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									February 2010

     Transformation for PEOPLE with disabilities

   Has begging                                                                                                                Who represents
   become                                                                                                                      people with
   a choice                                                                                                               By Magteld Smith,
                                                                                                                           Hearing impaired
                                                                                                                                                            the public to understand what a
                                                                                                                                                            disability is like. While the role

                                                                                                                                                            of Non Profitable Organisations

                                                                                                                            am a revocrat and will be       (NPO’s) and government
                                                                                                                            asking disability organi-       programmes are crucial in
                                                                                                                            sations to transform their      addressing human rights for

                                                                                                                        operations and let people           people with disabilities, this
                                                                                                                        with disabilities control their     cannot be done without a
                                                                                                                        own destiny. As a point of de-      significant leadership role also
                                                                                                                        parture, these organisations        being taken by management of
                                                                                                                        need to transform from the top      NPO’s, community leaders and
                                                                                                                        structures of their organisa-       members of society. Society
                                                                                                                        tions by professional people        must work with families of
                                                                                                                        with disabilities. Salaries         children with disabilities and
                                                                                                                        are abnormally high for their       disability advocacy groups
                                                                                                                        “executive management”              to take a leading role in
                                                                                                                        and the organisations are not       advocating change to ensure
                                                                                                                        opporated or controlled by          inclusion of individuals with
                                                                                                                        people with disabilities, yet       disability throughout society.
                                                                                                                        some of them claim to speak         NPO’s can play a particularly
                                                                                                                        for us. Persons with Intellectual   important role in addressing
                                                                                                                        Disabilities are used to beg for    negative attitudes and

                                                                                                                        money in front of well-known        behaviours by also not begging
                                                                                                                        supermarkets by non-disabled        for funds at supermarkets
                                                                                                                        people. My message to non-          and shopping centres. There
                                                                                                                        disabled people who are             is a need for oversight of
                                                                                                                        doing so, sending messages          administrators, professionals,

        OR SCAM?
                                                                                                                        to society. It’s time for you to    staff and volunteers for work-
                                                                                                                        stop exploiting people with         able, comprehensive reporting
                                                                                                                        disabilities. Exploitation of       mechanisms. As Deputy
                                                                                                                        people with disabilities to         President Kgalema Mothlanthe
                                                                                                                        raise funds is wrong. People        said “ Economic transformation
                                                                                                                        with disabilities are regularly     has been frustratingly slow. We
                                                                                                                        used to generate income             have to admit that the broad-
      By Magteld Smith,                  enduring heavy traffic will           almost nobody want to admit to           through begging. Charities          based part of BEE has seemed
       Hearing impaired                  analyse and theorise about the        being blind or deaf!                     in SA have become the major         elusive. The story of Black
                                         phenomenon: people begging                 These beggars pretending            stumbling block to people with      economic empowerment in the
                                         pretending to be people with a        to be blind, rape the human              disabilities with many of the       last 25 years has been a story

       t seems that begging has          disability. While observing these     rights and integrity of people           organisations that segregating      dominated by a few individuals
       become a choice of employ-        beggars as blind people, my           with disabilities. The misconcep-        people with disabilities from       benefiting again and again.”
       ment for a growing number         memory flashed back to the            tion that more vision equals             mainstream society. Most of         Disappointing but true, when
   of people from all corners of         years I stayed in Worcester           more competence and no vision            the disability organisations in     it comes to the transformation
   our society. What troubles me         attending the School for the          equals incompetence perpetu-             SA are in competition with one      of disability, it is a story domi-
   is the guilt that these street-       Deaf. I had a lot of friends who      ates the false assumption that           another, trying to outdo the        nated by non-disabled people
   corner con artists use to get         were blind. So many times we          people who can see can also              other in raising funds. Some        in management positions in
   your sympathy and relieve you         communicate to one another,           “do”, and people who cannot              non-disabled people with good       the last 135 years and a few
   of a few coins at a time until        Who is blind? Who is deaf?            see cannot do. Because it is an          intentions sometimes create         individuals benefiting again and
   they’ve reached their daily finan-        This is an emotionally charged    assumption based on false logic          more problems and harm to           again. The question remains:
   cial target, which they will use      question which invariably leads to    it seems perfectly reasonable            people with disabilities than       Who represents people with
   as they please.                       extremely emotional and irrational    and people don’t question it,            they solve. We’ve got to get        disabilities?
        It’s a typical, busy afternoon   answers. In our society to be dis-    they accept it as truth!
   in Nelson Mandela Avenue,             abled is considered to be inferior.        Regrettably, the falseness of
   Bloemfontein, I sit needlessly in     To lack one sense short of the        an assumption does not reduce
   a queue of traffic, starring at       basic five senses, means you lack     its power to influence thinking,       ence in life. This behaviour of       Mokaba, Chairman of the SA
   everything around me and all of       one or more of the five senses.       decisions and lives and so this        beggars pretending to be blind        National Council for the Blind for
   the sudden I observed two             Moreover, the reasoning goes,         insidious assumption contin-           can only be vanquished by the         becoming role models for other
   ladies begging for money. Just        you have less to work with and so     ues, largely unchallenged, to          truth, as blind people assume that    vision impaired consumers.
   there and then a little voice in      you are, obviously, less capable.     affect individuals and society         they are competent and then live          Sorry, your full-time occupa-
   my head clicks on when I                  Regrettably, these days, less     alike. The horrible fact is, is that   it out in the hope that the sighted   tion is no longer conning
   observe this two ladies for a         capable means less valuable,          these beggars create a total un-       will see.                             people into feeling pity and
   long time and says, “Today I          indeed, inferior; in the same way     truth, based on a totally false as-         Congratulations to Blind SA      being charitable by using
   Got you!”                             that a 4 speed car is considered      sumption about the correlation         and Dr. William Rowland, Imme-        people’s sympathy against
        It must be inescapable that      inferior to a 5 speed car. Nobody     between people with a                  diate past President of the World     them and towards the beggars
   an analytic mind repeatedly           want to be inferior so, naturally,    disability and one’s compet-           Blind Union, Advocate Luckey          financial end.

