyday Reality
                               Receiving communications from the                       By William Arntz, Betsy Chasse
                               dead is a normal, common experience?                                 and Mark Vicente
                               Who says? It’s all in a new book by               What the Bleep Do We Know?! Is a
                               Dianne Arcangel, a former hospice                 book of amazing science. With the
                               chaplain, psychotherapist for a psychi-           help of more than a dozen research
                               atric hospital, and director of the               and theoretical scientists, it takes the
                               Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Center in                   reader through the looking glass of
                               Houston. Arcangel wrote Afterlife                 quantum physics into a universe that
                               Encounters to share the results and sto-          is more bizarre and alive than ever
ries from her landmark five-year, international study of people who              imagined. Then it takes you beyond, into the outer edges of our scientific
have had life-changing visitations from their deceased loved ones.               knowledge of consciousness perception, body chemistry and brain structure.
Afterlife Encounters combines inspiring personal accounts with impres-           What is thought made of? What is reality made of? And most importantly, how
sive research showing the profound healing effects of afterlife contact          does a thought change the nature of reality? This is a book that shows you not
for people in grief. Arcangel categorizes the types of afterlife encoun-         the path, but the endless possibilities.
ters people experience, gives six conditions for evidence of survival
beyond bodily death, and provides wise guidance for helping the                                               Health Communications, Inc. Hardcover, $26.95.
bereaved come to terms with their loss.
                                                                                                       How Animals Talk
Hampton Roads. Paper, $15.95.                                                                     And Other Pleasant Studies
                                                                                                         of Birds and Beasts
                                                                                                              By William J. Long
                     Magickal Crafts                                                               Foreword by Rupert Sheldrake
                     By Kristin Madden and Liz Roberts                                                   Preface by Marc Bekoff
                    Filled with beautiful, magickal crafts and delicious         Many sources have commented on the silent
                    recipes, Magickal Crafts is a book for everyone,             communication abilities of pets, but never before
                    from experienced crafispeople to those that are              and not since the first publication of this classic
                    all thumbs. You’ll learn how to become open to               book in 1919 has the subject of animal telepathy
                    your own creativity and allow it to manifest, and            in the wild been so fully researched. How
                    to make unique crafts for celebrations marked on             Animals Talk explores the phenomenon of vocal, silent, and even
                    the Wheel of Life. Madden and Roberts show us                motionless communication among animals. Long explores numerous
                    how to create special gifts and mouth-watering               examples of animal behavior that defy conventional explanation, and
                    delicacies, or design and wear fun clothes, as               seen in the context of his work, unexplained human abilities such as
                    well as body oils and henna body art. There are              telepathy and premonition seem normal rather then paranormal.
also dozens of photos to guide the reader through the projects.
                                                                                                                           Bear & Company. Paper, $18.00.
New Page Books. Paper, $14.99.
                                                                                               I Ching for Beginners
                                  Harvest for Hope                                                  A Modern Interpretation
                                  A Guide to Mindful Eating                                           of the Ancient Oracle
                                  By Jane Goodall                                                            By Mark McElroy
                                  With Gary McAvoy and Gail Hudson               Offering guidance to emperors, generals, and
                                  The renowned scientist who fundamen-           kings for millennia, the I Ching remains a pow-
                                  tally changed the way we view primates         erful oracle and continues to shape the con-
                                  and our relationship with the animal king-     sciousness and fate of one of Earth’s oldest
                                  dom now turns her attention to an              and most vibrant civilizations—China. However,
                                  incredibly important and deeply personal       many Western seekers find its symbolism and
                                  issue—taking a stand for a more sustain-       outdated metaphors a challenge to interpret.
