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       Western Washington University
               Old Main 361
       PH. 650-3774 / FAX: 650-2810

                                  Sample Offer Letter


City, State Zip

Dear Ms./Mr.:

We are pleased to offer you the position of <POSITION TITTLE> with an annual salary of
_________ . You will be contacted to schedule an appointment with the Employee Services
Manager for an employee orientation, 650-3771; and the Benefits Representative for benefits
sign-ups, 650-7763.

As an employee of the university, your first year will be a probationary period. Upon
successful completing the probationary period, you will attain permanent status.

Please notify us of your acceptance of this offer, in writing. Please plan to start work on
___________________ at ______ in ________________.

We look forward to the pleasure of working with you. If you have any questions please do not
hesitate to contact me at <your phone number>.

                           Sample Rejection Letter #2


City, State Zip

Dear Ms./Mr.,

I would like to thank you for your interest in the <POSITION TITLE> position. We enjoyed
getting to know you.

You were a very strong candidate, among the many excellent applicants who applied, and
the decision was a difficult one. However, I regret to inform you that we have selected
another candidate who has a great deal of experience and qualifications. Our choice in no
way reflects upon your excellent abilities and fine skills for this position.

We sincerely wish you the best in your job search and appreciate your continued interest in
employment at Western.

                            Sample Rejection Letter #1


City, State Zip

Dear Ms., Mr.,

I would like to thank you for your interest in the <POSITION TITTLE> position at Western
Washington University.

We were fortunate to receive application from candidates whose combination of skills and
experience were outstanding, thus, making a selection was very difficult. However, I regret to
inform you that another candidate was selected whom we believe most fully meets our needs
for this position. Our choice in no way reflects upon your excellent abilities and fine skills for
this position.

We wish you the best in your job search and appreciate your contained interest in
employment at Western.

** Provide to finalist

           YOU’VE HIRED . . .
             INCLUDES . . .
                                Performance Evaluation

There shall be an annual performance evaluation of each exempt professional employee,
based upon mutually agreed written criteria consistent with the position description. The
procedure may include a self-evaluation and will include a personal and written review, as
well as a summary of performance for the year based on these criteria. The employee being
evaluated shall sign the evaluation, indicating s/he has read the document. A signature does
not signify agreement or disagreement with the contents of the evaluation. Individual
divisions have flexibility in designing an annual performance evaluation that best meets the
needs of his/her employees. The evaluation should include:

 An opportunity for the employee being evaluated to comment on his/her achievements
  and organizational contributions
 Identification of any areas of outstanding performance
 Identification of any areas needing improvement
 Identification of objectives for the employee’s next performance period
 Opportunity for response by the employees

The date of the evaluation and comments by the employee being evaluated should be
documented and maintained in a format suitable for review by the appropriate Dean or Vice
President. Original evaluations shall be maintained in the employee’s personnel file in the
Human Resources Department with copies available in the Dean or Vice President’s office.

                                  Probationary Period

The first year of employment for an exempt professional employee shall be probationary.
The purpose of this probationary period is to allow time for a supervisor to orient an employee
to the work requirements and expectations of the position, and to determine whether or not
the employee demonstrates satisfactory knowledge or skills in the performance of work
requirements and expectations of the position. The probationary period is also intended to
afford the employee an opportunity to become adapted to the work required, to the
department, and to determine whether s/he wished to continue the position.

A probationary review shall be conducted at the midpoint of the probationary period. The
supervisor will make a written evaluation of the employee’s performance. The evaluation
shall be shared and discussed with the employee and then will be sent to the Director of
Human Resources to be included in the employee’s performance evaluation files. Nothing in
this section prohibits a supervisor from evaluating a probationary employee sooner that the
midpoint of the probationary period.
Upon successful completion of the probationary period, an employee will be given notice, in
writing, that s/he has satisfactorily completed the probationary period.

At any time during the probationary period, an employee may be dismissed with or without
cause. Employment may be terminated by either party at any time during the initial period of
employment, with minimum of tow (2) week’s notice.

