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									                                            CITY OF OAKLAND


Office of the Mayor                                                          (510) 238-3141
Ronald V. Dellums                                                        FAX: (510) 238-4731
Mayor                                                                   TDD: (510) 839-6451

July 23, 2010

Mr. Allan “Bud” Selig
Major League Baseball
12 E. 49th St., #24
New York, NW 10017

Dear Commissioner Selig:

We write today to update you on the important and significant steps that we have taken in
our efforts to keep the Oakland A’s in Oakland. As Mayor and City Council President,
we have been working with your representatives and with our staff to provide complete
information and the leadership needed for a state of the art, baseball only, ballpark as the
future home of the Oakland A’s.

In the last sixteen months, which began when your three-member Committee first started
a dialogue with Oakland, we have worked arduously to keep the A’s in Oakland. We
want to review what we, along with our private sector partners, have accomplished in the
last 16 months:

        Met with your Committee extensively over the 16 month period
        Identified three waterfront sites which each meet the physical and infrastructural
        needs for a 21st Century ballpark as identified by your Committee
        Generated detailed diligence materials on each of the three sites regarding
            o environmental conditions
            o infrastructure conditions
            o transportation access
            o parking studies
        Generated a detailed land-use plan identifying key milestones and reviewing
        Oakland’s entitlement processes
        Demonstrated that the City/Redevelopment Agency has the financial capacity to
        uphold its end of any negotiated transaction
        Generated over 130 letters of support for keeping the A’s in Oakland from
        members of the East Bay private sector including business, labor and community
       Secured over $500,000 in deposits from 35 corporate entities expressing interest
       in luxury suites, sponsorship opportunities and, most significantly, naming rights
       for a new waterfront ballpark
       Organized a grass-roots effort through Facebook with over 40,000 members
       committed to keeping the A’s in Oakland (see
       Commissioned and published an Economic and Fiscal study which found that a
       new waterfront ballpark in Oakland would generate thousands of jobs, generate
       $2.6 billion in economic activity, increase property values around the ballpark by
       $4.7 billion, and generate over $240 million for Oakland’s general fund

The city owns a large single parcel that makes up almost 25% of one of the sites that is
appropriate for baseball. The Mayor is ready to authorize the Oakland Redevelopment
Agency to start the process of implementing the public environmental review process of
entitling land along our waterfront.

We believe taken together, these steps demonstrate our continued commitment to keeping
the A’s in Oakland. It is clear that our City has a viable plan to complete such a

As we have told your Committee, we stand ready to take the necessary steps to be your
partner in this effort to build a world class stadium for the Oakland A’s – one that will
make Oakland, the A’s, and Major League Baseball proud.


                                                             Jane Brunner
Hon. Ronald V. Dellums                                       Hon. Jane Brunner
Mayor                                                        President, City Council

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