                                  able world. In this provocative and            Mark McElroy reverently recasts the I Ching’s
                                  encouraging book, Jane Goodall sounds          ancient ideas into everyday terms, making it
                                  a clarion call to Western society, urging us   fast and easy to apply its enduring wisdom to contemporary life. For
                                  to take a hard look at the food we pro-        each of the I Ching’s sixty-four passages, McElroy provides a summa-
                                  duce and consume—and showing us                ry, study questions, and keywords, and explains how the message
                                  how easy it is to create positive change.      relates to relationships, love, work, and projects. Also included are
                                                                                 directions for creating and interpreting hexagrams.
                                  Warner Books. Hardcover, $24.95.                                                             Llewellyn. Paper, $1 2.95.

                                                                                                                 FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006      EARTH STAR        69
                       New Rules                                                       Floral Acupuncture
                       Polite Musings from a Timid Observer                      Applying the Flower Essences
                       By Bill Maher                                            of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites
                                                                                       by Deborah Craydon, C.F.E.P.,
                          On the forefront of today’s most influential                    & Warren Bellows, Lic.Ac.
                          comedians, Bill Maher is one of the few who
                          can shape public debate, making people laugh        In Floral Acupuncture, the first book to
                          while opening their eyes to the sobering truth of   link the flower essences of Dr. Bach
                          what’s really happening around them. New            to acupuncture points, certified flower
                          Rules: Polite Musings from a Timid Observer is a    essence         practitioner        Deborah
                          collection of brand new editorials setting forth
                                                                              Graydon and licensed acupuncturist
                          Maher’s inimitable rules for a better world. With
                          his trademark incisiveness and wit, Maher tack-     Warren Bellows have combined their
 les everything from the serious to the absurd, skewering the people,         expertise to present an innovative and
 politicians, and little annoyances in life that make him angry, exasper-     highly effective holistic method to
 ated, and downright baffled. New Rules is Maher’s hilarious and              treat body, mind, and spirit. Floral Acupuncture thoroughly explains this
 thought provoking attempt at bringing back those old-fashioned time          groundbreaking form of alternative healing. The process is simple and
 wasters: courtesy, consideration, and common sense.                          effective. By applying floral essences to acupuncture points and fol-
 Rodale. Hardcover, $24.95.                                                   lowing the careful instruction of this practical manual, everyone can
                                                                              experience the healing benefits of acupuncture gently and efficiently
                        The Fog                                               with flowers instead of needles. The book provides instructions for
                                                                              application and self-diagnosis, and includes treatments for common
                        A Never Before Published Theory
                        of the Bermuda Triangle                               conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Beautifully
                        By Rob MacGregor and Bruce Gernon                     illustrated with full-color photography.
                                                                                                                       The Crossing Press. Paper, $16.95.
                         Is there an explanation for the thousands of
                         people who have disappeared in the Bermuda                            Sudden Awakening
                         Triangle? What can we learn from Charles                           Into Direct Realization
                         Lindbergh, Christopher Columbus, and Bruce                                             By Eli Jaxon-Bear
                         Gernon—the co-author of this book—who have
                         survived their frightening encounters in this        Sudden Awakening is based on ancient teach-
                         region? The Fog presents Gernon’s exciting           ings and years of contemplation, and puts spiri-
                         new theory of the Bermuda Triangle, based            tual awakening in a larger context of the next
                         upon his firsthand experiences, reports of other     evolutionary leap for humankind and the possi-
survivors, and scientific research. Gernon and MacGregor intelligently        bility of stopping the destruction of the world. It
discuss how a meteorological phenomenon, electronic fog, may                  is a practical guide for those who have already
explain the bizarre occurrences in this region: equipment malfunctions,       had deep experiences but want to be estab-
disorientation among pilots, and time distortions. They also explore the      lished in the truth in the midst of every day life.
fascinating history of this infamous region and its potential link to         Eli Jaxon-Bear, a teacher in the self-realization
Atlantis, UFO sightings, and a secret navy base on Andros Island.             lineage of Sri Ramana Maharshi, offers insight into the nature of the true
                                                                              spiritual quest and shows the traps and confirming signs along the way.
Llewellyn. Paperback , $12.95.
