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					How do you think of the Copy Paste artikel?

       In the world of blogging, the term copy and paste the article is not a stranger
anymore. The lazy bloggers who write articles on their blogs do copy and paste from
other articles on the internet. But in fact it is so forbidden, especially in the science of
SEO. Those who do copy and paste articles from blogs other people are not aware that
these measures can impose their blog's reputation.

        Search engine like google very unhappy with duplicate content because it clearly
violated the copyright of the original authors. Blog with duplicate content will also be
difficult to penetrate better rankings. Google is more like a blog with original content.

        You fear your article was hijacked? Calm down, search engines like google can
distinguish where the original content and duplicate content. How? Usually the original
content in advance of the date of posting pirated content. But this does not guarantee that
we can distinguish correctly, because it alone has the facilities backdate blogspot, means
the date of posting can be pushed back a day, a month, even a year. But surely the search
engine has its own methods for analyzing two articles / content is the same.

         Short-term effects if we do copy and paste the article is that it can easily fill a
blog with many articles without difficulty writing. Tapai long-term effects will be
terrible. Decline in reputation of your blog, blog rank well through the difficulty of the
search engines, to the most severe will the blacklist so that search engines will never
search list them forever.

       So what you still want to do copy and paste the article?

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