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					                                                                             89.7 OKC to Wichita | 89.1 Shawnee
                                                                             103.1 Downtown OKC
                                                                             105.7 Bartlesville | 98.5 Norman |
                                                                             88.5 OKC Metro | 100.1 Edmond |
                                                                             105.9 Stillwater

  Keep track of what spaces have been opened by others with the grid below!

         1                      2                     3                      4                     5
         6                      7                     8                      9                     10
         11                     12                    13                     14                    15
         16                     17                    18                     19                    20
         21                     22                    23                     24                    25
         26                     27                    28                     29                    30
                           MATCH GAME RULES
        1. Listen for your cue to call 800-324-8488. Caller #8 gets to choose two spaces.
        2. Each space has either a letter (H-O-U-S-E) or prize inside of it.
        3. If you choose a space with a letter, you get to choose a bonus space.
        4. If you choose two spaces with the same prize, you WIN that prize!
        5. If you choose the spaces that spell H-O-U-S-E in any order, you win the GRAND PRIZE of: iPad
           courtesy of Dentcraft Paintless Dent Repair
        6. There is no consolation prize if the spaces do not match.
        7. When a prize is claimed, the prize spaces holding that prize will be cleared. If contestants pick a
           cleared space, they forfeit that pick.
        8. Only one prize per household. (All Dentcraft Paintless Dent Repair employees ineligible to win)

GRAND PRIZE – iPad courtesy of Dentcraft Paintless Dent Repair of
Frontier City   Mini Grill Set (with cooler T-           Lake Party with The House FM
(4 Pack)        and walmart giftcard)           shirt and Hat                staff for you and 10 friends
Chick-Fil-A Meals (4 pack)                      Razor Scooter                Family Night       Silver Dollar City
                                                                             Game Pack          Passes (4 Pack)
OKC Redhawks Tickets (4 Pack)                   Financial Freedom            Starbucks Gift     New Artist 5 CD
                                                Pack                         Cards ($20)        Pack

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