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									                                                   Land Title Search
                                                   by Street Address

Land titles registered in Alberta are public information. We can run a search using the data you provide,
then mail or fax you the resulting document. A Land Title Search will show you the individuals or
companies that hold the title, plus any encumbrances against the property.

Fill out this printed form with the most specific information you have and
mail to: All Licenses Ltd.           3012 - 106 Street Edmonton, Alberta T6J 5M5
or fax to: All Licenses Ltd.        1 (780) 463-8721    (faxed requests are payable by credit card only)

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Which service do you require?
     Land Title Search - $22.12*
     * Long distance charges may apply.

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Payment options:
     Personalized cheque or money order for the amount indicated above for each search
     payable to All Licenses Ltd.
     Pay by MasterCard or Visa. I understand that the amount indicated above for each search
     will be charged to my credit card.

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