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					eggs with any toast                               cheese                 egg special               8.95          9.95
                                                                                                                                 MEXICAN EGG DISHES
                                                                          2 eggs (scrambled or fried) cheese & egg
scrambled; fried
                                                                                                                                 chorizo open omelet
                                            4.95 over the
poached on toast                                                          toast ( white, wheat, rye) empanadas
                                                                                                                                 fried tortilla egg/jack roll-up 9.95
                                             5.95 eggs +$2
six egg whites            6.95                                            three slices of bacon
soft boiled eggs (3min)toast soldiers 6.95                                thin french fries                                      egg burrito                       8.95
                                                                                                                                 ropa vieja egg burrito          11.95
omelets                                                                  3 TIger Paws                  moon over miami
                                                                                                                                 sloppy joe egg burrito           9.95
four egg omelet, any toast
                                                                                                       plain toast 5.95
                                                                                                                                 egg burrito cheese melt
                                                                         mini egg-cheese buns, f.fries grilled cheese 9.95
egg flop (flat omelet) 7.95                                                                                                                                       9.95
                                                                         add 1.95
omelet fillings $ 2.25 each-    bacon
                                                                                                          three eggs             hash brown egg burrito 10.95
                                                                                                                                 egg quesadilla
                                tomato                                                                                    9.95
 any meat or veggie side order  avocado                                                                   on top of rice +                                        8.95
    any cheese choice                                                                                     cuban beans            egg nachos (beans?)

pizza omelet, one topping 13.95 turk. bacon
                                fried onions
                                                                                                          tomato gumbo                                            8.95
western ham omelet/cheese 14.95 mushrooms                                                                 sloppy joe beef        huevos rancheros               11.95
western bacon omelet 12.95                                                                                                       migas (casserole)               12.95
chorizo open omelet 14.95                                                                                                        huevos nopales                  11.95
         (all egg whites+2.25)
                                                                                                                                 egg enchiladas chipotle           12.95
CHEESE CHOICE                                                                                                                    chile quilles                    12.95
ricotta, swiss, cheddar,gruyere, gorgonzola,
                                                                                                                                 egg guacamole                    11.95
                                                                                                                                 ropa vieja huevos (pork or beef) 14.95
american, jack, mozzarella, cream cheese,
blue, feta, goat cheese, rice cheese
                                                                                                                                 egg encacahuatadas*              12.95
toast - any of these with egg entreés: (2.95 for side order)                                          CHILI & EGGS               guacamole fried rice             14.95
rye, black, wheat,sullivan squares, bagel, pita,
baguette, corn bread, matzoh, crumpets, flour
                                                                                                      cup 8.95
                                                                                                      bowl12.95                  chorizo, egg, corn flat cake 12.95
tortilla, biscuits, ciabatta, corn tortilla, sourdough,                                               with corn tortilla chips   taco basket chili, eggs         12.95
muffins (blueberry, corn, banana, english, ),1/2 garlic bread,                                        ROLLIN’ ROCKETS 12.95
sesame triad, lefse, cinnamon ,white, farle, pizza
bianca, garlic farle, coconut, cinnamon raisin
                                                                                                      four corn tortillas with grilled arugula and two of the following:
                                                                                                      eggs, bacon, sausage, avocado, turkey bacon, chili, cheddar,
with butter; fruit preserves; vegemite; sour cream
c r e a m c h e e s e , p e a n u t b u t t e r, m a r s h m a l l o w f l u f f , nutella + $1       jack, chicken, beans, fried onions, vegan sausage, bbq turkey

M E A T A N D V E G E T A B L E S I D E O R D E R S $3.95                                                   BLISTERS ON MY SISTERS
BEEF & PORK- pork bacon {maple glazed +$1} , merguez,                                                       (corn tortillas, bean, rice/vegetable mixture, covered with 2
pork sausage links or patties, bratwurst, bbq
                                                                                                            fried eggs, broiled with cheese until it bubbles and browns)
                                                                                                            o r i g i n a l b l i s t e r s o n m y s i s t e r s full-9.95 small-6.95
brisket, chorizo, virginia ham, oxtails (+$3), texas-                                                       s p e c i a l b l i s t e r s o n m y s i s t e r s full-12.95 small-9.95
pork, bbq pulled pork, beef, or chicken, italian                                                            1. vegan sausage,vegetarian black beans
sausage links, spam, beef chili, turkey bacon,                                                              2. bacon hoppin’ john, black-eye peas
turkey kielbassa, thai chicken sausage, turkey                                                              3. chorizo, cuban black bean with ham
hash patty, turkey sausage, smoked chicken bbq                                                              4. all meat chili, onion, ranchero vegetables
VEGETARIAN-                                                                                                 5 . c h i c k e n , a v o c a d o , g u m b o vegetables
vegan sausage, grilled bananas, cheese grits (+$2),                                                         6. artichoke heart, tomato, goat cheese
grits (-$1),steamed spinach(+$2),acorn squash, grilled                                                      7. haricot verts, peas,spinach curry, feta
tomatoes, steamed vegetables, fried onions, fried                                                           8. mushroom, onion marinara mozzarella
potatoes, artichoke, plantains, roast pepper, kasha                                                         BLUES BROTHERS SPECIAL
jalopaeno cheese grits *(+$3), fried mushrooms , salad,                                                                                                 12.95
                                                                                                            three eggs, cubed cheese fried potatoes, greens + one:
guacamole , tabbuleh, okra, haricot vert, corn, collard                                                     vegan sausage; bacon; sausage; turkey bacon or
POTATOES                                                                                                    sausage; fried onions or mushrooms, all meat chili
hash fried cubes , petal fries , mashed, cajun cubes*                                                       SISTERS ON MY CRISPERS
garlic cheesepotato skins (+$3),potato & onion puffs (+$6),
                                                                                                            {well cooked egg whites +green vegetables with soft yolk centers}
mashed yam, french fries, heavenly hash cubes (+$4)                                                         greens vegetables: peas, haricot verts, collards, bok
                                                                                                            choy, asparagus, arugula, spinach, scallions, sno peas

-P ete V ariations - 3 poached eggs on:                                                                     3 EGG ENCHILADAS (mix and match) 13.95
“pete”- jalopaeno, jack, garlic baguette 8.95                                                               chicken,cheese,avocado,bean, spinach, chorizo, turkey bacon,
                                                                                                            chili, bbq turkey, pork bacon, vegan sausage, cuban bean
sneaky pete -“pete”+ bacon crumbles, tomato, scallions 11.95
pete moss -“pete”+ vegan sausage, tomato, scallions 11.95                                                  EGG SANDWICH               C ountry S crambled                12 .95
pete’s sake - cilantro chutney, jack, garlic sour dough; chicken,                                                                     (eggs & add-ins mixed in a sauté pan)
                                                                                                                                  ham / potato / cheese
                                                                                                            on 7 gr ain to ast 8.95
  pignoli, scallions on top 12.95
                                                                   ham & cheese
                                                                                                            three scrambled eggs

pedro - chipotle, garlic, cheddar ciabatta; jicama, chorizo, onion bacon & cheese                                                 bacon /tomato/spinach
  cilantro, on top 12.95
pasquale - arugula, mozzarella, olive oil, garlic sullivan street sausage & jack                                                  shrimp/jack/jalopeno
  square bread; shrimp, tomato, parsley on top 13.95               bacon & tomato                                                 okra / salsa / jack
sloppy pete - beef, tomato, cheddar burrito; garlic spinach 12.95  chicken&avocado                                                corn / cheddar / chorizo
                                                                   fried mushrooms
                                                                                                                                  avocado /gruyere/spinach
FLUFFERNUTTER                     ATKINS          veggie, egg pesto tomato
                                                                                                                                  sausage/ potato/ jack cheese
SANDWICHES 4.95                   BOWL 12.95 R oll-mo p 11.95 chili & cheese
on toast + 1.55                    eggs,cheese,                    ratatouille                                                    turkey/fried mushroom/ jack
french toast + 2.55               veggies,meat                     fried onions                                                   macaroni/cheese/broccoli
toas-tite + 1.95                                                                                                                  chicken/ mushrooms/ onions
                                                                                                          served as a flat omelet

waffle + 4                                                    crisp hash, eggs, toast $14.95
                                                                                                          on ciabatta

