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Cardington Road Landfill (a.k. a. Sanitary Landfill Co.) by tzv55341


									Cardington Road Landfill (a.k.a. Sanitary Landfill Co.)
March 2009

The Cardington Road Landfill Superfund Site is a former gravel pit located at 1855
Cardington Road, Moraine, Ohio, approximately one mile south of the City of Dayton in
Montgomery County. The Site operated as a landfill from 1958 until 1980 and served as
a disposal site for many industries and municipalities in the Dayton metropolitan area.
During operations, the excavated sand and gravel pits were filled with commercial,
industrial and municipal wastes.

U.S. EPA placed the Site on the National Priorities List (NPL) on June 10, 1986. The
Site is being addressed through Federal, State, and potentially responsible parties'
actions. A Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) was conducted from
1989 to 1992 and a Record of Decision (ROD) detailing the selected remedy was
finalized by U.S. EPA in September, 1993. A three-party consent order involving U.S.
EPA, Ohio EPA, and a group of Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) for the
Remedial Design was signed in June 1994; requirements under this order were
completed in April, 1996.

The principal threats identified at the Site during the Remedial Investigation were landfill
gases and contaminated ground water. The components of the selected remedy include
an improved solid waste landfill cap and surface water controls, active landfill gas
extraction and treatment with a flare, continued ground water monitoring, fencing and
institutional controls.

Construction of the remedy began in August 1998. During construction, an additional
waste area was discovered near the southeast corner of the landfill, between the
previously identified landfill boundary and buildings on Industrial Boulevard. Based on
elevated levels of methane detected in this area, all near-by occupied structures which
allowed access had their indoor air quality checked. Results indicated that the landfill
was not impacting indoor air quality, however, the PRPs installed permanent air
monitoring devices in those buildings that gave permission. The additional waste area
was incorporated into the remediation of the overall landfill.

The pre-final inspection was conducted September 17, 1998, when construction was
nearly completed. While installing the permanent fence on the west side of the landfill,
another area of waste was found outside the cap and continuing off the landfill property.
This waste ranged from 1 foot to 25 feet deep and covered an area approximately 80
feet long and 15 feet wide. This waste was ultimately excavated and placed in a trench
within the fenced area of the Site and then capped. The Site achieved construction
completion with the signing of the Preliminary Close-Out Report on September 23,

U.S. EPA completed the second five-year review for the Site in September 2007. The
five-year review found that the remedy is protective of human health and the

environment while migration and treatment of landfill gases is maintained. The selected
remedy eliminates the principal threats identified in the risk assessment by collecting
and destroying the landfill gases, preventing direct contact with landfill waste, and
reducing infiltration of water into waste to prevent the formation of leachate at the Site.
Long term protectiveness requires compliance with effective institutional controls.
Compliance with institutional controls will be ensured by implementing, maintaining, and
monitoring effective institutional controls as well as maintaining the remedy
components. Recommended follow-up actions from the five-year review include
completion of an institutional controls study, finalization of the Quality Assurance Project
Plan, and initiation of long-term groundwater monitoring.

An updated Quality Assurance Project Plan was submitted in January 2009. The
document is undergoing review by U.S. EPA and Ohio EPA. Long-term groundwater
monitoring is expected to begin by Fall 2009.

Public Information Repository: Dayton Public Library, Kettering-Moraine Branch, 3496
Far Hills Avenue, Kettering, OH 45429

SWDO Contact: Scott Glum
Phone: (937) 285-6065
Fax: (937) 285-6404

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