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									                                What’s Up
Vol. 4, Issue 12
Feb. 18, 2010


A Man’s Journey to
                                         University Crossings Garners Award for
Understanding Race
                                        Outstanding Planning, Land Development

Points of Pride: Hospitality    2
Career Fair

Faces of Widener:               3
Richard King

Smoking Cessation Help at       3
the Biofeedback Clinic

Delaware Campus Honors
Storied Federal Judge

Register for the OLLI Spring    4
2010 Semester

                                        Widener University President James T. Harris III (fourth from left)
Experience the Tastes of        5     celebrates the opening of the new TD Bank store at the award-winning
                                                        University Crossings development.

Eat Fresh & Healthy Thanks to   5   University Crossings, which has             According to Widener University
Widener’s Lunch Series
                                    attracted the first hotel, bank, and        President James T. Harris III, the award
                                    convenience store to Chester in years,      is truly an honor.
Mia Farrow Takes the            6   is being recognized by the Delaware
Speakers Series Stage                                                           “The award recognizes what we are all
                                    County Planning Commission as an
                                                                                working together to accomplish here in
Save the Date for Upcoming          “outstanding example of planning,
                                6                                               Chester,” Harris said. “We are working
Campus Events                       design, and land development.”
                                                                                together—the city, Widener, Crozer-
                                    The $50 million Chester revitalization      Chester, and private industry—to attract
Noteworthy                      7   project, a joint venture between Widener    businesses and services that benefit all
                                    University and Crozer Chester Medical       the residents of Chester.”
                                    Center, is the winner of the 2010 William
Spotlight on Sports             7                                               The architectural firm of Piatt and
                                    H. Bates Memorial Award from the
                                                                                Associates will also receive a William H.
                                    Planning Commission, which will be
                                                                                Bates Memorial Award for “outstanding
Two-Week Peek                   8   presented in a ceremony Feb. 18 at the
                                                                                design” for their role in the project.
                                    County Government Center in Media,
Story Idea?                         PA. Teres Holdings LLC, the developer
                                    for University Crossings, will accept
Send story and
                                    the award.
noteworthy ideas and
items to Allyson Roberts,
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                                                                                 Points of Pride…

A Man’s Journey to Understanding Race
Author and musician Daryl Davis lectures on campus                               Hospitality Management’s
                                                                                 Annual Career Fair
In recognition of Black History
                                                                                 The Office of Career Advising and
Month, the Division of Student
Affairs presented a thought-                                                     Planning Services (CAPS) annually puts
provoking lecture by author and                                                  together a career fair for the hospitality
musician Daryl Davis on Feb. 16.                                                 management students to meet with
                                                                                 potential employers.
The Grammy-winning pianist shared
his awakening experience that led                                                At this year’s fair on Feb. 8, employers
him on a mission to discover the                                                 packed the University Center atrium
“roots of racism.”                                                               to answer student questions and even
                                                                                 interview some potential candidates
Davis, 51, grew up an “American
Embassy brat.” Traveling most of                                                 on the spot. The fair repeatedly
his childhood years, he experienced                                              draws big names, and this year’s fair
hundreds of ethnicities.                            Daryl Davis                  was no exception. Applebee’s, the
                                                                                 Borgata, Marriott International, and The
In 1968, he spent some time in the
                                                                                 Merion Cricket Club were among the
United States. As a 10-year-old         “When the interview was scheduled,       organizations in attendance.
boy, he joined the Boy Scouts and       Kelly had no idea that he was going
recalled having trash thrown at him     to be interviewed by a black man,”       Kim Brady (’08), restaurant manager for
while participating in a troop march.   Davis said. “However, he shook my        The Merion Cricket Club, encouraged
He could not understand why. This       hand and answered my questions.”         interested students to apply for the
particular experience would change      Davis learned that he and Kelly had      Club’s internship program. Brady recalled
his world forever because that night    much in common but differed on           attending the career fair when she was
when he returned home and his           one major issue: “He believed races      a hospitality management student at
parents took care of his cuts and       should be separate, and I did not.”      Widener and enjoyed being able to help
bruises, he learned of racism. “I
                                        Davis remained friends with Kelly        the students. “It wasn’t long ago that I
thought they were lying to me,” he
                                        even after his new friend advanced       was in their shoes.”
said. “I could not comprehend this
                                        within the Klan. He visited Kelly’s
idea that someone could hate me…
                                        home and attended Klan rallies
someone who I never met.”
                                        with him.
As Davis grew up he became
                                        In 1994, CNN contacted Davis
fascinated with understanding the
                                        to do an interview about his
idea of racism. What started as a
                                        relationship with Kelly. Though
hobby of educating himself about
                                        Kelly said he still believed in what
race relations became an obsession.
                                        the Klan stood for, he also said that
It was in 1983 that Davis first met a   he respected Davis.
member of the Klu Klux Klan white
                                        Holding up a Klan robe, Davis
supremacy group while on tour with
                                        continued to share stories of his
a band he performed with. After this
                                        friendships with Klan members. He
encounter Davis continued to study
                                        never tried to change their minds
race and racism with a particular
                                        or their beliefs, but rather provided
focus on the Klan, and in 1991 he
                                        them with information on race.
decided to write the book Klan-
Destine Relationships. He reached       “An ignorant person is someone
out to the man he met nearly a          who makes a poor choice because            Kim Brady (‘08) explains the
decade before to start the interview    they do not have the proper              internship process at The Merion
process. While on this quest, Davis     information to make the correct         Cricket Club to Kamaljit Kaur (’12).
met Roger Kelly, who was Grand          choice,” Davis said. “This is why the
Dragon (a Klan leader) at the time.     cure for ignorance is education.”

