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									                                january 2009 | xxiIi no. 5

                                                                           Joint Venture Service Honoring

                                                                           Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Services                                                                   Wednesday, January 14, 7:00
                                                                           Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Church
Friday Evenings
JANUARY 2           7:30 pm
                                         My first job out of college was for a       that we are truly embracing this first family of
JANUARY 9           7:30 pm     citizen’s action group in Washington D.C. My         color to be the First Family as our own. For me,
Spiritual Enrichment Weekend    supervisor was Jim Leahy who was only a few          it is about kavod, a Hebrew word that means
Rabbi Rami Shapiro              years older than me. He was from a working           respect and honor, but also connotes a certain
JANUARY 16          7:30 pm     class Irish-Catholic family and earned a soccer      weightiness.
                                scholarship to Brandeis University. Jim and I
                                                                                             It is, after all, a weighty moment in
JANUARY 23          7:30 pm     became friends, and once we took a trip
                                                                                     history. When we gather this year to pay tribute
                                together to visit his family who lived outside of
JANUARY 30          7:30 pm                                                          to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the
                                Hartford, Connecticut. There was an area in
                                                                                     national holiday in his honor, I believe we will
                                his home that was set up almost like an altar.
                                                                                     feel more than ever the strength of his words,
                                Surrounding the golden cross, there were three
Saturday Mornings                                                                    “The arc of history is long, but it bends towards
                                pictures. One, of Jim’s brother in his priestly
                                                                                     justice!” When a nation goes from cross-
JANUARY 3          10:00 am     vestments, another, an action shot of Jim the
                                                                                     burnings to candidacy; from lynching to
Vayigash                        goalie, and then there was a portrait of
                                                                                     landslide, the word ‘prophecy’ must be contem-
B’nai mitzvah of Benjamin       President Kennedy.
and Julia Williams                                                                   plated.
                                        The image of hanging a picture of an
                                                                                             I hope that you will contemplate and
JANUARY 10         10:00 am     American president has stayed with me ever
                                                                                     celebrate with us at our annual Joint Venture
Va-y’chi                        since. Our country has had four presidents
Spiritual Enrichment Weekend                                                         service honoring Dr. King. This year’s program
                                since that visit; some I voted for, some I didn’t,
Rabbi Rami Shapiro                                                                   will be hosted by Cote Brilliante Presbyterian
                                but none of their pictures have been displayed
                    5:00 pm                                                          Church (directions are on page 2) on Wednes-
                                on my walls.
Sh’mot                                                                               day, January 14 at 7:00 pm. The service will
Havdalah bat mitzvah of                The other day, I framed a picture of          feature the combined choirs of CRC and Cote
Sophia Rotman                   President-Elect Obama, his wife Michelle and         Brilliante and a stirring address from Civil
                                their two daughters Malia and Sasha, and             Rights powerhouse Sister Antona Ebo.
JANUARY 17         10:00 am
                                hung it near our fireplace. Amy has taken to
Sh’mot                                                                               It is a time for kavod, for daring to bring our
                                pointing it out to visitors and remarking light-
Bar mitzvah of Joel Zeid                                                             most cherished and powerful pictures to life!
                                heartedly, “Have you met Randy’s new
                                family?”                                             B’ Ahavah (With Love),
JANUARY 24         10:00 am
Va-eira                                 She has a point. There is something          Rabbi Randy
Bat mitzvah of Madeline Mills   deeply intimate about the pictures we hang in
                                our homes. This is probably why I picked this
JANUARY 31         10:00 am
Bo                              president to be my first attempt at replicating
Bat mitzvah of Abigal Rivard    the pictorial tribute I noticed over twenty years
                                ago at my friend’s family home. It is a symbolic
                                announcement to anyone who is in my house
central reform congregation
p: (314) 361-3919
f: (314) 361-2842
  2                                                                                          crc news
Mazel Tov to...                                                                           Save the Date:
f Linda Thomson on the birth of her
   granddaughter, Rose Cantor Stone
                                                                                          Missouri Health Care
f Jill Evans Petzall for her exhibit of
                                                                                          for All Month:
   her digital images of laundry in
   India at the Millstone Gallery at
                                                                                          February, 2009
   COCA which runs through January                                                        Missouri Health Care for All is a non-
   18, 2009                                                                               partisan, statewide grassroots move-
f Emily Barth-Lanzara on her bat                                                          ment committed to securing access to
  mitzvah                                                                                 affordable, high-quality health care for
                                          Tu BiSh’vat Seder                               all Missourians. The movement was
                                          Friday, February 6, 7:30 pm                     launched at CRC in April, 2007 and has
Sincere Condolences to...                                                                 grown to include more than 75 organ-
f Michael Williams on the death of        Tu BiSh’vat, the full moon time, will           izations, representing more than 75,000
  his mother, Bobbie Williams             come on Sunday. On Friday night, we             Missourians, and more than 2,600 indi-
                                          will weave the Shabbat prayers with the         viduals.
f Carla Scissors-Cohen on the death
   of her mother, Laura Lee Scissors      annual honoring of trees through songs,         This February, we will celebrate our first
