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Although bingo websites have ostensibly aimed to recreate a natural offline bingo environment online, it should be noted that there are subtle
differences in the conditions. Firstly, and as previously mentioned, online bingo features the ‘Chat' option, which aims to familiarise users with one
another, using abbreviated phrases. Obviously, the difference being, online users need not physically speak to anyone whilst playing, yet they are far
from alienated. Users can play from the comfort of their own homes, whilst still feeling part of a community. 
 In reference to the actual gameplay,
many offline bingo halls across the country use a physical machine with numbered balls. The caller will successively pick out the balls and announce
the number. Contrastingly, online bingo uses a generator that picks balls at random. As the caller is absent from the online game, the ‘Chat
Moderator' acts as a compere, he or she will greet and chat to players, make them feel welcome, answer any queries, and generally fill the gap that is
lost by a physical caller, or person of authority.

A selection of online bingo sites offers certain features for their users that arguably enhance the gaming experience - especially in terms of simplicity
and speed. One of these features enables players to merely sit and watch the action unfold - the website will mark their cards for them. Another
feature affects players who play a single game with multiple cards - certain websites will prioritise the cards that are closer to ‘bingo', therefore
giving the holder of that particular card more chance of calling bingo before anyone else. This feature also encourages users to contribute to the online
communities via the chat functions, whilst not losing a grip on the games in play. The influx of online players in recent years is largely down to the ease
of play that online bingo offers. In the past, many would have pointed to the social aspect of offline poker as a reason to avoid its online counterpart,
yet in the present day, online bingo communities are thriving, recreating all the enjoyment of a real bingo hall, with greater ease of play.

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