                                                                                                                     grapefruit tomato/mozarella/ricotta

pancake + 3.75                                                smoked bbq beef brisket *
                                                              white trash chicken*                                          1.45  bbqbrisket/ huckleberry/peas
                                                              corned beef or pastrami                                             chicken/jack/fried onions
                                                              vegan meat and vegetables                                           turkeybacon/tomato/spinach
bagel- nova, cream cheese                          7.9 5

B ritters                                                           10.95                                cantaloupe               gorgonzola/avocado/arugula
Oatmeal farle, white pudding, seared eggs, fried onions                                                                           fried onions / nova / cream cheese
                                                                                                                                  artichoke, goat cheese, tomato
Branston tomato, bacon beans, crumpets, cheddar scrambled                                                    2.45
Irish black toast, kippered herring, tomatoes, bacon fried eggs
Cinnamon toast, black pudding,boiled eggs, salad cream veggies                                           H and H eld E gg chicken/cheddar/bacon
                                                                                                         B urrito B ags 7.95 vegan sausage/ corn/ jack
crunchy EGG FLIPS, toast 10.95
                                                                                                         ranchero beans chicken/potatoes/blue cheese
                                                                                                         cheese or rice and:
choose two ingredients :
 MEATS- ham, bacon,sausage,nova, turkey,                                                                 vegan black beans halloumi/spinach/pignoli
   turkey bacon, bbq pork, chicken,chorizo                                                               vegan sweet beans turkey sausage/cheddar/tomato
 VEGETABLE SAUTÉS-onions, tomato, garlic,mushrooms, peas,                                                cuban black beans vegetables/swiss/cashews
   bell peppers, potatoes, spinach, arugula, haricot verts                                               green vegetables
 OTHERS- goat cheese, artichoke, haricot vert,cranberry, fresh                                           mushroom tomato chipotle/fried onions/avocado
   jalopaeno, cheese curds, vegan sausages, blue cheese,                                                 curried onions           bbq pork/ hominy/ cheddar
   avocado, black pudding, lentils, pignoli, sweet potato                                                all beef chili           spaetzel, chicken, gruyere
 rules- 1. limit four people per group 2. no cell                                                       phone use 3. one meal per person minimum
                                                                                             DRINKS 2.25
ABRAHAM well cooked pastrami and eggs, rye toast $ 9.95
AGRA- eggs, curried peas, potatoes, spinach, asian crepe $ 12.95                             7-up
ALTA COCKER well cooked brisket and eggs, pumpernickel toast $ 10.95                         apple juice                                         5.95
ALABAMA- grilled spam, onion, cheese in scrambled                              $ 9.95        cranberry drink
ANGUS- kippers, rice, rolled tomato eggs, english muffin $ 11.95                             diet pepsi
AUNTIE scrambled eggs, blue cheese, avocado, spinach                        $ 9.95           ginger beer
BAYOU scrambled eggs okra, salsa, cheddar                             $ 8.95                 guarana
BOBBY ORR- hockey puck eggs, icing toast $ 7.95                                              iced coffee
BRUCE- Jersey bacon & cheese flat omelet, toast                             $ 8.95           iced tea                            nondairy slushy
                                                                                             southern sweet tea
BUTCH- beef stew over eggs on toasted english $ 12.95                                                                            (i c e , j u i c e , f r u i t , s y r u p )
CAIN & ABEL- corned beef, pastrami, eggs, cheese, rye toast                        $ 11.95   san pellegrino                      pina colada, lime, lemon
CAPOTE- beef gumbo, corn bread, poached eggs in a bowl $ 9.95                                poland water                        pineapple,apple, peach
CHAVA- eggs, alfalfa, cheddar, avocado, russian, 7 grain toast $ 10.95                       lemonade                            coco lip flip, raspberry,
CHAZ scrambled, porcini butter, haricot vert, blue cheese $ 8.95                             lime rickey                         strawberry, cranberry,
CHÉ cuban rice, guacamole, poached eggs, chili tomato cream $ 11.95                          milk                                blueberry, orange almond,
CITY ISLAND- onion saute, nova lox, scrambled eggs, toast $ 9.95                             pepsi                               banana,peanut butter,
CLOUDY seared egg jalopaeno jack roll up, corn tortillas                       $ 8.95
                                                                                             red birch beer                      pumpkin, avocado,mango,
DAVE scrambled cheddar, cooked together, any toast                                  $ 6.95
                                                                                             tropicana oj                        grapefruit, mamey, jicama
DEBORAH vegetable tabbuleh, tahina with grilled pita $ 10.95                                 coffee or tea
DIANE poached eggs on garlic, cheese baguette $ 8.95                                         red bull     3.50
DIEGO poached eggs, poutine (fries, gravy & cheese curds) $ 10.95
DIXIE biscuits, eggs, white gravy           $ 9.95                                           all beer      4.50
DIXIE SUE- “dixie”+ pork or vegan sausage or bacon in white gravy $ 11.95
DOMINIQUE- 4 plain pancakes and bacon or sausage                                  $ 8.95      egg creams- chocolate, vanilla, lime,
EMILIA- egg salad, bacon, grilled tomato, toast sandwich $ 11.95                              detroit, cherry (syrup,seltzer,milk)                             3.95
ESTHER nova lox, scrambled eggs, cream cheese, toast $ 9.95
FAIRIE oatmeal pancakes, bacon fried eggs, flat biscuits $ 11.95                              fountain sodas                    (syrup,seltzer)               2.25
FELLINI tomato, garlic bread, ricotta & egg casserole $ 10.95                                 l e m o n , g r a p e , c h e r r y, l i m e , o r a n g e ,
FLACO chili and eggs over tortilla chips, shredded cheddar $ 8.95                             chocolate, vanilla, strawberry
GAINESVILLE- hash browns american cheese, over easy eggs $ 9.95
GARY scrambled eggs, peas, mozzarella                                                         fresh squeezed juices
                                                                                              orange- smll 1.95 med 3.95 lge 4.95 grapefruit- 5.95
                                                  $ 8.95
GERRY scrambled eggs, fried spaetzle, bacon , peas                 $ 12.95
GOLDENROD egg white bechamel, party yolks, over toast $ 10.95                                 fresh squeezed citrus sodas 3.95
                                                                                              g rap e f r u i t ; l i m e ; orange; lemon (juice, seltzer, syrup)
GOLDIN HAZE sunnies, cheddar, bacon, grilled baguette                           $ 10.95
GRAVEYARD STEW mushroom, onion gravy, eggs, cubed toast $ 11.95                               iced tea with frozen mangoes;
ILIANA mango salsa, avocado, eggs, refried rice*, corn chips                       $ 10.95
                                                                                              peaches; or raspberries 3.95
IRISH bacon, sweet beans, over easy, fresh tomato, garlic farle $ 11.95
JAZZ- scrambled, asparagus, truffle butter, gorgonzola $ 8.95                                                                     milk shakes/ malteds
JOEL double thick seared ham, scrambled, 1 whole wheat $ 9.95                                                                    (ice cream,milk,syrup) 5.95
JOSE fried white bean, jalopaeno arepas,+ eggs, salad* $ 10.95                                                                   avocado
JUAN FLOP seared eggs, cheese, chili, toast                $ 8.95
JUANITA chicken, cilantro, cabbage, avocado over eggs, tortilla chips $11.95
JULIAN open face fried mushrooms, leeks, ricotta, one egg, toast $ 11.95
KATHY 3 raspberry macaroni & cheese pancakes $ 9.95                                                                              blueberry
KORKES fried chicken, eggs, spinach with suzy sauce $ 12.95                                                                      butter pecan
KYRENIA-eggs with grilled halloumi cheese, spinach                                                                               chocolate