               NEW EMPLOYEE
           TITLES AND

Table of Contents
Rewards of Good Selection                   pg. 1

Skill and Definitions                       pg. 2

Model for Performance Skill Definitions     pg. 4

Skill Definitions Questions
(Categories 1 – 21)
Develop Interview Questions                 pg. 5

Technical/Job Skill Analysis                pg. 26

Creating Tool/Equipment
Skill Questions                             pg. 27

Interviewing Skills                         pg. 28

Prior to request to recruit route to Human Resources for
determination of the following:
 Position Review Form
  - to determine appropriate exemption from civil
  - to determine exempt/non-exempt from the Fair
    Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  - to ensure position description is in compliance with
    the Americans with Disability Act (ADA)

 Willis Point Factoring
  - to determine appropriate grade

 Salary Administration
  - bases on experience, market conditions, College
    and University Professional Association-HR, and
    Internal Alignment

For questions contact Chyerl Wolfe-Lee, x3771

                Table of Contents
Information on Position, Salary, Titles …              Violet

Interview Information …                                Red

Reference Checks …                                     Orange

Employment Condition …                                 Yellow

Sample Offer Letter …                                  Lime Green

Sample Rejection Letter …                              Dark Green

Hired, Required Documents …                            Light Blue

Performance Evaluation …                               Dark Blue

Supporting the New Employee …                          Purple

Policies …                                             Aqua

                   Supervisor’s Checklist – New Employees
Hiring Interview

   Working Hours
   Starting Salary
   Pay Dates
   Pay Raises
   Parking Information
   W-4 form, I9, Employee Information Form, Measles


 Members of Management
 Department Members and those whom the new employee will interact

Department Information

   Organization Chart
   Functions and Responsibilities
   Facility and Department Physical Layout
   Support and Services Areas
   Department Meeting
   Location of Bulletin Boards and Contents

Employee Position

   Role in Department and Specific Duties and Responsibilities
   Anticipated Training
   Employee/Manager Relationship
   Performance Standards and Evaluation Procedures
   Access to Information Systems, Email, etc…

Rules and Attendance

 Attendance/Punctuality
 Reporting Absences
 Notifying Manager of Special Situations in Employee’s Family (e.g., accident, death, birth,
  adoption, serious illness, etc.)
 Explanation of Department Policies and Procedures
 Time Off: Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, Holidays
 Suspended Operation/Telephone Tree

Safety and Security

   Department Security Regulations, including records security
   Department Keys
   Department Safety Procedures
   Procedure for Work Related Injuries
   First Aid Kit
   Numbers to Call


 Constantly practice 360 communication.

 Be continuous learners in order to cope with the change, diversity, and
    ambiguity inherent in today’s work world.
 Practice pro-activity, prevention, and intervention.

 Confront issues, follow through, act and close issues.

 Recognize the importance of confidentiality and sensitivity.

 Value and respect diversity.

 Model effective supervision and leadership practices.

 Take a case-by-case approach, ask the proper questions, and use good

 Practice collaboration and inclusiveness.

 Be global- “see the big picture.”

 Always be mindful of your organization’s unique policies, procedures, and
     collective bargaining agreements.

 Have an open-door policy – emphasize your availability as a resource.

 Be an active listener.

                         REWARDS OF GOOD SELECTION

For the employer, good selection:
1.   Utilizes candidates’ skills
2.   Guides placement
3.   Reduces discrimination
4.   Enhances productivity
5. Reduces turnover
6. Conserves resources

For the candidate who is hired, good selection:
1.   Builds confidence
2.   Contributes to teamwork
3.   Generates opportunity
4.   Uses skills and competence
5.   Encourages job commitment
6.   Enriches work

For the future associates of the organization, good selection:
1.   Builds pride
2.   Enhances team quality
3.   Expands diversity
4.   Increases performance
5.   Stabilizes relationships
6.   Reduces frustration

For the candidate who is NOT hired, good selection:
1.   Is honest
2.   Reduces misplacement
3.   Is fair and objective
4.   Communicates standards
5.   Reflects personal warmth
6.   Reduces career mistakes

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