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									Sports Illustrated (1-year)

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 *clickable documentation                              Who Reads Sports Illustrated? Sports
                                                       Illustrated is created for sports fans, but because
                                                       of the exceptional writing and photography it
                                                       appeals to almost everyone. Sports Illustrated's
                                                       writers and photographers deliver award-winning
                                                       coverage of sports and the human spirit.

                                                        What You Can Expect in Each Issue: Leading
                                                        Off: Big bold photos that put you in the heart of
                                                        the action. Dan Patrick: read funny but
                                                        insightful interviews with Dan’s radio show
                                                        guests from the world of sport. Scorecard:
                                                        delivers an intriguing essay followed short
                                                        snippets of sporting new and popular item such
                                                        "They Said It", Sign of the Apocalypse", "For the
                                                        Record" and "Pop Culture Grid".           Inside:
                                                        Gives the reader a closer look at the biggest
                                                        games, names and happenings from the world of
sports. Features: provide insightful previews , the story behind the game, investigative journalism such
as breaking the Alex Rodriguez steroid scandal and powerful book excerpts. The Vault: through
images and words, each week SI takes a look back at a memorable event and/or athlete from over 50
years of archives. Point After: closes the issue with an often funny, sometimes poignant and always
entertaining essay from a stable of SI writers including Selena Roberts, Phi Taylor and Chris Ballard.
Special Issues Included in Your Subscription: NFL and College Football Previews NBA and College
Basketball Previews MLB Preview NHL Preview Sportsman of the Year Swimsuit Issue
Magazine Layout: Sports Illustrated is a spectacular mix of award-winning photography and world-
class writing presented with clean, readable design.

Contributors: The Sports Illustrated editorial staff is comprised of the leading sports journalists of our
era. Fans of the publication look forward to Peter King's NFL coverage; Tom Verducci's perspective on
MLB; Ian Thomsen and Chris Mannix on the NBA; Austin Murphy and Seth Davis on college football
and basketball, respectively. There are more than 100 writers, editors and photographers who
contribute to SI on a weekly basis.

Past Issues:
Comparisons to Other Magazines: Superior writing and photography both make this magazine unique.
SI is weekly and covers the entire sporting world. Advertisers: Advertising is primarily garnered
from the top 200 sports brands. Awards: Sports Illustrated is the most acclaimed Sports weekly
magazine in the history of publishing. Already in 2009, SI has garnered more than 30 awards for
writing and photographic excellence.

The most recognized periodical of American sports, Sports Illustrated has proved to be a fine marriage
of top journalism and eye-popping photography since 1954. Cover stories range from the week's top
games to a retrospective of the legends of yesteryear and their imprint on today's competition. In each
issue, "Inside the Week in Sports" keeps the fan in touch with the major sports news, while "Scorecard"
offers SI's spin on the week. Fans are always eager to dive into SI's hefty preview issues, a must-have
primer for upcoming college and pro sport seasons, including the Olympics. What else would a sports
fan want? OK, SI's infamous swimsuit issue arrives faithfully each winter. --Doug Thomas Sports
Illustrated brings you spectacular action photography and in-depth coverage. With Sports Illustrated,
you get into it!

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