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									Good Article Writing Tips

        In writing this blog articles bloleh certainly not random. Articles that we write
must be weighed and useful to readers. If writing carelessly and content of the article is
not useful of course we could easily blog readers left. Surely you do not want to be left
readers because your article is not useful right?

       The contents of the article should also not be too long, because it will make the
readers become bored with the article too long article. But also not too short because the
reader can assume you are not serious in writing the article. I think four or five
paragraphs will suffice.

        In addition to the contents of the article should be useful for the reader, it displays
also have to attract readers. Do not make the backgroud blog which is almost the same
color as writing articles. I often find blogs that good but because its contents with the
background color of blog posts about the same stretcher, and so find it difficult to read.
And it is definitely the blog will be easy ith left his readers.

         And the last one that should not be overlooked when writing articles is the title.
Make the title interesting as possible and certainly must be relevant to the content of the
article. Because after all, the first thing the reader will read is the title of your article. The
more interesting your article title, the more interested reader also to read through your

        I will continue posting about writing this article another time

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