                                                                                                                                 chocolate chip
                                                                                  $ 11.95
LULU- eggs, goat cheese, black pudding, grilled tomato, toast $ 11.95
LINDA scrambled, habanero,cilantro, jack** $ 9.95                                                                                chocolate p.butter
LINDSAY scrambled, raw jalopaeno, cilantro, jack* $8.95                                                                          coconut
LIMERICK-steamed eggs, carrot salsa, spinach, farle $9.95                                                                        coffee
MAILHOUSE 3 poached eggs & cubed toast                 $ 7.95
                                                                                             fruit or milk or soy milk,          cranberry
MACON- eggs, turkey bacon, corn bread             $ 8.95                                                                         David’s grapefruit
                                                                                                                                 Dominican mamey
MARA scrambled, truffle butter, cream cheese $ 8.95
                                                                                             pina colada
                                                                                             ice, fruit juice , syrup) 5.95
MARBLEHEAD soft scrambled, corn, cheddar $ 8.95
                                                                                             cranberry                           fluffer nutter
MARCELLE chunky veggie curry, tofu, pita (no eggs) $ 8.95
                                                                                             peach                               huckleberry
MASSIMO- eggs, grilled onions, cheese, Amoroso roll, chips $ 9.95                            pineapple                           lingonberry/banana
MELINDA english muffin, turkey panchetta, egg whites, cheddar $9.95                          black berry                         mango
MIGUEL- chili, tomato wagon wheel pasta, arepas, cheddar egg log $ 11.95                     huckleberry                         maple walnut
MONDO GAMBA scrambled, shrimp, jack salsa,flour tortillas                  $ 12.95
                                                                                             lingonberry                         nutella mocha
MT FUJI poached eggs, grits, steamed asian vegeables                    $ 11.95
                                                                                             banana                              peach
MUSTAFAH- falafel, eggs, tahina, pita, lettuce, tomato, onion $ 11.95                        mango                               peanut butter
NOAH Irish beans, onion, spinach, tomato, black toast $ 8.95                                 mamey                               pina colada
OLAF potato crepes with eggs, arugula and gruyere $ 11.95                                    avocado                             pineapple
NOB HILL heavenly chicken, capers, arugula, eggs over sour dough $ 11.95                     raspberry
NORWEGIAN CREPES lingonberry preserves, egg, ricotta, $ 12.95                                strawberry                          pistachio
PETE poached eggs on jalopaeno, jack garlic baguette $ 8.95                                  blueberry                           pumpkin pie
PIAF eggs, gruyere sauce, fried onions on toast $ 10.95                                      morir sonando                       raspberry
PILAR grilled merguez in hard scrambled eggs, pita bread $ 10.95
                                                                                             (oj, cream, lime juice, vanilla)    strawberry
                                                                                             horchata                            three berry
PIPERADE mixed peppers, onions, garlic, tomato, eggs on ciabatta $ 11.95
                                                                                             banana julio                        vanilla
PLOUGHMAN eggs, cheddar, white pudding, Branston pickle, ww tst $ 11.95
PSI- post modern turkey stuffing, mushroom gravy, eggs $ 10.95                               (cinn, cream, banana,ice)           white chocolate
RAJAH potato, curried vegetables, eggs in a nan sandwich $ 10.95                                                                         $6.95
RISA three poached eggs, cubed buttered toast, grilled tomato $ 9.95
ROBBIE scrambled eggs, jack,corn, jalopaenos, corn tortillas $ 8.95                                   CHOCOLATE,
                                                                                             VANILLA, CHOCOLATE, BUTTER
ROCKET- arugula, scrambled, gruyere, avocado $ 10.95                                                  STRAWBERRY
                                                                                             SCOTCH, STRAWBERRY, PEANUT
                                                                                             BUTTER, BANANA, COCONUT
RODNEY- well beaten eggs, club roll, catfish ala king $ 12.95                                frozen custard beverage eaten with a spoon
SABU poached eggs over curried chicken and spinach fritters $ 12.95
                                                                                             BATIDO-orange crimson cranberry 6.95
SARASOTA well scrambled pulled pork and eggs, corn muffin $ 10.95
SERGIO spinach, eggplant, tomato, shrimp frittatta, toast $ 14.95                            BATIDO
SHAKSHUKA- garlic, tomato, eggs, parsley, parm casserole $ 9.95
                                                                                               FLAVORED MILK                                        ice cream
SHAWN chicken fried eggs, gumbo rice, 7 grain toast $ 11.95
SHIRLEY poached eggs over cubed BLT sandwich $ 11.95                                          lemon, raspberry,                                     floats 3.95
SHRIMP LEFSE-avocado, jack, salsa, jalopaeno, parsley, garlic $ 11.95                         grape, lime,cherry,                                   red cow
SNEAKY PETE “pete” + crumbled bacon, tomato, scallions $ 11.95
                                                                                              strawberry, vanilla,
                                                                                              blueberry, orange,                                    brown cow
S.O.S.- eggs, creamed chipped beef, on buttered toast $ 11.95                                 chocolate 3.95                                        purple cow
SOUSA- two sided potato, spinach, tomato spanish omelet, toast $ 10.95                                                                              green cow
SQUAW EGGS-bacon, peppers, cheese, hominy                    $ 11.95                         DESSERTS
SVETLANA open face kielbassa potato blue cheese omelet $ 12.95                               baby banana split      5.95
SILLYCYBIN wild mushroom cream over poached eggs, 7 grain toast $ 12.95                      cajaeta          8.95
TOM -TOM seared eggs filled with turkey cloud stuffing, any toast $ 8.95                     chocolate chip crepe 7.95
TONY- italian vegetable frittata with mozzarella                $ 12.95                      cinnamon donuts 7.95
TWAIN- huckleberry Finnish crepes          $ 11.95                                                                 7.95
                                                                                             nutella fluff crepe 8.95
VITO- garlic shrimp and eggs, fried ravioli, cheese bread $ 12.95
WHITLEY seared eggs,chipotle,corn tortillas $ 8.95
                                                                                             small ice cream sundae 4.95
                                                                                                                                            help yourself
ZACK-scrambled, cheddar melted on top, toast $ 6.95
                                                                                             banana,pin.,raisin burrito 7.95
                                                                                                                                            to seltzer at
                                                                                             bread pudding, butterscotch 6.95
                                                                                                                                            the counter
PANCAKES OR FRENCH TOAST major pancakes                                         14.95                                                        crepes
plain                        $ 6.95                         *ho cakes-corn meal, pignoli,caramel hearts                                      plain       6.95

apple cinnamon        11.95                                 *slutty cakes-pumpkin / pbutter, pistachio, cinn                                 cinnamon 7.95
                                                            *giant glazed apple s, nuts crisp kake
                                                                                                                                             fruit (pick1or 2) 9.95
blackberries             12.95                                                                                                               mango, pineapple,

