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									Ogon Koi Varieties and Charateristics
Ogon Koi Varieties and Charateristics

Ogon koi is considered to be the most favorite attraction
in a pond of koi fishes. The metallic color that shines
and radiate in the bottom of the pond makes it very
attractive. This koi variety is usually distinguished by its
single metallic color. Every koi breeder and collector
would always look for the Ogon koi variety as a feature
of their koi collections. Without the Ogon variety, koi
ponds are incomplete.

Koi fishes of Ogon variety, with scientific name Cyprinus
carpio, can grow up to 3 feet in length. Despite their
size, this variety is very peaceful in nature. There are a
lot of reasons why koi collectors prefer this variety.
Although they originated in Japan, there are also kept
as pets in different parts of Asia.

To make sure that they grow into their potential size and
have the best health, the koi pond should have at least
seven hundred (700) gallons of water. Keeping Ogon
koi as pets can be relatively easy since they can
continue to exist even in very tough environment and
Japanese koi hobbyists and collectors have created a
particular group to refer to single-colored fishes with
metallic luster on their bodies. To label this category of
koi fishes, they used the word Hikarimono. Among this
different subcategory of koi fishes, Platinum Ogon
makes a distinction as among the most notable.

Platinum Ogon is a white or silver-colored white koi
which has a certain type of metallic character. Once it
is in the water, Platinum Ogon can stand out for it
silver hue. One can truly appreciate its beauty once it
is in the pond. Placing it in an aquarium will only let
you to see its sides, thus, making them lose their
majesty. Most of the koi colors can be found in the
center of the body up to its upper part of the body.
That is why the best way of observing and viewing
them is from above the pond.

Ogon koi collectors also prefer looking at the other koi
varieties which include Yamabuki Ogon, Nezu Ogon
and Orenji Ogon varieties. The Orenji Ogon variety is
perfect for hobbyists and collectors fascinated with
goldfish since this variety is decorated with gold hues
which make it more or less similar to gold fishes. This
variety grows to as long as three feet in length Orenji
Ogon can be actually bigger than the usual goldfish
kept as pets.
On the other hand, the Nezu Ogon os considered as
the old kind of Ogon variety of koi. They are
commonly characterized with dark gray metallic
colors which gleam in the waters of the pond. Koi
collectors also refer to Nezu Ogon as Helmet Head
because of the unique dark spot on its head.

Finally, another variety of Ogon koi is referred to as
Yambuki Ogon. It can be seen as metallic yellow fish.
This variety is excellent for collectors, enthusiasts
and owners with ponds which are under-filtered.
They have a trait which is similar to other koi
varieties: they can also be amazingly glittery even
when placed in green pond waters. On the other
hand, this koi type can grow red spots on its head
which is something that collectors and hobbyists do
not want all the time.

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