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									      How to Calculate your Personal Injury Compensation
Personal injury can be cause by a lot of factors and more often than not accidents are the
main culprit for this kind of injury. It is a common fact that we cannot avoid accidents
because it is part of our lives. Even a simple slip and trip can happen in a peaceful office
which can cause grave injuries. As long as you are not fault in any kind of accident
causing personal injury, you can make a personal injury compensation claim against the
responsible individual or organization. In this article, we are going to discuss about how
to calculate for the expected compensation claim for personal injuries.

There is a tool called personal injury compensation claim calculator which can derived
the amount of compensation you may expect for your claim. However, you need data in
order to calculate the estimated amount so it is very valuable that you keep or preserve
evidences that maybe vital in calculating your claim. Here are some of the evidences you
need to have:

Record made by the doctor who attended you injuries - The extent of your injuries will be
one of the most important data that can support the amount of claim you desire. So it is
essential that you go to a doctor following an accident immediately, let them assess your
injuries to know the kind of treatment you need.

Medical Bills – The medical you obtain from your stay in the hospital and also for your
medicines should be kept properly because it can really help out in calculating your
injury compensation claim. It states the amount that you have paid for the hospital,
doctor, medicines and labs. Preserve all the receipts and present it to your solicitor when
you are preparing to make a claim.

Repair Bills for damage property – Another important evidence to add up to your list
would be the bills you get to repair the damage properties that the incident inflicted on
you. This may include car repair costs from car accidents, motorbike repair costs for
motorbike related incident, house repair for criminal injuries such as arson, etc.

Costs of pain and sufferings – Oftentimes victims of accidents are traumatized because of
the incident. So it is important for their solicitors to estimate the amount of pain and
suffering inflicted emotionally to the victim to get the estimate costs for this factor.

Approximate costs for recuperation – Sometimes the injuries you got from accidents
won’t heal quickly. So you need time to recuperate for your injuries outside the hospital.
Your solicitor will be responsible in estimating the amount you might need in order to
recover fully and add it up to the list of factors in calculating your injury compensation

Lost earnings and bonuses – If you are working individual and you’ve been involved in
an accident that cause you serious injuries, then you are also entitled to get compensation
for the earnings you lose because of your hospitalisation and the bonuses that goes with
It is important that you present these evidences and information to your solicitor so they
can get a fair estimation of the amount of compensation you may get for the injury you
sustained from the accident.

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