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									If you've heard this question and the benefits of bis Potter (Twitter)? The fact it is more than just the
view that a stranger eat lunch Because you can monitor breaking news. Use a funnel complaints to
the manufacturer. Or even chat with celebrities.

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Bis Potter is but idle talk. Bis Potter is that people use lift tail narcissism and other various Goodies
that you may have heard about So Special network of this, but actually bis Potter will benefit
incredibly If your computer is idle. And overlooked stories speak to several people (which is true, we
do not argue) because the nature of this service. Is contributing to leave a brief message. Rapidly.
Makes it ideal for use as a channel for complaints from customers. Or track events that interest you
from the people who live in the incident. Including the lives of the people you see interest and this is 6
simple ways to help bis Potter useful to you.

Track news

Most of the site is a source of information and a complete news sources than If you need the news on
a specific breathing Brad origin And like even more delicate small Bis Potter is a good choice.
Because you can read fresh reports from users of bis Potter others In the event or scene. As if the
plane falling Hudson River. People in that area will post the story to see Peter in updating their
(Concept of bis Potter is. To tell the story of everyday life with a short message up to 140 characters
per update).

In addition to the common person and the people. You can keep track of bis Potter news sites like
CNN (www.twitter.com / cnn. Brief known that @ CNN), which will post news headlines with links to
more information content, but we like even more @ cnnbrk bis Potter is not the official station of this
news. But where is good to read news summaries easily understood. In a single sentence. Without
the links to read more (Unless you are interested in details).

@ NYTimes is another topic where you will find breaking news every hour. Plus bis Potter and the
writer of a column in Time this influential newspaper. Like other For the news about it is like @
BreakingNewsOn, @ nprnews, @ weirdnews, @ macrumors, @ MarsPhoenix, @ Astronautics. And
of course, even the PC itself has scenes shift bis Potter reports in technology as well (@ PCMag).

Channel contact the manufacturer.

Using bis Potter Provide after-sales service fully. May still sound does not make sense for most
companies. At least until the service member will have an additional 10 million today, however, you
can use a funnel bis Potter in the complaint. And your voice will reach owner of the goods. Because
many big companies such as Zappos, Starbucks, Whole Foods, JetBlue and many more (very much),
all of which have have an account posted a bis Potter used to contact you.

So from now on. If you want a complaint about a product or service. Try Google Kearney names of
their respective owners. Followed by the word Twitter, if such companies have an account posted on
a bis Potter. You will find the results very first attempt to compile into a major complaint is the fit to
your essence Because you must not forget that the text is limited to only up to 140 characters.


As with blogs and forums. Bis Potter is a place that is perfect for lazy questions you find the answers
themselves. Including assistance (such as "who help transport free of moving Friday silk?") Seeking
comment. ("An organic bananas taste better, or a blank?") Or seek advice. ("Add RAM to a new
MacBook How much better?"), Etc.

Owen Drink bis developer Michael Potter told us that The problem you've spent five minutes thinking
the answer may be out within 10 seconds the bis Potter. But this means at least you have friends. In
real life, the more (follow) bis Potter you have. And of course, if the optimization. You should see the
updating of friends with Peter. To help each other.

Promoting fair in your company.

As always, Peter is not updating the first service that lets you take advantage of this nature. But the
nature of itself. Peter makes updating very suitable choice for the promotion of your company or PR.
As long as you do not peep. A link to the application you just finished writing. Or of some new
products from time to time. Combined with your other story, if possible, try not to promote links with
more than three jobs per week links. That is because it will impose and the more you make people
feel good plain or heavy may not be as interested in you again.

To stay in touch with friends.

Also see the story of everyday life of a stranger and entertainment. Bis Potter is a favorite way we like
to avoid the lack of contact from friends. Just write a short story told on a daily basis know your
friends will be in your That are suffering or how happiness. Whereas You can know how a friend is
sick or blank Or one which is in depression and need encouragement. You want to find This also
excludes the invite to eat Or invite other activities.