                                          readings, planting, and of course the           “Missouri Health Care for All Month”
f Erin O’Reilly on the death of her
                                          eating of fruit. This is the most deliciously   with a major push to sign up the
  father, John F. O’Reilly
                                          vegetarian, mystical, and environment-          members of the organizations that have
                                          ally conscious holy day on our calen-           joined Missouri Health Care for All – in-
                                          dar—don’t miss out!                             cluding CRC. We’ll need lots of volunteer
                                                                                          help to make the month a success. Can
   Joint Venture Service                                                                  you help sign up other CRC members?
   Honoring Dr. Martin                    CRC Book Fair                                   Contact Jen at jennifer@centralreform.
   Luther King, Jr.                                                                       org or 361-1564 ext. 116 for details.
                                          A BIG thank you to all of the supporters
   Wednesday, January 14, 7:00 pm
                                          of the CRC Book Fair --
   Cote Brilliante Presbytarian
   Church - 4673 Labadie 63115
                                              our presenters!                             CYI to Host January
                                              our volunteers!
                                              our wonderful CRC staff!
                                                                                          Blood Drive
   Drive NORTH on Kingshighway
                                          and to all who generously made the              Sunday, January, 18, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
   Turn RIGHT on MLK (Martin              Book Fair a huge success!                       8101 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis 63130
   Luther King)
                                          And, thank you to our organizers, Linda
   Turn LEFT on Marcus and drive                                                          Congregation Young Israel will host
                                          Cohen and Camille Greenwald!
   past Cote Brilliante Ave.                                                              a blood drive to support the Ameri-
                                                                                          can Red Cross.The St. Louis Jewish
   Turn RIGHT on Labadie, church is
                                                                                          Community is encouraged to donate
   on the corner of Marcus and
                                          Tikkun Closet                                   blood as there is always a great need
                                                                                          for blood donations in the winter
                                          CRC’s Tikkun Closet needs men’s cloth-
   Please bring a donation of non-                                                        months.
                                          ing. Please deposit your donations in the
   perishable food. Donations will be     congregational coat closet for sorting          For more information or to schedule
   split between the Jewish Food Pan-     and hanging.                                    an appointment, donors should call
   try and the Cote Brilliante Food                                                       1-800-GIVE_LIFE (800-448-3543) or
   Pantry                                                                                 visit Walk-in are
                                                                                          also welcome.
                  crc news                                                                                   3
                               “Nourish Our Neighbors”                     gratified that 35 members have stepped
                                                                           up to serve on the CRC Food Drive
                               CRC Members Respond
                               to Hunger in Our                            “The Food Drive is a good example of
                                                                           how CRC can act quickly to meet a
                               Community: A Food                           critical need,” said Jennifer Bersdale,
                               Drive for the Jewish                        Director of Advocacy & Communications.
                               Food Pantry                                 “There is the potential that an ongoing
                                                                           effort to address hunger needs will
                               January 9 - February 9                      emerge as part of CRC’s Tikkun Olam
                               In response to a 61% increase in clients    For more information contact: Carol
                               at the Jewish Food Pantry in 2008, CRC is   Staenberg at 726-2254, cstaenberg46@
                               sponsoring a month-long congregation- or Lise Bernstein at 275-9907,
                               wide food drive, “Nourish Our Neigh-
                               From January 9 - February 9, members
                               are asked to bring non-perishable food      CRC’s Food Drive Team
                               items to CRC for the Harvey Kornblum
                               Jewish Food Pantry, a program of Jewish     Many thanks to our hard-working,
Harvey Kornblum                Family & Children’s Services.               passionate Food Drive Team!
Jewish Food Pantry at           “This is a great way for everyone at CRC
a Glance                       to come together and reach out to those     Sally Altman         Zackary Maier
                               in our community who are struggling in      Wendy Bell           Luisa Michel
f The Jewish Food Pantry is    these extremely difficult times,” said      Maris Berg           Nancy Mohr
  at the Jewish Family &       Lisa Martin, Vice President, Social Res-    Sharon Bloch         Debbie Polinsky
  Children’s Services 10950    ponsibility.                                Nicole Blumner       Al Rose
  Schuetz Road (across from                                                Lise Bernstein       Margie Rosenthal
                               CRC serves as a satellite site for the      Barb Citerman        Phyllis Rosenthal
  the Jewish Community
                               Jewish Food Pantry, with clients picking    Philip Deitch        Lois Rubin
                               up food at CRC once a month. “We nor-       Hilary Engelhardt    Julie Scherck
f Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30     mally serve 70 individuals at CRC, but in   Tami Fernandez       Hilary Skirboll
f Serves over 2,700 clients    November and December we had a large        Bobby Frauenglas     Joel Smiley
  each month.                  increase and are now helping nearly 100     Kim Gellman          Steve Sorkin
                               individuals,” said Carol Staenberg, who     Angel Goldberg       Carol Staenberg
f Offsite locations where
                               is co-chairing the food drive with Lise     Paula Kessler        Melanie Tamsky
  food is delivered: CRC,
                               Bernstein. Carol, a former CRC Board        Stephanie Kurtzman   Becky Walsh
  Grace Hill Neighborhood
                               Member, currently serves on the JF&CS       Pam Lester           Carol Wofsey
  Services in North County
                               Board and volunteers weekly at the food     Vicki Lander         Mary Wolf
  and Northside Team
                               pantry.                                     Diane Maier
  Ministry in St. Louis City
f Delivers food to over 350    The goal for the CRC drive is 5769 items.
  families /individuals each   “We are confident that CRC members
  month.                       will meet this challenge; after all, we
