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					                                           Judith T. Sampson
3028 Western Avenue #212                                                 Voice: 206-441-2948
Seattle, WA 98121                                                        Email:                                                             Cell: 503-975-0634

SYNOPSIS     I have 22 years experience in database and software development

TECHNICAL    Hardware             PC, Macintosh
SUMMARY      Operating Systems    Microsoft Vista, XP, NT, Mac OS, MVS/XA/ESA
             Languages            PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Visual Basic, SQL, C, C++, VBA, 370 AL
             Access Methods       Visual Basic ADO, RDO, DAO, VSAM.
             Software             Microsoft Office, Outlook, OpenOffice, Adobe Photoshop, Crystal Reports
             Databases            MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL-Server
             Training/Support     Internet, Microsoft Access, PC, Custom Software

             December 2007 to current
             Semiosolutions, Portland, OR - Web Developer
             Maintainance and development of websites using PHP, HTML and JavaScript

             May 2001 to Current
             Consultant, Portland, OR; Dallas, TX
             Web development: Wrote a database driven catalog web site from scratch using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
             and HTML. Ran SQL queries from programs that talked to MySQL database. Created interfaces for
             Paypal. Design websites for various clients. Provide individual training on MS Windows and web
             applications. Volunteered for 3 ½ years doing computer support in a job resource center.

             April 1999 to May 2001
             Digitaris Technologies, Inc. Dallas, TX - Senior Programmer and DBA
             Worked on development projects for SBC primarily in VB6 and Oracle. We created a system to track all
             SBC DataComm equipment from sales to installation, including inventory, delivery, staging and
             installation of equipment. The data was in Oracle and I did administrative work on the Oracle database. I
             also worked on a VB6 Requisition System which talked to an Access database. Another application
             written in Access VBA using SQL assisted sales engineers in selling telephone equipment to business

             June 1995 to March 1999
             Hudson Global formerly ACS Technology Solutions, Inc., Dallas, TX - Consultant
                  ORYX ENERGY (11/98-1/99) Worked on developing a large reporting system utilizing VB 6
                     with ADO calling a Sybase SQL Server database. Due to the large number of reports, they were
                     dynamically created. Reports were generated by creating an instance of an Internet Explorer
                     object within the VB application. Embedded HTML within the code to generate a web page for
                     the IE object. An Excel object was also used to create some reports. Environment: Visual Basic
                     6, ADO version 2, Sybase SQL Server version 11, SQL, HTML, Internet Explorer 4 and Excel
                  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Inc. (1/98-11/98) Worked on InfoCenter, a Visual Basic
                     application used internally. Raw data is generated by batch jobs on the mainframe and
                     downloaded with NDM into a client/server environment using the SQL-Server database.
                     Maintained Visual Basic code and the SQL-Server database. On the SQL-Server side of
                     InfoCenter, worked with SQL, Stored Procedures, scripts, views, tables and also monitored and
                     maintained the users of the system. Provided systems support for users which includes setting up
                     ODBC and troubleshooting on Windows 3.11, 95, NT 4.0. Environment: Visual Basic 3.0, NT
                     4.0, SQL-Server 6.5, Crystal Reports.
                  Texas Instruments (6/97-12/97) Designed and developed an automated inventory tracking
                     system. Wrote C code using MS Visual C++ for Symbol portable bar code scanners running DR
                     DOS. Wrote and uploaded program and database in Visual Basic 5.0, VBA, and Access 97
                     running under NT. Also involved in assisting junior programmers in Access database projects.
                     Used Crystal Reports for creating reports for users. Environment: Visual C++ 1.52 under NT4.
                     Visual Basic 4.0, Access 97.
                    ACS (5/96 -2/97) Designed and developed an ATM adjustment system in Visual Basic 4 using
                     RDO to access data from SQL-Server. The database maintains six months of records with
                     250,000 records daily. The interactive system is used remotely by banks and in-house to add and
                     update ATM adjustments. Automatically generates ACH and journal entry files. I also wrote the
                     security system, batch jobs that read and converted data, and utilities. Environment: Visual Basic
                     4.0, RDO (Remote Data Objects), Remote Automation, Crystal Reports, Access, ODBC, NT
                    ACS (10/95 - 5/96) Designed and developed a system in Access that simplified complex searches
                     to generate custom reports using SQL queries. The database contained 200,000 records generated
                     from ATM's. Batch jobs on the server read master files from a Problem Tracking System on a
                     Tandem mainframe. The system consisted of forms that user could navigate through to produce
                     customized searches of the Problem Tracking System. Environment: MS Access, Windows,
                    Andersen Consulting (6/95-8/95) insured that the project was finished on schedule by
                     completing work on an important module. Worked as a Programmer on a three person
                     programming team, upgrading the existing system. The application, called PathPlan 2000, is an
                     automated clinical path management system to be used by hospitals as a productivity tool.
                     Responsible for one of the modules in the system which included new code and bug fixes.
                     Helped test the system from a programmer's point of view. Environment: MS Visual Basic under
                     Windows 3.11, MS Access Database, SQL, Sheridan Software, Data Widgets, and Designer

             June 1991 to June 1995
             MIDI Source Dallas, TX - Programmer/Analyst
             Develop multimedia software for Windows using MS Visual Basic and Crystal Reports. Provided full life
             cycle development (analysis, design, code, test and implement) for two multimedia applications-Video
             Juke Box and Video Poker. Wrote setup programs in C for multimedia DOS programs. Also responsible
             for multimedia (MIDI) hardware and software distribution, sales and trade shows.

             March 1990 to June 1991
             SSBA/MBNA Dallas, Texas - Programmer/Analyst
             Enhanced and maintained large credit card processing systems using ALC with CICS in a team

             December 1986 to March 1990
             City of Dallas, Department of Information Services, Dallas, Texas - Programmer/Analyst
             Worked in the Public Safety group using ALC, database applications and CICS. Project leader on an
             interactive crime-analysis database system using COBOL, Datacom/DB and CICS. Lead programmer for
             large police property inventory, drug and auto pound systems in ALC. Converted the three systems,
             written in ALC to Librarian using coordinated classes for users.

             November 1985 to August 1986
             State of Ohio, Department of Human Services Columbus, Ohio - Programmer/Analyst
             Designed, developed, tested and implemented COBOL programs using a large VSAM variable length
             master file on an IBM 3090 mainframe with MVS/XA, JCL, JES3. Initiated the analysis and
             documentation for the main master file conversion process to a new master file.

BRAINBENCH   PHP – scored Advanced (Master)
TESTS        HTML – scored Advanced (Master)

EDUCATION    B.A. The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio in Sociology with a specialty in Criminology
             The Ohio State University and Columbus Technical Institute now Columbus State. Columbus, Ohio;.
             Completed 18 computer science, math and business courses. Maintained a 3.7 average .

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