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China Made Eken aPad With Android OS Is A Real Contender For Apple iPad At Half The Price!

       By David Chen
       Dated: Jul 27, 2010

       A China Made Android OS Tablet PC Looks To Take On The iPad From Apple With The Same Features,
       Functions And a Large Selection Of Software. The Good News? It's Less Than Half The Price Of An iPad.

       While the Eken aPad ( http://www.neoconsole.com/catalog/eken-apad/ )isn't an Apple iPad, it offers a lot of
       the very same features and functions that you'll find on the much more expensive Apple iPad. It's definitely
       a tablet PC to seriously consider if you're not yet sure that a Tablet PC is for you - and here's why.

        First of all, it costs just under $200.00, putting it at about $300 dollars less than the cheapest iPad available
       from Apple. While we think that the iPad is a good tablet PC, many people complain that it's just an
       over-sized iPod. Realistically though, it offers a whole lot more. And so does the Eken aPad. And at less
       than half the price, it's a great way to get into tablet PC's without a huge expense.

        Just like the iPad, the aPad can browse the web, every bit as well as the iPad can. After all, it runs
       Google's own Android OS, and as a result, you'll find that the web browser is top notch and one of the best
       portable browsers out there. Not that we would expect any less, after all, it is Google that designed
       Android, and they are - to say the least - an Internet / Web company of the highest order. You won't go
       wrong with the web browsing portion of the aPad at all.

        It's also equally as capable when it comes to email, contact lists / address books, etc... Again, GMail is one
       of the most widely used email services on the Internet, and the aPad delivers probably one of the BEST
       Gmail experiences you could ask for in both Tablet PC's as well as full desktops. It runs Googles own
       Gmail app to ensure a complete seamless and hassle free experience. After having used the iPad and the
       aPad to access my email, I can say with certainty that both are equal - including the on screen keyboard
       experience too.

        As far as watching videos goes, your movies can be in HD quality on both the eken aPad as well as the
       iPad. Both downloaded movies or videos as well as online video website. Because the aPad runs Android
       OS as a tablet PC - and Google owns YouTube, you're safe this way too. You'll get the full YouTube
       experience - with an icon on the main screen of the aPad that you simply touch to launch YouTube. It's
       great to watch YouTube on your lap as you hold your aPad. Hands down an excellent experience on both
       the iPad and the aPad. What struck me the most - as I put the iPad and aPad side by side was the when I
       did a search for a video on YouTube, the aPad actually returned more results. Could this be because the
       iPad cannot display all of the videos due to flash limitation? I don't know to be honest, but I was pleased
       that I was given more choices for my keyworded search on the aPad.

        The screen sizes for vary. The iPad has a 9.7" screen while the aPad boasts a 7" screen. In all honesty,
       Many focus group users did notice the larger screen having some effect on the iPad when side by side with
       the aPad - but they stated that they prefer the aPad size screen. With the 7" screen they found they was able
       to type faster, and that they were able to hold the aPad in either landscape or portrait mode and it just felt
       more comfortable their my hands.

        Tablet PC's are not for everyone, that's just fact. But spending $500.00 to find out that it's not for you - or
       it IS for you, is fairly high, especially considering the total lock down on software that Apple has with the
       iPad. Whereas with the aPad, you spend under $200.00, have access to thousands of free Android OS apps
       online, without being restricted to just installing or playing or using an app on your tablet PC like you are

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

with the Apple iPad.

Visit http://www.neoconsole.com/catalog/eken-apad/ for more information on the Eken aPad


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