                               have a 25-year history of responding to
f Approximately 40% of
                               community needs!” Lise said. “We are
  clients are Jewish.
4                                                   circles & groups
                                 Basic Judaism                               head or for the heart--as if thinking
                                                                             people don’t also feel intuitively, and
Meeting Times                    January 24, 12:00 noonish                   spiritual types never think much at all.
                                                                             Bosh! Here is our special mix for you….It
Basic Judaism                    Discover the Meaning of Our                 is our hope that these pieces will serve
Saturday, Jan. 24, 12:15 pm      Service                                     as unique windows into Judaism--in bite-
                                                                             size, sacred ‘touches.’” Please feel free to
                                 Please join Rabbis Randy and Ed Harris,
Book Club                                                                    join us for study and good community.
                                 and Maggie Duwe to learn more about
Saturday, Jan. 24, 1:30 pm                                                   Contact Maggie Duwe.
                                 our Shabbat Service. We will explore the
                                 beginning of our service with the Warm-
Board Meeting
                                 Up prayers and songs. Let’s learn and       Naomi Group
Thursday, Jan. 8, 7:30 pm
                                 enjoy time with our beautiful liturgy
                                 through prayer and good teachings.          Friday, January 9
Drum Circle
                                 Call Maggie Duwe for more info.             12:00 noon - 1:00 pm
Tuesday, Jan. 6, 7:00 pm
                                                                             Naomi Group is for all women inter-
Education Steering Committee                                                 ested in learning. We are continuing our
Sunday, Jan. 25, 9:00 am
                                 CRC Book Club                               study together and jumping up several
                                                                             hundreds of years…to the Middle Ages
                                 Saturday, January 24, 1:45 pmish
                                                                             (AKA the Dark Ages). We will look at
Grief Support Group
                                 We are ready to go again! We will begin     this time from the perspective of history
Saturday, Jan. 17, 1:00 pm                                                   and of women. Let’s start our study with
                                 our journey together again with a book
                                 entitled Modern Jews Engage the New         the book As A Driven Leaf by Milton
Interfaith 101                   Testament by Rabbi Michael J. Cook,         Steinberg. Please feel free to join as at
Sunday, Jan. 18, 12:30 pm        PhD. “An honest, probing look at the dy-    any time. If you’re interested or have
                                 namics of the New Testament—in rela-        questions, please call Maggie Duwe.
Israel Circle                    tion to problems that disconcert Jews
Monday, Jan. 12, 7:00 pm         and Christians today.” All are welcome
                                 to join us January 24. Contact Maggie       Friday Torah Study
Naomi Group                      Duwe.
                                                                             Our Torah Study continues on Fridays,
Friday Jan. 9, 12:00 noon                                                    from 2:00 - 3:00 pm. The emphasis is on
                                                                             reading the Torah, primarily in English,
Ruth Group                       Ruth Group                                  with Hebrew explanations. Our discus-
Wednesday, Jan. 14, 12:00 noon                                               sions don’t strictly follow the portion.
                                 Wednesday, January 14
                                                                             We often find enough in a portion to last
                                 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm
Lunch and Learn with the Rabbi                                               us several weeks. Please contact Maggie
                                 Ruth Group is for any woman, not born       Duwe.
Thursday, Jan. 29, 12:00 noon
                                 Jewish, but connected with Judaism in
                                 some way. We continue our journey
Torah Study                      together with reading and discussing
Fridays at 2:00 pm               the book entitled A Touch of the Sacred-A             Maggie Duwe
Saturdays at 8:45 am             Theologian’s Informal Guide to Jewish                 361-1564 x112
                                 Belief by Dr. Eugene Borowitz and Fran-
                                 cis Schwartz. “Too often, books on reli-
                                 gion are written either primarily for the
    education & more                                                                                                      5
                                                                Tikkun Olam Steering Committee
          Religious School Reopens:                             First Meeting - Tuesday, January 13, 6:15 pm!
                                                                Thank you to the CRC members who have made a commitment
           Shabbat School: January 10                           to the new Tikkun Olam Steering Committee! Look for a full list
     Hebrew School: January 12 and 13                           of Steering Committee members in the February MEMO.
                                                                In general, the Tikkun Olam Steering Committee meetings will
                                                                be held the first Tuesday of the month at 6:15 pm. This month
                                                                only, our meeting will be on the second Tuesday of the month.
                                                                Meetings are open to the CRC community – feel free to come and
From the Director:                                              hear what we’ll be discussing! We are looking forward to many
                                                                exciting opportunities to engage in the holy work of tikkun olam
Shalom Chaverim (friends),                                      as a community. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to
                                                                support CRC’s Food Drive!
         When you recieve this edition of the MEMO, we will
have just finished celebrating Chanukah. This holiday, which
occurs during the darkest time of the year, gives us the
opportunity to find ways to illuminate the darkness through
engagement and involvement. And now, as we move away
from Chanukah, there are many opportunities to become
involved in the coming months.
       As we prepare to reopen the Religious School, we are
asking for everyone’s help. Take a moment to become
involved in the school. Help out in a Shabbat School class,
come to Hebrew School services, take an adult education
class, come to Spiritual Enrichment weekend. In whatever
way you become involved, take an opportunity to rededicate
       The Religious School will also be committing to help
the congregation with its Food Drive in January, so make
sure to bring in your cans.
       In the world of Adult Education, we have just finished
a very successful Spiral Series and are working on many new
programs for the coming months.
       It is my hope that in the coming months, we can all
rededicate ourselves, become engaged, and take advantage
of the many opportunities present at CRC to learn about and
celebrate our Judaism.