   We invite people with visible and invisible
    disablities to send us your biography,
                                                                                                            Inserts: Volksblad, Daily Sun, and Express.
                 CV and photo.
      E- mail: voicesofchange.md@ufs.ac.za P Box 38425. LANGENHOVENPARK 9330
                                                                Voices of Change, February 2010

                                                                                           VOC IS
                                                                                          THE BEST
                                                                                 “VOC is the best. It is very accommodative and unique piece of
                                                                              information. I love reading about the different stories of achievements
                                                                              of people with disabilities that are published in this newspaper. I want
                                                                              to ask the editor-in-Chief of this newspaper not to stop the good work
                                                                              ever. I say Halala VOC Halala. Thank you.”
                                                                                                                                       - Buti Motsamai
                 Buti receives his B.Admin.Hons

I was born with a condition called albinism
By Buti Motsamai                   Rele (Aangeheg), the late Mr.              tender to build RDP houses in
                                   Makhalema (Isawil), Mrs. Majoro            Phomolong.

    was born 37 years ago with     (Isawil) and Mr. Motsoahole                -    was elected the chair-
    a condition called albinism    (Isawil). They did whatever that               person of the Interim Com-
    and as a result I encoun-      was on their power to make it                  mittee of Matjhabeng
tered a problem of a poor          easy for me to learn. I was                    Youth Forum.
vision (could not see so well).    allowed to stand up and go in          •   2002 – became chairperson of
My eyes are so sensitive that      front at the chalkboard to look            Matjhabeng Albinism Society
I am unable to look at the sun     clearly at what I wanted to write          Support Group
directly with both eyes open. I    that was on the board. In 1987 I           - worked at Welkom Book
am the first of seven children     went to Bahale Secondary School                packaging Project as a
at home; 3 boys (two of whom       at Phomolong in Hennenman                      treasurer.
has albinism) and four girls       under leadership of Mr. Molapo         •   2003 – registered for B.Admin
(one which of whom has             who together with his staff also           degree with UFS and stayed
albinism). I am a father of two,   supported me. With all help that I
                                                                              in House Khayalami
Mpho (8) is a girl and Mamello     had to make me study, life
                                                                              - elected for portfolio of Edu-
(3) is a boy and has also has      become very easy until 1991
                                                                                  cation and Transformation
albinism. I am engaged to          when I completed my Matric (now
                                                                                  under SASCO at UFS.
Nobelungu Kambule and she          grade 12).
                                                                          •   2004 – became a Secretary of
also has albinism. I grew up            From 1992 I left home to look
                                                                              the South African Blind Youth
on the farm with people (both      for employment and things did
                                   not work my way. I only got                organization (SABYO) in the
young and old) who bullied me
because of my looks. There         garden work which also was tem-            Motheo district.
were also those who became         porary. In 1996 I registered for B.    •   2005 – became deputy-
my friends and supported me.       Ed with then Vista Welkom Cam-             chairperson of Eben-ezer
    I attended primary             pus and only lasted for two years          Youth Ministry at UFS.
schooling at Aangeheg Bantu        due to outstanding fees and lack       •   2006 – completed B.Admin
School (Sub standard A – stan-     of facilities such as units for stu-       and registered for B.Admin.
dard 1) between 1981 and           dents with disabilities. From 1998         Hons in public Administration
1983 and Isawil Primary            to 2000 my life came to a stand-       •   2007 – got employment at
School (standard 2 – standard      still until in 2001 when the               Mangaung Correctional
5) between 1984 and 1986.          following changes took occured;            Centre as Administrative
The following primary teachers     • 2001 – worked as a handyman              Assistant.
helped me build my character;           for a certain construction        •   2008 – graduated with
Mrs. Kobue (Aangeheg), Mrs.             company that was given a              B.Admin.Hons at UFS.              Buti with his fiancé and son at his graduation.

        UFS Jool Rag Queen 2010
                 VOC congratulates Celeste van Drunick

  Rector of the UFS, Prof Jonathan Jansen and one of the judges, Miss Deaf SA, Vicki Fourie.                     Jool Rag Queen 2010 – Celeste van Drunick
                                                                  Voices of Change, February 2010