                                                                                                                              H.J. Kramer. Paper, $12.95.

                    Addiction to Love                                                            Oracles Of The Dead
                    Overcoming Obsession and Dependency                                               Ancient Techniques for
                    in Relationships                                                                   Predicting the Future
                    By Susan Peabody                                                                         By Robert Temple
                      Hope and recovery are lifelines for any addict. For     Many methods for predicting the future, such as
                      love addicts, that support can be found in Addiction    tarot, runes, the I Ching, and other divinatory ora-
                      to Love: Overcoming Obsession and Dependency in         cles, can be traced back to ancient cultures. Robert
                      Relationships. Newly revised and updated, it            Temple examines the Creek and Roman traditions
                      remains the resource for any love addict who is         and techniques of divination and compares them to
                      desperate for help. A recovering love addict herself,   those of ancient China. He reveals the real physical
                      Peabody speaks from the heart of experience as          location of the “hell” of the ancient Creeks—known
she describes in explicit detail the variety of ways this disorder plays      in antiquity as the Oracle of the Dead and used for seances intended to
out, from the obsessively doting love addict to the addict who can’t          contact the spirits of the dead—and provides photographs from his explo-
disentangle from an unhealthy, destructive relationship. Addiction to         rations there. Relating them to the ancient belief in the Oracle of the Dead,
Love is not a dry analysis of the psychological underpinnings of love         Temple examines the various mysteries associated with Delphi and the
addiction, but rather a straightforward explanation of this painful disor-    other oracles of the ancient world and explains how they were used to
der and what can be done to help the afflicted. This easy-to-follow           allow visitors to experience contact with the divine. Furthermore, his exam-
recovery program makes it possible for anyone to create nurturing,            ination of the Chinese oracular system shows how the latest developments
safe, and fulfilling relationships.                                           in science are validating the system of the I Ching.
Celestial Arts. Paper, $12.95.                                                                                             Destiny Books. Paper, $19.95.

                              Ecoshamanism                                    Beyond The Indigo Children
                              Sacred Practices of Unity,
                              Power and Earth Healing                                    The New Children and the
                              By James Endredy                                           Coming of the Fifth World
                                                                                            By P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.
                             In a society riddled with rampant con-
                             sumerism and unsustainable technolo-            According to prophecy, the fifth sun or fifth
                             gies, it’s easy for everyone, including         world of the Mayan calendar moves into
                             shamans, to lose touch with the natural         ascension on December 21, 2012. This
                             world. In Ecoshamanism, James Endredy           date represents a “gateway” of planetary
                             presents a new philosophy of shamanic           development that will open humanity to
                             practice designed to deliver well-being         new ways of living and new worlds of
and spiritual harmony to all of us by reinforcing our own relationship       opportunity. Ancient traditions have fore-
with the natural world. The result and culmination of years of research      told that our successful passage through
and experience with shamanic traditions from around the globe,               this gateway depends on the “fifth root
Ecoshamanism brings to the forefront of modern thought the hidden            race”—new stock in the human gene
gems found in the vast banks of indigenous knowledge, and encour-            pool—destined to help us through the exciting and massive changes
ages all of us to seek healthier and saner lives by honoring and sup-        ahead. P. M. H. Atwater illuminates the characteristics of the extraor-
porting the physical planet we live on and all its bounty. Endredy dis-      dinary “new children” of the fifth root race, those brilliant and irrever-
cusses what Shamanism is and isn’t and introduces Earth Education as         ent kids born since 1982. She explores the relationship of the new
a hybrid of environmentalism.                                                children to the prophecies in the Mayan calendar and other traditions,
                                                                             providing extensive background information about the seven root
Llewellyn. Paper, $19.95.                                                    races and the great shifting of consciousness already underway. She
                                                                             also discusses the phenomenon of soaring intelligence and undevel-
                                                                             oped potential and provides concrete guidance and tools for those
                        Chakra Tonics                                        who seek to understand and help the new children achieve their full
                        Essential Elixirs for the Mind, Body, and Spirit
                                                                             potential. Beyond the Indigo Children is the first major study of today’s
                        By Elise Marie Collins
                                                                             children, and their place in our rapidly changing world, that combines
                       Elise Collins has created the perfect guide and       objective research with mystical revelation and prophecy.
                       recipe book of smoothies, teas, and tonics to
                       help us transform our overall health and vitality.                                           Bear & Company. Paper, $16.00.