Jordan Ottenstein
 6                                    crc & community news
Women’s Retreat                              Holy Ground Service
Saturday, March 14 - Sunday, March 15,       HISTORY, DIVERSITY AND CELEBRATION:
3:00 pm- 3:00 pm                             A SPIRITUAL GATHERING IN HONOR OF
                                             THE INAUGURATION OF PRESIDENT OBAMA
We will be gathering at Toddhall again,
near Belleville, Illinois. What if the       Thursday, January 15, 7:00 pm
Queen of Heaven had won? Imagining a         Cornerstone Baptist Church
matriarchal Judaism in stories, rituals,     Washington and Walton in the CWE
and lifecycle celebrations. We will ex-      The congregations in our neighborhood
plore hints in the texts that will help us   will gather locally to mark this remark-
grow the missing pieces that will bring      able historic moment in the history of
balance to 21st century Judaism. And a       our nation, as for the first time, a person
wonderful way to prepare for a more          of color becomes a US president. This is
meaningful Passover. Please join Rabbi       meant to be a patriotic, not political, ser-
Susan and Maggie Duwe for a time of          vice and will feature the gospel music of      Jennifer Bersdale Wins
learning, reflection, and fun.               the Cornerstone choir, a song written by       JProStl Emerging Leader
Prices are $90 for a single room, $70 for    our own Leslie Caplan, and several
a double, and $58 for a triple. We also      readings offered by our local clergy.
will have a house that sleeps 8-9 people
                                                                                            We are pleased to announce that the 4th
for $58, and 3 rollaways are available for
                                                                                            Annual JProStl awards program will take
$45. This includes dinner, breakfast and
                                                                                            place on Thursday, January 29 at 11:30
lunch.                                       20th Annual JCRC                               a.m. at Covenant 1 and our own Jennifer
Please RSVP to Maggie at 361-1564 x112       Martin Luther King Jr.                         Bersdale will be honored with the “Em-
or to Your                                                        erging Leader” award.
RSVP must include whether you want a         Commemoration: A
                                                                                            Other award recipients from the com-
single, double, triple room, the house or    Celebration in Song                            munity are:
rollaway and roommate preference, if
any. There will be limited space this        Thursday January 22, 12:00 noon                Career Achievement - Zelda Sparks
year. We will do our best to honor your      Jewish Community Center                        (JCC)
requests. Please also include your add-      2 Millstone Campus Drive                       Chesed - Florence Schachter
ress, e-mail address and phone number.                                                      (Crown Center)
                                             Featuring African-American and Jewish
We will be mailing information to you,
                                             Children’s Choirs: Confluence Academy-         Dedication - Shirley Wise (CAJE)
so we must have this information.
                                             Old North Chorus, Saul Mirowitz Day            and St. Elmo Lee (JCC)
                                             School/Reform Jewish Academy Chorus,
                                                                                            Education - Dan Reich
                                             Solomon Schechter Day School of St.
                                                                                            (Holocaust Museum)
                                             Louis Chorus
                                                                                            Mentor - Chumi Levitansky
                                             Free and open to the public; light
                                                                                            (Torah Prep)
                                             refreshments served
                                                                                            Visionary - Joan Denison (Hadassah)
                                             For more information, call 442-3894 or
                                             email                    More information is available at www.
                                             Coordinated by the Jewish Community  
                                             Relations Council
                                                                                            JProStl is the professional association of the
                                                                                            St. Louis Jewish Community, promoting net-
                                                                                            working, collaborations and staff develop-
    spiritual enrichment weekend 7

