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									                                                  KATE KEILMAN
                                                 111 Hekili St, #206 A
                                                   Kailua, HI 96734
                                       e-mail (808) 263-2012

Team player looking for team to join. Self starter with good communication skills (oral and written) has many
talents: programming, analysis, brainstorming, problem solving, organizing, tenacity and an upbeat personality.
No contract too short, but willing to stick around for the long term if the fit is right.

Experience: 25+ years as a mainframe programmer, also micros on and off for 20+ years. Banking, insurance,
stock market, health care, gas and electric mainly. EDI, including the world’s largest retailer: Wal*Mart.


IBM Mainframe: TSO/SPF, JCL, VSAM, IDCAMS, IBM utilities
Microcomputers, Workstations: MS Office (Word, Excell, Access, Publisher, Power Point), Corel Suite (Word Perfect,
Corel Draw), MS Works, Outlook and Outlook Express, Lotus Notes e-mail, Eudora, Internet Explorer, Netscape,
Pagemaker and other word processors and micro computer packages.

IBM Mainframe: IMS, CICS, DB2, SQL
Micros: Access, Foxbase, dBase (2-4)

IBM Mainframe: OS/390, OS/MVS, OS/VS1,2 VSE, HP-11 Unix
Microcomputers: Windows 9x/NT/2000, MacIntosh, MS-DOS

1/2006 to 9/2006                                     HMSA, Honolulu, HI
Assisted with Front End Claims legacy system as it got ready to be sunsetted, Mainframe to PC interface using various
FTP's, data extracts using COBOL, Eztrieve, reformatting in Excel for end users. Assisted with day-to-day front end
processing issues for e-claims and e-emembership. New user documentation for all of the above. Used Endevor for
tracking of modules through the test environment into production.

3/2005 to 12/2005                                      Kaiser Permanente, Honolulu, HI
Production support of retail system. Conversion of test utility restore system from production machine to a separate test
machine/environment. Analysis, coding, testing, documentation and implementation of changes to: 1) Medicare Risk
Assessment Tracking System (RATS), 2) Appointments – reminder and wait list mailers, 3) Quest (the system for
providing healthcare to economically disadvantaged individuals). Coding and testing for data extraction on many
systems, using mainly DB2. Analyzed and tested for Bush’s MMA (Medicare Modernization Act), with extensive use of
JCL changes, File-Aid, and online CICS screens to verify results. Supplied tech support for various departments. Used -
COBOL, JCL, DB2, CICS, (TSO/ISPF), Changeman, Spufi, File-Aid (including for DB2 tables), SAR (SYSOUT
Archival and Retrieval), FTPB, (the TCP/IP FTP Dialog), Xpediter, StarTool, IBM Utilities, Eztrieve, Lotus
Notes/Sametime, WS-FTP Pro, VPN, Fiberlink, MS Office Suite

7/2004 to 11/2004                                    Matson Navigation, Oakland, California
Rewrote the COBOL interface files for payroll reporting. Included 401K, profit sharing and pension records. Used DB2
to access many sources of diverse information. Assisted in analysis, design, layout, and JCL/PROCS along with testing.
Used Changeman, Panvalet, CICS, (TSO/ISPF), and various IBM utilities.
Kate Keilman
resume, page 2

6/2001 to 9/2002                              PNM, Albuquerque, NM (gas and electric company for New Mexico)
Assisted in upgrading a canned software package (Passport by INDUS) from Version 6 to Version 8, then heavily
customizing it. Included analysis of existing customizations in COBOL code and UNIX scripts, making the changes, and
unit testing. Oversaw the online (CICS) and batch testing, along with creating the detailed conversion plan using MS
Project (the actual conversion and upgrade took 3 days, round the clock with 10 participants). The software is used for
Work Management, Purchasing, Inventory, Account Payable and Contracts.

8/00 – 3/01                                              ACS, Inc., Albuquerque, NM
Assisted in the separation of New Mexico from Colorado for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Thousands of datasets and
databases were analyzed. Hundreds of tables used by both batch and online systems were converted to an in-house
maintenance system. Several software packages were no longer going to be available, so many programs needed to be
modified to handle new data access routines, including some in-house software. Extensive use of Endevor, JCL and IBM
utilities, plus Easytrieve, JobTrac,and StarTool, and many new COBOL II programs written, tested and implemented.

7/98 - 6/99                                           Wal-Mart Stores Inc.,Bentonville, AR
Analysis, design, coding, and testing of EDI Year 2000 standards for several documents: Electronic Funds Transfer
(EFT), Pay From Scan (PFS) Application Advice, Insufficient Invoice, Remittance Advice. Used Librarian and
TelNet/FTP for document management. Created JCL streams for both US and foreign job runs. Maintenance to various
COBOL programs, including extensive JCL changes. Assisted in system-wide analysis of possible Y2K problems, along
with documentation of systems flows for future testing.
1/97 - 6/98                                        Durango Computer Center, Durango CO
Computer consulting/tutoring of private individuals in their own homes and businesses. Basic computer concepts, word
processing, mail merges, financial packages, programming debugging, database design. Also created custom databases
using Access.

9/96 - 12/96                                          Fireman’s Fund , Novato CA
Maintenance to COBOL reports, inluding use of SYNCSORT and JCL changes. Assisted in writing and testing a
program for Year 2000 to search databases (test AND production) for possible errors after century conversion. Used a
variety of date formats, including “9’s compliment”. Helped analyze design for EDI system-wide rewrite, started coding
new submodules accessing IMS tables.