   A diagnoses of Dementia comes as a shock,
      even if you have been half expecting it
                                    ke kelello (Alzheimer). Hape         ba na le bonyane ba tse ding ho      itlhahisang jwalo ka (dementia).        Ho etsa dintho ka tsela e
                                    e mabapi le temalo ya boko           tsena tse latelang:                  Maemo ana a kenyelleditse: ho       tshwanang tikolohong e
                                    ka mora ho hlahelwa ke kotsi         • Motho ha a elellwe hore o na       nwa jwala haholo, ho se sebetse     tlwaelehileng ho thusa e le ka
                                    ya hlooho, kapa seterouku               le bothata;                       hantle ha setho se mmetsong sa      nnete. Mamello e bohlokwa.
                                    le “dementia” e bitswang ya          • Ha ba kgone ho phethahatsa         kgolo ya mmele, ho ba tlase ha      Ha ho kgonahala, thusa ya
                                    Parkinson. Tahlehelo e nyenyane         ditaelo tse ngotsweng, mme        vitamine ya B12 mading, kgatello    nang le bothata hore a tle a
                                    ya mohopolo ke sephetho                 puo le mongolo ha di              ya maikutlo, le ditlamorao tse      tsebe ho ithusa ka boyena. Ho
                                    se fumanwang dilemong tsa               hlalohanyehe;                     seng ntle tsa meriana e meng.       ka ba bohlokwa ho nka
                                    botsofadi bo tlwaelehileng,          • Ha ba elellwe tikoloho e                Nakong ya jwale ha ho e so     mehato ya ho etsa tikoloho
                                    empa sena hase hore se senya            tlwaelehileng;                    be le phekolo ya bongaka ya         hore e be e bolokehileng
                                    tshebetso ho maqheku le              • Ha ba kgone ho etsa dipolane       (Alzheimer’s dementia). Bokgoni     mabapi le motho ya nang le
                                    maqhekwana.                             le ho phetha mosebetsi;           ba ho hopola bo ka ntlafala ha
                                                                                                                                                  bothata, e le ho thibela dikotsi.
                                         (Alzheimer) e tsebahala ka ho   • Ba na le bothata bo fetel-         motho a fumana phekolo e jwalo
                                                                                                                                                  Mahae a maqheku le
                                    fetisisa maemong ana, mme e             letseng ba boitshwaro, ho bua     ka (cholinesterase inhibitors).
                                                                                                                                                  maqhekwana, mmoho le
                                    bakwa ke disele tsa boko                le ho se robale hantle, mme       Leqhoko le boitshwaro bo sa
                                                                                                                                                  mahae a tlhokomelo ya ba sa
Dr D Greyling                       (neurons) tse shwang. Mabaka a          esita le ho bona kapa ho utlwa    amoheleheng di ka laolwa ka
                                                                                                                                                  itekanelang a atisa ho ba
                                    hlokolotsi ho (Alzheimer) a             dintho tse siyo ho ka ba teng.    (sedating medications).
Division of Geriatrics,                                                                                                                           bohlokwa maemong a seng a
                                    kenyelleditse botsofadi le nalane                                         Matshwao a (Parkinson) le ona a
Department of Internal                                                      Matshwao ana a boletsweng                                             le hodimo a bohloko bona.
                                    ya maemo ana lelokong.                                                    ka laolwa ka phekolo. Kgatello ya
Medicine, University of the         Monyetla wa ho futsa boemo           ka hodimo ke tshenyo                 maikutlo le yona e laolwa ka        Ngaka ya mahloko a kelello,
Free State                          bona ho tswa lelokong le             tshebetsong le boikemelong ba        (serotonin reuptake inhibitors).    ya methapo ya monahano, ya
                                    haufinyane o etsa 10-30%. Sele       motho.                               Boikwetliso bo bontshitswe bo       mahloko a akaretsang, e

       ementia e mabapi le          ya lefutso ya boemo bona e              Mahloko a jwalo ka kgatello e     kgona ho theola tswellopele kapa    hlahlobang kelello ya mokudi
       maemo a boko bo              bitswa (APOE epsilon 4).             phahameng ya madi, lefu la           qaleho ya matshwao.                 ka ho mo fa mosebetsi, le e
       emisang ho sebetsa                Batho ba nang le (dementia)     tswekere, le ho tsuba, a                  Bahlokomedi ba bakudi ba       phuthullang mesifa; dingaka
karolwaneng e itseng, e             ba sokola ho beya mabaka/            amahanngwa le kgolo ya               hloka mamello yohle le tsebo –      tsena kaofela di bohlokwa
kenyelleditse bohloko ba            dintlha hantle, ho nka diqeto le     (dementia). Ho na le maemo a         kopana le sehlopha sa tshehetso     mabapi le taolo ya mokudi
ho lebala le ho lahlehelwa          bothata ba ho hopola; mme hape       mang a phekolehang a ka              sa lehae.                           enwa.

                                    Dementia                                                                                                        A special thank
                                                                                                                                                   you and good-bye
                                                                                                                                                  to Marianna Truter
 Dr D Greyling
 Division of Geriatrics,            30%. The gene identified for the         Illnesses such as hypertension   been shown to slow the progres-
                                    inheritance of this condition is     (high blood pressure and             sion or onset of symptoms.
 Department of Internal
                                    named APOE epsilon 4.                diabetes mellitus, as well as             Care-givers need a lot of
                                        Persons with dementia have       smoking are associated with the      patience and information –
 University of the Free State       problems with reasoning, judge-      development of dementia. There       contact your local support

