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									       REGISTRATION FORM
       Mail with Cheque to:

                                                                    TTD International helps individuals
--------------------------------                                   seeking both personal and spiritual
 Please register me for the workshop titled                         development within their financial
 FINANCIAL FREEDOM                                                      and working lives, through
 NAME:                                                     _           w o rk s h o p s , w o r k b o o k s a n d
                                                                          personal consultancy.
 ADDRESS:                                                     _

                                                                   TTD International                                Imagine you are a bird with all the
                                                          _        E-mail:              capabilities of flight. What are you
                                                                   Website:                doing now, soaring high on the
PHONE No:                                                  _                                                          wings of financial freedom or
Payment of the fee is due with completed registration form, with                                                     perched on the ground caged in
cheques made payable to the company name in the box above.
                                                                                                                            financial slavery?
                    The purpose of the workshop is to help you           Investment Objectives                     _
TTD International   attain financial freedom. If you are interested in   This unique investment involves:
presents a          this challenge there is an exciting investment       1. Clarifying what financial freedom
                    opportunity available:                                  means to you.
workshop titled                                                          2. Selecting suitable investments for
                    Prosperity Unlimited, a fund whose growth               achieving your financial goals.
                    has defied gravity since inception is open to all
                    prospectus investors. Highlights of the              The Investment                            _
                    prospectus are outlined below:                       In YOURSELF via the workshop!
                                                                         Astute investors should enroll
                      The Investor _                                _    immediately.

                      ♦ Would you stop work tomorrow if not for          Workshop Contents                         _
                        the money?
                      ♦ Would you like to be rich and financially           Does Money Make You Happy?
                        independent?                                        Vocational Fulfillment
                      ♦ Rather than possessing money are you                Will All The Dollars Please Stand Up
                        possessed by it?                                    Lifestyles of the Contented
                      ♦ Are you compulsively spending your                  Who Are You Working For?
                        money on things that provide only                   Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams
                        temporary pleasure?                                 Financial Independence
                      ♦ Is earning money an obsession rather                The Wise Squirrel Plan
                        than fun?                                           Personal Taxes Around the World
                      ♦ Are you skimping and hoarding away                  Towards Thoughtful Spending
                        money, waiting for retirement before you            Types of Investments
                        start living?                                       Living Tax Free
                                                                            Free As a Bird
                      ♦ Would you like to live tax free?

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