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									Pinoy MD
A 10-yr Philippine Medical Scholarship Program

            Kenneth G. Ronquillo, MD, MPHM, CESE
            Director IV
            Health Human Resource Development Bureau
            Department of Health
Pinoy MD
Philippine Medical Scholarship Program

      A program Designed to produce competent,
      committed and community-oriented doctors
      that would address the needs of the health

       A partnership between the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes
       Office (PCSO), the Department of Health (DOH) and selected
       Private Medical Colleges and State Universities.
Decline in Production
Workforce Element

       Education is expensive with low return of investment
        (up to P85,000/sem)
       Decline in enrolment from 10% to 70%
       Decline in NMAT takers by 24% (4,475) in 2003 & 9%
        (4,070) in 2004
       Passing rate of 51.4% - 66% over the last 5 years
       Better compensation and career opportunities
Inequitable Distribution
Workforce Element

         Distribution of Physicians per Region 1998-2004
   800                                                     NCR
   700                                                     I
   600                                                     II
   500                                                     IV
   400                                                     VI
   200                                                     IX
   100                                                     XI
     0                                                     Caraga
         1998   1999   2000   2001   2002   2003   2004    ARMM
Low Retention
Workforce Element

   • Migration
   • Policy Gaps (Magna Carta, Labor Code)
   • Compensation differential between the
     public and private hospitals
   • Difficult working environment
Vacant Physician Posts
      Region    LGU Hosp   CHD Hosp       MHO*         CHO          Total
         I        13          0             3            4           24
        II         --         --            10           --           --
        III        --         --            0            --           --
        IV         0          0             6            0            6
        V          --         --            6            --           --
        VI        10         14             1            3           28
       VII        33          0             11           6           50
       VIII       10         14             19           3           46
        IX         --         --            8            --           --
        X         21          3             9            2           35
        XI         --         --            4            --           --
       XII         --         --            3            --           --
       CAR         0         15             18           0           33
     CARAGA        8         20             10           8           46
      ARMM         -          --            38           --           --
                                      Source: CHED Survey 2004, *HHRDB Survey, 2007
Pinoy MD Program
Design and Career Paths

                  Selection by
              PMD Member Schools

                                                   Scholarship grant to include:
                                                       tuition fees
                 Medical school                        board and lodging
                                         5-year        books
                                                       basic equipment
                                         scholarship  transportation
                                                       monthly allowance
                Licensure Exam                         fees for the licensure review
                                                       fees for the licensure exam

 DTTB     Medical Pool       Gov’t Ofc        Univ./Col.            10-year
(Rural)   (Specialist)     (Public Health)   (Academe)              payback

Budget Allocation
Scholarship Cost

  1. Payment for Partner Schools
  Per semester
  1.2 Tuition Fees          15,000.00      Subtotal per semester        P72,700.00
  1.3 Miscellaneous          2,000.00
                                           Subtotal per year           P145,400.00
  1.4 Laboratory               500.00
  1.5 Student Fund             500.00
                                           3. PhilHealth Insurance       P1,200.00
                                                for Scholars
  2. Allowances per Scholar per semester
  2.1 Book                  10,000.00
  2.2 Uniform                2,500.00
  2.3 Living Subsidy        18,000.00
                                           Total Per Scholar P146,600.00*
  2.4 Lodging               12,000.00
  2.5 Transportation         7,200.00
                                           *Not inclusive of management costs and
  2.6 Miscellaneous          5,000.00         immersion programs.
Program Status
Quick Overview

   Current Scholars:   Batch 1 – 52 scholars
                       Batch 2 – 82 scholars
   PMD Schools:        12 partner schools in 7 regions
   Funding Agencies:   PCSO main agency for scholarship cost.
                       PMD Med Schools augment cost.
                       HHRDB currently shoulders management
                       CHD augments management costs.

