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How to Make Pad Thai

•Step 1
First, we'll make the sauce. This usually isn't as hard as you think. The only
ingredients you need for the sauce are tamarind paste (which comes from a
tropical fruit), soy sauce, and brown sugar. Just add water. Heat up 1/2 cup
of water on a stove top and add the brown sugar, soy sauce, and tamarind
paste until blended. You may also add minced red chili if you're up for a little
•Step 2

Make sure all the ingredients are dissolved before turning down the heat so
that the sauce stays warm. Now you can prepare the noodles.
•Step 3

rice noodles
Read the cooking directions on the back of the package of rice noodles.
You'll be cooking them in water until they are soft. Leave them in the water
for about ten minutes or until their soft but not mushy! Drain the water out of
the noodles and pour the noodles into a casserole or onto a serving dish.

•Step 4
Add the Pad Thai sauce, chopped peanuts, and fresh bean sprouts to the
noodles. Toss lightly until all the noodles are covered.

•Step 5

Pad Thai noodles with shrimp
If you decide to use some kind of meat or tofu, the Pad Thai noodles become
a complete main course on their own. Adding a protein source makes the
noodles more satisfying and filling if you don't have a lot of other food to go
with it. Make sure you cook the tofu, shrimp, or chicken separately first before
tossing with the sauce and noodles.
•Step 6

Eating is the best part!
Serve the Pad Thai noodles nice and hot. Enjoy!

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