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									                Army Modernization:
  Versatile capabilities for an uncertain future
                        By Jennifer Blais
                        Managing Editor

        irection	 and	 focus;	 where	 is	 the	 Army	 going?	 A	 bold	
           question posed by LTC Michael A. Vane, Director,
           Army Capabilities Integration Center, Training and
Doctrine Command, as he spoke on operational ability through
affordable modernization. The brief was part of the 2010 Fires
Seminar held at Fort Sill, Okla.
     No stranger to the changes in the Army, Vane is responsible for
the	design,	development	and	integration,	into	a	joint	warfighting	
environment;	from	concept	to	capability	and	all	aspects	of	the	future	
  	 Vane,	who	was	not	the	first	to	talk	about	the	Army	Capstone	
Concept, jumped into his discussion with a few hard questions.
“Where is the Army going? How are we going to get there?” He
was quick to say the answers will not be easy but are most certainly
necessary	to	stay	current	in	the	long	but	changing	fight.	The	Army	
Capstone Concept provided many of the guidelines to operational
ability through affordable modernization.
     Establishment of baseline organizations inside the Army and
understanding capabilities is the beginning, the foundation of the
ACC. Vane explained how the understanding of each section of
the Army down to each job can optimize overall capability.
     “Our Army must be balanced. We must be organized to be
versatile;	deployable	enough	to	be	expeditionary;	responsive	enough	
to	be	agile;	precise	enough	to	be	lethal;	robust	and	protected	enough	    lessons learned along with putting more into experimentation,
to	be	sustainable;	and	flexible	enough	to	be	interoperable	with	a	
                           	                                              exercises and testing can achieve the timeline goals set forth in the
wide range of partners,” states the 2009 Army Modernization White         Army Capstone Concept.
Paper.                                                                         Vane further explained with virtual prototyping and getting the
     “With an ever-changing world and current state of our national       Soldier involved at an earlier stage can increase productivity time
economy,	we	are	functioning	in	a	fiscally	constrained	environment	
                                      	                                   as well as saving money on later changes.
and it is critical that every dollar is spent in the most effective and        This brought the concept of constraints into focus. Becoming
efficient	way	possible,”	it	continues.
                                                                          fluid	through	change	and	confining	standards	of	costs,	performance	
     Innovation: an opportunity to meet a need, a need of the Army to     and scheduling time tables were some examples Vane gave to
be current and adaptable in a full spectrum of operations. Learning       accomplish the challenges the Army face
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