How to interview to get the job you really want

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How to Successfully Interview
 Making sure you get the career you really want
takes Knowing how to Market Yourself and
 “ACE the Interview “.

    How to Successfully Market Yourself and
    “Ace the Interview “ - Your Roadmap to
    Success !
     1   The Basics and Beyond

     2   Keeping it Simple

✓    3   Getting Down to Business

     4   Core Competencies

     5   28 Common Interview Questions

     6   You’ve Made it – Now What ??

The Basics
Prepare Before You Go

•Online Research
   Learn about the Company
        -History, Envornment, Goals, Philosphy
        Find out Who will you be interviewing with
        Learn about the Company Leaders
        -Gather Company Brochures
        -Use Google
         search on the interviewers name,
         search company website(s)
         search social media sites (twitter, facebook,
         linkedin
         search for news articles

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The Basics
Prepare Before You Go

•Dress for Success :
        -Well tailored conservative dress or pant suit or
         a solid color dress.
        Keep hair and nails manicured anf short – do not
        go to extremes. Makeup should never be worn
        heavy for an interview. Keep fragrance subtle.
        Keep away from clogs, sandals and platform soled
        shoes. Stockings should be a neutral shade.
        Keep jewerly simple and of good quality.
        A ”taylored” look vs feminine (low necklines, sheer
        fabrics) enhances a ”power look” and you will be
        taken more seriously.

 The Basics
 Prepare Before You Go

•Dress for Success :
        -Clean Shaven, subtle aftershave, good
        Make sure your suit is not outdated and fitted
        Pantcuffs should barely touch the shoe, lenght
        of jacket sleeve should be 5” from thumb.
        Shirts collars should fit - if you have lost or
        gained weight, purchase a new shirt.
        Keep wallet in briefcase.
        Keep shoes well polished.
        Belts and belt buckles should be conservative.

The Basics

•General Rules:

        Don’t’ smoke or chew gum Don’t drink during the

        Do give a firm handshake

       Make eye contact and smile

       Don’t be late – be on time, it’s best to be 5-10 min

       Don’t forget your resume – even if they already
       have a copy bring an extra one with you
                    A Simple Process
                                   Make it SS !

                  It is important when you are applying for a position
                  that you be prepared, both by knowing something
   Do Your        about the company, its goals, working environment
Research and be   and management. You can do this through
                  acquaintances, print and the internet. Go over your
  Prepared !
                  strengths and be prepared to answer the most
                  common asked interviews
                  Arrive a bit early, be appropriately dressed and
                  well mannered to everyone. Pay attention to body
 Interview with
                  language, smile and stay confident. You’ve
   Confidence     already peaked their interest on paper, now it is up
                  to you to sell yourself in person. Relax and be
                  yourself. Remember, this is a fact finding
                  appointment to see if you are a “fit”.

                  Make sure you thank the interviewer when you
                  leave and express your interest level and find out
   Follow Up      what are the next steps. Follow this up with an
                  email or hand-written note. Reiterate why you are
                  a good fit and your interest in the next step of their
                  process. Confirm a follow up date if you made

      The Full Story
What You Sow is What You Reap !

                             Close with next
       Examine your        step details. Follow
    transferable skills,   up with “Thank You
      and experience.       Correspondence
       Write a Great       and confirmation of
         Resume,                next step

                           Arrive at Interview
      Reserarch            Early, Presentable
      Companies,             and Confident
      Goals, News

                             Get Interview
      Develop and
      and Success
        Stories            and Trade Shows.

Getting Down to Business
Putting Your Best Foot Forward

 Identify Key phrases that             Do your Homework                      Prepare to Set Yourself Apart from
                                                                             the Competition
 describe your                         • Use tools to find out information
 transferable skills                     about your prospective employer     • Recall and practice reciting your
                                         and interviewer.                      accomplishments with the word
 • The more ways you can describe      • Google,, New York           “Because” and tell a story.
   your experiences, the more you        Times, LinkedIn.                    • Everyone likes to hear how someone
   will qualify for jobs in many                                               succeeded
                                       • Ask for Company Brochures
   industries                            ahead of time to review.            • This is your opportunity to “shine”
 • Leadership qualities are                                                    above the competition.
   marketable                                                                • Determine your core competencies
 • Your knowledge and personality                                              and be able tell a success story about
   are marketable                                                              several of them.

