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write an article effectively


write an article effectively

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									I've been into blogging and article writing for so many years now. When I first started, I
was totally clueless about what should I be doing to earn money on the internet. I have an
idea that blogging is one way of earning good money at home. I've read a lot of articles
about SEO, link building, backlinks and all but my problem is.. how do I get started? Of
course, first things first, I need to write an article. In writing an article, CONTENT is
very much important. Question is, how do I create such an effective article?

Here are the steps in effectively writing a powerful article:

1. Decide about what you want to write

You have to know and determine the topic of your article. It could be anything you feel
like talking about: cars, animals, places, movies or anything that you could imaginably
think of.

2. Make a research about your topic

Once you've already determine the topic of your article, you are now ready to move to the
next step of article writing. Think about how readers would be interested in your topic.
Do some research online and find out about what people would want to know about your
specific topic. More and more people would be interested in your chosen topic if your
article is able to answer their questions. Most importantly, do not forget to choose the
appropriate KEYWORDS for your article. These are the words that people would be
using to find an answer to their questions.

3. Choose a title

So you are all set. You've already chosen a topic, you already have an idea of what to
write about your topic, you've set your keywords, and now you're ready to create a title
for your article. Choose a title that is appropriate to your topic. An article needs to have
an eye-catching but not misleading title for readers to take a look at it.

4. Start Writing

Now that you already have a title, start writing the introduction. Begin by letting people
know what your article would be all about. What readers would be expecting on your
article, and what they would learn when they read your article. They start writing the
body of your article. Discuss everything that you have promised your reader as to what
they would be getting when they read your article. Your article needs to answer their
question about your topic. And finally, write a conclusion about your article.

5. Proofread your article

Once you're done with your article, it is important that you proofread it and check the
grammar for any errors. After checking for errors, read your article once more and you'll
be surprised at they way you have effectively written your very first article.
6. Publish

Let the whole world wide web know about your hard earned article. Publish it in the web.
There are many places in the internet to promote your article.

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