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Faces of Widener: Richard W. King
Proud to be Tobacco Free Series
                                           After using chewing tobacco for 22           Campus for 20 years, took advantage
                                           years, Richard W. King, admits he            of Widener’s Connect to Wellness
                                           was scared into finally dropping the         Program and enrolled in the
                                           habit on Nov. 3 after the wife of his        eight-week course of 30–minute
                                           high school friend died of mouth             individual counseling sessions. This
                                           cancer. What was so scary, he said,          last quit attempt wasn’t his first, he
                                           wasn’t so much the prospect of his           said, but what made it different was
                                           own death as it was the impact it            that the desire to stop chewing was
                                           would have on his family.                    stronger than it ever had been.
                                           “I guess the biggest thing was my            “The first month was a little rough,”
                                           kids,” King said. “I have an 8-year-old      King said. “I felt really bad. I guess it
                                           and a 4-year-old. I figured it was time      was withdrawal. But in the last couple
                                           to start getting a little bit healthier. I   of weeks, I feel a lot better. I have
                                           want to be around a little longer.”          more energy. I just wish I would’ve
       Richard W. King,
                                                                                        done it a lot sooner.”
          Carpenter                        King, a carpenter with the
   Maintenance Department                  Maintenance Department on the Main           King resides in Mickleton, NJ.

Smoking Cessation Help Courtesy of the Biofeedback Clinic

In conjunction with the university’s       Q: How many sessions will it take            Q: What’s unique about the
plan to go tobacco free in July 2010,      for someone to quit smoking?                 biofeedback program?
the Biofeedback Clinic & Certification     Dr. Calvert-Hirt: It depends on the          Dr. Calvert-Hirt: Biofeedback is
Center will offer sessions to help         individual. Some choose to meet once         actually a very good compliment to
community members quit smoking.            a week, others more. It could typically      other programs for smoking cessation.
Dr. Pam Calvert-Hirt, associate            take eight to 10 weeks, depending on         Once people start the sessions, they
director of the clinic, explained:         what the individuals want to do, be          will realize they have more control
                                           it quit smoking completely, learn to         over their response to stress.
                                           manage stress when not smoking, or
Q: Who can take advantage of the
                                           learn to manage their current habits.
program offered at the clinic?                                                          Everyone at the Widener Biofeedback
Dr. Calvert-Hirt: Widener students,                                                     Clinic is excited to present this
faculty, and staff                         Q: How does biofeedback help one             opportunity to the Widener
                                           quit smoking?                                community. “People don’t realize that
                                                                                        we are right on campus and can be
                                           Dr. Calvert-Hirt: Biofeedback
Q: How does one get started?                                                            very helpful,” Calvert-Hirt said.
                                           addresses the stress side of
Dr. Calvert-Hirt: Call (610) 499-4514 to   the addiction. Smoking is often
schedule your first session. Sessions      associated with stress and
                                                                                        Smoking cessation training sessions
are offered by appointment only.           biofeedback helps manage the
                                                                                        typically run for 30 minutes, but can
                                           individuals’ stress levels themselves;
                                                                                        vary according to an individual’s
                                           it teaches them that they have control
                                                                                        schedule. For more information, call
Q: How much does it cost?                  over their stress. It also will train
                                                                                        (610) 499-4514. The Biofeedback
                                           individuals in relaxation and help them
Dr. Calvert-Hirt: We offer a low rate                                                   Clinic is located on Main Campus at
                                           understand more about smoking
of $25 per session for the smoking                                                      1730 Walnut St., on the corner of 18th
                                           habits. It acts as a
cessation program.                                                                      & Walnut streets.
                                           behavioral intervention.