                       Her restorative recipes contain powerful super-
                       foods, herbs, minerals, and ph-balanced liquids                Blackfoot Physics
                       designed to nourish the physical body and revi-                    A Journey into the
                       talize its central energy system—the chakras. In            Native American Universe
                       Chakra Tonics, Collins outlines a brief descrip-                       By F. David Peat
tion of the chakras and addresses the source of health problems in our
energetic bodies, describing how the tonics assist the subtle body and       One summer in the 1980s, theoreti-
chakras to release stale energy that, if not processed, can lead to dis-     cal physicist F. David Peat went to a
ease and illness. She also describes ways to use these healthful drinks      Blackfoot Sun Dance ceremony.
in combination with yoga techniques in an ongoing preventative man-          Having spent all of his life steeped in
ner or in conjunction with a specific meditation, visualization, or affir-   and influenced by linear Western
mation to enhance its power.                                                 science, he was entranced by the
                                                                             Native American worldview and,
Conari Press. Paper, $9.95.                                                  through dialogue circles between
                                                                             scientists and native elders, he
                    The New American Ultimate                                began to explore it in greater depth.
                    Dream Dictionary                                         Blackfoot Physics is the account of
                    By Joan Seaman & Tom Philbin                             his discoveries. In an edifying syn-
                   This A to Z guide defines over 3,000 terms so you         thesis of anthropology, history, meta-
                   can better understand your dreams, your uncon-            physics, cosmology, and quantum
                   scious, and yourself. The New American Ultimate           theory, Peat compares the medicines, the myths, the languages—the
                   Dream Dictionary by Joan Seaman & Tom Philbin, is         entire perceptions of reality of the Western and indigenous peoples.
                   a collection of definitions born from a wide variety of   What becomes apparent is the amazing resemblance between indige-
                   sources. Many were inspired by the research of            nous teachings and some of the insights that are emerging from mod-
                   renowned psychiatric thinkers like Jung and Freud.        ern science, a congruence that is as enlightening about the physical
 The handbook is thorough and easy-to-use: simply look up the                universe as it is about the circular evolution of humanity’s understand-
 objects and emotions seen and experienced in your dream, contem-            ing. Through Peat’s insightful observations, he extends our under-
 plate their different thought-provoking meanings, and put them              standing of ourselves, our understanding of the universe, and how the
 together like pieces of a puzzle. With so many symbols explained,           two intersect in a meaningful vision of human life in relation to a greater
 many with multiple meanings, this user-friendly tool may be one of the      reality. Blackfoot Physics is a book that will captivate anyone with an
 most comprehensive dream resources to ever hit the shelves.                 interest in the relationship between science, spirituality, and the differ-
                                                                             ent ways of knowing.
 New American Library. Paper, $14.00.                                                                                    Weiser Books. Paper, $18.95.

                                                                                                           FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006     EARTH STAR        71
        AROMATHERAPY                                                 CANDLES                                          HEALING
Medicinal Aromatherapy:           Medical-
Grade Essential Oils. Same quality used
                                                                                                        REPAIR RECHARGE RENEW !
