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					                      BENNETT J. VACULIK, D.D.S., P.C.
                          GENERAL DENTISTY
620 CHURCH STREET                                                   PHONE: (903) 885-7726
SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS 75482                              

Kay Weedn
Independent Consultant
Regional Vice President
Arbonne International

Dear Kay:

Thanks for all your personal time and resources devoted to Patti and I in the development
of our dream or as we in Arbonne like to call it, our WHY. The mentorship exhibited,
the integrity demonstrated, and the attitude of helping others first to attain their dreams
all illustrated the Arbonne philosophy as presented by Arbonne International in their
opportunity presentation. This type of quality leadership, along with a proven method to
provide one with both time and financial freedom by putting people and money to work,
secured my decision to join the Arbonne team in my quest for an additional stream of
income to answer my WHY.

As a practicing dentist of twenty seven years, and understanding the rewards of owning
my own business as well as the challenges that make those rewards possible, it wasn’t
long into my research of Arbonne that I realized the tremendous business opportunity
available from operating as an independent Arbonne consultant. Not only was it apparent
that the return on investment of time and money potentially exceeded that of dentistry,
but the desire to look, feel, and perform better, that was fueling the growth in dentistry,
was also fueling the explosion of Arbonne’s growth. I know first hand how the desire to
improve one’s appearance, and the excitement generated by this desire is causing a rapid
growth in cosmetic dentistry. I also know this trend is fueled by the segment of the
population (Baby Boomers) that not only has the desire, but the money to attain its desire.
The interest generated by the Arbonne display in my office, confirms the growth that the
health and wellness industry is experiencing. The quality pure, safe, and beneficial
products offered by Arbonne are positioned to take advantage of this growing market for
years to come. The integrity and performance of the company, its position in the health
and wellness market, and its generous compensation plan all helped to satisfy my
masculine need to feel good about the bottom line.

As rewarding as dentistry is, it still lacks one element of Arbonne’s Network marketing
business model. Dentistry like other professional businesses requires the professional to
be at work with little to no ability to duplicate that earning potential. With Network
Marketing and especially Arbonne, teaching others to attain their dreams is not only
duplicatable, but provides residual income and time freedom not possible in the
professional arena.
Many years and dollars are spent attaining the professional degree necessary to practice
dentistry, law, or medicine. The training period for these professions, fueled only by
dreams, is intense and without compensation. Starting one’s business in Arbonne or
dentistry requires one to think as an entrepreneur, realizing rewards come later
proportional to time, money, and effort initially invested. However, later is much sooner
with Arbonne than with dentistry, and the initial time and money invested is a lot less.
With Arbonne one can use the early days not only as a time to learn and prefect one’s
skills, but to begin to earn as you lay the foundation for a potentially significant stream of
income. Enough income to support DREAMS and answer WHYS!

I encourage anyone in the professional arena to consider Arbonne International. The
products will enhance your health, looks, and energy. The business opportunity driven
by a dream, and pursued with an entrepreneurial attitude, can provide another stream of
income that will improve ones bottom line significantly.

“Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires [dreams] of your
heart.” Psalms 37: 4

Dr.Bennett J. Vaculik, DDS
    “Dr. Sandy”