IT Consulting and Solutions Delivery

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                                                IT Consulting and Solutions Delivery

No worries: Innovative and reliable                                  TP Systems has extensive experience in:
Microsoft.NET applications development                                	 Building	applications	using	.NET	and	frameworks
TP	Systems	is	adept	at	helping	organizations	leverage	                	 Deploying	Web-based	applications	based	on	the	          	
information	technology	by	delivering	high	quality,	cost-effective	   	 latest	Web	2.0	technologies
custom	software	solutions.	TP	Systems	is	a	full-service	informa-
tion	technology	provider	with	the	experience	and	expertise	          For every application development project, we:
in	both	the	technology	and	operations	of	your	industry.	
                                                                     	   Analyze	business	requirements
Combining comprehensive capabilities with flexible delivery
                                                                     	   Design a solution that fits both the technical and
options,	TP	Systems	offers	a	single	source	of	expertise	for	your	
organization’s	applications,	processes	and	IT	infrastructure.			     	   business	needs
The	scope	of	our	IT	solutions	delivery	services	includes:            	   Develop	the	solution	on	schedule	and	on	budget		       	
                                                                     	   Implement	the	solution
		   Applications	Development
                                                                     	   Manage	project	risks	and	changes
	    Project	Management
	    Systems	Integration                                             	   Support	all	of	our	work
	    Business	and	Process	Analysis	
                                                                     Systems Integration
	    Applications	Management
	    Strategic	IT	Planning                                           Today’s	information	technology	is	complex	and	change	is	
                                                                     constant.	TP	Systems	understands	the	impact	of	these	changes	
Applications Development                                             and	how	they	can	affect	applications,	operating	systems,	
When	a	customized	software	application	is	required,	TP	Systems	      middleware	and	hardware,	as	well	as	people	and	processes.	
can	design	and	build	it	from	the	ground	up	using	the	latest	         Effective	systems	integration	is	a	complex	challenge	which	
technologies	and	methodologies.                                      requires	an	experienced,	knowledgeable	perspective	to	get	it	
TP	Systems	will	analyze	the	business	requirements	and	then	
design,	develop	and	implement	the	solution.	Throughout	the	          Our	expertise	in	integration	comprises	sound	methodology,	
process,	we	ensure	the	solution	delivers	the	expected	business	      knowledge	of	proven	architectures	and	frameworks,	and	
results,	so	we	work	collaboratively	with	our	clients	through	the	    partnerships	with	best-in-class	hardware	and	software	
change	management,	training,	communication,	conversion	and	          vendors.	Systems	Integration	consulting	by	TP	Systems’	experts	
configuration management processes.                                  can	help	you	manage	changes	in	your	IT	environment	by:	
Our	development	teams	focus	on	iteration,	team	and	stakeholder	      	   Reducing	future	system	integration	costs	
communications	to	ensure	successful	software	projects.	Our	          	   Reducing	system	architecture	complexity	
solutions	are	delivered	on	time	and	on	budget	by	applying	           	   Increasing	implementation	speed	for	new	systems	
rigorous	risk	management	and	change	control	procedures.	
                                                                     	   Reducing	cost	of	maintenance	and	systems	management
We	provide	accurate,	timely	status	reports	so	there	are	no	
surprises.	We	also	work	closely	and	communicate	openly	with	
client	teams,	willingly	transferring	our	knowledge	so	they	can	
become self-sufficient.

