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									Note .. This is what you need to know before starting relationship with a friend on Facebook in the
online story to keep a secret - before you start posting content or images. Do not forget to set privacy.
Indicates Who can view video profiles, photo album status updates. And other assorted information
about some of your thoughts before a friend - to find out Who listed Tagged Content posted on
Facebook using your email address is not difficult. But before you get those people to be your friend
on Facebook do not forget to consider carefully with

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News about Facebook in the past, extensive, and many other matters about off any secret that to
poke on Facebook with its latest case of personal information of head MI6 (jurisdiction of spies like
James Bond), the drop out. on the Internet through Facebook should not allow English as official must
spend massive amounts to conceal such information. MI6 chief's wife, but that to publish the pictures
and personal details in public ซะ otherwise

Facebook has many charms of course, connected to a network of friends know. The relationship
between people more closely together. Previously, even Bill Gates of Microsoft still take at least half a
day on Facebook While recent reports that have already quit playing any. As being much more than
ask a friend to accept it.

That already what many people fear most is. Private matter that should not give other people know.
But to be disclosed on the Wall of Facebook that they are aware that you know the stories.
Inappropriate with. If the people you are friends with on Facebook, but it is really close friends. That
would not have much problem. But many times those friends - not just a friend But the boss do.
Business partners or friends do some older subordinates do.

Ensure that you have many. Issues that do not want these people certainly recognize. If that does not
provide the good. Ensure that the problem later is almost as impossible.

So if you are the one who has the reputation and image looks to be protecting. The open account on
Facebook is at risk especially remember that Facebook is not designed for use in business. Do not
forget to consider these things before you leap into a full-enter Facebook.

• Facebook is created and developed by young people for young people. Previous e-mail to subscribe
to the need to open Facebook to email ending in. Edu, that is, those who study in schools and
universities. And even though the rules will not apply today. But Facebook does not change DNA.
Web site designed to give many people have exaggerated bravery study period. Should not allow the
professional image your business look better, even less.
• Internet interface usage more complicated. As a result of design guidelines for the use of the
university. Sense of playing a video game. And I do not care about performance in business even
less. Errors occur more easily and are difficult to edit when on Facebook Unlike applications designed
specifically for use in business.
• You can not predict or control it that Who will be seeking to become your friend on Facebook will
answer some do if your boss or client request with a friend on Facebook? Let them into the behavior
of the merry over the course of your period or even a living at this time. That would dare deny the
request as a friend? This is a situation that invite headaches especially for adults who want to play
• Facebook released new features frequently. Tangent to the user without warning notice. Recently I
just qualify that tracks the user's shop ping and then published for others To know each other around.
The Icon that i was sleeping by using a strong protest. And followed by a lawsuit many privacy
violations, but certified that this is not the last time we saw something like this on Facebook of course
true to the first question that Facebook data storage activities. The user to first for what purpose?
• fraud and Facebook are starting the epidemic with a case of Facebook acquaintances being hacked.
Messaging and many friends. Melody that people need financial assistance. ต and start chatting with
each other to begin a process of serious fraud. For those who do not have anything suspicion. It is
just a request from a friend that you know and willing to help. But sometimes is just capitalizing on
Facebook where เจ้าตัว not know what with. If you see this kind of situation. Contact directly best By
phone or appointment to meet any. If anyone would have enough weird that he is being deceived.
Police should take the first best
Sometimes you may get a friend request on Facebook for the call to download the video playback.
The program that is actually is. Programs are disguised the danger into our computer. This may be
both an offer via email or web page. With the close relationship between them on Facebook is making
many careless careless in this matter until the problem occurs later.

Do not despair, but you can safely use Facebook on one level. Critical appropriate to reduce the risks
just enough for a beginner to learn. Try to set privacy to the Privacy Settings from the Settings menu,
which we can change the details on how to publish a photo message profile. And information work.
Including what the other members. Be seen with Therefore, your old boss or friends are required to
see the different on your Facebook do not forget to let people see things that do not know about you
then. The answer is not much intelligent wash นัก.

Another feature to be careful is that "Find Friends", which allow you to enter a user name and
password of webmail like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail to pull out more information about a person that you
put on Facebook - do not. forget to make sure that Contacts are people you have no business
contacts in it. Because there may be risk of disclosure of personal matters that should not be suitable
to those known

The privacy settings by limiting your name tagged to images. Is another one to do. Because
sometimes you do not want others To see some personal pictures. The tag of being someone else
but put a name to your reference to yourself whether deliberately or accidentally.

So before you start using Facebook Do not forget to take an hour to wash Review the settings. Since
these initial Facebook account activation is not difficult. But the settings to suit the user to not let that
secret. Have been published in the wide area It may take some reasonable

Exit the other hand is interesting. Allotment group relationships clearly as if a friend or business
customers to contact you via online social networking site LinkedIn to turn to the Web or other It's
probably better to include people from the under ทั่วทุกสารทิศ Facebook get you a good excuse. To reject
a friend request on Facebook and invite a man to turn business associate on a website other more
specific with

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