        ementia refers to a         ment and memory and have at          are treatable conditions that may    group.
        group of degenerative       least one of the following:          present like dementia. These              Keeping the same routine
        brain conditions which      • The person does not realise        include: excessive alcohol intake,   in a familiar environment cer-
includes Alzheimer’s, brain in-         they have a problem              an under-active thyroid gland, low   tainly helps. Patience is essen-
jury after head trauma or stroke    • They cannot carry out written      vitamin B12 blood levels, depres-    tial. If possible, help the per-
and Parkinson’s dementia.               instructions, and speech and     sion, and side effects of certain    son to help themselves. It may
Normal ageing results in mild           writing are incomprehensible     medications.                         be necessary to take steps to
memory loss, but this does not      • They do not recognize a                There is currently no medical    make the environment safer for            Thank you for the cour-
impair function in the elderly.         familiar environment             cure for Alzheimer’s dementia.       the person, in order to prevent       age, hard work, dedication
    Alzheimer’s is the most         • They cannot plan and carry         Memory may improve with medi-        injuries. Old age homes and           and passion contributing to
well-known of these conditions          out tasks                        cation such as cholinesterase        frail care or home care is usual-     the Voices of Change Project
and occurs as a result of neu-      • They have behavioural abnor-       inhibitors. Aggression and unac-     ly necessary in advanced              (VOC). We appreciate all
rons (brain cells) that die. Risk       malities, speech and sleep       ceptable behaviour may be man-       cases of the disease. A psy-          your assistance, patience
factors for Alzheimer’s include         disturbances, and even hal-      aged with sedating medications.      chiatrist, neurologist, general       and effort put into the
old age and a family history of         lucinations are possible         Parkinson’s symptoms may also be     practitioner, occupational thera-     success of VOC!
the condition. The chance of            The above symptoms are           managed with medication. Depres-     pist and physiotherapist are all          May the journeys ahead
inheriting the condition from a     detrimental to the functioning and   sion is managed with serotonin       important for the management          be as successful &
direct family member is 10-         independence of the person.          reuptake inhibitors. Exercise has    of such a patient.                    rewarding as this one.
                                                                    Voices of Change, February 2010

                                          The diagnosis of                                                          To advertise in VOC

                                         Williams syndrome
                                         The most important step in          piece missing from chromosome
                                     making the diagnosis, is suspec-        7 is hardly ever visible under a
                                     ting the disorder. WS has typical       normal microscope.                                                 Please e-mail Magteld at
                                     facial features but these features           Routine chromosome                                            voicesofchange.md@ufs.ac.za
                                     are sometimes variable and not          analysis in a patient with WS will
                                     always apparent, especially to a        invariably be normal. The mis-
                                     clinician not familiar with the diag-   sing piece that causes WS is                                       082 828 9131 (sms only - deaf)
                                     nosis. The facial features are          within area 7q11.23. The FISH
                                     mainly described for Caucasian          procedure marks chromosome
Dr. BD Henderson                     children making the clinical diag-      area 7q11.23 orange and chro-
Neurology, Human                     nosis more difficult in other ethnic    mosome area 7q.31 green (this
Genetics, UFS                        groups. The cardiac findings and        is the control region). The
                                     neurocognitive and behavioural          chromosome is then examined
Diagnosis:                           patterns are very typical and this      under a special fluorescent            Infants

           illiams syndrome (WS),    is why the diagnosis is more            microscope. For a diagnosis of                                                        swallowing. Freflux is
                                                                                                                    •     Low birth weight – often 2.3 kgs         common
           or rather Williams-       frequently made by Paediatric           WS to be confirmed, the area
                                                                                                                          or less                              •   Irritability (severe
           Beuren syndrome, is       Cardiologists or Paediatric Neuro-      marked orange is missing the
                                                                                                                    •     Slow weight gain – often                 colic) during infancy –
one of the many microdeletion        development specialists.                chromosome 7. This test is
                                                                                                                          characterized as “failure to thrive”     sometimes traced to
syndromes. A microdeletion               To confirm the diagnosis of         positive in at least 95% of people
                                                                                                                    •     Feeding difficulty – poor suck           hypercalcemia and/ or
occurs when a small piece of         WS, a FISH probe needs to be            with WS. Because the probe
                                                                                                                          reflex, poor muscle contrill for         stenosis.
genetic information is deleted or    performed on the patient’s blood        looks at the elastin locus only,
missing from a specific chromo-      or other cells from the body. FISH      some people may have a
some. This missing piece is so       is an abbreviation of Fluorescent       positive FISH test but not have
small that it cannot be detected     In Situ Hybridization. In this          the full spectrum of WS features.
with a regular light microscope      technique special labels or probes           From the above it is clear that
and special techniques must be       are made that attach to specific        the clinician must suspect the
utilized to identify it. WS is due   regions of a chromosome. Under          presence of WS and specifically
to a small piece missing from        a special fluorescent microscope        ask the laboratory to do the ap-
the long arm of chromosome 7.        these probes glow in a specific         propriate test before the
It was first described in 1961 but   colour and this allows visualization    diagnosis can be made. If the
the cause was only discovered        of the presence or absence of this      test is not specifically requested,
in 1993. It probably occurs in       piece of the chromosome. This           the result will neither confirm nor
about 1/20,000 live births.          needs to be done because the            refute the diagnosis.