Call: 604.299.7800                                                   Vancouver Office: 250-6400 Roberts Street,
or toll free at 1.866.285.8885                                       Burnaby, BC V5G 4C9 604.299.7800
to speak to an IT Consulting Specialist.                             Victoria Office: 300-1022 Government Street,
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Project Management                                                Strategic IT Planning
Every	IT	project	involves	change.	Projects	today	invariably	      TP	Systems	consultants	can	work	closely	with	your	senior	
co-exist	within	many	other	projects	in	an	organization,	often	    management	team	to	develop	IT	plans,	roadmaps	and	strategies.
utilizing	human	resources	that	are	shared	among	other	
projects.	Successfully	managing	time	and	resources	within	        At	TP	Systems,	we	work	with	your	stakeholders	and	users	to	
the	context	of	change	across	an	entire	organization	is	what	      understand	and	communicate	their	needs	in	order	to	develop	
enterprise	project	management	is	all	about.	                      sound	IT	policy	decisions.	We	examine	the	factors,	both	internal	
                                            IT Consulting and Solutions Delivery
TP Systems’ PMP Certified consultants can manage,
                                                                  and	external,	that	are	critical	to	the	success	of	your	organization,	
monitor	and	assess	the	status	of	your	portfolio	of	projects	      and	develop	strategies	to	maximize	how	information	technology	
through	a	uniform	set	of	Enterprise	Project	Management	           can	serve	your	organization’s	objectives.
processes	and	methods.	We	work	closely	with	your	Project	
Management Office (PMO) or IT Managers to coordinate              Our	experienced	IT	planning	consultants	can	help	you	
activities,	tools	and	IT	governance,	whether	the	project	is	to	   identify	critical	IT	issues	such	as:
design	and	develop	new	custom	applications,	evaluate	and	         	 Appropriate	performance	measures	
implement	off-the-shelf	applications,	or	ongoing	applications	
development,	maintenance	and	enhancement.
                                                                  	 Risks	and	controls
                                                                    Costs and associated benefits of specific technologies
We	help	ensure	that	your	IT	projects	are	not	only	delivered	      	 Implementation	and	deployment	considerations
on	time	and	on	budget,	but	also	succeed	in	delivering	on	
                                                                  	 Data	migration	consideration
your	objectives.
                                                                  	 Technical	competencies	and	gaps
Business and Process Analysis                                     	 IT	Best	Practices
At	TP	Systems,	we	work	with	you	to	thoroughly	understand	         With	over	30	years’	experience	in	planning,	design	and	
processes and workflow, to document best practices                implementing	IT,	we	enable	sound	IT	decisions	based	on	
requirements and to develop functional specifications for         knowledge	and	perspective.
information	systems.
We	provide	services	to	analyze	and	document	your	                 Applications Management
business	processes	in	a	structured,	methodical	manner	
to	gain	a	better	understanding	of	your	organization’s	            Applications	management	comprises	a	variety	of		
operations.	We	analyze	and	learn	to	understand	how	               disciplines,	including:
your	organization	works	so	that	we	can	help	develop	solid	
                                                                  	 Incident	management	
process	improvements.
                                                                  	 Problem	management	
With	the	insight	you’ll	gain,	you	can	better	choose	how	to	       	 Enhancement	management	
make	your	business	processes	and	information	systems	more	
                                                                  	 Release	management	
efficient and cost effective. Our consultants can:
                                                                  	 Change	management/change	control	
 	 Document	and	map	“as	is”	and	“to	be”	processes                 	 Documentation	management
 	 Describe	how	processes	will	be	implemented		               	
	  in	a	new	system                                                Working	closely	with	our	clients,	TP	Systems	manages	and	
 	 Prepare	a	Gap	Analysis	and	provide	              	         	   maintains	custom	applications.	We	add	value	by	identifying	
	  recommendations	for	remediation	                               areas	for	cost	improvement,	increasing	productivity	and/or	
                                                                  streamlining	operations.	We	can	provide	an	experienced,	
 	 Develop	business	requirements	and		              	         	
                                                                  multi-disciplinary	team	of	professionals	to	ensure	your	
   functional specifications                                      systems	remain	available,	reliable	and	secure.	
 	 Prepare	and	execute	test	plans
   Develop baseline specifications for an application             We	provide	application	maintenance	and	support	services	
	 development	team	for	design,	coding	and	testing,	or	for	the		   that	adhere	to	a	mutually	agreed-upon	to	Service	Level	
	 evaluation	and	selection	of	an		off-the-shelf	application.	     Agreement.	

 Call: 604.299.7800                                                Vancouver Office: 250-6400 Roberts Street,
 or toll free at 1.866.285.8885                                    Burnaby, BC V5G 4C9 604.299.7800
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