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Delaware Campus Honors
Storied Federal Judge                                                                  Register
                                                                                       for Lifelong
The Delaware Campus                                                                    Learning
recently honored the retired
federal judge who was                                                                  Registration is open for the
responsible for shaping the                                                            OLLI Spring 2010 Semester on
desegregation of Delaware                                                              Widener’s Exton Campus. This
schools in spite of repeated                                                           semester offers more than
threats of violence.                                                                   40 interesting and exciting
Judge Murray M. Schwartz                                                               courses ranging in topics from
was the subject of a tribute                                                           digital photography to basic
program held Feb. 12 to                                                                conversational French and
mark the Martin Luther King                                                            wines of South America.
Jr. holiday. The program
ended with Schwartz being                                                              If you are 50 or older, check
presented the inaugural                                                                out the link below for a
Martin Luther King Jr.                                                                 complete course list. If you’re
Semester of Service                                                                    too young to take part in the
Award. The award                  Retired federal Judge Murray M. Schwartz             fun, pass it along to parents
will be given annually           speaks at the tribute program that honored            and neighbors.
to a person who has            him with the Martin Luther King Jr. Semester in
demonstrated dedication                           Service Award.                       Click here for the course list.
to community service                                                                   Spring courses begin March 8.
and social justice.                          “I tell them I’ve seen a judge with a
                                            bulletproof vest in his closet for doing   For more information,
Schwartz, 79, presided over school                                                     contact Matt Weidman,
                                            what he thought was right,” she said.
desegregation litigation from the
                                            “I’m proud to call him my mentor, my       director of the Exton
late 1970s to the early 1990s at U.S.
                                            friend, my hero.”                          Campus, at (484) 713-0088 or
District Court in Wilmington. His
remedial orders in that case — issued       Professor John G. Culhane, chair of the
in spite of repeated threats to him and     campus diversity committee, presented
his family — produced one of the most       Schwartz with the service award,
comprehensive, efficient, and equitable which prompted a standing ovation.
desegregation plans in the nation.          When he got to the microphone,
                                            Schwartz thanked his wife of 50
Speakers at the program included
                                            years, Sara Lu Schwartz ,and his
Judge Thomas L. Ambro of the U.S.
                                            long-time administrative assistant,
Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit;
                                            Joan Armstrong, who were both in the
Drewry Nash Fennell, executive director
                                            audience. “What I did could not have
of the ACLU of Delaware; Catherine
                                            been done without the aid of others,”
J. Lanctot, a professor at Villanova
                                            he said.
Law School and a former law clerk of
Schwartz’s; and Leland Ware, the Louis And he counseled the law students in
L. Redding chair and professor of law       attendance to pay attention to details
and public policy at the University of      in the cases they will handle: “What
Delaware. Lanctot said she talks with       you do, you are in a position to make a
her students about the experience of        difference,” he said.
clerking for Schwartz, a judge who
strived for fairness.