bacon                          10.95                        *ga bbq chicken, monterey jack cheese, masa                                      blackcherry, peach,
                                                                                                                                             banana, raspberry,
banana                          8.95                        *turkey pumpkin with vegetables, cran/maple                                      blueberry, apple
                                                                                                                                             lingonberry, lemon
banana, chocolate, nut        10.95                         *belgian 5` berry fruit stack, whipped cream                                     lime, blackberry,
                                                                                                                                             cranberry, pear,
black & blueberries           12.95
                                                                                                                                             huc kleberry, orange
                                                                                                            Norwegian crepes
black cherries (on top) 10.95
                                                            open thinnycake or                              lime mixed berry topping         white chocolate
black cherry blues              12.95                                                                                                        dark chocolate
                                                                                                            blackberry, raspberry,
                                                            f l a p j a c k f o l d o v e r 1 2 . 95        huckleberry, blueberry,
blueberry                       9.95                        mixed fruit
                                                                                                            strawberry 12.95
blueberry & raspberry            11.95                      apple cinnamon                                    hot cereals                    chocolate coconut
charoset                10.95                               coconut, pineapple, b a n a n a                   oatmeal             4.95       spinach, ched., rice
cashew, white chocolate          12.95
                                                                                                                dried fruit & nuts 5.95             10.95
                                                            blackberry blues                                  ashura 8.95
                                                                                                                fresh fruit 6.95
                                                                                                                                             ham & cheese
cheese & eggs                10.95                          goat cheese, artichoke,tomato wheat,dried fruit, nuts,                           chicken gruyere
cheddar french fry            11.95                                                                                                          chorizo bean
                                                                                                              rice,fresh fruit rose water
                                                            mushrooms, tomato, cheese
chipotle corn *              9.95                           t u r k e y , m u s h r o o m g r a v y (+ $ 2) non dairycrepes                  chili, cheese
                                                                                                                                             sausage, cheese
chocolate almond butter 12.95                               banana, mixed chocolate chips plain                cinnamon 8.95
                                                                                                                                             bacon & eggs
chocolate cashew butter 12.95                               e g g s , b a c o n , h a s h f r i e s (+$2) coriander chutney 8.95
                                                                                                                mango chutney 9.95
                                                                                                                                            potato egg
chocolate chip          7.95                                 WAFFLES 6.95 toppings - 2.25 each
                                                                                                                spinach chutney 10.95
                                                                                                                                            boats- bacon,
white chocolate chip           9.95                          banana, cinnamon apple, mango,                                                 cheese, gucamole,
chocolate coconut 10.95                                      peach, raspberry, blueberry, raisins,                                          chicken bacon,
chocolate peanut butter 10.95                                cranberry, maple walnut, grapefruit,                                           chili, {pick two} 10.95
chorizo, corn                 10.95
                                                             coconut orange, pineapple, ice
                                                             cream, lemon ricotta, pecan caramel,           chocolate PANCAKE, WAFFLE, FRENCH
cinnamon                 8.95                                fried chicken, lime ricotta, sundried          malted     TOAST SANDWICHES 10.95
cinnamon raisin                9.95                          cherries, strawberry topping, custard          french      apple, raisin, cinnamon
                                                                                                                        bacon, cheese, eggs
coconut                          7.95
                                                             blackberry, raspberry & huckleberry            toast 9.95
                                                                                                                        cream cheese & banana
coconut sweet rice               9.95                       pan fried spaghetti                                         maple mixed fruit
cranberry orange                9.95
                                                            eggs, sausage, onions, mushrooms                            macaroni and cheese
cream cheese & banana 10.95                                                                                             marshmallow, nutella
date, nuts, dried fruit        10.95                        bread pudding french toast                                  peanut butter & jelly
ham & cheese                    11.95
                                                            regular (cubed baguette)  11.95               matzoh        goat cheese, basil, tomato
                                                            cowboy (sausage &cheese) 14.95                              sweet ricotta pistachio
huckleberry               12.95                             nowboy(vegan sausage &cheese)14.95            brei 9.95     lingonberry, banana
lemon ricotta pancakes 12.95
lingonberry 11.95                                           BRUNCH COMBINATION PLATTERS                    18.95
lime ricotta pancakes 12.95                                 A. Acorn squash, chicken salad, spinach pancakes , scrambled eggs, toast
macaroni & cheese          11.95                            B. GA BBQ pork, corn bread, cuban cheese rice, fried eggs, avocado salad
macadamia               10.95                               C. Eggs florentine, goat cheese bagel, grilled tomato, maple glazed pancakes
macadamia white choc 12.95                                  D. Corn fried cat fish, soft polenta, eggs, corn bread,gumbo sauce, salad
mango                         9.95                          E. Chicken guacamole, refried wild rice, corn chips, cream cheese flat omelet
mixed berries               12.95                           F. Macaroni ‘n cheese, 3 cinnamon raisin pancakes,vegan sausages, salad
mixed fruit (in & on top) 12.95                             G. Huckleberry pancakes, pecan french toast, turkey bacon, turkey sausage
oatmeal (toasted )           10.95                          H.Matzoh brei, cranberry sour cream, turkey bacon, mango apples
orange ricotta pancakes 12.95                               I. Egg burrito adobe, mini coconut pancakes, vegan sausages, cranberry chutney
peach                          9.95
                                                            J. English muffin, eggs, bacon, cheese, maple sour cream, mini blues
peach raspberry            10.95
                                                            K. 1/2 banana pancakes, 1/2 cinnamon raisin french toast, bacon, sausages
peanut               7.95
peanuts, chocolate         10.95                            L. Krakatoa-scrambled eggs, sausage walnut potato volcano, lava sauce, toast
peanut butter and jelly 10.95                               M. Poached eggs, english muffin with ham/tomato/scallion,
pear pignoli                  11.95                              cinnamon currant pancakes, pumpkin butter, french fries
pecan                        8.95                           N. Ropa vieja huevos rancheros, tortillas, coconut/choc pancakes, guacamole
pignoli               8.95                                  O. Open spinach, string bean, jack burrito omelet, mini coconut
pineapple coconut          11.95                                pancakes, spinach tortillas, spinach fried mushroom salad
pistachio                  9.95                             P. Jambalaya-chicken, shrimp, chorizo, eggs, corn muffin, slaw
pistachio white chocolate11.95                              Q. fried shrimp guacamole, chili/egg quesadilla, caramel roll-up
plantain,cinnamon, parm 12.95                               R. Turkey, mushroom sage gravy, sausage walnut stuffing,
post modern         12.95                                       cranberry sauce, scrambled eggs, seven grain toast
potato pancakes (fried) 13.95
                                                            S. Lite fried chicken and vegetables, three cinnamon raisin
pumpkin        11.95                                             pancakes, scrambled eggs, rye toast
raspberry                     10.95
                                                            T. Three black & blueberry pancakes,1/2 white chocolate
silver dollar pancakes 12.95
                                                                french toast, bacon brittle, vegan sausages
spinach walnut                  10.95
sundried cherry                 9.95                        U. Catfish hash** poached eggs, corn fritters, toast
sundried cranberry       9.95                               V. Corriander crepe, vegan sausages, artichoke, goat cheese, tomato omelet
walnut                    7.95                              W. Cranberry orange ricotta pancakes, fried artichokes, cumbak sauce, eggs
        (1/2 order= 1/2 price + $1)                         X. Fried macaroni and cheese, come back sauce, bacon brittle, eggs, toast
     (whole wheat french toast + 2.25)
                                                            Y. Shrimp, bacon, sausage cheese hash mountain, eggs, toast
pancake or french toast garnishes: 1.9 5                    Z. Sausage & egg slyders, chili french fries, bacon french toast
maple; caramel; cinnamon or sugar glaze,
frosting, n u t e l l a , m a r s h m a l l o w f l u f f   AA Bbq smoked pork, potato knish, sunnies, cranberry cole slaw
                                                            BB Turkey kielbassa, fried pickles, blackberry pancakes, fried eggs
o n e l a r g e f l a t t h i n n y c a k e 9.95            CC Grilled chicken, sauteed greens, poached eggs, pizza bianca
soups soups soups yin/yang
                                                               divided bowl 14.95
                                                                          special rice
                                                                                                         burgers burgers
african avocado tomato* v 11.95                   choose soup here              choose rice here         7oz hamburger, toasted bun 6.95
african green curry v            9.95             szechwan shrimp*              tofu/pea/peanut          american cheeseburger 7.95
apple butternut squash v                          mango chicken lime            sun dried cherry         deluxe cheeseburger, fries 10.95
asian dumplings + vegetables 11.95                nigerian beef *               chili con carne          bacon burger 9.95
 pork, chicken , vegetable v                                                                             bacon cheeseburger 10.95                    10.95