The forgotten disability                                                                                            Not special treatment
                                                                                                                        special needs

Dr. S.A Barrett,
                 Colour Blindness    red or green colour blindness.          jobs and makes others
                                                                                                                        Cool! “We are all
                                                                                                                        special, while
Department of                        One in twelve males and one in          difficult. Tests for colour                other kids have
Ophthalmology, UFS                   200 females are red-green colour
                                     blind. (Asian: 5%, French and
                                                                             blindness are generally given
                                                                             to children and to people
                                                                                                                        special needs!”

    f your clothes don’t             Scandinavian : more than10%)            applying for jobs where colour             By Magteld Smith,                   special needs, too. A kid who
                                                                             discrimination is important,                                                   has hearing trouble might need
    match, someone might                                                                                                Hearing impaired
    have teased you about                                                    such as in the case of pilots,                                                 hearing aids to hear and
being colour blind. But some
                                     Can colour blind                        train engineers, or electricians.                                              speech training, too, since it

                                                                             Colour blindness is tested in
people really are colour             people see colours?                     daylight, using special colour
                                                                                                                            sn’t every child special?       can be hard to say words
blind.                                                                                                                      We think so, but what do        correctly when you can’t hear
                                                                             cards. A more complicated                      we mean when we say             very well.
     Colour blindness is a                          Non colour blind
condition where the eyes have                                                test uses an instrument called             “kids with special needs”?               Kids with learning problems
trouble distinguishing certain                                               an anomoloscope. It shines a               This means any kid who might        often have special needs. It is
colours, and is most common-                                                 changing mixture of red and                need extra help because of a        an invisible disability but they
ly due to an inherited condi-                                                green light and the person is              medical, emotional, hearing,        have special needs when it
                                                            Protanope        asked to change the mixture
tion. Most people have either                                                                                           vision or learning problem.         comes to learning.
red or green colour blindness.                                               until it looks the same as a               These kids have special needs            You might be able to spot a
Blue colour blindness and                                                    yellow light. The examiner can             because they might need medi-       few kids with special needs, but
monochromatism, a condition                                                  tell how severely colour-blind a           cine, therapy, assistive devices    you probably don’t notice all of
in which a person sees only                              Deuteranope         person is by looking at the                or extra help in school, stuff      them. A kid could have a pro-
black, white, and grey, are very                                             redness or greenness of the                other kids don’t typically need     blem that isn’t noticeable un-
rare. Most people have mild                                                  adjusted mixture.                          or only need once in a while.       less you know the person well.
forms of colour blindness that                                                    Inherited colour blindness                Maybe you know of kids in       For instance, someone could
                                                                             is not treatable. In cases of              your school who need a wheel-       have trouble with anxiety
don’t interfere much with their                               Tritanope
daily lives.                                                                 acquired colour blindness, a               chair or use braces when they       (worry), but you wouldn’t know
                                                                             doctor will treat the underlying           walk. Hearing aids, a cochlea       it unless the kid told you about
                                                                             disease or injury. People with             implant or glasses. Those kids      it. Privately, their parents,
How common is                                                                mild colour blindness lead                 have special needs. They not        teachers, and counselors may
                                                                             fairly normal lives, however
colour blindness?                        Colour blindness can be very        people with severe colour
                                                                                                                        only need the equipment that        be working to help them with
                                                                                                                        helps them get around, but          this problem.
   Eight percent of Caucasian        frustrating for individuals affected    blindness shouldn’t do tasks               they might need to have ramps            Never ever call anybody
men and less than 1 % of             by it. Being colour blind does          that require colour                        or elevators available.             ”insane,” “mad,” “crazy,”
Caucasian women have either          keep one from performing certain        discrimination.                                Kids who have an illness,       “lunatic,” “psycho,” “nutter,”
                                                                                                                        such as epilepsy, diabetes, or      “looser,” and phrases such as
                                                                                                                        cerebral palsy, would have          “not leka in the head”. This is
                                                                      For any other enquiries please                    special needs, too. They might      serious allegations, don’t use
                   To Advertise in VOC                                e-mail to:                                        need medicine or other help as      “trash” words, be a super
                                                                      voicesofchange.md@ufs.ac.za                       they go about their daily           special cool kid that can identi-
                                                                      or write to:                                      activities. Kids with sight pro-    fies a super special cool kid
                    Corné Boshoff                                                                                       blems might need Braille books      with special needs and email
                                                                      P Box 38425.
                    Cell: 079 766 0637                                                                                  to read. Kids with hearing or       voices of change and stand a
                    Marketing Consultant                                                                                speech problems would have          change to win R100.00!!!!
                                                                  Voices of Change, February 2010

         It’s been called ‘the invisible disease’, although as many as one in 10 of
           us will experience it in our lifetime. But depression can be managed,
                               and it’s vital that you seek help.

