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HCA Delta Division Contact:                                                 Healthagen Contact:
Mark Romig, 504.284.8688                                              Marcia Noyes, 303.877.4846
Mark.Romig@hcahealthcare.com                                              mnoyes@healthagen.net

                              HCA Delta Division Launches Smartphone App to Deliver Healthcare Informa on to Mobile
                              Consumers, Any me, Anywhere
                             New mobile acute care decision tool provides consumers with healthcare informa on wherever they need it.
                             New Orleans, LA—(June 21, 2010) –The Delta Division of HCA Inc. (Hospital Corpora on of America), today announced a
                             new partnership with Healthagen® to put healthcare and provider informa on into the hands of smartphone users on
                             iTriage®. Smartphone users can download the free iTriage applica on for their iPhone®, Android™ and Palm® smartphones
                             at the app stores, and for all other Web‐enabled devices at www.iTriageHealth.com. BlackBerry® smartphone users will soon
                             have their own iTriage applica on, as well.
                             With the introduc on of this premier level of service, HCA Delta Division joins the growing number of hospital systems
                             across the country to u lize this interac ve mobile technology, which allows consumers to search medical symptoms, learn
                             about possible causes, and find appropriate loca ons for treatment. Residents, as well as visitors of Louisiana and
Mississippi, now have immediate on‐the‐go access to healthcare and facility informa on from the following hospitals and medical facili es in HCA’s Delta
               ●Dauterive Hospital            ●The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana
               ●Garden Park Medical Center     ●Tulane Medical Center and Tulane‐Lakeside Hospital
               ●Lakeview Regional Medical Center ●Women’s and Children’s Hospital, a Campus
               ●Rapides Regional Medical Center of The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana

“We take great pride in responding to advanced technology trends, and our partnership with iTriage reinforces our goal of increasing healthcare access and
informa on to both residents and visitors in our communi es,” explained Mel Lagarde, President and CEO of HCA’s Delta Division. “Adding the iTriage
smartphone applica on to our growing array of technology innova ons sets us apart from other medical facili es.”
Developed by emergency room physicians who wanted to put more healthcare informa on into their own pa ents’ hands, iTriage offers unprecedented
convenience for those who need medical informa on anywhere and at any me.

“Medical providers have begun to recognize the tremendous value of engaging with smartphone‐to ng consumers and HCA Delta Division’s hospitals and
medical facili es are leading the way in the Delta states of Mississippi and Louisiana. Providing cu ng edge medical care through advanced technology
speaks directly to a commitment to offering the best in their community. We look forward to a long and frui ul partnership with this experienced hospital
system as more Americans adopt smartphones as their frontline communica ons tool,” said Peter Hudson, M.D., Healthagen CEO, developer of iTriage.

About HCA Delta Division
Part of HCA Inc. (Hospital Corpora on of America), the largest non‐government hospital system in the country, HCA Delta Division’s network of state‐
of‐the‐art hospitals and treatment facili es offers the highest level of care in Louisiana and Mississippi. Primary, acute, ter ary and chronic care services
offer a wide range of healthcare services that are provided by physicians and staff who have trained at the na on’s top medical and nursing schools. For
more informa on about HCA Delta Division facili es, go to www.hcadeltadivision.com.
About Healthagen
Healthagen is a global developer of healthcare informa on so ware that empowers pa ents to make be er decisions and gives healthcare treatment
facili es improved access to addi onal pa ents. iTriage is a comprehensive and revolu onary smartphone applica on that helps consumers evaluate
symptoms, find possible causes, learn about medical procedures and search for the most appropriate medical provider. Emergency medicine physicians
developed iTriage and co‐founded Healthagen – a privately held company headquartered in Lakewood, CO. For more informa on about iTriage, go to

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