avocado cheese tortilla v 10.95
                                                  bok choy pork                 cuban black bean
                                                                                                         chili burger 9.95                       bunless
                                                  grilled cilantro chicken      guacamole
baked bacon garlic cream v                11.95   rutabaga pumpkin cream        gumbo dirty rice         chili cheeseburger 11.95 hamburger      smothered
beef barley                                       plaintain pulled turkey                                6 oz slyder
                    10.95                                                       date, nut raisin                                                 mushrooms
beef pepperpot *          12.95                   swedish turkey meatball       coriander chutney        steamed cheeseburger 9.95 and onions
blackbean vegan sausage v 11.95                   corn, masa, mushroom          pea, peanut, curry       chicken fried burger 11.95 on spinach
bok choy bop v           9.95                     asparagus tomato              cream of spinach         Reuben burger 9.95
brazilian chicken, garlic , rice 14.95            sausage mushroom cream        coconut banana           Ciabatta- {gruyere, capers,arugula, dijon} 11.95
burnt garlic tomato zucchini v 10.95              cashew mushroom                                        Ploughman {Branston pickle,cheddar} 9.95
cabbage, apple curry v                                                          artichoke tomato
                                                  macadamia chicken             pistachio ricotta        Peepburger- bacon, egg cheese 11.95
carrot ginger orange v                                                                                   Loco moco-rice, onion gravy,egg 11.95
                                                  jerk string bean gumbo*
cabbage, potato, pea v 9.95                                                     beef sloppy joe
                                                  sweet potato cream curry      tomato mozzarella        Frenchburger{bleu, dijon,baguette} 10.95
cashew tomato, cream v 10.95                                                                             Patty melt {rye toast,onions,cheese} 10.95
                                                  chorizo cabbage potato        tomato, mint
cat fish gumbo          12.95
                                                  vegan sausage blk bean        mango chutney            stuffed burgers 8.95
cheeseburger soup (french fries) 12.95                                                                   chipotle**
chicken soups 10.95                               thai chicken pistachio okra   pumpkin dumpling                               kEN’S IDEA 11 . 9 5
                                                  vegan meatball senegalese     salsa fried cheese       raw jalopaeno** 3 fried chicken
 curry, gumbo, angelhair,broccoli dijon,                                                                 cheddar
 burrito, cheddar bacon, feta spinach,            pecan chicken dill            artichoke curry                                  parmagiana
                                                  cuban chorizo bean            spinach green bean       other 8.95            mini garlic buns,
 mushroom marsala creme, asian vege-                                                                     thai beefburger** french fries
 table, cambodian chicken cream, pesto                                                                   jamaican jerk**
 cream, spaetzel vegetable,spinach                                  cold soups 7.9 5 mango               thai chickenburger **
 blue cheese, asian vegetable, tortilla                             asparagus        okra
 avocado, vegetable, wild barley,
                                                  SOUP FOR 2
                                                                    avocado          orange mint         turkey burger
  coconut rice, bananas 12.95
                                                  add $3.95 to a    banana           pea                 vegetarian burgers 6.95
                                                  regular soup      blueberry        peach               thai falafel burger* jack’s idea 8 . 9 5
  cilantro,spinach thin dumplings 11.95           & get a soup                       potato-leek
  jambalaya + shrimp, chorizo*14.95                                 carrot ginger    pumpkin             jamaican falafel* fries +3 mini grilled
                                                  tureen for two    chunky tomato                        falafel burger
chili tomato v 11.95                                                                 raspberry                                cheese sandwiches
chorizo 10.95                                                       collard          spinach             vegan burger
 wild rice, black bean garlic, gumbo,                               corn             spaetzel bean       vegan black bean
chunk beef gumbo 12.95                                              cranberry        sweet potato
                                                                    chicken curry    tomato cream        slyders grilled onions, french fries
corn chowder v 9.95                                                                                      3 mini-cheeseburgers 9.95
cream of any vegetable 10.95                                        cucumber         thai lettuce
                                                                    grapefruit       vegetable           3 mini-bacon cheeseburgers 11.95
cuban bean polenta melt 11.95                                                                            3 smoked bbq pork, cheese 11.95

                                                  lunch specials lunch
danbury chowder (bacon?)                                            haricot vert     vischysoise             (also beef brisket, chicken, turkey)
    clam, shrimp, or catfish 11.95                                                                       3 mini-sausage cheeseburgers 10.95
eggplant caponata v 10.95
feta tomato tortilla v 9.95                                                                                 french fries or home fries
florida peanut v                                                                                          cup 2.95 bowl 4.95 cheese            +$ 2
                                                  with soup or salad or fries   lunch special soups
fried burrito chicken; shrimp; beef 12.95                                                                 bacon & cheddar 9. 9 5
fried asian dumpling                              sandwiches on a bun           cups 6.95 bowls 9.95      chili & cheese 10. 9 5
                                                  7.95                          arugula tomato            buffalo sauce * 6. 9 5
   chicken,pork,vegetable v                                                                               poutine curds and gravy 9. 9 5
ginger scallion, broccoli, cauliflower 10.95      tuna salad                    asian dumplings-
                                                                                   (veg,chicken, pork)    other
grilled chicken couscous 12.95                    pancakes                      asparagus tomato          cheese potato skins 6. 9 5
grilled chicken potato curry 11.95
grits and gumbo cheese melt v 9.95                scrambled eggs                lite barley               pickles 4. 9 5
guacamole nacho bean melt v 12.95                 turkeyburger                  bean and cheese           small onion rings 6. 9 5
                                                                                                          blue cheese potato salad
                                                  ga bbq turkey                 beans and greens                                                9. 9 5
guacamole taco cuban bean 11.95
                                                                                beef gumbo
                                                  chili and cheese
                                                                                                                 10.95 “come back” sauce
ham, potato, cheese 9.95
                                                                                chicken noodle            fried red tomatoes
hot broccoli, dijon * v 8.95
                                                  8.95                          chicken & rice            mac’n cheese puffs
madras chicken or shrimp* 12.95                   veggie burger                 chicken wild rice         potato puffs
manhattan chowder (bacon?)                        falafel burger                cuban black bean
                                                                                                          fowl balls
   clam, shrimp, or catfish 11.95                 vegan blackbean burger        chili con carne
                                                                                garlic bean
minestrone         9.95                           mr.softee                     gumbo                    2 hot dogs, fries {one toping} 9.95
   vegetaria, cacciatore,genovese
mojo cactus, parmesan v 11.95
                                                  hamburger                     jamaican gumbo*          kraut, chili, cheese, cole slaw, beans,
matzoh ball                                       veggie meatballs              mushroom barley          guacamole, fried onions, onion relish
                                                  grilled cheese                hot pierogie
   chicken & vegetables 12.95
mulligatawny chicken or shrimp 11.95              chicken salad
                                                                                lite lentil                        kid’s menu            $3.95
                                                                                pea-leek                           hamburger, eggs, pasta, blt,
wild mushroom cream v 10.95                       tuna melt                     pesto tomato                       mac+cheese, PB&J , tuna ,
oxtail turnip 12.95
new england chowder (bacon?)
                                                  bronx pulled turkey           potato curry                       hot dog, pancakes, taco,
   clam, shrimp, or catfish 12.95                 italian blt                   quinoa coriander
                                                                                ranchero                           grilled cheese, fluffernutter
nigerian dumpling curry v 10.95                   9.95                          sesame udon
pastina vegetable v            9.95               ga bbq pork or beef           spinach bean                       grilled cheese sandwich 6.95
pea, bacon, ham, mire poix 10.95                  ga bbq chicken                spinach wild rice                  american, swiss, gruyere,
pea-leek butter dumplings v 9.95                  jamaican falafel**            stage coach
pear walnut spinach v                                                           string bean tomato                 cheddar, mozzarella, goat,
                                                  turkey kielbasa
peruvian shrimp avocado* 12.95                                                  tomato ravioli                     crm cheese, montery jack
pistachio red chichen curry* 15.95                grilled chicken               tomato rice                        1. 9 5 for- bacon; tomatoes;
portobella cashew v 9.95                          beef sloppy joe               turkey gumbo                       avocado; grilled onions or
potato leek (creamy?) v 9.95                      turkey sloppy joe             turkey meatballs
quesadilla cabbage v             10.95
ray’s chicken garlic angelhair 11.95              cheese burger                 vegan black bean
                                                                                vegan meatball
roasted eggplant tomato basilv 10.95              jerk chicken**

