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									                 REFERENCE MATERIAL – Some of My Favourite Reading

Changing Organisations
Competitive Advantage – Creating And Sustaining Superior   Michael Porter
Fad Surfing In The Boardroom                               Eileen Shapiro
Global Paradox                                             John Naisbitt
Intelligent Enterprise                                     James Brian Quinn
Managing Change – A Core Values Approach                   Alma Whiteley
Managing Transitions – Making The Most Of Change           William Bridges
Practical Project Management                               Michael Dobson
The Goal                                                   Eli Goldratt
The Theory of Constraint                                   Eli Goldratt
Flight Of The Buffalo                                      James Belasco
The One Minute Manager Builds High Performance Teams       Kenneth Blanchard
                                                           Donald Carew
                                                           Eunice Parisi-Carew
Succeeding As A Self Managed Team                          Richard Chang
                                                           Mark Curtin
Team Think                                                 Don Martin
The Wisdom Of Teams                                        Jon Katzenbach
                                                           Douglas Smith
Great Quotes From Great Leaders                            Successories
Gung Ho – Turn On The People In Any Organisation           Kenneth Blanchard
                                                           Sheldon Bowles
Leadership And The One Minute Manager                      Kenneth Blanchard
                                                           Patricia Zigarmi
                                                           Drea Zigarmi
The Leadership Challenge                                   James Kouzes
                                                           Barry Posner
Managing For Commitment                                    Carol Kinsey Goman
Principle Centred Leadership                               Stephen Covey
Zapp – The Lightning Of Empowerment                        William Byham
                                                           Jeff Cox
The Coach                                                  Ric Charlesworth
How To Lose Friends And Infuriate People                   Jonah Nader
Personal Development – Personal Effectiveness
Connections                                                A Roger Merrill
                                                           Rebecca Merrill
The Alchemist                                              Paulo Coelho
Manual Of The Warrior Of Light                             Paulo Coelho
Emotional Intelligence                                     Daniel Goleman
Man’s Search For Meaning                                   Victor Frankl
Raving Fans                                                Kenneth Blanchard
The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People                    Stephen Covey
The 8th Habit                                              Stephen Covey
Sun Tzu’s Art Of War – War At Work                         Khoo Kheng-Hor
The Ten Ancient Scrolls (For Success)                      Og Mandino
The Art Of Communicating                                       Bert Decker
Crucial Conversations                                          Patterson, Grenny, McMillan,
The Secrets To Manifesting Your Destiny                        Wayne Dyer
Nine Steps To Financial Freedom                                Suze Ormon
The Courage To Be Rich                                         Suze Ormon
Rich Dad Poor Dad                                              Rober Kiyosaki
The Cashflow Quadrant                                          Robert Kiyosaki
Buffetology                                                    Mary Buffet & David Clark
Stopping –How To Be Still When You Have To Keep Going.         David Kundtz
Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff                                    Richard Carlson
Instant Calm                                                   Paul Wilson
Way Of The Peaceful Warrior                                    Dan Millman
The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success                            Deepak Chopra
The Calm Technique                                             Paul Wilson
Thorsons Way Of NLP                                            Joseph O’connor & Ian
NLP Workbook (A Practical Guide To Achieving The Results You   Joseph O’connor
Blink                                                          Malcolm Gladwell
Flow                                                           Mihay Csikszentmihalyi
Too Soon Old Too Late Smart                                    Gordon Livingston MD
Dying Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me              William Hablitzel
Sales And Marketing
You Can Negotiate Anything                                     Herb Cohen
Influence – The Psychology Of Persuasion                       Robert Cialdini
When They Zig You Zag                                          Siimon Reynolds
How To Win New Business In 90 Days And Keep It For Ever        Wendy Joseph O’Connor
The Greatest Salesman In The World                             Og Mandino
Brand Yourself                                                 David Andrusia And Rick
101 Ways To Promote Yourself                                   Raleigh Pinskey
How To Motivate, Manage And Market Yourself                    Winston Marsh
Street Smart Business Ideas (From A Maverick Marketer)         Www.Malemery.Com
The Tipping Point                                              Malcolm Gladwell
Made to Stick                                                  Chip and Dan Heath
Career Change (Also Reference Books In Personal Development)
What Colour Is Your Parachute                                  Richard Nelson Bowles
The Secrets To Getting A Job                                   Philip Garside

Favourite Authors
Stephen Covey
Paulo Coehlo
Malcolm Gladwell
Wayne Dyer

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