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					                             Dog Training:
                             Getting Started

Do you really need a dog training course to train your dog? Of course not.
It is not a necessity. I am sure thousands of people around the world train
their dogs each year without ever going to a dog obedience class or taking a
training course.

If you follow sound principles that you have learned from talking to
people, watching television programs or just based on what you think is
common sense.

However, this can be a difficult problem. There is a variety of incorrect
information that is out there. Within the loads of info there may be some
good dog training tips buried inside. The challenge is separating the good
from the bad.

So one way to do this is to follow a specific training method for training
your dog. Whether this training method is rewards based training, crate
training, clicker training or some other dog training method it is important
to follow one way of doing it.

You don't want to confuse your dog by using one aspect of one method
followed by another part of another training technique that contradicts the

One way to be sure that you are following one method is by utilizing a
home dog training course. These courses are designed to be step by step to
show you the proper techniques to use to get your dog trained. Using these
courses are not without its disadvantages.


The biggest obvious disadvantage is short term cost. You will need to pay

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for a home dog training course, whereas if you were learning on your own
you would not need to spend any money. You can purchase many of these
courses for less than $50. But we know that $50 still does not beat free.


However, this cost could be offset with the lesser time that it takes to train
your dog. Or fewer accidents, cleaning bills, and other aspects are things to
keep in mind.

The advantages of utilizing a dog training course is that you are able to
train you dog more quickly and can avoid costly mistakes. When you avoid
mistakes you will not have to re-train your dog the correct way, therefore
reducing the time for training.

So these are all things to keep in mind when considering a home dog
training course.

Dog Training Products
Training your dog can be an challenging endeavor. However, using the
right training products can help make this process a lot easier. There are
many different products that people may use while training their dogs. Here
are a few of the most popular.

Training Crates
Training crates are one of the most popular products used when training a
dog. Outside of training crates can be used to transport your dog from one
place to another, such as via airplanes or while traveling in the car.

There is a training process where you train the dog to get used to the crate.
Then there is a training process where you train the dog with the crate.
This is usually the case with potty training. It is a dog's natural instinct to
be comfortable in a small confined space since they are den animals.

However, they like for this confined space to stay clean.

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So part of the process for crate training a puppy involves placing the dog in
the crate throughout the day. At certain times of the day you let the dog out
and take him to a certain spot to relieve himself.

You do this on a certain schedule each day and the dog will get accustomed
to this schedule and his body will get used to pottying at the same times
each day.

Puppy Treats

Puppy treats may be the most common product used when dog training.
Puppy treats are used in rewards based training. This is when you try to get
a dog to perform a certain behavior. When the dog performs the behavior
that you want you reward him with a treat.

When you consistently use commands and the treat then eventually the dog
will begin to associate the commands with a treat. So he will perform the
desired action after you give a command because he is anticipating a treat.

This is a great way to positively train your dog and reward him for good
behavior instead of punishing for bad.


Clicker training is also a rewards based training method. It is used in
conjunction with puppy treats.

The basic premise is that you tell the dog to perform an action. When the
dog does it you click the clicker and immediately follow with praise and a

You do this continually and the dog begins to associate the clicking sound
with praise and a treat. The idea is that the clicking sound is unlike any
other sound. Its distinctiveness allows the dog to immediately know that
you are pleased with his action.

It can be a very effective training method if utilized correctly.

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These are just some of the products that you can use while training a dog.
Using a dog training course can help you sort out some of the challenges if
you face any along the way.

You can view our dog training courses reviews on our site at to see which courses we recommend.

Dog Training Tips

When home dog training it can easily be looked on as a difficult trying
task. However if you use these tips you will be able to do a better job
training your dog.

Have Patience

This is the first thing that you need to know when training your dog.
Without patience it is difficult to follow the other tips below. You will not
train your dog in a day. As complex as our human minds are even we are
not trained in a day.

If it takes us an average of 21 days to form a new habit why should we
think that a dog will be trained in a day? It will take some time. Just keep
that in mind and it will keep you from becoming frustrated.

Use Positive Techniques

You want your dog to enjoy the training process. So use positive training
techniques. Reward him for doing well rather than punish him for
performing poorly.

Your dog may be confused and scared to do anything if he feel he is going
to get punished. So give him a treat or praise when he does what you want
him to do.

Be Consistent

This is a biggie. You must be consistent when training your puppy. He will

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not be able to figure out what you are trying to tell him if you are not
consistent. Do it the same way over and over and over.

For instance, don't tell the dog to "Stop" one minute and then tell him to
"Quit it" the next time. He will not know what you are talking about. So be

Enjoy the Process

Lastly, enjoy the process. Don't make it out to be a burden to get this
accomplished. Following the first tip (being patient) this will be a lot easier
to do. If you have fun training your dog then you are more likely to do it.

Utilize the dog training products we mention above if needed to make it
more enjoyable. Products such as training treats, crates, or toys.

If you dread training your dog then more than likely you will not train as
consistent as you need to and it will take much longer to get your dog

Training your dog can be challenging but that does not mean that it can not
be fun. Enjoy the process and use these tips to get it done more quickly.

For more puppy training tips visit our site at .

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