                                                                                 ATKINS STYLE FOOD
saigon shrimp, bacon, threads 13.95
sausage (vegan) mushroom v 10.95                  10.95
senegalese chicken or shrimp 12.95                lunch BLT                      11 oz burger, salad 8.95
                                                  meat loaf parm
                                                                                 large bacon cheeseburger 12.95
sesame turnip barley v 10.95
shrimp 11.95                                      chicken bbq cranberry
 bisque or cheddar corn chowder                   turkey in the straw            chili cheeseburger, baby spinach 14.95
                                                                                 chicken cultlet parmagiana 16.95
southwest corn chowder* v 10.95
spanish garlic and egg 11.95                      pastrami reuben
spicy pea vegetable* v 10.95                      corned beef reuben
spicy pumpkin tomato* v 9.95                      chicken(pulled) parm
spinach potato leek creme v 10.95                 shrimp parmigiana
stew soups- 12.95                                 crisp beef tacos (2)
  beef, chicken,shrimp,vegan sausage
sweet potato vegetable v               10.95      chicken cheddar reuben
                                                                                served wednesday thru friday only
Thai *       11.95                                                 11.95
 lettuce thin noodle, chicken thin                beef, shrimp, chicken
                                                                                on Saturday and Sunday please ask
 noodle, spinach cream curry, coco                vegetable, pork
 rice, fried dumpling cream chicken
                                                                                your wait person if it is available
 macadamia chowder                                turkey curry
tomato       11.95                                cashew sweet rice
 mushroom basil, cream + cheese                   vegan black bean
 croutons, vegetable                              tuna noodle casserole
wild mushroom cream v 11.95
all salad or potato chips,                                            NAMEPLATE SANDWICHES
with                                    amarillo- pulled pork, red salsa, monterey jack, garlic bread 12.95
      french fries + $ 1.95             andy’s way- grilled chicken, avocado, turkeybacon, blue, black 12.95
                                        andy’s way
                                        audrey- eggs, tomato, avocado, swiss, white toast 12.95
warm sliced meats             8.95      bridgette- chicken salad, avocado, tomato, garlic bread 11.95
                                        candice - virginia ham, cheese, dill sauce, black bread 10.95
pastrami                                champ -grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, chipotle mayo, lett & tom 13.95
chicken                                 chaz - white turkey, cranberry, cole slaw, baguette                   10.95
turkey (light/dark)                     cheeseburger club - triple decker with bacon, lett, tomato 14.95
virginia ham                            cobb- poached chicken, avocado, bacon, blue cheese 13.95
                                        cuban- pork, queso blanco, ham, salsa, pressed sandwich 11.95
pork butt                               d a n i e l - grilled chicken, chili, jack, rye toast 12.95
corned beef                             edmonton- tuna, cheddar, avocado, spicy garlic bread 11.95
brisket of beef                         emmanuel- warm chicken, ratatouille, toasted ciabatta, arugula 11.95
turkey                                  eve - avocado, tomato, alfalfa, russian, 7 grain                8.95
virginia ham                            fat darrell-chicken fingers, french fries, mutzi, marinara, club roll 12.95
salad sandwiches
                                        Gallant- warm turkey, bacon, avocado, cranberry mayo, ciabatta 12.95
                              7.95      gidget- tuna, avocado, tomato, garlic bread 11.95
egg; turkey; tuna,chicken               golda- rye toast, pot roast , cherry gravy, cheddar 14.95
meat balls         8.95                 gregg- shrimp, spinach, cheddar, russian, 7 grain 12.95
                                        gulf pride-shrimp, avocado, cheddar garlic bread 14.95
beef, vegan, turkey, meat loaf                   pride
reuben on rye toast             9.95    high school hot turkey sandwich; mushroom gravy 11.95
                                        hot brown- chicken, turkey, turkeybacon, american, gravy, toast 13.95
pastrami, corned beef, chicken
shrimp po’ boy
                                        hyatt- tomato, avocado, salsa, cheddar,jack,cilantro 11.95
                             12.95      Indian summer-warm turkey, cranberry mayo, arugula,avocado, ciabatta 12.95
grilled chicken              8.95       i r i s h -spinach, grilled tomato, beans, black toast 9.95
plain, ga bbq, sweet red bbq,           jj’s way-grilled chicken, apple stuffing,slaw,7 grain12.95
                                        jj’s way                                                                     small salads
                                        jewboy ** -bbq brisket, grilled onions, swiss cheese 13.95
teriyaki, tonkatsu, kamakatze                                                                                        1. spinach, mushroom
blt on toast          8.95              jo s e - grilled turkey, jack, mexican garlic bread 11.95
                                        k a t e -triple decker; turkey, bacon,swiss,lettuce, tomato 14.95
                                                                                                                     2. lettuce wedge, tomato
                                                                                                                     3. romaine, veggies
bacon, lettuce, tomato (avocado +$ 2)
israeli on pita choose one:      8.95
                                        k e n n e t h - turkey, ham, swiss, russian, slaw, double black 12.95
                                        Kessler- turkey, fried mushrooms, cranberry dijon, arugula, avocado 12.95
falafel; gyro; tabbuleh                 king of clubs- bacon, turkey, swiss, russian, slaw, tomato, club roll 12.95
karmine killer         11.95            lally -bbq turkey, avocado, corn bread, cheddar open face 13.95
batter fried chicken, onions, pep-      L e n n y & S q u i g g y - grilled chicken, black beans, jack garlic bread 12.95
pers, mushrooms, ricotta cheese         martha -3d grilled chicken,avocado,russian, salsa, jack 13.95
topping, on a toasted sesame bun
                                        max-chicken salad,bacon,avocado,cheddar,lett, tom, 7 grain toast 13.95
                                        minda - chicken salad, turkey bacon, garlic rye, slaw                  12.95
smoked pulled bbq                       monte cristo- turkey, ham, gruyere, strawberry jam, pan fried 14.95
on a toasted bun 8.95                   nuclear melt down - warm mixed meat and melted cheese 13.95
chicken, turkey, pork,                  nuclear sub -sliced deli meats, swiss, hot peppers, herbs 13.95
beef brisket                            pan bagnat- tuna, egg, onion, tomato, vinaigrette, arugula 10.95
in a basket with fries, slaw 11.95      rooster - chicken salad,spicy cheddar garlic bread, avocado 12.95
                                        savannah - pulled turkey, gumbo gravy, 7 grain toast, cran 11.95
open sandwiches;gravy 14.95             sexy- warm chicken, ciabatta, gruyere,capers, arugula, dijon,tomato 12.95
                                        sos poutine- creamed chipped beef,fries, cheese curds, white toast 12.95
Turkey, sausage stuffing,               sunny- mango chutney, avocado, chicken, lime juice, cilantro whole wheat 10.95
  cranberry,mushrooms                   t.bruno - turkey, tomato, sausage stuffing baguette                   11.95
Chicken, cornbread stuffing             tamara - avocado, tomato, salsa, cheddar, jack, lime, 7 grain 9.95
  mushroom gravy                        tiger paws II- 3 mini egg, cheese, grilled onion syders, fries 10.95
                                        trixie-white sausage mushroom cream gravy over eggs and biscuits 12.95
Grilled chicken,apple pecan             turino- tuna, eggplant caponata, spinach, 7 grain toast 10.95
 stuffing, banana bread,                turkey dinner- triple decker, stuffing, cranberry, sweet potato 14.95