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                                                                               Eat Fresh & Healthy
Experience the Tastes of Tuscany                                               thanks to Widener’s
                                                                               Lunch Series
Indulge in a true Tuscan experience                                            If eating fresh and healthy was one
when the Society of Food and Wine                                              of your New Year’s resolutions, then
at Widener presents a Wine Pairing                                             students from the School of Hospitality
Dinner with Chef Gina Stipo & the                                              Management have just the thing for you:
Wines of Castello Banfi: An Evening                                            the 2010 Spring Lunch Series.
in Tuscany.
                                                                               Beginning Feb. 23, the Widener
Chef Gina Stipo will work with                                                 community is invited to experience
students from the School of                                                    a nutritious and delicious lunch at
Hospitality Management to                                                      an affordable cost, as meals range
prepare a traditional Tuscan meal                                              from $4-10.
on March 11 at 6 p.m.
                                                                               “This is a time when we are all trying
Stipo, who you may have read                                                   to be a little cost conscientious,” said
about previously in What’s Up                                                  Dr. Kristin Riscinto-Kozub, assistant
@ Widener, is originally from                                                  professor of hospitality management.
Philadelphia, but moved to Tuscany                                             “Buying fresh food and using simple
to pursue her culinary skills. Her                                             recipes will benefit our healthy menu as
father is a graduate of Pennsylvania                                           well as people’s budget.”
Military College. Stipo currently           Chef Gina Stipo whips up
                                           classic Tuscan cuisine. She         Served in the J. Willard and Alice S.
works at Ecco La Cucina, which
                                            will share her talents with        Marriott Dining Room, enjoy the buffet-
offers culinary tours focusing on the      the Widener community on
wine and foods of Tuscany.                                                     style lunches on the following Tuesdays
                                                     March 11.
                                                                               from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.:
Stipo will also sign copies of her
latest cookbook, Ecco La Cucina,        Here’s a sneak peek of the             February: 23
as well as meet and greet guests.       menu and wine list:                    March: 9, 16, & 23
                                                                               April: 6, 13, & 20
The four-course meal paired with        Classic Tuscan Bread Salad
Castello Banfi wines will be served     (Panzanella) paired with Le Rime       Here’s a sneak peek of some
in the J. Willard and Alice S.          Pinot Grigio & Chardonnay blend        upcoming lunch items:
Marriott Dining Room. Tickets are       Read more:                             Soup: Creamy tomato soup
$40. Numbers are limited, so get                                               Sandwich: California turkey wrap,
yours today! To purchase tickets        Link to the previous story on Stipo.   served with tomato feta pasta salad
contact Mary Widdowson                  Visit Stipo’s website.                 or French fries
at 610-499-1102 or                                                             Entrée: Barbecue pork loin, served with                                                       baked beans and green bean casserole
                                                                               and buttermilk mashed potatoes
                                                                               Dessert: Bananas Foster

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                                                                                        Save the Date:
Actress, Humanitarian Mia Farrow Reaches Out
to Philadelphia Speakers Series Crowd                                                   Acclaimed Short Story
                                                                                        Writer to Read at
                                                                                        Widener Feb. 24
A bout with polio at 9 years old            was time to search for a life that was
awakened Mia Farrow to the world            meaningful to me.”                          Kevin Wilson, author of the
of pain, suffering, and death and                                                       2009 short story collection,
                                            Farrow found meaning in her life
eventually led her to become one of the                                                 Tunneling to the Center of the
                                            through her children, many of whom
world’s leading activists in the struggle                                               Earth, will read from his work
                                            were adopted, through her work with
to end the genocide in Darfur, Africa.                                                  in the Webb Room in University
                                            UNICEF as a goodwill ambassador, and
In between these seminal events, the                                                    Center at 4 p.m. on Feb. 24.
                                            through her work to raise awareness of
award-winning actress led a Hollywood
                                            the atrocities in Rwanda and Darfur.        The New York Times described
life complete with fame, fortune, and
failed marriages.                           “The genocide in Rwanda changed me          his work as offering “fabulous
                                            to a large extent,” Farrow explained.       twists and somersaults of the
With effervescent energy, the 65-year-
                                            “While people were watching the O.J.        imagination.” If you like well-
old Farrow bounded onto the Kimmel
                                            Simpson trial, they didn’t realize that     written short stories, don’t miss
Center Stage on Monday, Feb. 15
                                            almost one million people in 90 days        this writer. It’s free!
to tell her story as part of Widener’s
                                            were being killed in Rwanda.”
Philadelphia Speakers Series. Farrow’s
account of her life went from a             In total, Farrow said she has made 11
whirlwind romance with and short-           trips to Darfur and the Congo and has       SBA to Host Philadelphia
lived marriage to Frank Sinatra to          witnessed the murder and starvation of      Union Officials March 8
encounters with Salvador Dali and the       an entire culture.
                                                                                        “Soccer is Coming to
Beatles, to the sobering reality of the     “My purpose here tonight is not to          Chester. Are you Ready?”
genocide in Darfur.                         horrify people,” she explained. “With       asks the School of Business
Farrow said her divorce from Frank          awareness, comes responsibility. The        Administration (SBA). To give
Sinatra in 1968 led her on a search         only message we’ve sent so far is that      Philadelphia-area soccer
for meaning in her life. “I was just        the people of Darfur are completely         fans a sneak peek into the
another Hollywood actress getting           dispensable.”
                                                                                        Philadelphia Union organization
a divorce and I couldn’t have been
                                                                                        and its impending season, the
more miserable,” she said. “I knew it
                                                                                        Widener SBA will host a panel
                                                                                        discussion March 8 with Union
                                                                                        officials. The panel will run from
                                                                                        12-1 p.m. in Lathem Hall.

