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									                  Chiropractic Medicine Procedures

Chiropractors specialize in the treatment of conditions in the
musculoskeletal and nervous system. The primary chiropractic
treatment they employ is spinal adjustment. However, there are
many other existing techniques that chiropractors use in treating
certain conditions of/or related to the spine, tissues and joints.
Chiropractic Denver, as one of the leading association of chiropractors,
only employs the best chiropractors in the field that are duly licensed
to become doctors of chiropractics. Some of the methods used by
chiropractors under Chiropractic Denver include:

    Spinal Manipulative Therapy is characterized by techniques
     where the hands are used to massage, manipulate, adjust,
     mobilize, and apply pressure to the spine, muscles, tissues, and
     tendons that are contributing causes to the patient’s condition.
     This method is generally used by chiropractors. Chiropractors
     under Denver Chiropractic are highly experienced in spinal

    Diversified technique is another procedure commonly
     employed by chiropractors under Chiropractic Denver. This
     method uses a high velocity low amplitude pressure. The
     primary objective of this method is to restore the movement
     and alignment of the spine and the joints back to their original
     healthy state.

    Activator Technique is another method used in chiropractics.
     This method is an alternative to manual spine manipulation as
     it uses a device. The device is a small handheld instrument that
     has springs to deliver a small impulse and pressure to the
     spine. The use of this device is to apply kinetic energy to force
     the spine’s vertebrae to move. Chiropractors under
     Chiropractic Denver are highly experienced and trained in
     using this device.

                     Chiropractic Medicine Procedures
   Gonstead Technique is a method used in Chiropractics that
    was invented by renowned chiropractor Clarence Gonstead.
    This technique involves the assessment of several methods of
    examination to carefully identify the factors that contribute to
    the existing condition of the patient. The primary tool used in
    the diagnosis in the full spine radiograph.

   Applied Kinesiology is another treatment used by
    Chiropractors under Chiropractic Denver. This method
    involves the use of manual muscle-strength testing to come up
    with an accurate diagnosis of the patient’s condition. The test
    is done by applying force on a particular muscle group and
    having the patient resist moving the particular muscle. This is
    necessary to find out how fast or slow the response of the
    patient is and to know what kind of condition the patient has
    and what kind of treatment is most ideal for it.

There are a lot of other methods of chiropractics employed by the
chiropractors under Chiropractic Denver as they keep themselves
updated on the development and discovery of new techniques to be
able to deliver the best procedure for their patients.

                   Chiropractic Medicine Procedures

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