You don’t have to live with it
          ma Thurman,         will experience a depressive   illness called depression. In   ‘blue’, but this is not to be
          Ashley Judd,        episode in a year.             modern medicine, it is well     confused with depression.
          Sinead O’Connor,    Interestingly, new research    recognised that depression          Depression is a full-
Robbie Williams, Steven       suggests that it may be a      is an illness caused by an      blown and serious medical
Fry, Brooke Shields,          case not of men escaping       imbalance of                    condition. It is not merely a
Winona Ryder, Owen            depression, but rather         neurochemicals in the           down mood, and
Wilson, Harrison Ford,        that their manifestations of   brain,’ he says. Depression     depressed people can not
JK Rowling...This is not      depression are markedly        comes in mild, moderate         ‘just snap out of it’. It is
only a list of the rich,      different to those of women,   and severe forms, too, and      defined as a melancholy,
famous and successful.        with men being seen rather     the type determines the         angry, glum or sad mood
It is a list of celebrities   as irritable and aggressive,   treatment.                      disorder that, in chronic
who suffer from               instead of depressed, and           The key symptoms are       cases, lasts for an extended
depression, who know          thus being misdiagnosed.       lack of energy, feelings of     period and interferes with
first-hand the feelings       Most frightening of all,       hopelessness and                everyday life, including
of anger, helplessness,       WHO has estimated that by      helplessness, troubled          social functioning and even
despair and futility          2010, it will be the world’s   sleep or excessive sleep,       work performance.
commonly associated           leading cause of death.        appetite changes, feelings      ‘Everybody feels “blue”,
with this condition.               While having a good       of guilt, self-loathing and     “sad” or “upset” at times or
According to the South        social network and the         worthlessness, withdrawal,      at some stage in their life,’
African Depression and        support of friends and         irritability, restlessness,     explains Dr Hans Dreyer, a
Anxiety Group (SADAG),        family is no guarantee of      impaired concentration, low     Centurion-based counsellor
approximately six to 10       immunity, it seems that        self-esteem and morbid          specialising in depression.
percent of the population     depression is more likely to   thoughts. There can also be          Transitory feelings of
will experience a             show itself in people who      physical symptoms, like         sadness or discouragement
depressive episode in         are socially isolated and      back pain, headaches or         are perfectly normal,
any given year. More          lack close interpersonal       stomach pains that do not       especially during
women than men are            relationships. The average     respond to treatment. The       particularly difficult times in
affected, by as many as       age at which diagnosis of a    number of these symptoms        a person’s life, and the
three times, according        major depressive episode       that present it appears         length of time they last,
to the World Health           is made is around 40,          across all age groups, from     indicate the severity of the
Organization (WHO),           although life. But a person    children to the elderly. We     depression. (There is also
as many as one in five        who cannot get over these      all experience times when       postpartum depression,             011 262 6396 • 0800 20 50 26
women (i.e. 20 percent)       feelings may suffer from an    we’re unhappy or a bit          seasonal affective disorder).     SMS 31393 • www.sadag.co.za
                                                                 Voices of Change, February 2010

      Nuwe hoop vir kinders met outisme
                         Deur Dr. Liesl Smith
                         Departement Neurologie,
                         Universiteit van die
                                                               OUTISME IS ‘N MEDIESE
                              •   Sintuie werk anders in
                                  outistiese kinders. Hulle
                                  kan een oomblik hulle
                                  ore toedruk omdat
                                  geluide hulle ore
                                  seermaak. Die