                                                                       100% PURE
by physicians in Europe. Workshops and                           BEESWAX CANDLES
training by experts in oil use. Call Connie                       no chemicals, no metals               Unblock trapped energy that holds you
at (617) 277-5344.                                            solid pillars, votives, tealights,        back and keeps you from moving forward
                                                               stars, hearts, moons & more              in your life. Let me help you find a new
Natural perfumes, crafted from pure,                          classic, scented (essential oils),        balance and zeal to actualize the goals and
botanical essential oils, honed to your per-                     or pressed flower designs              dreams you have always yearned for.
sonality and chemistry by an experienced                                                                     Most clients report a new untapped
                                                          Bring healthy light & the magic of bees
aromatherapist. Discover this thrilling art of                                                          energy after only one session.
                                                                   to your sacred spaces.
unique scent design, now taking Europe
by storm. Many rare essences available;                    Starlight Creations, Acton, MA                SANDIE - Energy Practitioner
astrological concerns a specialty. Men and                             (978) 264-9480                            (617) 230-0725
women welcome! Call Peg at (781) 393-                           bee_candles@yahoo.com
6816, or email albion2363@yahoo.com.

             ASTROLOGY                                            COUNSELING                                     HELP WANTED

Personalized Astrology Charts by mail.
Natal Horoscopes ($40); Future Forecast                     Holistic Counseling                         Sales Associates Wanted
Transit Reports ($75 for 1 full year, $50 for                     Prayer to Shamanism,
6-months, $35 for 3-months); and two                            Chi Kung,Homeopathy.                    Earth Star magazine is looking for
kinds of Relationship Compatibility Reports:               Release subtle stresses and conflicts.       independent, motivated and experi-
the basic Compatability Report, and the                             Follow Your Bliss.                  enced sales people to work part- or full-
Composite Relationship Report ($45 each,                      Work with Your Greater Self.              time from your own home. Generous
or both Reports for $75). Send Name (as                            Overcome Barriers.                   30% commission. Flexible hours.
you'd like it to appear on the chart), Date of
Birth, Time of Birth (as close as possible),                         Mark Berland
Place of Birth (city/country, etc.) for each                    Davis Square, Somerville                         (617) 498-0265
person, payment (checks only) and return                             617-625-5593                         E-mail: earthstarm@aol.com
address & phone# to: Tim Gunns, 1247                            Serving Boston for 30 years
Lincoln Blvd., #195, Santa Monica CA
90401. (310) 281-7882..                                 Homeopathic Counseling Program for
                                                        psychotherapists, counselors, anyone
                                                        considering a career in homeopathy,
                                                        meets one weekend a month, at Lesley
                                                        University in Cambridge. Teleosis School      Tai Chi, Chi Gung (Qigong) is taught in
 Horoscopes          Get Your
                                                                                                      7-week sessions at Brookline Tai Chi. Call
                                                        of Homeopathy, (617) 547-8500,
      and        Personal                               info@teleosis.org, www.teleosis.org.          for our course brochure and information.
  astrology         Astro                                                                             Free sample class. (617) 277-2975.
    reports     Value-Pack
   provide a
                   for just $62
                                                                DOLPHIN SWIMS
   on your                                              Wild Dolphin Swims. Experience The                    An Earth Star
 potential...       Includes a
                 Natal Horoscope                        Human-Dolphin Connection: ecstatic and            Classified Display Ad
  and your                                              meditative Caribbean Island retreats, yoga,
                      plus a
   future!    6-month Future Forecast                   healthy food, Sacred Journeys, Atlantis
                      Transit Report (40-50 pages)      Stones, warm ocean, deserted beaches.
                                                                                                          will get your
                       (specify which month to begin)   photos/         special          programs           business
  Send Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth (as           www.wildquest.com                                  or product
  close as possible), Place of Birth (city/country,
  etc.) for each person, payment and return                                                                 noticed
  address & phone# to: Tim Gunns, 1247
  Lincoln Blvd., #195, Santa Monica, CA                                                                    This 2” x 2-1/4” Ad is just $85
                                                        BeautyWay Seminars with Venerable
  90401. (310) 281-7882.