   A Weekend with Rabbi Rami Shapiro
Spiritual Enrichment Weekend, a longstanding CRC tradition, offers our members and
rabbis an opportunity to study together with scholars in the Jewish community. We are
so honored to have Rabbi Rami Shapiro with us this year as our scholar-in-residence.

           21st Century Judaism
What is the heart of Judaism? What is it about Judaism that each of us finds compelling? What are the values
Judaism promotes that we find worthy of devotion? What is the timeless wisdom that Torah and her sages have
articulated and upheld for millennia? What would the world lose if Jews and Judaism were to disappear tomorrow?
These are just some of the questions with which we wrestle during this Spiritual Enrichment Weekend. This program
will help us articulate just what it is to be a Jew and why we choose to be Jewish in the 21st century.

                                                      Please join us for any or all of the following sessions:

                                                      Shall Not the Judge of All the Earth Do Justly:
                                                      The Abrahamic Roots of the Prophetic Mission
                                                      Friday, January 9, 7:30 pm—Kabbalat Shabbat Service

                                                      D’var Torah
                                                      Saturday, January 10, 10:00 am to noon—Shabbat Morning

                                                      Reinventing Judaism for the 21st Century: God
                                                      Saturday, January 10, 12:00 noon luncheon, 1:00 pm program

                                                      Reinventing Judaism for the 21st Century: Torah
                                                      Saturday, January 10, 7:30 pm Havdalah, coffee and desserts

                                                      Reinventing Judaism for the 21st Century:
                                                      Sunday, January 11, 10:00 to 11:30 am

    Suggested donations: $10 for the Lunch & Learn, $36 for the whole weekend. Please send or bring your donation to CRC.
  8                                                                         yahrzeits
January 1      Tevet 5            January 5         Tevet 9                January 10       Tevet 14
MARY PALAZZOLA                    WILBUR DAVIS GIVIDEN                     EARL ABRAMS
Grandmother of Linda Thomson      Father of Judith Dawson                  Father of Aly Abrams

THOMAS PECK                       JEAN GOCHMAN                             IRMA L. KLEIN
Friend of Alan Freed              Grandmother of Rabbi Susan Talve         Grandmother of Albert Rose

JACK SOULE                                                                 GERTRUDE SCHWARTZ
Father of Gary Soule              January 6         Tevet 10               Aunt of Laurie Sperling

Aunt of Denise Bogard             Father of David Krauss                   January 11      Tevet 15
                                  SANDRA KRONEMER                          MARIAN MAY BLOOM
January 2       Tevet 6           Mother of Keith Kronemer                 Mother of Margie Rosenthal

DR. MORTON A. BINDER              BLANCHE ROSENBLATT                       THOMAS BURKE
Father of Ellen Binder            Remembered by Carol Frumhoff             Father of Kellie Trivers

ADOLPH FREMDER                                                             SOPHIE CRASILNECK
Grandfather of Lise Bernstein     January 7         Tevet 11               Grandmother of Robert Bogard

BEN LASS                          CANTOR ED FOGEL                          MARY JANE M. EDWARDS
Father of Kathryn Lass            Our friend                               Sister of Carol Portman

IDA SELIGMAN MATZ                 ANNIE GOLDSTEIN                          LOUIS FERNANDEZ
Mother of Linda Mantle            Great aunt of Staci Kramer               Father of James Fernandez

BETTY SIWAK                       EVELYN KRAUSE                            DAVID KOGGAN
Grandmother of Gregory Siwak      Aunt of Debbie Monfort                   Husband of Leonora Koggan

LINDA SOBEL                       PRISCILLA VANDERVELDE                    HARRY SOULE
Cousin of Anne Hess               Mother of Michael VanderVelde            Remembered by Shirley Soule

SYLVIA ROTHMAN STEIN                                                       SOPHIE WEINER
Mother of Toby Epstein            January 8         Tevet 12               Aunt of Linda Weiner

                                  LOTTIE R. BARNHOLTZ                      EUGENE WEISS
January 3       Tevet 7           Mother of Martin Barnholtz and Beverly   Father of Marsha Graeber
Sister of Marilyn Probe           RACHEL BERKOWITZ                         January 12       Tevet 16
JOYCE HOFFMAN                     Mother of Rebekah Berkowitz              SANDRA COHEN
Mother of Sheila Hoffman          *ROSE KEINER SIEGEL                      Sister of Jay Umansky
                                  Our member and friend                    BLUMA FRUMHOFF
January 4       Tevet 8                                                    Mother of Marvin Frumfoff
RALPH BERG                        January 9         Tevet 13
                                                                           JACK M. LIPSITZ
Remembered by Maris Berg          PHILIP COFFIELD                          Grandfather of Lois Soffer
MAURICE (SONNY) GLAZER            Brother of Edward Coffield
                                                                           ETHEL OTTENSTEIN
Husband of Susanne Stern Glazer   FRED FEIGENBLATT                         Grandmother of Jordan Ottenstein
ARNOLD GOODMAN                    Father of Lois Rubin
                                                                           MORRIS TAMAREN
Father of Mark Goodman                                                     Father of Allen Tamaren
                                  LUDWIG MUHLFELDER
ALICE STERN PETERS                Uncle of Richard Katz                    STUART WILLIAMS
Mother of Susanne Stern Glazer                                             Brother of Scott Williams
                                  *C. J. PLEITNER
LEONARD ZIGMAN                    Our member
Father of Leisa Edlin
                                                                           January 13       Tevet 17
                                  DAVID SALESKY
                                  Grandfather of Inda Schaenen             *MARKUS BLUESTEIN
                                                                           Brother of Karen Kotner
     yahrzeits                                                                                                      9
LUZIE GOLDMANN                      HARRY QUINN                                  January 23      Tevet 27
Adopted grandmother of Aly Abrams   Uncle of Judi Chapnick
                                                                                 LUCILLE SCHNEIDER
HARRIET IGLAUER                     HARRY HART SNELLENBERG, JR.                  Grandmother of Marjorie Hartman
Our friend                          Uncle of Prue Gershman