                                  volgende oomblik kan
       ie vereniging vir
                                  hulle jou glad nie hoor
                                  nie. Hulle kan na ‘n
       kenmerke is baie
                                  storie op TV kyk en glad
trots om aan te kondig
                                  nie hoor dat jy met hulle
dat ons uiteindelik
                                  praat nie. Hulle reageer
‘n skool oopgemaak
                                  dikwels nie as jy hulle
het. Die skool is met
                                  op die naam roep nie,
die hulp van die SNAP
                                  maar sal wel geluide
personeel van die grond
                                  hoor. Hulle sien baie
af gekry. Drie ervare
                                  goed. Ligte interesseer
mense van SNAP het na
                                  hulle. Hulle hou baie
Bloemfontein gekom om                                         die onderwyseres amper          • vrywilligers om te help      seer balk, ‘n lamineer              Ek is baie dankbaar
                                  van goed wat spin:
ons te help om die skool                                      onmoontlik om effektief met       met die hantering van        masjien, ‘n drukker, ink,       aan almal wat gehelp het
                                  Wiele, propellers van ‘n
te begin. Ons is ook                                          die kinders te werk. Hulle        die kinders. Daar is         tafels en stoeltjies, liaseer   om die skooltjie van die
                                  helikoptertjie. Die
bevoorreg om ‘n ervare                                        het meer hande per klas           sekerlik ‘n moontlikheid     kabinette, skryfbehoefte        grond af te kry. SNAP ,
                                  kinders is geneig om
onderwyser vanaf                                              nodig. Maksimum 6                 dat onderwys studente        kas. Die lys is lank. Ons       Tim en die helpers. Ek is
                                  hulle hande te flap as
Engeland te hê, wat                                           kinders per klas met 2 vol-       by die skool kom roteer,     benodig ook rekenaars           ook oortuig daarvan dat
                                  hulle opgewonde raak.
gratis vir ons sy dienste                                     wassenes om te help.              en dat die arbeidstera-      om verslae op te tik en         ons ‘n verskil maak in die
                                  Sommige kinders hou
lewer tot die einde van                                            Outisme is ‘n mediese        peute hulle opleiding        die nodige programme            drie kinders wat na die
                                  glad nie daarvan as jy
die kwartaal.                                                 toestand. Dit het profes-         gedeeltelik by die skool     om dit te maak werk.            skool toe kom.
                                  aan hulle raak nie.
    Outisme is ‘n baie            Hulle kan ook “tantrum”     sionele mense nodig om dit        sal kom doen.              • R2000-00 per maand vir
                                                                                                                                                             Paul Kruger Laan 86.
besonderse gestremd-              as hulle bv piesang aan     te diagnoseer en te behan-      • Papier, Velcro wat kan       gesubsideerde
heid. Dit is ‘n ontwikke-                                     del. Kinders moet evalueer        plak, koukies, ‘n balan-     skoolfonds.                     Tel: 082 856 6618
                                  hulle hande het.
lingssiekte wat een uit                                       word om ‘n diagnose te
                                  Al die kinders is           maak en sy vlak van funk-
elke 100 kinders wat ge-
                              verskillend. Hulle het almal    sionering te bepaal. Die
bore word betrek. Dit
                              kenmerke van wat bo be-         span wat dit doen, sluit in:
word al hoe meer alge-
                              skryf is, maar almal van        Pediatriese neuroloë,
meen. Autisme se simp-
                              hulle is uniek. Dit is ‘n       Spraak, Arbeids, Fisio-
tome begin voor die
                              spektrum gestremdheid.          terapeute en Sielkundiges.
ouderdom van drie jaar,
                              Die graad verskil van lig of    Dit is onwys dat ander
maar word dikwels eers
                              hoogsfunksionerend, tot         ouers met min ervaring, ‘n
na die ouderdom van 3
                              laagfunksionerend.              kind evalueer. Van die on-
jaar gediagnoseer.
                                  Hierdie kinders het uit     derrig kant, het mens dan
   Simptome wat voor-         die aard van die saak, baie     mense nodig wat ervaring
kom is die volgende:          spesiale onderrig nodig.        in outisme-onderrig het. En
• Die kinders se spraak       Daar is nog nie ‘n staat-       laastens, maar volgens my
   is meestal aangetas.       skool vir hierdie kinders in    die belangrikste: Ingeligte
   Hulle praat miskien ‘n     die Vrystaat gebou nie. Die     ouers wat baklei vir hul
   paar woordjies maar        onderrig is duur. Dit is ar-    kinders. Want dit is ‘n stryd
   dan verloor hulle dit      beidsintensief. Ideaal moet     om op die oomblik vir jou
   weer. As ‘n kind dus       daar een (ingeligte en em-      kind die regte onderrig te
   op 2 jaar nog nie          patiese) volwassene vir elke    kry in die Vrystaat.
   praat nie, soek eerder     kind wees om in ‘n klas-            Volgens my is die
   ‘n professionele opi-      kamer te kan funksioneer.       jonger kinders van kritiese
   nie. Moenie wag nie.       Veral as die kind net begin     belang. Hoe vroeer jy met
   Jy kan geen skade          skoolgaan. As die kind          die regte onderrig begin,
   doen deur vroegtydig       eers aangepas het, het hy       hoe beter. So ‘n vroee inter-
   op te tree nie.            minder “hands-on” aandag        vensie sentrum is my
• Hulle sosiale inter-        nodig. Dan is dit moontlik      hartsbegeerte.
   aksie is anders. Hulle     om drie kinders per volwas-         Ons onderwyser gaan
   kan bv nie mense se        sene te akkommodeer.            terug na Engeland aan die
   gesigsuitdrukkings             Dit is seker waarom die     einde van die eerste kwar-
   herken nie. Hulle sien     onderwys department dit         taal. SNAP se mense kom
   nie of iemand kwaad        nog nie goedgedink het om       een keer ‘n maand, maar
   of hartseer is nie. Hul-   ‘n skool vir die kinders te     daar moet iemand wees
   le skryf op ander          bou nie. Dit gaan baie geld     wat met die programme
   kinders se kunswerke,      kos. Twee jaar gelede is        kan voortgaan.
   hulle tree impulsief       daar al samesprekings ge-
   op. Hulle persoonlike      hou dat daar ‘n skool vir die   Ons benodig
   ruimtes is anders.         kinders geskep moet word.
   Hulle staan naby aan       Hetsy uit die bestaande         die volgende:
   ander mense. Hulle         strukture of ‘n spesiale        • ‘n perseel om op te
   gaan in plekke in waar     aparte skool. Sover het           werk, hetsy ‘n huis of
   hulle nie moet wees        daar nog niks van die onder-      selfs ‘n groter plek.
   nie.                       wys department (inclusive       • ‘n onderwyser met
• Kinders met outisme         education) se kant af nie         ervaring van outisme en
   speel anders. Hulle        gekom nie.                        wat ‘n passie vir kinders
   pak hulle karretjies in        Hulle het wel ‘n outisme      met outisme het.
   rytjies of stapel dit      klas begin in Pholoho           • befondsing om hierdie
   opmekaar. Hulle kan        skool, maar die klas het          onderwyser te betaal.
   vir ure speel met iets     meer as tien kinders in en        Tensy die onderwys de-
   wat hulle interesseer.     daar is een onderwyseres          partement ons van so ‘n
   Water fassineer hulle.     en ‘n hulp. Dit maak dit vir      persoon voorsien.
                                                                  Voices of Change, February 2010

                                    “Hey Sista, take 5 and Chill!”
1. Specific, realistic goals           changes will become a new             yourself of what you want and           you retrain your brain into a
   work best. When it comes            routine and part of your life.        what you’re working for.                new way of thinking. It may
   to making a change, the             That’s because your brain          4. Pleasing other people doesn’t           take a few tries to reach a
   people who succeed are              needs time to get used to the         work. The key to making any             goal. Just remind yourself to
   those who set realistic,            idea that this new thing              change is to find the desire            get back on track.
   specific goals                      you’re doing is part of your          within yourself, you have to do
2. It takes time for a change          regular routine.                      it because you want it                  No one was ever beaten
   to become an established         3. Repeating a goal makes it          5. Roadblocks don’t mean                unless he gives up the fight,
   habit. It will probably take a      stick. Say your goal out loud         failure. Slip-ups are actually
                                                                                                                  Cool huh?!
   couple of months before any         each morning to remind                part of the learning process as

