Do-It-Yourself Automatic Gate Openers for Single and Double Gates

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					Do-It-Yourself Automatic Gate Openers
for Single and Double Gates.
                                                                                       Features & Benefits:
New! Automatic Gate Openers from Zareba Systems are a powerful
and cost-effective solution for property owners with driveway gates.                   4 Low voltage system–
Choose from either the powerful GB340 series which will open gates
up to 4.9 mtrs long and 340 Kg in weight or the lighter duty GB200                       no electrician required
series that can open gates up to 4.25 mtrs long and 200 Kg in weight.
                                                                                       4 Simple DIY installation
Using a simple push button radio link you can open the gate from                         with common
60-90 mtrs (200-300 ft) away. Just push the button and the gates will
open before you get to them. No more getting out of the car on a                         household tools
cold, dark winter’s night.
                                                                                       4 Fits wooden, wrought
    convenience • control • confidence                                                   iron, ornamental,
                                                                                         tubular and other types
                                                                                         of gates

                                                                                       4 Integrated audible theft
                                                                                         alarm system

                                                                                       4 Solar powered option

                                                                                       4 Two models to
                                                                                         choose from

                                                                                       4 Available for single
                                                                                         and double gates

Model                            Gate Panel Length               Weight Rating
GB200 (single gate opener)       4.25 metres (14 feet)                200 kg.
GB202 (double gate opener)       4.25 metres (14 feet)                200 kg.
GB340 (single gate opener)        4.9 metres (16 feet)                340 kg.
GB342 (double gate opener)       4.9 metres (16 feet)                 340 kg.
                                                                                         Meets European Safety Standards
convenience • control • confidence

Automatic Gate Opener

How does an Automatic Gate Opener work?
The Zareba Automatic Gate Opener works by sending a radio signal from a hand held transmitter to a small
receiver. The receiver is wired to the control box which interprets the signal as either a close or open signal.
The motor in the actuator arm then starts and pushes the arm backwards or forwards thus moving the gate.

What power source do I require?
The Zareba Automatic Gate Opener has a low voltage control system. There is a battery in the control box
which requires a constant charge. This allows the use of a 220-230 volt AC to 18 volt AC mains adaptor to
be used. You do not have to employ an electrician to connect the system up. For remote locations solar
panels are available.

What tools do I need to install the Automatic Gate Opener?
The Zareba Automatic Gate Opener does not require any special tools. A power drill, a set of spanners, a
10mm drill bit, hacksaw, small electrical screw driver, cross head screw driver, tape measure, spirit level,
wire stripper or pliers and a set of ‘G’-clamps.

How many times will it open and close in a day?
This depends on the condition of the internal battery. Using the supplied AC adaptor the Zareba Auto-
matic Gate Opener should operate the largest gate up to 200 times a day. When used with a solar panel
the number of operations per day will depend on the available sunlight and geographic location. See solar
panel box for details.

What stops the gate moving when it is closed?
When correctly set up the Zareba Automatic Gate Opener cannot be moved by hand. The actuator arms
will hold them securely in place. For additional security an Zareba Automatic Gate Latch is available (GBL1)

What do I do in the event of a power cut?
The Zareba Automatic Gate Opener has battery backup installed. It will operate while the mains is off. In
the event of a system failure the clevis pin can be removed and the gate opened manually.
Can I leave the gate open for as long as I want?
You can choose to have the gate stay open until you press the button again or have it close after a pre-
determined time.

Will the Zareba Automatic Gate opener cope with snow and ice?
The Zareba Automatic Gate Opener is designed to work in all weather conditions. However, snow must be
cleared away from the gate’s swing path before activating the opener, and moving parts should receive a new
application of silicone spray every 4-6 weeks. It is also a good idea to make sure the hinges are not frozen.

What do I get in the kit?
The kit includes all components you require for installation. However there are no tools and you will also
need to purchase the connection cable (GBW1) between the adaptor and the control box. This can be
purchased by the metre, the length being dependant on the length of drive way.

• Gate opener actuator
• Control box
• Hand held push button transmitter
• Receiver
• Step down transformer
  (220V AC – 18V AC)
• Mounting brackets
  and hardware
• Rechargeable battery
• Warning light
• Safety photo beams
• Warning light
• Instruction manual

                                              Picture shows double gate kit GB342

                                 For more information enquire in store or online at
The Zareba Automatic Gate Openers are available with
a full range of optional accessories.

                        Solar Powered                                          In-Ground Vehicle Sensor (GBS1) – Allows
                        Battery Charger                                        guests to exit property without having to use a
                        (GBSP1) – Charges                                      button. Buried in the ground, it will detect a vehicle
                        battery when the mains                                 within 3.5 metres of the sensor.
                        power is more than
                        300 metres away. Open
                        and close cycles may
                        be limited due to the     Transmitters – For additional drivers to open gate or to open other devices (like
                        geographic location.      garage doors) with a single transmitter. Range of up to 90 metres (300-feet),
                                                  depending on buildings and terrain.
                                                  Mini Keychain Transmitter (GBKF1)
                                                  Single Device – One Button Transmitter (GBT1)
                                                  Two Device – Two Button Transmitter (GBT2)

                  Keypad (GBKP1) – Wireless
                   keypad allows entry by
                    authorized guests informed
                     of your code. The code can
                      be changed in seconds.
                       Complete with weather-
                         protective cover.
                                                        GBKF1              GBT1                 GBT2

Pin Lock (GBPL1) – Pin
lock replaces clevis pin at
front gate mount. It
provides extra security by
deterring unauthorized
removal of
actuator arm.
                                                              Automatic Gate Lock (GBL1) – Provides
                                                              additional stability. Locks when the gate is
                                                              closed and automatically unlocks when gate
                                                              opener is activated.

              Push-Button Control                 Push-to-Open Bracket (GBAB1) – Additional bracket available for gates that
              (GBB1) – Opens gate with the        swing out towards the road.
              push of a button. For interior
              or exterior use. Operates gate      Replacement Battery (GBRB1) – Standard 12-volt, 7.2 amp-hour
              opener from up to 300               maintenance-free battery for the Automatic Gate Opener.
              metres away.
                                                  Low-Voltage Wire (GBW1) – 1.3mm, multi-stranded, dual-conductor low
                                                  voltage wire used to connect the AC-powered transformer to the control box.

                   Zareba Systems • Oakham, Rutland • 44 (0) 1572 725911 •

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