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                                                                                            Photo: Brownie Harris
                                          Jane Jarvis
                                               1915 - 2010
                 Jazz pianist and New York Mets organist, Jane Jarvis, passed away at on January 25.
                 From 1964 to 1979, she played the organ at Shea Stadium. Previously, she spent
                 eight years as organist for the Braves at County Stadium in Milwaukee. In addition to
                 entertaining baseball fans, she worked for Muzak Corporation where she began as a
                 receptionist in 1963 and eventually became vice president of programming, at a time
                 when a woman in a corporate managerial position was almost unheard of.
                     Bucking trends was not unusual for Jane - at the age of 64, she retired from Muzak
                 and began looking for work
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