6/95 - 7/95                                            KN Energy, Denver CO
Convert an existing Basic program to Micro Focus Cobol. Use of communications through the COM1 port to a
specialized "Integrator", a natural-gas chart-reading PC.

5/92 - 6/95                                  WJM Technologies, Santa Rosa, CA
Analyze, design, code, and test security programs for banking applications. Worked on IBM PC's using DOS 3.3 through
6.2 for PC's and Mainframes using Micro Focus (COBOL, Animator, CICS and Work Bench). Worked remotely using
Carbon Copy, Bitfax, Procomm and Compuserve to send files back and forth. Used Word for coding and documenting.
File structures included VSAM. Some systems included EDI. Wrote several in-house utilities to analyze and report on
COBOL programs (which copymembers were referenced, for example). Tested various object linkers for specific size

9/90 - 1/91                                         Wells Fargo Bank, Oakland
Design, code, test and implement COBOL and DYL-280 programs used in re-issuing ATM cards to the customers of
three different banks that WFB acquired. Used both IBM and in-house utilities on TSO/SPF.

6/89 - 5/90                                           PRJ, Inc., Greenbrae
Design, code, test COBOL II programs for mainframe inventory system using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for the
computers to interface with each other. Used TSO/SPF, DB2 and Expediter
Kate Keilman
resume, page 3

10/88 - 4/89                                           Light Images, Mill Valley
Design, code, test and package IBM PC database system for photographers. Automatic indexing, variety of reports, label
captioning. Designed with maximum user friendliness using FoxPro and Word Star. Included front end graphic screen
with flashing words, reverse video, and text that moved across the screen.

6/88 - 7/88                                Software Research, San Francisco
Convert COBOL analysis system from micro computer to mainframe using Micro Focus
COBOL and Work Bench. Extensive knowledge of COBOL and JCL used, along with IBM utilities.

7/86 - 1/87                                       Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco
Crocker Bank Conversion: design, code and test system to re-issue ATM cards to prior Crocker customers. Involved 1.1
million cards, to be selected by branch and re-issued at 60,000 card intervals. Used TSO/SPF, Optimizer/Analyzer,
various IBM utilities, including IDCAMS for VSAM files.

9/85 - 1/86                                        Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco
Design, code and test reporting system for remote bank-teller processors. Data was extracted from Tandem and
translated for sophisticated availability tracking system. Used TSO/SPF, various in-house and IBM utilities.

7/85 - 9/85                         Shaeffer Ruddell Financial Services, San Anselmo
Installation and custom design of IBM PC database package for marketing project. Training of client in use of computer,
maintenance and backup procedures. Used Word Perfect, Lotus 1-2-3, ASAP Database.

3/85 - 6/85                                     Itel Corporation, San Francisco
Technical/customer support. Assisted in conversion from in-house computer to time sharing system. Used many in-
house and IBM utilities in a TSO/SPF environment.

12/84 - 3/85 (and various other times since then...)              Tutor, Bay Area
Computer tutoring of private individuals in their own homes and businesses. Basic computer concepts, word processing,
financial packages, programming debugging.

4/84 - 10/84                                 Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco
Worked on Savings to DDA conversion, the largest project WFB had undertaken up to that point in time. Code, test,
implement and document. Extensive testing of JCL Procs (almost every one in the library was effected). Used TSO/SPF.

12/80 - 8/83                                          Kate's Komputers, Sausalito
Co-founder of firm to design and develop sophisticated stock market software packages for portfolio management and
graphic analysis on micro computers. Used NorthStar BASIC, CommStar (compiler) and eventually CP/M. Originally
only ran on Northstar Horizon computers (8 bit, 64K), but soon got compiled to run under CP/M. Eventually converted
to IBM PC-DOS format. With use of automatic clock (pool timer) would turn itself on, load in a program to access Dow
Jones News Service at 11:05 PM when the phone rates were cheaper. Then it would update the customer's database for
whichever stocks, options or bonds they owned, logoff the news service, produce reports and turn itself off. My duties
included everything but initial sales: participating in package design, programming, database design, managing and
training staff, and customer training and support.
Kate Keilman
resume, page 4

                 Concurrently while working at Kate's Komputers
                 8/82 - 1/83                            Sequoia Group, Larkspur
                 Performed online support for Alpha Micro mini computers. Application was a medical
                 appointment scheduling and claims package, sold mainly on the East Coast and in the South.
                 Extensive use of in-house utilities. Modems were used to tie into the customer's computers to
                 make software changes.

                 3/81 - 9/81                       Lambda Technology, San Francisco
                 Provided contract programming services to main-frame customers of this consulting firm using
                 COBOL, TSO/SPF. Worked mostly for CSAA in their claims department.
Kate Keilman
resume, page 5

2/80 - 3/81                                     Fireman's Fund, San Rafael
Programmer Analyst. Batch maintence and online development using COBOL, IMS, and utilities.

2/78 - 10/79                         California Canners & Growers, San Francisco
COBOL batch development and maintenance on IBM 370/145 and 148 in Financial, Accounting and Inventory
systems. Interfaced between users and BQL aiding in design and creation of their programs.

A.S. Degree in Data Processing, College of Marin

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