Found celebrity.

The user name of bis Potter is a lot more people as some may not like the message you sent. Brent
Saunders, not to Spinner's (star of Star Trek a), which is relatively quite friendly. Like a comedy star
Stephen Fry, or if you have any Idol or favorite hero. Try Kearney's Printer for updating them. And
monitor that Them how to live successfully.

However, if you want to access this online community. But contrary to any feeling shy and did not
know how to start a good look at our 10 tips in this guide. Believe that should allow you to use bis
Potter excited like that used for some time already.

1. Short URL shorter.

Use of bis Potter. One of you who do not share is the link. However, because each Thawee ต. You
can write up to 140 characters if the URL you want to share long stretches thumbnail URL to use
shorter, so that you can have more space for writing. We like it like tinyurl.com, is.gd, ow.ly and bit.ly.

2. RT = Retweet.

If you find Thawee ต desirable. Copy and want to put (paste) on your own site. Or wherever You can
do this no problem. As long as you give credit to the author that the text in Thawee ต. Which by
tradition and practice. Use keywords that are followed by a bis RT Potter Thawee ต owners. For
example, if you apply to use our Thawee ต. You should add the word to be Thawee RT @ PCMag ต

3. Send a private e Messe.

A function of bis Potter Direct Messages you can send private messages to be less than 140
characters to the user Potter bis others have characteristics similar to e-mail summary. However, a
problem even if the people you are sending a message to have it. Must be a user of the view (follow)

4. The symbol @.

If you want credit or want to refer to user interface bis Butter others Enter the symbol. @, Followed by
the name of the person bis Potter. Is in your Thawee ต. Messages in it. (@ Poster), it becomes a link
to the updating of the users list that Peter. And that's important. More updating Peter users can see
this in your Thawee ต. Whereas Czech Republic, you can see who has referred to you in some of
them Thawee ต. With the click. @ Poster from within your own right on the page Home.

5. Your friends.

If you do not know the start of this online community do try Search.twitter.com. Find your friends bis
Potter. Bis Potter celebrity. Or companies that interest you. So you will have the look. If you have a
topic of interest exists. Topics that can be used as keywords to search for it.

6. Increase your chances of being found to Thawee ต your

If you're writing about a topic that is interesting trends (such as Obama series on Lost, etc.) and put a
# in front of that topic (eg # Lost) will allow others Find your Thawee ต easier. And perhaps they might
see as you continue. For example, if the aircraft fall to # flight1549 Hudson River has become a
popular tag. Like a lot of keywords that people use in Kearney.

7. Sharing photos.

Most people prefer to share photos of himself to the world to see. And some of them famous from it.
Ja like the Mini, which will use a cover TwitPic posting pictures of flight 1549 on bis Potter his first
friend. You can also use TwitPic, including many. Similar services, this To help facilitate the uploading
and posting pictures on bis Potter.

8. Thawee absence hand.

Bis Potter you to send text messages from mobile phones to update your Thawee ต. Just as the new
Tawee ต others Where you at seeing. But first you must go to Settings, then click the tab Devices
enter your phone number before. Whereas If used while you feel that the Thawee of life other Mobile.
Create a nuisance to you than to update the story. You can come undone from the same tab.

9. Find a good desktop client to use

With a desktop client TweetDeck, Twhirl, or you can get TwitterFox Thawee ต and as systematically or
as a category for the read. These clients is very useful if you follow many of the more Thawee ต.
Interaction and dialog. As well as direct messages are frequently used functions.

10. Download Mobile client.

If you have a Black Berry iPhone smart phone or other That can connect to Wi-Fi or 3G-based
network we'd recommend downloading the Mobile client using bis Potter. It will help you do more than
just send a text message. Client is also interesting, such as Twitterific, TwitterBerry, PocketTweets
and Twidroid etc

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