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Budget 101


									                    SHARP CASH FOR YOU
February 15, 2010

                    Your biggest financial
                    challenge is to make
                    sure you have the
                    money you need to
                    pay all your monthly
                    expenses. But do you
                    know how much

                                            Invest in the known
                                            before the unknown
                                            By Francilia Herrera
                                                 It’s easy to get confused about        The first step is to figure out        It has been noticed that
                                            what you do with your money,           very carefully just how much are     financing reliable people expend
                                            especially when the expenses are       your expenses. For one year, you     more time in every purchase.
                                            more than the income. Or maybe         have to commit yourself to record    They save the receipt of their
                                            you are having a good time in          all your expenses.                   purchase, too
                                            your financial life and your                  Divide your expenses en             So please file every receipt of
                                            liabilities are growing, instead of    categories. Before you start to      your purchases to keep track of
                                            protecting your patrimony, you         track your expenses, divide a draw   how much you are expending.
                                            are getting deep in debt and           in your desk into nine folders:           Then put this receipt in a
                                            making wrong financial decisions.            God                             folder. Every month you should
                                                 All requires honest work, but          Savings                         have a folder with the receipt
                                            honesty is all that it takes. Make a        Tax                             going to one of each of these nine
                                            note that “financing” is part of             Housing                         categories. God, Savings, Tax,
                                            your life and can not be separated          Household                       Housing, Household, Car, Health,
                                            from you.                                   Car                             Insurance and Fun.
                                                 So let’s start working on your         Health                               What goes in detail in every
                                            finances:                                    Insurance                       category? here we go!
                                                 1.-Know your expenses.                 Fun                                  Let’s see this by categories:

             know your income...
             know your expenses...
                  The category of “God” goes first. In here make a donation
             for charity, all that will help to make this world a better place.
             You will see how when you put God first in your finances, all
             the structure of your financial life start to form.
                  Second “Savings” this is where you can save a minimum
             sum as small of $10 per month and place it in an investment
             vehicle to grow. Take this sample, $30 per month, at 15%
             compound interest rate, gives you, $48,947,827 millions in 70
             years... do not under estimate the power of savings! and you
             may ask, where can I find a %15 compound interest rate? the
             answer is Real State does this for you.
                  “Taxes” is all that you will pay to the government. It is
             important that you get familiar with the law and also all the
             benefits and credits available for you.
                  “Household” contains expenses like
             Phone / Cable                                                                                                        If this is the
                                                                                                                             only thing you
             Home system
                                                                                                                             can do to
             Home improvement
                                                                                                                             improve your
             Utilities                                                                                                       financial life, you
             Spirits and beverages                                                                                           are really in
             Veterinarian/pet                                                                                                good path...
             Dry cleaing
             Hair/hands/make up                                                   SHARP CASH SOLUTIONS LLC.
             Children education                                         
             Job training educ                                                        “Fun” has expenses like:
             Safe Deposit Box
             P.O. services
                                                                                  Video rental
                 “Car” contains expenses like:
             Auto                                                                 Gifts
             Tire                                                                 Birthdays
             Repair                                                               Lotery
             Gas                                                                  Hobbies
             Transportation                                                       Seasonal expenses
             Parking/tolls                                                        Travel
                                                                                  Based on this categories you will add your owns. But start
                 “Health”contains expenses like                                   with this tracking system, as soon as possible.
             Doctor's co pay ment
             Pharmacy                                                                  If this is the only thing you can do to improve your
             Medical                                                              financial life, you are really in good path.
             Dental                                                                    What happen if you do not have money to cover one of
             Optometry                                                            the category? Put in there the amount of money that you
                                                                                  need. To recognize how much money do you really need, and
                 “Insurance” has expenses like                                    you will see how you will train your self to recognize the
                                                                                  opportunities that will aloud you to cover this expense.
             Car Insurance                                                             An the most important of all advise: HAVE FAITH! IT
             Life Insuranse                                                       CAN BE DONE!

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