  peanut gravy                          waco- 3 mini smoked pulled beef slyders, jack cheese, fries 12.95
BBQ pork, corn stuffing,                yucca- chunky red hot chili, arepa flat cake, cheddar melt 13.95
 corn muffin, cuban gravy
                                                                                                             open melted cheese 11.95
SALADS                                                                                                       1. Chicken   salad, bacon,
ASIAN CHICKEN WALDORF - chicken, apples,nuts,raisins,bok choy, miso dressing 14.95
                                                                                                                sliced egg, jack
BROWN RICE SPECIAL - rice, cheese, raw vegetables, walnuts, crisp mushrooms soy sauce 12.95
                                                                                                             2. Chicken, mushroom,
CAESAR- classic (anchovies?) or mexican * (grilled or steamed chicken - $3.95)          9.95                    mustard sauce mutzi
CAMBODIAN CHICKEN - grilled chicken, peanut miso bbq dressing, vegetables 13.95                              3. Avocado russian,tomato,
CHEF’S- mixed meats and cheeses, hard boiled egg, veggies                    10.95                              bacon, cheddar
CHICKEN flat boudin* - with coconut sweet rice, spinach salad 11.95                                          4. Grilled eggplant, tomato
CHICKEN salad, steamed veggies, raw veggies (in acorn squash +$2) 10.95                                          basil, pignoli,mutzi
COACHMAN branston, rotelle, vegetables, cheddar, bacon, fried mushrooms 13.95                                5. Chicken, grilled peppers,
CHICKEN- steamed vegetables, raw vegetables              11.95                                                  pesto, mutzi
                                                                                                             6. Turkey, bacon, cranberry
COBB- chicken ,bacon,cilantro,egg, avocado,tomato, bleu
                                                                                                                sauce, cheddar
FRIED chicken, tomato, iceberg, blue cheese, potato 14.95
GREEK(vegetarian falafel or beef gyro), pita, feta, tabbouleh, olives, tahina 14.95
JERK CHICKEN & shrimp - bbq chicken & shrimp * plantain, veggies 14.95                                      peanut butter sandwiches
MEXICAN chef’s - chorizo, avocado, chili, chicken, cheese, tortilla basket 13.95
                                                                                                                                5.9 5
                                                                                                            2.peanut butter & jelly 5.9 5
MOTHER & child reunion- chicken & egg salad, mango chutney 11.95                                            3.peanut butter blt       8.9 5
POACHED chicken- fresh vegetables, raw vegetables                 9.95                                      4.peanut butter banana
SHRI M P bugaloo - bulgur, bbq, taco chips, veggies                                                             chocolate chips grilled 9.9 5
                                                                                                            5.maple waffle fluffernutter 9.9 5
SHRIMP guacamole - chunky avocado, tomato, cilantro, onion, lime juice 13.95                                6.peanut butter & nutella 6.9 5
THAI BBQ SHRIMP - spicy shrimp, ginger dressing,sno peas, bok choy 14.95                                    7.white chocolate macadamia
THAI GRILLED CHICKEN #1- bok choy slaw, asian vegetables, greens 12.95                                           fluffernutter, grilled 8.9 5
THAI COBB grilled chicken, cilantro, blue, avocado,curry,lime,pistachio*            14.95
TUNA nicoise- egg, veggies, potato             12.95
VEGETABLE GARDEN- raw and steamed vegetables                   9.95
TURKEY arugula, gruyere, tomato, avocado,turkey bacon, cranberry mayo 12.95
WALDORF apples, mixed dried fruit, mixed nuts, mayonaise on greens 10.95                                    croque monsieur         10.95
                                                                                                            grilled gruyere & meat sandwich
                                                                                                            with bechamel sauce - choose:
 GRINDERS- toasted hoagie roll, grilled onions, cheese and: 9.95
 GRINDERS                                                                                                   chicken, ham, sausage,
                                                                                                            bacon, or turkey bacon
                                                                              GRILLED CHEESE
 1. philly- thinly sliced steak, cheese whiz (or american)
    philly                                                                    SANDWICH 6.95
 2. texas- pulled sweet bbq smoked pulled beef brisket, monterey jack
    texas                                                                                                         (eggs on top + $2)
 3. georgia- tangy bbq smoked pulled pork, cheddar
    georgia                                                                   american, swiss,
 4. california- crisp mushrooms, avocado, mozzarella, marinara
    california                                                                cheddar,gruyere,
 5. new york- puffed eggs, peppers & onions, gruyere
          york                                                                mozzarella, goat,
 6. carmine st.- eggplant, onion, tomato caponata, ricotta
               st.                                                            cream cheese,           TURKEY DINNER SPECIAL 15.95
 7. mott st.- chicken, onion, bean sprout, spinach, tofu
                                                                                                      light or dark meat, mushroom
 8. e.village- turkey kielbassa, onions, kraut, blue cheese
    e.village                                                                 montery jack
 9. inwood- meatloaf, onions, mushroom gravy, swiss
    inwood                                                                                            gravy, cranberry sauce,
                                                                                                      choice of stuffing and potato
                                              ENCHILADAS                                         quesadillas                      Sentimental Moment Or
N A C H O S (beans?) 8.95                     carmine st beef 10.95                              cheese 8.95 beef chili 10.95
                                                                                                                                  Why Did The Baguette
                                                                                                                                  Cross The Road ?
 extras+$3                                    carmine st cheese 9.95                             steamed chicken 10.95            by Robert Hershon
artichokes, philly steak,chorizo, mushroom,
                                              steamed chicken 10.95                              grilled chicken 11.95
                                              grilled chicken 12.95                              turkey black bean 12.95
eggs & bacon chicken, guacamole, chili
                                                                                                                                  Don’t fill up on bread
                                                                                                                                  I say absent-mindedly
no rice burrito bags              6.95        asparagus cheese 12.95                             chorizo or shrimp 11.95          The servings here are huge
cheese hand held burrito, + one item:
                                              bbq pork black bean 11.95                          black bean 9.95                  My son, whose hair may be
                                              corn, yam, pumpkin 11.95                           pecan cx wild rice 13.95
beef, cuban bean, eggs, chicken, vegan
black bean, spinach, chicken, arugula                                                                                             receding a bit, says

