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                                                                    Division of Financial Institutions

                                    With the recent increase in the value of gold and other precious metals, there is no shortage of companies
What To Know Before You Sell Gold

                                    and interested parties willing to purchase your unwanted valuables. Often, they promise a quick transaction
                                    and instant cash. Before you decide to sell any of your possessions, make sure you have considered the
                                    following guidelines:

                                    BUYERS SHOULD BE LICENSED
                                    Always be certain that the party to whom you are selling your scrap gold or other precious metals is licensed
                                    to do so. Many businesses that advertise that they purchase gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metals
                                    or jewels should hold a license issued by Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Financial Institutions.

                                    The Division of Financial Institutions licenses both pawnbrokers and precious metals dealers. The Division
                                    of Financial Institutions also issues temporary permits for precious metals dealers and pawnbrokers to
                                    engage in short-term purchasing events at a location other than their regular place of business.

                                    To be certain that a pawnbroker or precious metals dealer is licensed by the Divison, go to
                                    www.com.state.oh.us/finn/elicense.aspx or call the Divison at (614) 728-8400 or (866) 278-0003. Division
                                    staff can also tell you if a precious metals dealer has a temporary permit to purchase at a remote location.

                                    GOLD VALUE FLUCTUATES
                                    The value of gold can fluctuate from one day to the next. If you want to make sure that you are getting a
                                    good deal and a fair price on the gold you are selling, you might want to contact a neutral appraiser who
                                    can let you know exactly what your gold is worth. You probably won’t get paid the appraised amount, but
                                    it does provide a good starting point when you set out to sell your gold. Another option is to visit two to
                                    three different businesses and inquire as to the price on any given day and what they would pay for the
                                    quantity of gold you have to sell.

                                    SELLING GOLD THROUGH THE MAIL
                                    Some companies advertise the practice of purchasing precious metals through the mail. These companies
                                    should be licensed by the Divison of Financial Institutions if they are buying precious metals from Ohioans.

                                    They instruct the seller to send their gold (or other valuables) to the buyer in a secure, pre-paid envelope.
                                    Upon receiving the envelope, the buyer tests the gold and assigns the item(s) a value based upon the price
                                    of gold that day. The buyer then issues a check to the seller for the value of the item(s). Any processing fees,
                                    shipping costs, and miscellaneous charges may be deducted from the amount sent to the seller.

                                    JEWELRY STORES
                                    Jewelry stores may also purchase scrap gold and other precious metals. Generally they are not required to
                                    be licensed by the Division of Financial Institutions. They only require licensure when their purchases of
                                    precious metals is greater than 25% of their annual retail sales.

                                    If a person or business wants to purchase your scrap gold or other precious metals, make sure you know
                                    the value of your item. Generally, many businesses that advertise or solicit the purchase of precious metals
                                    should be licensed by the Division of Financial Institutions. Selling to a licensed buyer will help you to
                                    ensure that you receive the fairest amount for your items in a secure, legitimate transaction.

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