                                                                “Oh yeah man, I hate school, most of the teachers have a
                                                                learning disability! My brain is special and it takes special
                                                                          people to understand special brains!!”
                                    disability, such as dyslexia or

                                                                                Huh? What Are Learning Disabilities?
                                    dyscalculia (serious trouble with
                                    math), remember that you are
                                    not slow or dumb, you only have
                                    special needs!
                                        Learning disabilities happen
                                    because of the way a person’s
                                    brain takes in and processes infor-      By Prof André Claassen

                                    mation. As a result, people learn               earning disabilities aren’t   to name a few. Someone with a        But you know what is cool?
                                    differently. The trick will be                  contagious, but they          learning disability probably has     learners today have an ad-
                                    figuring out how you learn best.                can be genetic. That          other family members who have        vantage over their parents.
 By Prof André Claassen                 There are people who know            means they can be passed             had some learning troubles, too.     Why? Because learning
                                    how to do just that. Your parents        down in families through                 Learners with learning           experts now know a lot
                                    and teachers can help you and

                                                                             the genes, like many other           problems are sometimes               more about the brain and
          aving a learning          they can find you a learning             traits we get from our parents       surprised to find out that one of    how learning works and it’s
          disability doesn’t        specialist or a school psycholo-         and grandparents, such as            their parents had similar troubles   easier for learners to get the
          mean you can’t learn.     gist. These professionals can help       deafness and colour blindness        when he or she was in school.        help they need.
 But you’ll need some help          figure out what a child’s learning
 and you’ll need to work extra      problem is – and come up with
 hard. If you have a learning       ideas for how to make it better.
                                                                    Voices of Change, February 2010

                                          People with disabilities
         are vulnerable to medical-social and economic exclusion
By Magteld Smith,                     promise and guides the action of          and contribution of all sectors of     increase awareness of gains to be      persons with disabilities in
Hearing impaired                      the government. It often leads            our society, including persons         derived from the inclusion of          every aspect of life.
                                      the government to adapt and               with disability and disability

        here has been a lot of        change its own laws to support            organisations such as Voices of
        progress in the last 20       the goals of the convention.”             Change, is crucial to assist
        years around awareness            Voices of Change urges all            government to achieve this goal.
and some knowledge of dis-            role players to mainstream issues         Magteld Smith added that we all
ability issues internationally. A     of disability and fully implement         need to work together so that
very important resource for us is     disability related policies in all        government can achieve its
the United Nations Convention         aspects of life. VOC has had              employment equity target of two
on the Rights of Persons with         several meetings together under           percent by 2014.
Disabilities, which came into         the leadership of The Public Pro-             These meetings with the
force on 3rd May of 2008. This        tector and some Commissions.              Commissions outlined in the
is a major breakthrough in the            In the next five years, we must       Constitution of the Republic of
struggle for service delivery, and    ensure that persons with disabili-        South Africa, Act no. 108 of 1996,
is potentially the most significant   ties are beneficiaries and equal          aim to promote an understanding        Front left: Carol Maila, Manager Delivery Capacity (IDT), Suné
development in the history of         partners in all our programmes to         of disability issues and mobilise      Griesel, Free State Public Protector, left back: two staff
the worldwide disability rights       halve unemployment and poverty.           support for the dignity, rights and    members of the public protector’s office, Marianna Truter, VOC,
movement.                                 The Public Protector acknow-          well-being of persons with             Paul Prins, Office of the Premier, Magteld Smith, Faculty of
     South Africa signed the Con-     ledge that the active participation       disabilities. It also seeks to         Health Sciences, UFS.
vention and the Optional Proto-
col on 30th March 2007 and rati-
fied both on 30 November 2007
and this means that our Govern-
ment signals the intention to
                                          Belastingkorting vir adverteerders en skenkers
undertake legal rights and obli-          Voices of Change is deur die           hierdie opbouende geleentheid         hul belasbare inkomste aftrek en       bydraes skenk kan gestuur word
gations contained in the Con-             Inkomstediens as ’n openbare           gebruik te maak en ons bylae te       dan belastingkorting kry. Voorlet-     aan: Voices of Change Trust, Pos-
vention and Optional Protocol.            welsynsorganisasie geregi-             ondersteun deur advertensies te       ters, van en volledige adres en of     bus 38425, Langenhovenpark,
     In simple terms “A conven-           streer om skenkings te ontvang         plaas of in die vorm van geld-        besigheidsbesondere moet ver-          9330. Tjeks moet aan Voices of
tion is an agreement between              en ’n kwitansie (sertifikaat) inge-    skenking om noodsaaklike dien-        skaf word en aandui of ’n Artikel      Change uitgemaak word.
countries to obey the same                volge Artikel 18 van die Inkom-        ste, alle vorme van ontwikkeling,     18-kwitansie verlang word.                 Bankbesonderhede: Voices
law about a specific issue.               stebelastingwet uit te reik.           hulptoestelle en tegnologie te ver-       Dié sertifikaat sal aan skenkers   of Change Trust, rekeningnom-
When a country signs and                      Ons doen ’n beroep op kor-         skaf aan mense met gestremd-          gepos of gefaks word. Voices of        mer: 4072119782 (tjekrekening),
ratifies (or approves) a                  poratiewe ondernemings, indi-          hede. Adverteerders en Skenkers       Change se vrystellingsnommer is        tak: Absa Brandwag, takkode:
convention, it becomes a legal            vidue en organisasies om van           kan gevolglik hul skenkings van       63112 . Mense wat asseblief wil        632005.

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