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					Certi Certificate of Forgiveness
Whereas, we have found, in the course of history, that white Europeans took and held captive Black Africans, as slaves. Whereas, for hundreds of years the white Europeans did on occasion, subject the aforementioned Black Africans, held as slaves, to the most inhumane treatment possible. Whereas, we have found some of the descendants of the aforementioned white European slave holders are still feeling guilt (real or imagined) over the treatment of the aforementioned Black African slaves. Whereas, we believe that continued guilt (real or imagined) is counterproductive to building forgiveness, trust and cooperation among all Americans, and furthermore believe distrust weakens our nation. Now Therefore I, Clarence Mason Weaver, President of "The Committee to Restore America," being found to be a descendent of the aforementioned Black African slaves, do hereby, by the authority of my ancestry, certify that all guilt, shame, and debt (real or imagined) of ______________________________, found to be a descendent of white Europeans, is hereby forever forgiven and forgotten. Furthermore, ______________________________ is hereby released of all shame, guilt and debt of the white European slave holders (real or imagined) and may continue as a full citizen of the United States of America without the burden of apology, self-sacrifice or lowered selfesteem. Signed this________day of __________________in the year of our Lord, _____________. C. Mason Weaver, Committee to Restore America PO Box 33451 San Diego CA 92164

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