Budget Worksheet - Monthly income

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					                                Budget Worksheet
Medical Insurance:                                                 $100 estimate

Monthly house payment or rent:


Car payment:

Car Insurance:                                                     $100 estimate

Telephone Add $29.99

Dial-up $21.99

Cell phone
Which plan?
How much does it cost?

Cable $45.60/month
Satellite $41.99/month
Food                                                               $400 estimate

Gas for car                                                        $200 Estimate

Entertainment---How much money should you set
aside for movies, going out to eat, fun, etc.

Did you earn a college degree? If so, you must pay
your student loans. Look below to see how much your
monthly payments will be.
        If you had to have a Bachelors Degree, estimate $150 a
         month for student loans.
        If you had to have a Masters Degree add, $100 a month
         in addition to the $150, which is $250
        If you had to have a Doctorate degree, add $150 a month
         to the $150 and $100 for student loans, which is $400.

Savings. How much money will you put away in case
of an emergency such as your car needing repair,
buying new furniture, vacations, losing your job, etc.

What is your Net Monthly Income?
What is the total of all of your bills? This MUST be
less than your income or you can’t afford your choices.
Subtract your monthly bills from your Net Monthly
Income. How much is left?