STANLEY TUCKER                      MARVIN WEITZMAN                              January 24      Tevet 28
Father of Lauren Tucker             Father of Mary Wolf and Nancy Mednik
                                                                                 MILTON GOLDFARB
ANNA ZOLL                                                                        Father of Anna Shabsin
Grandmother of Dan Zoll             January 19      Tevet 23
                                                                                 *BARNEY KLEARMAN
                                    SUSAN KRUPNICK SNYDER                        Husband of Hilda Klearman
January 14      Tevet 18            Cousin of Stuart J. Epstein
                                                                                 PAUL KOSNIK
CHARLES EHRENWERTH                  ADA YOUNG                                    Father of Lea-Rachel Kosnik
Father of Susan Block               Great grandmother of Heather Lea
                                                                                 JANET WINKLER
VALERIE FELDMAN                                                                  Aunt of Harriet Baron
Cousin of Kathleen Sitzer           January 20      Tevet 24
SAMUEL HARWOOD                      BEBE (CHAYA JUDAICA) ZWERLING                January 25      Tevet 29
Uncle of Marilyn Probe              Mother of Risa Zwerling
                                                                                 ALVIN BLOOM
MELVIN SHAPIRO                      MARION KAPLAN                                Father of Ilene Bloom-Ellis
Father of Bruce Shapiro             Grandmother of Steven Rosenbloom
                                                                                 SHIRLEY DENLOW
LEON TANNENBAUM                     MARY LEVINSON                                Mother of Robert, Ruth, and Harold Denlow
Uncle of Ronald Meyer               Grandmother of Neil Davis
                                                                                 BERTHA SITEMAN
                                    MARA MILLMAN                                 Mother of Lois Kanefield
January 15      Tevet 19            Friend of Aly Abrams and Patrick Kelly       Grandmother of Andy Kanefield and Susan
THERESA DIPLACIDO                   STEWART B. WATSON, III                       Weissman
Grandmother of Michael DiPlacido    Grandfather of Karen Watson

SOL LEVINE                                                                       January 26       Shevat 1
Father of David Levine              January 21      Tevet 25                     SAM CHAZEN
*PAT RUPE-SMITH                     IRVING ACHTENBERG                            Father of Lee Chazen
Mother of Jordan and Sammy                                                       ROSE MEYER
                                    Father of Joel Achtenberg
Rupe-Smith                                                                       Mother of Ronald Meyer
                                    KENNETH MILLER
                                    Father of Karen Margo                        MICHAEL POUSNER
January 16      Tevet 20                                                         Cousin of Harriet Entin
                                    *RICHARD A. NOVICK
                                    Our member
Grandmother of Cynthia Donato                                                    January 27      Shevat 2
SUZANNE HOPE DONATO                                                              MICHAEL EDLIN, SR.
                                    January 22      Tevet 26
Sister of Cynthia Donato                                                         Father of Michael Edlin
                                    BEATRICE ADELSTEIN
                                    Step-mother of David Adelstein, Grandmoth-
Mother of Cookie Golde                                                           January 28       Shevat 3
                                    er of Cheryl Adelstein

                                    PETER CATS                                   *ROBERT BROD
January 17      Tevet 21            Father of Susan Merrick                      Husband of Grace Brod
                                                                                 Father of Jessica Brod
Mother of Marjorie Silverblatt,     Mother of Laurie Polsky                      WILLIAM S. COHEN
Grandmother of Leah Silverblatt                                                  Grandfather of Mark Goodman
                                    JACK STONE
ANN KORNBLATT                       Grandfather of Julianne Stone
Mother of Gloria Grodsky

                                                                                           yahrzeits continued on page 14
  10                                                yahrzeits & tributes
yahrzeits continued from page 13