burritos - flour                              spinach collard wild rice 13.95                    ga pork bbq 11.95                Did you really just
                                                                                                                                  say that to me?
                                                                                                 pizza 12.95
                     tortillas filled
with rice, cheese, beans and greens           pecan cx wild rice creme14.95
8.95                                          shrimp encacahuatadas 16.95                        haricot vert garlic 9.95         What he doesn”t know
beef chili
                                                                                                 beef cheesy steak 11.95
                                                                                                                                  is that when were walking
vegan black bean                              avocado, spinach, jack 13.95                                                        together, when we get
cuban black bean
                                              string bean tomato salsa 10..95                    chicken mango chutney 12.95      to the curb
vegetable curry                                                                                  7 layer chicken 16.95
                                                                                                                                  I sometimes start to reach
9.95                                                                                                                              for his hand
avocado and spinach
                                               ENCHILADA SPECIAL
vegan meatballs
                                                                                                          BEEF CHILI           pot pies in a bowl
                                               choose any 3 $12.95
mushroom arugula
turkey curry                                                                                                                   chicken, beef, turkey,
                                                                                     (all meat, served with cheese
                                               (chicken, mango, eggs,cuban bean, and home made corn tortillas)
                                                                                                                               mushroom vegetable,
sloppy joe
                                               avocado, turkey, spinach, vegan bean,  cup 7.95 bowl 10.95                      cheese with bacon or
                                               cheese, beef chili, asparagus, peas
steamed chicken or shrimp                                                                                                      ham and eggs
huevos ranchero
pulled bbq pork                                mexican main courses                               15.95
corn, yam, pumpkin(no rice)                    baja bbq turkey (peppers,jack, chili, mashed potato)                         appetizers         8.95
12.95                                          chicken wild rice fiesta                                                     k u s h (vegetable salad)
pecan chicken wild rice
cashew,spinach brown rice                      confetti fried spaghetti with chorizo                                        foul muddames
perch; shrimp; or cat fish                     chicken Fajitas                                                              burmese hummus
                                               moon pie meatloaf, mexi- rice, guacamole                                     T hai green curry puree
 TACOS      10.95                              taco fried chicken, avocado slaw, refried rice                               4 mac’n cheese pancakes
                                               taco fried shrimp, avocado slaw, refried rice
 crisp corn tacos (3)                          chicken, chili, cheese, pecan rice, baked bananas
 soft corn tacos (2)
 flour tacos (2)                              burrito cheese melt 10.95
 chili,turkey, chicken, shrimp,               (chicken, beef , shrimp, turkey, pork)
 egg, cheesy steak, pork
 make your own tacoes 12.95                   3 whet back soft tacos                                                   2 jamaican        beef      cheese 8 .9 5
                                                                                                                       patties* 9.95
                                              beef and cheese only (no lettuce or tomato) 6.95                                                     empanadas
 THE DANNY BURRITO-     fried onions,         guacamole
                                                                                                                         buffalo wings (15 min) 12.95
 black beans, jack, avocado, spinach,
 basmati rice, fried mushrooms 14.95             with grilled chicken       10.95
                                                                                                                         buffalo fingers 9.95
 taco tray specials                                                                    macaroni & cheese 8.95
                                                                                       american,cheddar, jack,      butter broiled breads
 A 2 crisp or soft tacos (chicken, beef, turkey, chorizo)12.95
  served with refried rice, avocado, sour cream, black beans, salsa roja
                                                                                       blue, gorgonzola,swiss,      garlic bread 3.95
 B 2 crisp or soft tacos (shrimp, pork, merguez) 13.95
                                                                                       mozzarella, gruyere
                                                                                                                    chicken, bacon,avocado 11.95
                                                                                                                    hot garlic peanut
                                                                                       2.25 extra-spinach,haricot
 C 3 large tacos in a super bowl platter 14.95                                         vert, bacon, fried onions                            5.95
                                                                                       or mushrooms, ham            cheese garlic bread     6.95
                                                                                                                    pesto garlic bread       4.95
SPAGHETTI                       $ 11.95
                                                                                                                    sundried tomato, basil 7.95
marinara; butter, cheese, garlic; carbonara;             shepherd’s pies                    12.95                   garlic, basil,cheese    6.95
meat sauce; pesto; chorizo black bean;
                                                         chicken, beef, vegetable                                   chicken, pecan, jack    9.95
clam sauce (red or white); puttanesca;
                                                         mexican beef, chorizo,                                     pear, prosciutto,pignoli 8.95
prima vera (red or white); wild mushroom creme;                                                                     fresh tomato, basil     7.95
cream chicken pesto; cincinnati (chili);                 turkey, shrimp, merguez                                    fried mushrooms         9.95
alfredo; NY beef sauce; meat balls                                                                                  bacon, avocado          9.95
                                                         topped with: grits, yam,                                   texas chili, cheddar     8.95
                                                         rutabaga, potato, masa                                     shrimp, shallot, dijon 12.95
batter fried catfish fingers, french fries                                                                          chipotle cheese         7.95
cajun meatloaf-okra gravy                              stew for two                    16.95                        pistachio pesto         6.95
catfish picante, pesto vegetables                      beef, chicken, catfish, turkey, vegan                        asparagus pignoli       9.95
chicken apple sausage au gratin
chicken cacciatore, pasta                              meatballs, oxtail turnip, hot dog kraut                       PARTY OF FIVE               Robert Hershon
chicken chow fun                                                                                                    you could put a chair at the end
chicken mushroom marsala, ravioli                                                                                   or push the tables together
chicken parmagiana, spaghetti (+$4)                  toas-tites
                                                                                                                    but dont bother
chicken and sausage dirty rice                                                                                      This banged-up little restaurant
chicken mushroom pastry dumpling                     egg-cheese 6.95 bacon-cheese 7.95                              where you would expect no rules at all
                                                                                                                    has a firm policy against seating
chopped steak - mushrooms, peppers                   cheese 5.95 fluffernutter 6.85 chili-cheese 7.95               parties of five
corn fried catfish- gumbo au jus                     smoked bbq brisket, pork, chicken, turkey 10.95                And you know you are
eggplant parmagiana, spaghetti (+$3)                                                                                a party of five
stuffed eggplant- merguez & cashews                                                                                 It doesn’t matter if one of you
stuffed eggplant- vegetables & pecans                                                                               offers to leave or if
hanoi hoppin john with shrimp                                                                                       you say you could split into
grilled chicken, coconut rice, pistachio                                                                            a party of three and a party of two
  curry vegetables, fried bananas (+$4)                                                                             or if the five of you come back tomorrow
                                                                                                                    in Richard Nixon masks and try to pretend
brisket, kasha bow ties, fruited gravy                                                                              that you don’t know each other
jambalaya,chicken, shrimp,sausage (+$2)                                                                             It won’t work: You’re a party of five
krispy lemon chicken- cranberry slaw                                                                                even if you’re a beloved regular
Lizzy’s okra snow pea chicken                                                                                       Even if the place is empty
louisiana hot chicken fingers- fries                                                                                Even if you bring logic to bear
glazed virginia ham, mashed yam                                                                                     Even if you’re a tackle for the Chicago Bears
meat loaf mushroom vegetable gravy                                                                                  it won’t work
patsy’s cashew chicken                                                                                              You’re a party of five

                                                    potato egg boats 10.95
                                                                                                                    You will always be a party of five
cashew wild mushroom wide noodles                                                                                   A hundred blocks from here
chicken mushroom dijon risotto                                                                                      a hundred years from now
shrimp maque choux                                  bacon, cheese, chicken, chili,                                  you will still be a party of five
southern fried chickencutlet-gumbo au jus           guacamole, turkey bacon {pick two}                              and you will never savor the soup
thai grilled chicken, pistachio wild rice                                                                           or compare the coffee or
turkey ala king, toast points                                                                                       hear the wisdom of the cook
turkey- corn bread stuffing, pumpkin gravy                                                                          and the wit of the waitress or
turkey mushroom gravy, sausage stuffing                                                                             get to hum the old -time tunes
                                                                                                                    among which you will find
turkey veggie curry, coconut rice                                                                                   no quintets
waffles with crisp fried chicken fangers

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Description: Oatmeal farle,white pudding, seared eggs, fried onions . kid's menu. 3.95. hamburger, eggs, pasta, blt, mac cheese, PB&J ,tuna , hot dog, pancakes, taco, .