                                                                                        Widener SBA Dean Savas
                                                                                      Ozatalay and Dave Sciocchetti
                                                                                         of the Chester Economic
    Law Dean Linda L. Ammons and Mia Farrow pose together at the                      Development Authority attend
               Philadelphia Speakers Series on Feb. 15.                               the naming of the Union rally.

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Dr. Mary Baumberger-                Luke Wiencek won the
Henry, assistant professor and      Lewis A. Caccese Award, and
coordinator of emergency/critical   Bonnie Zwissler received the
care in the School of Nursing,      Pennoni/John Morrison Memorial
was appointed to the editorial      Scholarship.
board of the Journal of Emergency
                                    The School of Hospitality
Nursing for the Emergency Nurses
                                    Management’s student
Association. As a board member,
                                    chapter of the National
she will help address national
                                    Association of Catering
issues related to emergency
                                    Executives (NACE), which
nursing practice, emergency care,
                                    was recognized at a Philadelphia
and the association.
                                    NACE meeting in November, was      Spotlight on Sports:
Widener University engineering      publicized nationally on NACE
students were honored during        TV. Dr. Joy Dickerson, an
                                                                       Men’s Swimming Team
the 2010 National Engineer’s        associate professor who works
Week, which kicked off Feb. 12.     with Widener’s chapter of NACE,    Widener’s Men’s Swimming Team
Charles Owens and David             was also honored with an award     continued its dominance of the Middle
Santengelo, both chemical           in December for extraordinary      Atlantic Conference, capturing its
engineering majors, won the         achievement for the chapter.       12th league championship and fifth
Student Paper Competition.                                             consecutive at the Catholic Youth
                                                                       Center in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Mardis Gras at Mac Street Lounge                                       The 2010 class is just the third in the
                                                                       program’s history to win four MAC
                                                                       titles, joining the classes of 1999 and
                                                                       2009. The 12 championships have
                                                                       come within a 17-year span, and the
                                                                       five in a row marks the second longest
                                                                       streak in league history behind 17 by
                                                                       Johns Hopkins from 1971-87.
                                                                       Equally as impressive as the Pride’s
                                                                       run is that the 800-yard relay
                                                                       team won its sixth straight title in
                                                                       7:08.53. That squad was comprised
 Top photo, from left: Director of Multicultural Student Affairs
 Michelle Meekins-Davis, Associate Provost and Dean of                 of sophomore Jordan Mulligan
 Students Deborrah Hebert, and Assistant Dean of Residence             (Dingmans Ferry, PA), junior Justin
 Life Catherine Bermudez let the good times roll at a Mardi Gras       Gorbey (Secane, PA), sophomore
 Quizzo event at the Mac Street Lounge.                                Charlie Schindler (Pasadena, MD), and
 Bottom photo, from left: Students Sara Getz, Lizet Negrete, and       junior Dalton Schiller (Media, PA).
 Nina Rivera attend the Mardi Gras Quizzo event in costume.
                                                                       Junior Jesse Bregman (Oreland, PA)
                                                                       avenged his second-place finish
                                                                       in last year’s 100-yard freestyle by
                                                                       winning in 47.72 seconds.
                                                                       The men cruised to victory with 814
                                                                       points to best chief-rival Albright
                                                                       College. Bob Piotti, in his 23rd year
                                                                       as head coach, was named MAC
                                                                       Coach of the Year for the 10th time.