                                                        Dhyani Ywahoo. “To purify one’s view, to                   617-498-0265
                Shipping is FREE
                                                        see the world in good relationship: con-
                                                        ceptualize the ideal, visualize, communi-
                                                        cate and do it.” Inspired by Native
                                                        American and Tibetan Buddhism. Studies
                                                        offered monthly. www.sunray.org.

  72     EARTH STAR        FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006
            MEDITATION                             SPACE AVAILABLE                                 CLASSIFIED
Rudrakasha,      beautiful vibrational      WATERTOWN SQUARE. The Bodymind                        ORDER FORM
tools for Meditation, Yoga, Personal        Integration Center has quiet, sunny
Adornment, Healing, Alignment, GF SS        offices for a full or part-time practitioner.   You can place your Classified Ad
14K Rudrakasha Japa Malas, Gemstone         $300 - $575. Also large attractive carpet-      three ways - Email, fax or by mail.
Prayer Beads, Nine Planet Astrological      ed workshop and part-time office space          Please include your name,
Jewelry, Protect and Hold your Yogic        rentals, weekend, or weekdays. Call             address and phone number.
                                            Michael Jaro @ (617) 926-9171.
Energy, www.rudrakasha.com.
                                            Arlington MA. Offices for practitioners         CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ADS
                                            and other professionals. Excellent location.
        OPPORTUNITIES                                                                           2-1/4” w x 1” h = $55
                                            Waiting room. Outdoor signage available.
                                            $435-$465 month includes utilities.                 2-1/4” w x 2” h = $85
                                            (781) 316-1589.                                     2-1/4” w x 3” h = $115
Potential vegan pizza-sub chain in
Boston seeks partners, especially with      Harvard Square / Cambridge: New
business/restaurant skills. We aim to                                                           Frequency Discount
                                            School of Music has a large classroom
change public eating habits while earning                                                   We offer a 10% discount for three
                                            for rent - Yoga Classes, Book Clubs,
a living. 617-472-1524 veganearth@veri-
                                            Meetings, Workshops, Seminars! Outside          or more insertions when paid in
                                            Harvard Sq. near Mt. Auburn Hospital,           advance; 15% for six insertions
                                            FREE parking lot, rug, A/C. Call 617-492-       when pre-paid.
                                            8105 or email info@cambridgemusic.org
 The New Fat Loss Patch!!!                  for rates. Visit http://www.newschoolof-
                                                                                              CLASSIFIED LINE ADS
    Lose fat & inches with this ayurvedic
       & homeopathic wellness patch.                                                        Classified Line Ads are $1.50 per
         Business opportunity with                                                          word with a minimum of 20 words.
     in-service-training & retail sales.
                                                         SPIRITUAL                          The first 2 to 5 words will be print-
          Susan Wadia-Ells, PhD.                                                            ed in bold face at no extra charge.
             (866) 490-7888                                                                           Word Count
             (978) 526-8702
           www.TheWiseOnes.com                                                              Every word or number separated
           ThePatch@verizon.net                                                             by a space is considered a sepa-
                                                                                            rate word. Each 10-digit phone
                                                                                            number is considered one word.
                                                                                            Email and website addresses are
                                                                                            each counted as three words.
                                             Yo-Be Spirit shop with complete
                                             assortment of books, crystals, gifts,                      PAYMENT
                                             clothes, jewelry, aromatherapy,
                                                                                            All Ads must be pre-paid.
                                             music, aura soma, The Vibe
                                             Machine, readings and much more to
                                                                                            We accept Visa, MasterCard, and
                                             inspire your mind, body and spirit.            Discover Card.
                                             Located in the front of Bikram Yoga            Make check or money order
                                             Framingham at 855 Worcester Rd.                payable to Earth Star Magazine.
                                             in Trolley Square, around the back.
                                             (508) 820-9642 or www.Yo-Be.com.
