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									     Project Information

        100GET End-to-End Carrier-Grade Ethernet

100GET-E3 investigates future packet
transport in core networks at lower cost
(TCO) than IP/MPLS and SDH, based on
                                             ♦ Automated management & control-plane
                                              based provisioning across technology
                                              layers and network domains
Carrier Ethernet and DWDM technologies.
                                             Approach                                       Project ID: CP4-001
Main focus                                   To adequately address the exceptional          Start Date: 1 October 2007
100GET-E3 addresses both the lack of         diversity of scientific issues in 100GET-E3,
"Carrier Grade" features in IP/MPLS - e.g.   a close collaboration between Nokia Sie-       Closure date: 30 September 2010
missing end-to-end quality of service        mens Networks as industrial project leader
(QoS) - and the network operators' dilem-    and a group of outstanding partners from
ma of exponential traffic growth at flat     German industry, research and academia         Partners:
revenue. To this end, the project integra-   was formed in later 2007. A group of           CoreOptics, Germany
tes investigations on both physical layer    distinguished Finnish partners is about to
and networking aspects:                      complement these activities starting mid       Helsinki University of Technology,
                                             2008.                                          Finland
♦ Robust and spectrally efficient optical
 100Gb/s transmission                        On the physical side, coping with diver-       IHP GmbH, Germany
                                             gence between traffic volumes and reve-        Nethawk Oy, Finland
♦ Minimized connection cost across tech-
                                             nues requires capacity enhancement of
 nology layers, using efficient grooming     legacy fibre infrastructure. To this end, a    Nokia Siemens Networks, Finland
 and aggregation of packet traffic as well   range of novel modulation formats - with
 as supremely cost-effective optical swit-                                                  Nokia Siemens Networks, Ger-
                                             preference on polarisation-multiplexed
 ching of aggregated traffic                                                                many
                                             QPSK with coherent detection - is asses-
                                             sed in terms of performance, complexity,       Technical University              Braun-
                                                                                            schweig, Germany
                                                                                            Technische Universität Dresden,
                                                                                            Germany Technical University
                                                                                            München, Germany
                                                                                            Tellabs Oy, Finland
                                                                                            Universität Würzburg, Germany
                                                                                            VTT (Technical Research Center
                                                                                            of Finland), Finland

                                                                                            Thomas Michaelis
                                                                                            Nokia Siemens Networks, Ger-
                                                                                            E-mail: thomas.michaelis@nsn.com

                                                                                            Project Website
feasibility, and cost, respectively.        specification of the NMS functio-    terms of performance, complexi-
                                            nal remainder in presence of a       ty, feasibility, and cost.
On the networking side, the added           distributed control plane, featu-
complexity of Carrier Ethernet and
DWDM technologies may raise
                                            ring an integrated network view     Impact
questions regarding many multi-
layer and multi-domain issues in
the first place. Appropriate soluti-
ons in such a layered archi-tecture
for routing / traffic enginee-ring,
resilience, planning, manage-ment
and control/ provisioning, however,
yields significant poten-tial for re-
duction of capital and operating

Main results
♦ Multi-layer network architecture -
 Requirements and functional
 specification of the Carrier Ether-
 net / DWDM target network ar-
 chitecture, i.e. which function-
 alities need to be located where
 in the network on which techno-
 logy layer(s), and how do they
♦ Multi-layer routing / grooming
 framework - Well-balanced com-
 bination of routing algo-rithms,
 resilience mechanisms and ad-
 mission control for the involved
 technology layers as basis for                                                 Project results will pave the way
                                            across technology layers.           for packet transport in core net-
 planning and provis-ioning.
                                         ♦ 100Gb/s-scalable packet proces-      works based on Carrier Ethernet
♦ Multi-layer  and multi-domain                                                 and DWDM technologies, as the
                                            sing - Feasibility assess-ment
 provisioning framework - Requi-                                                cost structure of IP/MPLS is consi-
                                            and proof-of-concept FPGA de-
 rements and functional specifica-                                              dered too expensive for coping
                                            monstrator for a 100Gb/s-
 tion for policy-based QoS provi-                                               with the predicted traffic growth.
                                            scalable NPU architecture.
 sioning, with required signalling                                              The involved industrial parties
 and/or routing protocol extensi-        ♦ 100Gb/s DWDM transmission -          leverage their excellent footprint in
 ons.                                       A set of robust and spectrally      circuit-switched transport, exten-
                                            efficient modulation formats,       ding it to future packet transport.
♦ Multi-layer network management
                                            assessed and understood in
 - Requirements and functional

About Celtic
                                         Participants:        small, medium
Celtic is a European research and
development programme, designed to       and large companies from tele-
strengthen Europe’s competitiveness      communications industry, univer-
in telecommunications through short      sities, research institutes, and
and medium term collaborative R&D        local authorities from all 35 Eure-
projects. Celtic is currently the only   ka countries.
European R&D programme fully dedi-
cated to end-to-end telecommunicati-     Celtic Office
on solutions.                            c/o Eurescom, Wieblinger Weg 19/4,
                                         69123 Heidelberg, Germany
Timeframe: 8 years, from 2004 to
                                         Phone: +49 6221 989 405, e-mail:

Clusterbudget: in the range of 1         www.celtic-initiative.org

billion euro, shared between govern-
ments and private participants

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