Getting Down to Business
Putting Your Best Foot Forward

 Begin Your Search                           During the Interview:                   Do’s and Don’ts
 • Reach out to your circle of               • Make eye contact, smile and breath    • During the First Interview do not ask
   influence. Ask for references.              easily. Remember to let your            about Salary or Benefits if they are
                                               personality shine through!              not discussed.
 • Sources: Recruiters, newspapers,
                                             • Bring extra copies of your resume.    • Do ask Questions when you are asked
   trade magazines, trade shows,               Have a pad and pen with you to take     if you have any questions.
   premier job boards*, social                 notes.                                • Thank your interviewer for their time
   networking sites (LinkedIn),              • Build Chemistry: Before, the            and ask what is the next step in their
   Associations.                               interview and when answering and        interviewing process. Be sure to
 • Connect with old and new                    asking questions.                       express your interest in the position.
   contacts: network with people-            • Find out what’s most important to     • Do send a hand written Thank You
   finder sites, search engines,               the interviewer.                        note the same day.
   influential alumni. Don’t forget          • Overcome objections
   about existing friends !                  • Tell memorable stories that set you
                                               apart from the competition !

                                      *For a listing of Premier job boards:
Core Competencies
Know What You are Good at and Express It!

          Know                                    Your                  Strengths

1   Analysis                         2    Independence            3   Teamwork
    Fact Finding-Oral                     Resilience                  Entrepreneurial Insight
    Persuasion                            Assertiveness               Planning and Organizing
    Analytical Problem Solving            Flexibility                 Written Communication
    Financial Analytical Ability          Practical Learning          Diplomacy
    Participative Management              Control                     Listening
    Attention to Detail                   Innovation                  Professional Knowledge
    Futuristic Thinking                   Safety Awareness            Empathy
    Presentation Skills                   Creativity/Innovation       Management
    Continuous Learning                   Integrity                   Technical Proficiency
    Initiative                            Sales/Persuasiveness        Employee Development
    Risk Taking                           Customer Service            Motivation
    Communication-Oral                    Interpersonal Skills        Tenacity
    Goal Orientation                      Sensitivity                 Energy
    Process Operation                     Decisiveness                Negotiation
    Communication-Written                 Leadership                  Training
    Impact                                Stress                      Decision Making
    Rapport Building                      Delegation                  Judgment
    Conflict Management                   Influence                   Strategic Analysis

In Review :
  •Be Prepared
         -Examine your transferable skills and write a
         great resume
         -Learn about the prospective Company, Goals,
          News and Managment
         -Develop and practice success stores that set
         you apart from your competation , using your
         core competencies
         -Use all resources when job searching
         -Close the interview with ”next step” details

Congratulations !

                                  Interviewing is something most people do
                                  infrequently, so it is common to feel
                                  uncomfortable. Once you go through these
                                  steps you will feel more confident in the
                                  interview process. If you keep in mind that it
                                  is a process, there are two sides to the
                                  equation. Yours and theirs. This is a period
                                  of discovery to find out if among other things
                                  company goals and environments are in
                                  harmony with your own. If you keep this in
                                  mind, you will feel more relaxed and interview
                                  with ease !

    28 Most Common Questions
Being prepared can set you apart from your competition !

✓   1   Tell me about yourself.

✓   2   Why are your leaving your present position?

✓   3   What’s wrong with your present firm? Your current boss?

✓   4   What challenges have you had and how did you overcome
        them ?

✓   5    How would your former boss (former co-workers) describe
        you ?

✓   6   How well do you handle pressure?

✓   7   What are your greatest accomplishments?\

    28 Most Common Questions
Being prepared can set you apart from your competition !

✓   8    What is your greatest strength ? Weakness?

✓   9    Describe a time when you were confronted and how you
         handled it.

✓   10   What’s wrong with your present firm?

✓   11   What is your current compensation ?

✓   12   What are your short and long term goals?

✓   13   What was the last book you read?
✓   14   What are your hobbies ?

    28 Most Common Questions
Being prepared can set you apart from your competition !

✓   15   Have you received any other job offers?

✓   16   Have you ever been arrested or convicted ?

✓   17   Which jobs did you enjoy the most ? Least ?

✓   18   If you could do anything over in your life, what would it be ?

✓   19   What references do you have to give us ?

✓   20   Why do you want to work for us ?

✓   21   Can you work unsupervised ?

    28 Most Common Questions
Being prepared can set you apart from your competition !

         Describe how you have helped the companies bottom
✓   22

✓   23   What qualities do you look for in a supervisor or boss?

✓        Would you be willing to relocate ?

✓   25   Describe your management (sales, etc ) style.

✓   26   What people do you admire ? Or Who has been most
         influential in your life.

✓   27   Are you a team player ?

✓   28   Do you have any questions for me ?

                         Congratulations !
    You made it through the interview – Now What ?

 You Made it !
 They want to
 offer you the


                         You’ve made it ! You have been chosen out of
                         countless of others. Now the negotiations start. You
  The Art of             have a basic idea of what job pays, but what about
Negotiating the          the extra’s vacation, 40l K, medical dental etc. These
 Deal                    are all in the company policy, but also can be

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