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					Slow computer problem that I believe is something that many. People have certainly never met. Or
will meet the capacity. After the newly formatted machine when the new year just one month ago, only
This problem mostly caused by the Windows operating system ซะ with That's because Windows is not
good or that we do not understand it together แน่ eh?

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In fact, every operating system would not be very different in terms of performance หรอก ครับ. Because it
is the same software as it depends on whether the software has been developed to do. And the
computer to process what only And the Windows operating system is a good example in terms of
performance when compared to the other operating system.

If anybody try to ask the operating system where the fastest. No one talks about Windows true?. What
if I talk about the operating system easy to use and best per Of course most of you who do not
continue นั่นเอง window. So from this point Windows itself has been designed to use easily makes it
work is quite complex and is working to prepare various supports. The user always. I must admit that
sometimes ล่ะ ครับ. That we did not use

You have some or no! Observing that the Windows operating system you are using can do good work
done here yon can do everything all the easier to install. Or use the device is capable of anything out.
All you need to think the codes or instructions that are very complicated how Code and instructions
will be processed by the CPU how

Service in the Windows.

True that you may not use all the functions it add to the system. But it's like this is not a หรอก ครับ. Who
is developing software designed to be a balanced and gives the user all the groups, which is why our
internal functions that are left open to many Which we hardly ever used. Or never knew in addition
that it is the system.

Service that runs on Windows. Try scrolling down to get more likely to be around after a half percent.

Service considered a form of program execution within one window. Service programs in this group is
waiting, helps the user in charge of it. The work will wait behind. Is that to like a program that is in
Background นั่นเอง you, think, sir, if the Service is running around 30 the machine will slow down how
though you may have used it less than 10 digits it with over and over.

Service to enable sufficient enough

This period is sufficient ครับ era. Therefore, we should not have left off Service. To remove the
computer processing time to the Service, these processes work better than we do. We will come to
how to close the Service will know how to use the ไง that do not use some of us will go see it at the
same ครับ.

How to deal with the Service.

For Service in Windows that You can access it with the management method is to add to the Start
button and select Run, then type service.msc down window and click OK Service will run up ครับ. In the
Service will have plenty of work, you can adjust (Startup Type) will be divided into the following format

• Automatic start automatically every time you turn on and boot into Windows.
• Manual does not start itself. But it can halt or restart by the user itself. Or some programs.
• Disable the Service is disabled from starting work.

The Service Startup Mode There are three main forms depending on the usage.

Service how can I turn off.

Service because of the numerous versions of some applications of the Service. We installed. Service
and some of the system itself is therefore required before the Service which is required and what will
work or not. Not so close I decided ครับ. Us to see each other it is better than what the Service should
be close together.

Run command and type service.msc screen to access Service.

Service will display a list of the Service on your computer much.

Double-click on a Service Service to set about it.

You can right-click. You can then select Start and Stop to start and stop operation of the Service

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