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									                                                        Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Message Map

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General Public                                              Biological Agents                      Viral Hemorrhagic Fever          March 2008

Scenario:4 cases of Viral Hemorrhagic Fever (VHF) has been confirmed in San Jose. All 4 individuals visited the Martin Luther King Library
during past week.

Key Message/Fact 1: Situation                               Key Message/Fact 2: Risks                                 Key Message/Fact 3: Actions
4 cases of Viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF)                    Viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHFs) are highly                If you have visited the Martin Luther King Jr.
have been confirmed in downtown San Jose.                   contagious diseases, and can spread from close            Library in during the past week and feel ill,
The 4 individuals all visited the Martin                    contact from person to person. Until we know              contact your medical provider right away. If
Luther King Jr. Library in downtown San                     more about the situation, we are advising the             you are sick, avoid coming into close contact
Jose during the past week This is a serious                 public to stay away the Martin Luther King                with other people to help avoid the spread of
situation, and we are very concerned about                  Library and the general downtown area.                    infection.
the 4 sick individuals, as well as the
employees and visitors of the Martin Luther
King Jr. Library.

Supporting Fact 1-1:                                        Supporting Fact 2-1:                                      Supporting Fact 3-2:
This is a serious incident. The Public Health               Viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHFs) are highly                The Public Health Department is sending out
Department lab confirmed the 4 cases and is                 contagious diseases caused by viruses that can live in    Health Alerts to the medical community and
further investigating to see if there are more              hosts such as rats and mice as well as in mosquitoes      providers to alert them of what symptoms to
cases. The Public Health Department is working              and ticks. Some viral hemorrhagic fevers are spread       look out for and report any suspected cases to
quickly to respond to this situation as fast as             from person to person through close contact with          the Public Health Department for investigation.
possible.                                                   an infected person’s body fluids.

Supporting Fact 1-2:                                        Supporting Fact 2-2:                                      Supporting Fact 3-2:
At the moment, it is unknown how the VHV                    The most common symptoms of VHFs include                  The City of San Jose and the SCC Public Health
were able to infect these individuals, but we are           fever, exhaustion, dizziness, muscle aches, weakness      Department will provide additional information
investigating how this might have occurred.                 and prostration. Other symptoms include signs of          as it becomes available. Please call 211 for more
                                                            bleeding ranging from redness of the eyes, lowered        information or the SCC Public Health hotline at
                                                            blood pressure and flushing, to bleeding from             408-885-3980 or visit our website at
                                                            mouth, eyes or ears. If you were exposed to VHFs, or CDC website at

Supplement D: Biological Scenarios / Potential Threats – Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers Message Map                                                                        1
                                                            you could experience shock, nervous system   
                                                            malfunction, coma, delirium, seizures and death.
                                                            The symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21
                                                            days after exposure, depending on the type of viral
                                                            hemorrhagic fever.

Supporting Fact 1-3:                                        Supporting Fact 2-3:                                   Supporting Fact 3-3:
Public Health is working closely with local, state          No vaccines exist to prevent viral hemorrhagic
and federal agencies to respond to this                     fevers except for yellow fever. If you were exposed
emergency. Our medical experts are working                  to VHFs, you will be provided supportive medical
quickly to assess the public health impacts.                care for relief of symptoms. Certain antiviral
                                                            medications have been effective in treating specific
                                                            types of viral hemorrhagic fevers.

Supplement D: Biological Scenarios / Potential Threats – Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers Message Map                                             2

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