Ortronics Launches iTRACS-Ready Structured Cabling Solutions New

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					Ortronics Launches iTRACS-Ready Structured Cabling Solutions
New Patching Systems Deployed with iTRACS Real-time Network Monitoring Software to Speed
Problem Resolution, Simplfy Change Control, and Reduce IT Management Costs

New London, CT (March 7, 2003) — Ortronics announces the launch of the iTRACS-Ready
Clarity product line, including Category 6 and 5e patch panels, patch cords, and the iTRACS
analyzer family. This product suite is designed to address the growing need for intelligent
structured cabling solutions. When deployed with iTRACS network monitoring software, Ortronics
new patching systems will help corporations reduce IT management costs and improve network
service levels by automatically documenting network topology and moves, adds and changes
(MACs) and by identifying port connectivity problems in real time.

The new Ortronics patch panels work with the companion iTRACS-Ready patch cords, sensor
strips and analyzers required to transmit network information to the iTRACS software. Factory-
assembled components will simplify deployment and reduce integration time. Additionally, an
iTRACS-Ready retrofit solution is also available for pre-existing patching systems.

“By combining the high-performance Clarity™ line of structured cabling products with the
powerful and user-friendly iTRACS physical layer management software, we are giving
unparalleled control and vision to the network administrator,” said Brett Miller, Ortronics iTRACS-
Ready product manager. “The administrator will be able both to decrease downtime significantly
by pinpointing problems and diagnosing causes, and to increase efficiency by using the network
to its fullest potential. In an era when every network is mission critical, no business can afford to
have its networks go down due to human error.”

“Over half of all network outages are caused by anomalies in the physical layer, and IT managers
today are looking for strategies that can automate the process of identifying those problems and
streamline the management of their cabling infrastructure,” said Rick McNees, iTRACS
Corporation VP of Marketing. “By offering iTRACS-ready patch panels and thereby simplifying
the implementation of our infrastructure management system, Ortronics is giving enterprises an
efficient new way of improving their control over their cabling.”

The iTRACS system self-discovers the network topology in data centers, communications rooms
and wiring closets; automatically detects and differentiates between authorized and unauthorized
changes; uses patent-pending technology to pinpoint wiring trouble spots quickly; notifies
interested parties of problems via alarms, emails, pages, user-defined scripts and even photos;
and issues work orders or trouble tickets to initiate corrective action. The unique ability to retrofit
to any existing patch panels, switches, hubs and routers saves money by eliminating the need to
alter the existing infrastructure.

Any number of analyzers can be networked to the same database over a TCP/IP connection,
giving administrators up-to-the-minute information in both locally and remotely managed
environments, thanks to the iTRACS web component. All iTRACS circuitry is isolated from the
network, ensuring that the system does not impact data flow or network performance.
The full compliment of Ortronics iTRACS-Ready products will be available in the second quarter
of 2003.

For more information contact:

Ortronics Inc., 125 Eugene O'Neill Drive, New London, CT 06320
Sales: 860-445-3900 or 800-934-5432, Fax: 888-282-0043 or 860-405-2992
E-mail: connect@ortronics.com, Internet: www.ortronics.com

About Ortronics
Ortronics Inc., The Performance and Flexibility People, headquartered in New London,
Connecticut USA, is a global leader in commercial Category 5e, Category 6, fiber optic and
residential high performance, high capacity structured cabling systems that support today's and
tomorrow's multimedia environments. From end-to-end, Ortronics offers the world's most
extensive range of connectivity products including patch panels, patch cords, workstation outlets,
cable management systems, 110 cross-connect systems and more. Ortronics offers engineering
and technical support, systems planning, training programs and a 25-year extended products
warranty and applications assurance warranty program.

Ortronics has sales offices in the USA, Canada, Central/South America, Europe and Asia, and
production facilities in the USA, Mexico and Asia. Ortronics is ISO9001 Registered and an active
member of BICSI, TIA/EIA, ISO and other industry standard groups.

Ortronics is part of the Legrand group, Limoges, France, the world's leading producer of wiring
devices with sales of more than $2.7 billion in 2002, operations in 51 countries and 28,000
employees worldwide. Ortronics is the Global Technology Center for copper and fiber optic
connectivity and systems for Legrand. Utilizing state of the art, active and passive component
laboratories, Ortronics provides advanced R&D and technical support for network products, end-
to-end performance solutions, vendor and internal qualification testing, as well as standards

About iTRACS Corporation
iTRACS Corporation develops IT infrastructure management products that enable network and
communications managers to efficiently and effectively track and manage their IT investment
along with the change control process. iTRACS has over a decade of experience and one of the
world’s largest teams dedicated to this rapidly growing market. Known as Cablesoft Technologies
until January 2001, iTRACS is headquartered in Chicago, with development offices in Tempe,
Arizona. The company has sales offices across the U.S. and the United Kingdom; sales,
engineering and manufacturing facilities in Singapore; and distribution partners throughout the
North America, U.K., Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia. For more information, call
877-Y-iTRACS (toll free) or 480-557-8000 in the U.S., email

or visit www.itracs.com.

Ortronics Editorial Contact and Photos:
Laura Michaud, Public Relations
Ortronics Inc., 125 Eugene O'Neill Drive, New London, CT 06320
Direct Tel: 860-405-2861, Fax: 860-405-2972
E-mail: Ifmichaud@ortronics.com

iTRACS Corporation Editorial Contacts:
Rick McNees, iTRACS Corporation Vice President of Marketing
Three Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 500
Westchester, IL 60154
Phone: 708-486-0147 Ext 227, Fax: 708-486-0187
E-mail: rmcnees@itracs.com