                                              General Fund                                   Rabbis’ Fund
Father of Mary Ann Goldberg                   NAOMI HERSKOVIC                                RAY SLAVIN
                                              TOBY KATZ                                        With gratitude to Rabbi Talve for her
                                              ANN R. HUSCH                                     support and guidance before, during,
Grandmother of Bonnie Mitchel
                                              DEBBY AND ALAN SILVERGERG                        and after Albert’s memorial service
MARLENE RUTH ORENSTEIN                        SHULAMITH SIMON                                RAY AND MARY ANNE WEXLER
Sister of Larry Raskin                        MARILYN PROBE                                  & CISSY LACKS
                                                In memory of Alberta Slavin
WILLIS NELSON PIERCE                                                                           In memory of Lenore Lacks and with
Father of Dale Schreiber                      SHEILA GREENBAUM, GARY M. AND                    appreciation of CRC’s help and sympathy
                                              ROBYN WASSERMAN                                  in saying our last goodbyes to our mother
                                              MARC HIRSHMAN AND KAREN HANDELMAN                and mother-in-law
January 29      Shevat 4
                                              STEPHANIE KURTZMAN, DAVID AND LATHAN LEVY        and with appreciation for the beautiful
JANE COOPER                                     In memory of Bobbie Williams, mother           and powerful voices of Leslie Caplan and
Aunt of Elisa Roth                              of Michael Williams                            Rabbi Jim Goodman
JAMES LUDEN                                   SHEILA GREENBAUM AND GARY M. WASSERMAN           and for the assistance from the CRC
Uncle of Lynn Jacobs                          CHARLES GERSHMAN                                 Mitzvah Corps
                                                In memory of Allen “Moe” Sigoloff,
MARIAN MAJEWSKI                                                                              PATTY FISH
                                                father of Shari Sigoloff
Father of Barbara Lehocky                                                                      With sincere thanks for Rabbi Susan’s
                                              KATHY LASS                                       kindness and empathy
ABE MICHELS                                     In honor of Ed Harris’ ordination
Grandfather of Lee Kaplan                                                                    LISA AND DAN ALSUP
                                              RAY DAVIDSON                                     With thanks to Rabbi Randy for
OTTO MORRIS                                     In memory of Ralph Hartman                     officiating at our marriage ceremony
Father of Alan Morris                         SUSAN SPIEGEL AND STEWART HALPERIN             REBECCA AND JAY BALMER
EDITH TUROW                                     In memory of Lenore Lacks, mother
                                                                                               With gratitude to Rabbi Randy for all his
Remembered by Bunny Gerstenfeld                 of Cissy Lacks
                                                                                               love and guidance
                                              LINDA THOMSON
                                                In honor of the birth of her
                                                                                             ELLIE JACOBS
Step-father of Rick Wolf                                                                       With appreciation to Rabbi Randy for his
                                                granddaughter, Rose Cantor Stone
                                                                                               beautiful and compassionate stone
January 30      Shevat 5                      AMY ROME                                         dedication service
                                                With appreciation to Wendy Jaffe for
SAMUEL GOLDMAN                                  speaking at my class                         KARLA AND STEWART GOLDSTEIN
Father of Kenneth Goldman and Gail Glenn                                                       With gratitude to Rabbi Randy and Rabbi
                                              ROBYN, TIM, ALI, AND MAX HUNTER
                                                                                               Susan for all you did to make Sari’s bat
MIN PLATT                                       In honor of Betty Manlin’s 95th birthday
                                                                                               mitzvah a wonderful, meaningful event in
Aunt of Shirley Poticha and Phyllis Poticha   LISE AND LEE BERNSTEIN                           our lives
Rosenthal                                       In honor of Wendy Jaffe’s special birthday
                                                                                             AMY POST
*MAX RIEKES                                   THE GESS FOUNDATION                              With thanks to Rabbi Talve for the
Father of Linda Riekes                          On behalf of Jeff and Katie Bensky             beautiful house dedication/blessing
                                              MARILYN PROBE                                  BARBARA FINAN
January 31      Shevat 6                        In memory of Helen Weiss                     ALLYCE BULLOCK
ELIHU ARONOFF                                   & in memory of Bobby Frauenglass’
                                                                                               In memory of Dora Hotzman Magrath
Father of Donna Smith                           mother, Mickey Fingerhut
                                                & in honor of Hannah Rodgers bat             MARY HOFFMAN
PHYLLIS BERKOWITZ                               mitzvah                                        With thanks to Rabbi Susan
Mother of Marvin Berkowitz                      & in honor of Jacob Peterson’s bar
                                                mitzvah                                      ESTHER GREENSTEIN
ANNA EPSTEIN MOSS                                                                              With love to Rabbi Talve
Grandmother of Patti Teper

Mother of Andrew Trivers
Aunt of Sarah Anne Patz
january 2009                                                                                                                                   11
     Sunday                Monday                Tuesday          Wednesday                 Thursday               Friday                Saturday
                                                                                        1                     2                      3
                                                                                        NEW YEARS             2:00 Torah Study       8:45 Torah Study
                                                                                        DAY                   7:30 Shabbat Service   9:30 Family Service
                                                                                                                                     10:00 Shabbat Service
                                                                                        Office Closed
                                                                                                                                     and b’nai mitzvah of
                                                                                                                                     Benjamin and Julia