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                                          Two-Week Peek
                                          A Look at the Next Two Weeks
                                               in Widener Events
Thursday, Feb. 18                                                                   12:30 p.m. Washington Internship
                                          Empty Bowls Lunch to Benefit              Program Information Session; Quick
12–2 p.m. Empty Bowls Lunch to                                                      108
                                          Haiti Relief
benefit Haiti relief; Lathem Hall
                                          When: Feb. 18, 12–2 p.m.                  3–5 p.m. Physical Therapy Career
12 p.m. “Policy and Pizza in the Pit;”    Where: Lathem Hall                        Fair; Lathem Hall
Harrisburg Campus, law building
                                          Details: For a minimum $10 donation       4–6 p.m. Fifth-year anniversary
6:30 p.m. An Evening of R&B and           to Haiti relief efforts, attendees will   celebration of the Public Interest
Neo Soul with singer/songwriter Rudy      receive a ceramic bowl made by            Resource Center; Delaware
Currence; Lathem Hall                     Widener students during the Martin        Campus, Main Law Building public-
                                          Luther King Jr. Day of Service on         service wing
6:30 p.m. WDNR & Widener Dance            Jan. 18. ARAMARK has donated
Company “Battle of the Bands” Charity     food and will serve a hot soup
Show for Haiti; Alumni Auditorium         lunch including a choice of two           Wednesday, Feb. 24
6:30 p.m. Taste of Texas fundraising      soups, bread, fruit, and beverages.
                                          Participants will be able to keep the     9 a.m.–4:45 p.m. “Sports and
dinner; Marriott Dining Room
                                          ceramic bowls.                            Entertainment Law;” Delaware
                                                                                    Campus, Ruby R. Vale Moot
Friday, Feb. 19                                                                     Courtroom
                                                                                    3 p.m. CAPS Interviewing
11:30 a.m.–1 p.m. Widener Women’s
                                                                                    Workshop; CAPS Career Library
Leadership Forum: “Black Women and
the Civil Rights Movement;” Webb                                                    4 p.m. Visiting Writer Kevin Wilson;
Room                                                                                University Center, Webb Room
4–5 p.m. Making Sense of the Haitian                                                5:30–7:30 p.m. Widener Dinner
Earthquake Panel Discussion; Kapelski                                               Series; Marriott Dining Room
Learning Center 1
                                                                                    6 p.m. Italian Cinema Night; Alumni
Saturday, Feb. 20                         Volunteer Opportunity: Chester
                                          Neighborhood Bike Works                   6–9 p.m. SBDC Seminar: Financial
1 p.m. Men’s Lacrosse Season Opener                                                 Planning; Widener SBDC
                                          Details: Chester Neighborhood Bike
vs. Stevenson University; Home            Works is a nonprofit educational          7 p.m. NAACP Meeting: “The
                                          organization that operates an             History of the NAACP;” Lathem Hall
Monday, Feb. 22                           afterschool program for kids from
                                          the Chester-Upland. The nonprofit         7–8 p.m. Annual Music Scholarship
                                          increases opportunities for urban         Student Recital; Kapelski Learning
8:45 a.m.–5:15 p.m. “Internet
                                          youth through bicycling. It needs         Center 2
Expression in the 21st Century: Where
Technology and the Law Collide;”          volunteers — no experience
Harrisburg Campus, A180 of the            necessary — to help kids with their       Saturday, Feb. 27
administration building                   bikes and their homework and
                                          serve as a mentor. All volunteers will    1 p.m. Men’s Lacrosse vs. Salisbury
3 p.m. Resume Workshop; CAPS Career       receive free bike repair lessons and      University; Home
Library                                   extreme discounts on bikes!
                                          The nonprofit also needs volunteers       4 p.m. Women’s Lacrosse vs.
7-8 p.m. Stargazing; Widener University                                             Immaculata University; Home
Observatory                               to help expand the organization to
                                          a bike shop offering discount bikes
                                          and services to the city of Chester.      Monday, March 1
Tuesday, Feb. 23                          Please contact Jeff at
                                 for more             Spring Break Begins
11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Widener
Luncheon Series; Marriott Dining Room


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