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									The Importance of Raw Vegan Protein Powder

First off you may be wondering what the term "raw" means. Products labeled raw
feature food sources that have not been cooked or treated with any type of heat.
According to studies, raw or living foods contain beneficial enzymes that aid in
absorption and digestion of food but disappear when foods are cooked or heated
above 105 degrees. Heat essentially takes out a lot of the nutrients and chemically
changes foods. This prevents you from getting the most nutritional benefits. So by
purchasing raw foods you are getting the best bang for your buck as well as for your
body. Raw foods have numerous health benefits including: better digestion,
increased energy, and reduced risk of heart disease.

The term "raw" is just as important for protein powders. It can be challenging for
vegans to get the amount of protein that is needed on a daily basis. By taking a raw
protein powder you are ensuring that you are getting the most nutrients possible
because none of the nutrient value is depleted. By choosing raw protein you are not
bringing anything that is harmful into your body. Raw protein powders are the best
kind of protein supplements for vegans. Not only are you getting the daily intake of
protein, but you also will receive other vitamins and minerals that are essential for
your body to function.

If you are considering taking a vegan protein powder I highly recommend that you
go for the best all natural protein powder. Make sure to really research all options
before purchasing a protein supplement. Raw and organic is by far the best option
available when looking for protein for vegans.

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