4                      5                     6                    7                     8                     9orah Study            10
                       1:00 Mahjongg         7:00 Drum Circle                           7:30 Board Meeting    12:00 Naomi Group      8:45 Torah Study
                       6:00 Adult                                                                             2:00 Torah Study       9:30 Family Service
                                                                                                              7:30 SEW Shabbat       10:00 Shabbat School
                       Intermediate Hebrew
                                                                                                              Service                10:00 Rainbow
                                                             Spiritual Enrichment Weekend                                            10:00 Shabbat Service
                                                                                                                                     12:00 SEW Lunch and
                                                                                                                                     5:00 Havdalah bat
                                                                                                                                     mitzvah of Sophia
                                                                                                                                     7:30 SEW Havdalah

11                     12                    13                   14                    15                    16                     17
10:00 SEW Program      1:00 Mahjongg         4:00 Hebrew School   12:00 Ruth Group      4:00 Hebrew School    2:00 Torah Study       8:45 Torah Study
10:00 9th Grade        4:00 Hebrew School    5:45 Hebrew School   4:00 Hebrew School    5:00 memo deadline    6:00 Interfaith 101    9:30 Family Service
Program                5:45 Hebrew School    Services             5:45 Hebrew School    5:45 Hebrew School    Shared Shabbat         10:00 Shabbat School
10:00 Confirmation     Services              6:15 Tikkun Olam     Services              Services              Dinner                 10:00 Shabbat Service
                       6:00 Adult            Steering committee   7:00 MLK Joint                              7:30 Shabbat Service   and bar mitzvah of
                       Intermediate Hebrew                        Venture Celebration                                                Joel Zeid

                       7:00 Israel Circle                         at Cote Brilliante                                                 1:00 Grief Support

18                     19                    20                   21                    22                    23                     24
12:30 Interfaith 101   MLK JR DAY            4:00 Hebrew School   4:00 Hebrew School    4:00 Hebrew School    2:00 Torah Study       8:45 Torah Study
Workshop                                     5:45 Hebrew School   5:45 Hebrew School    5:45 Hebrew School    7:30 Shabbat Service   9:30 Family Service
                       Office Closed         Services             Services              Services                                     10:00 Shabbat School
                                                                                                                                     10:00 Shabbat Service
                                                                                                                                     and bat mitzvah of
                                                                                                                                     Madeline Mills
                                                                                                                                     12:15 Basic Judaism
                                                                                                                                     1:30 Book Club

25                     26                    27                   28                    29                    30                     31
9:00 Education         1:00 Mahjongg         4:00 Hebrew School   4:00 Hebrew School    12:00 Lunch & Learn   2:00 Torah Study       8:45 Torah Study
Steering Committee     4:00 Hebrew School    5:45 Hebrew School   5:45 Hebrew School    with a Rabbi          7:30 Shabbat Service   9:30 Family Service
10:00 9th Grade        5:45 Hebrew School    Services             Services              4:00 Hebrew School                           10:00 Shabbat School
Program                Services                                                         5:45 Hebrew School                           10:00 Shabbat Service
10:00 Confirmation     6:00 Adult                                                       Services                                     and bat mitzvah of
10:30 Prospective      Intermediate Hebrew                                                                                           Abigail Rivard
Member Welcome
12:00 Confirmation
Class Parent Meeting
                                                               Save the Date!

                                                               5th Annual Jews United for
                                                               Justice Heschel/King Celebration

                                                               Sunday, February 15, 3:00 pm
                                                               Grace and Peace Fellowship Church
                                                               5574 Delmar (at Clara) - formerly the historic B’nai El

                                                               HONORING SAM BERNSTEIN
                                                               AND GEORGIA RUSAN

                                                               Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel joined with Dr.
                                                               Martin Luther King to form a powerful, interfaith
                                                               partnership for social justice, peace, and civil rights.
                                                               JUJ marks the confluence of Dr. King’s birthday and
                                                               Rabbi Heschel’s yahrzeit (anniversary of death) by
                                                               honoring individuals in our local Jewish and African-
American communities who work together for the good of all. Past recipients have been the following pairs: Sister
Antona Ebo with Rabbi Bernard Lipnick; Mr. Norman Seay and the late Rabbi Jerome Grollman; Mr. Bill Kahn and Dr.
Henry Givens; CRC’s own David Lander was the very first honoree. This year, JUJ is pleased to be able to award Mr.
Sam Bernstein (father of our own Lee) and Mrs. Georgia Rusan with the 2009 Heschel/King Award. Both Mr. Bernstein
and Mrs, Rusan were professionals at the Human Development Corporation during the mid-60’s era War On Poverty.
Mr. Bernstein went on to direct MERS-Goodwill, and Mrs. Rusan pioneered the creation of several neighborhoods for
African-American professionals in St. Louis County.

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