BELLY DANCE by jlhd32


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									                           UNIVERSITY APARTMENTS 
                            COUNCIL OF RESIDENTS

                  BELLY DANCE
This program has been designed for university apartment residents. You will have the opportunity
to receive instructions in basic techniques, along with appropriate forms. Enjoy the satisfaction of a
good workout and practice in a positive environment. Classes are held twice a week every
Monday and Friday, during SPRING 2010 semester and at the Fitness Center, Spartan Village
Community Center.

       SESSIONS                                    Begins January 18, 2010

     CLASS TIMES                                     Monday and Friday
                                                      7:00pm to 8:00pm

                             $ 20 MSU students/spouses living in university apartments
          FEES               $ 25 MSU staff/faculty living in university apartments
                             $ 35 MSU students and affiliates living off campus

                                    Walk in Registration at first class
                                    Pay by check (Make check payable to UACOR)/ Cash
    REGISTRATION                    Register in person and provide a valid MSU ID.
                                    If you have any questions, please e-mail

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