   Improvements:       In MOA, contracts and application
Policies and Mechanisms
to Sustain PMD Program

   Unload Capital / Lower Program Cost
      •   Require short term rural service from board passers,
          thus decreasing PMD scholarship items
      •   Partner with MD-nurses and other agencies to
          sustain scholars/government items for scholars
      •   Added tax for MD’s nursing tuition to sustain
          scholars/government items

      Beneficiary counterparts
      •   Require counterpart from the benefactor in terms of
          MD items to be created over 5 yrs time to sustain
          remaining 5 yrs (10-yr payback) OR to have the
          sustain remaining 2 yrs of payback (5-yr payback)
Policies and Mechanisms
to Sustain PMD Program

   Sustain or Increase Number of Applicants
         Partner with involved organizations to decrease cost of
          related entrance examinations and requirements (eg,
          NMAT, MCAT, College Application Forms, etc.)
         Open application to all sects.
         Increase number of PMD Member Schools to cover all

   Adjustments in Payback Mechanism
         Decrease to 5 years – Civil Service policies involved
         Provide options for adjustments in10-yr payback. Eg, 1
          barrio year:2 NCR years (academe, residency in NCR,
          government office, etc)
Policies and Mechanisms
to Sustain PMD Program

    Ensure current funding
       •   PCSO commitment
       •   PMD Medical Schools commitment
Policies and Mechanisms
for Workforce Retention

   1. Pay Equity

          Standardized entry level compensation for
          HRH, including medical residents

    Option 1 Support the passage of the Government
    Compensation & Classification Act (GCCA bill)

    Option 2 Creation of a separate health sector from
    non-agricultural sector for minimum wage setting by
    the Regional Wage Board
Policies and Mechanisms
for Workforce Retention

  2. Rights and Benefits

       Increased compensation and benefits to HRH in
       general, and specifically to those in hard to reach
               areas and/or hard to fill positions

    Option 1 Issuance by DILG of a policy/circular
    reiterating the strict implementation by LGUs of
    the Magna Carta, particularly in hard to reach
Policies and Mechanisms
for Workforce Retention

    2. Rights and Benefits

     Option 2 Amend the Magna Carta IRR to delete
     the clause: “… subject to the availability of
     funds” and replace with the clause “incorporated
     in their annual budgetary proposal for the
     national agencies” and, “incorporated in their
     respective local budget (LGU).”
Policies and Mechanisms
for Workforce Retention

    2. Rights and Benefits
    Option 3 Amend the Magna Carta IRR by
    increasing sanctions for non-compliance by
    payment of double indemnity (to be at par with the
    Labor Code).

    Option 4 Provide sanctions for violations by private
    sector health facilities of labor laws, sanctions
    such as revocation or non-renewal of license to
    operate amending DOH AO 147 s.2004 and non-
    issuance/renewal of business permits for non-
    DOH licensed health facilities
Policies and Mechanisms
for Workforce Retention

    3. Social Responsibility of Private Sector

    Option 1 Issuance of a policy by DOLE for
    monitoring health facilities for compliance with the
    labor code using the following models:
      • Kapatiran WISE-TAV (Big Brother-Small Brother
        pilot program)
      • Inspection Blitz
      • Zero-Accident Program
Pinoy MD
Health Human Resource Development Bureau

     Pinoy MD Project Manager

     Chairman of the Secretariat and
     Administrative Support

     Vice-Chairman of the Secretariat
Pinoy MD
Philippine Medical Scholarship Program

                Thank You!
Pinoy MD
Philippine Medical Scholarship Program

                       (Extra slides follow)
Pinoy MD
Our Budget and Allocations

 Scholarship Cost per Year:
   Year 1      Year 2       Year 3       Year 4       Year 5       Year 6
 7,916,400   21,608,840   41,508,324   65,171,616   93,152,484   113,800,465

 Scholarship Cost for Years 1 to 6: P343,158,129

 Management Cost per year: P3,902,000.00
PMD Under New Management
Health Human Resource Development Bureau (HHRDB)

    9 PMD Member Schools:
    1.   Emilio Aguinaldo Educational Corporation, Manila
    2.   Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Manila
    3.   University of the Philippines Manila, Manila
    4.   Our Lady of Fatima University, Manila
    5.   Cagayan State University, Cagayan
    6.   West Visayas State University, Iloilo
    7.   University of St. La Salle, Bacolod
    8.   UP Manila School of Health Sciences, Leyte
    9.   Mindanao State University, Iligan
PMD Under New Management
Health Human Resource Development Bureau (HHRDB)

    3 New PMD Member Schools:
    1. Davao Medical School Foundation, Davao
    2. Matias Aznar Memorial College of Medicine, Cebu
    3. Iloilo Doctors College of Medicine, Iloilo

    Total of 12 PMD Member Schools in 7 Regions
Pinoy MD
Our Framework

       Must complete medical degree and pass Physician’s
        Licensure Exam within prescribed period.
       Payback for willful breech of contract is total
        amount spent on scholarship plus 10% interest per
       Payback for unavoidable breech of contract is 2
        years service to government for every year of
        scholarship spent.

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