                                                                                            CONTACT INFORMATION
                                                                                            Phone: (617) 498-0265
                                                                                            Fax: (617) 498-0266
                                                    WRITING COACH                           Email: EarthstarM@aol.com
       An Earth Star                                                                        Mailing Address:
                                            Get Support! Create clear vision and
   Classified Display Ad                    focus for completing projects. Fall in love     Earthstar Magazine
         will get your business             with words, explore voice and personal          1247 Lincoln Blvd., #580
          or product noticed                expression, with published writer, experi-      Santa Monica, CA 90401.
         Call: 617-498-0265                 enced coach, “midwife” for creative
                                            process. Call Nadine Boughton at
                                            (781) 391-1704.

                                                                                            FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006   EARTH STAR   73
                           Health Information for the Whole Person™

           A New Look At the Cause of
                               Colds & Flu’s
                                                                         By Georgianna Donadio, D.C., M.Sc., Ph.D.

                                                        Your Spirituality                   work exercise and live. All of these

                he medical explanation
                for cold and flu symptoms       The renowned anthropologist and writer,     actions have a profound effect on our
                identifies viruses and bac-     Joseph Campbell, stated that “all human     health and well-being.
                teria as the culprits for our   beings have three essential questions we
                fever, achy body and            seek to answer: Why am I here? What is        Your Bodily Environment
runny nose. What is not often explained         the purpose of my life?, and Where do I     Our bodies have both an internal and
is the influence our environment, emo-          go when I die?” In order to answer these    external environment we need to be
tional states and our spirituality have on      questions we must form our worldview,       mindful of. Externally, the amount of
whether we are vulnerable to                                                                        noise, stress, pollution, weather
getting sick – or not! To under-                                                                    and amount of exertion or work
stand the cause and effect of                                                                       we do affects our health directly
colds and flu, we have to have a                                                                    through our internal nervous and
larger perspective on the fac-                                                                      immune systems. Our internal
tors that contribute to whether                                                                     chemical environment allows or
or not we get sick or stay well.                                                                    prevents germs from finding a
When dealing with colds and                                                                         friendly home in our blood
flu here are some simple things                                                                     stream, allowing them to multi-
to pay attention to.                                                                                ply and spread. It is important to
                                                                                                    make the connection between
     Your Emotions                                                                                  how we are crafting our internal
Abraham Maslow identified                                                                           environment with what we are
that aside from basic survival                                                                      eating, drinking, how much rest
and safety needs, we possess an                                                                     and sleep we get, as well as the
innate drive to belong, develop                                                                     thoughts, both positive or nega-
self-esteem and actualize our                                                                       tive that we are thinking each
authentic selves. While it might                                                                    day.
seem that exposure to more                                                                               There is no single cause of
people is an invitation for                                                                         any health condition. Colds and
viruses to make us sick, a study                                                                    flu’s are multi-dimensional
conducted by the University of                                                                      because we as human beings are
Pittsburgh found the exact                                                                          multidimensional. By under-
opposite might be true.                                                                             standing and applying the emo-
According to the study, people                                                                      tional, spiritual and environ-
with one to three social roles such as          a set of values also referred to as our     mental cause and effects of colds and
parent, child, friend, etc., are over four      spirituality. Spirituality can be broadly   flu’s you can prevent them from affect-
times more likely to get sick than those        defined as the things we hold, important    ing your life.
with six or more social roles. This may         and sacred, the relationship we form
be caused by the relationship between           with others and with the world around       Georgianna Donadio D.C., M.Sc., Ph.D., has
the immune system and the self-esteem           us. One of the most important aspects of    conducted a private practice in Whole Person
we experience as a result of our interac-       our spirituality and creating a life of     Health Care since 1976 and is the Founder
tions with others. The more positive            meaning and fulfillment is to set bound-    and Director of The New England School of
                                                                                            Whole Health Education. For more informa-
social interactions we experience, the          aries. The boundaries we set are codes
                                                                                            tion, visit www.wholehealtheducation.org.
greater our self-esteem and the more we         of conduct relating to how we behave
enhance our immune function.                    toward ourselves and others, how we eat,

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